The Playground Crush

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This is the first time I have ever written anything, so I would really appreciate any comments, on how I can improve or change this as I would like to make it a series of short stories about this couple.


Claire had wanted tom from the moment she had laid eyes on him. Their children went to the same school so she saw him often. He was married and Claire was also with someone and she knew she shouldn’t have these feelings but it was something she had no control over. He was older than she was, possibly 10+ but it barely showed, strong muscular body and smooth skin. She tried to ignore them and find something else to occupy her mind but every Monday when she saw him walk into the playground her heart would melt and she would fall for him all over again.

She wanted to know if he felt the same, as she has noticed over the last few months he had been looking at her more and more often, or was that just wishful thinking. She hoped not. They had a lot in common and as a passing comment she suggested that he came over for a cup of coffee one day. Claire’s other half worked long hours and so was never really home, she spent most of her time alone and she wanted someone to keep her company, and they wouldn’t be interrupted. She never thought he would agree but he did and they set a date.

The night before tom was due to come over Claire prepared herself. She had a long hot shower, washed her hair with the best shampoo and conditioner, coconut, her favourite smell, and hopefully his. She shaved her legs, and everywhere else, and then exfoliated. she wanted to be perfect and smooth for him. She dried herself and then moisturised her entire body. Claire woke up early even though she had already picked out her outfit the day before. She had chosen avrupa yakası escort a fitted cream pencil skirt, a fitted cream shirt with 3/4 length flared sleeves. A brown belt and brown kitten heels. It all matched perfectly with her tanned complexion and mousey brown hair. Her makeup was simple but she made sure she accentuated her lips. She was sure he always looked at them the most.

She met him at the school as usual and this morning he gave her an even bigger smile hello than usual. She noticed he was looking at her up and down so she guessed he approved of her wardrobe choice. After the school run was done he walked Claire back to her car and they agreed that he would follow her but she still gave him directions in case he fell behind in traffic. He parked opposite the house and followed inside.

It became apparent very quickly that tom had also been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, because as soon as Claire went to make drinks he walked up behind her and put his arms around her and held her close, he buried his head in her hair and he squeezed her even tighter. Yes I think he liked the coconut. Claire’s heart started racing and she could feel herself getting hot and very wet. She felt something else behind her and it was getting bigger and harder than anything she had ever felt. She went weak and her knees wanted to buckle but he didn’t let her go. Coffee was definitely off the menu now.

Tom moved Claire’s hair to one side and started kissing her neck as he undid her top buttons and put his hand inside her bra to feel her swollen breasts and hard nipples. She hadn’t been this turned on in so long and she felt like could have cum right then and there. She couldn’t wait avrupa yakası eskort any longer, she needed to kiss him so she turned around to face him and looked into his eyes. They wanted each other more than ever now but they also wanted to enjoy each other, there wasn’t any rush. She brought up her mouth to meet his and it felt like the world had stopped spinning. It was incredible and she melted into him. She led him upstairs to the bedroom, and they continued to kiss each other softly but with passion. He removed her top and her bra and her skirt, she stood in front of him with just a pair of lace blue panties on, blue was his favourite colour. In his eyes she was so beautiful, not just her body but everything, the way she laughed and the way she made him laugh, and he had her in front of him, it felt like a dream.

He led her on the bed and started kissing her body from the top down, he kissed he breasts and nibbled at her erect nipples, this drove her crazy he kissed her stomach and her belly while she played with his hair. He didn’t remove her panties yet, he moved over her wet pussy and ran his tongue over the top and carried on kissing away at her inner thighs. He came back up to kiss her lips again and Claire rolled over on top of him, it was his turn for some pleasure, even though she was sure he was enjoying himself anyway. She took off his T-shirt although she would have preferred to rip it off, and she unzipped his trousers and pulled them down and threw them to the floor. He wore Calvin Klein boxers, blue obviously and tight fitting. His hard cock was so obvious, it completely filled the front part of the boxers, he was pretty much falling out of them. She rubbed it with her hands and escort avrupa yakası he breathed in sharply. He was so aroused you could see his tip was already wet. She wanted to taste him so badly.

She ran her fingers down his chest and kissed it gently. He was breathing so heavily. Claire pulled off his boxers and finally exposed his hard cock. It was bigger than she’d had before and couldn’t wait for him to fill her pussy. But she wanted to play first. She licked his shaft all the way from the base to his tip and then put him in her mouth, she felt him get even harder and she could taste him and it was so good. Tom ran his fingers through her long hair as she sucked away and cupped his balls in her hands. She wanted to carry on forever but she couldn’t ignore the throbbing she felt in between her legs that was getting stronger.

She pulled of her panties and climbed on top of him and kissed him again as he held her close. He found his way inside her so easily because she was so wet. It felt so tight that he groaned into her ear. God she loved that sound. He put his hands on the small of her back and pulled her even closer, even though he was filling her he still felt like he was just too far away from her. He wanted to become part of her, she was becoming his world and he never wanted to be apart from her. She felt exactly the same.

Toms pace quickened, and he flipped her over so she was lying on her front. He pulled her up so she was on her hands and knees and pushed himself inside of her again. His body took over and he fucked her harder and harder, he couldn’t hold back anymore, he pulled her hips back and forth to meet with his rhythm. He was the perfect shape for her, his cock slammed into her g spot every time he moved forward and soon Claire was screaming loudly, and tom was moaning as well, they couldn’t last any longer and they both came together, breathless, he collapsed on top of her, still inside. They kissed again slowly not wanting to let each other go.

Tom was still hard as a rock, and Claire definitely wanted more so they headed for the large walk in shower, but that’s for another story.

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