The Touch of a Woman

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This is a true story about my first sexual experience with another woman. It happened back when I was nineteen. It was in October, right around Halloween, but there was nothing scary about it, I can tell you that!

I had always questioned my sexuality. I knew for sure that I wasn’t a lesbian, but I was definitely attracted to both men and women. It seemed so wrong, mostly because of my upbringing I suppose. In high school I had a very good friend, Brian, who was gay and he opened my mind a little bit, showing that alternative feelings and lifestyles really were okay.

My best friend Lori and I often went to gay bars with Brian and always had the best time. I often secretly hoped that I would have some sort of encounter with a woman at one of these clubs, but they were predominantly geared towards homosexual men, so nothing ever happened.

Then Lori and I heard about a local gay club called G’s. It was supposed to be a fun place to go and dance, which we loved doing. And even better than that, we heard a rumor that they would serve alcohol to anyone, even underaged patrons, and they never carded! That was our primary goal the night Lori and I went to G’s — to get drunk without being hassled because we were below the legal age and to have a generally fun time.

I was dressed sexy that night — just in case “something” should happen! I wore jeans and a brown, low-cut sweater that was very tight and revealing and made my breasts look big and full.

We got there kind of early so the place wasn’t very crowded. We sat at the bar and were a little nervous about ordering anything. Finally, we got up the courage to ask for a couple of beers and lo and behold, the rumors were true! The bartender served us without so much as batting an eyelash. We settled in to have some drinks and get ready for some serious dancing!

We had been sitting and drinking for a half an hour or when she entered the bar. She looked to be a Latino/Asian mix with almond eyes and tan skin. Her hair was ebony and cut in a bobbed style. The tight black pants and matching shirt she wore accented her huge tits and curvy hips. I noticed she also had on black high heels, which I have always found bursa escort to be incredibly sexy. Her full, wine-colored lips were intoxicating to look at.

And she sat down right next to me!

Now, unlike the gay bars we frequented with Brian, G’s catered to both men and women. So when this amazingly hot female sat down next to me, I got very excited. Could it be that the encounter I’d fantasized about could actually happen?

We started talking and introduced ourselves. Her name was Alexa and she was employed as a nurse at a local hospital. A patient of hers had died that day so she was looking to drink and dance and try to take her mind off of things. I still wasn’t a hundred percent sure at that moment if she might be interested in women in general — and me in particular — so I bought her a drink to sort of test things. The smile she gave to me as we clinked our beer bottles together in a toast was all the answer I needed.

We kept drinking, talking and laughing and my friend Lori was included in our conversation, too. Everything was light and friendly — and then she put her hand on my thigh. It was more than just a light brushing to emphasize a point, she put her fingers there and kept them there, daring to rub and massage my leg. I could feel my heart beating faster and I knew my pussy was getting wet.

“C’mon,” Lori said, oblivious to what was going on, “let’s go dance!”

“Would you like to?” I asked Alexa.

“Of course,” she said, giving my thigh another squeeze.

We left the bar and hit the dance floor. Once we were there things began getting hot and heavy almost immediately. In my keyed up state I had drank more beer than I was used to and I felt a little dizzy. Alexa first steadied me by placing an arm around my waist, and then she pulled me in close for a kiss.

I had kissed a girl before, but it was nothing like this. Lori and I had experimented with kissing once, just to see what it was like. She wasn’t into girls at all though, so it wasn’t very passionate or hot. Alexa’s kiss, on the other hand, set me on fire. Her tongue touched mine and I felt shivers go through me. She held me tighter around the waist and I reached bursa escort bayan up to put my hands around her neck and stroke her beautiful hair.

“Woah, that’s enough,” Lori said, loudly. Lori was open minded and I knew she wouldn’t think anything about what I was doing, even if it wasn’t her thing. She always had to make a joke though and had to ruin the moment!

Alexa smiled and we started dancing. Pretty soon we were grinding each other on the dance floor. She ran her hands over my shirt, making my nipples hard. We went over to the bar they had by the DJ and ordered some more beer. She grabbed a bottle and held it to my lips, pouring the amber liquid into my mouth and then making it flow down my neck. Using her tongue expertly she licked up every drop. I felt as though I could have cum right then and there.

More dancing followed. I knew we were putting on quite a show and that made it even more exciting. Every few minutes we would kiss as we danced, our tongues entwining and probing deeper and deeper.

“I think we need to be alone now,” she finally whispered in my ear and took my hand. I was so aroused I couldn’t even speak, I could only follow her.

By now the club was packed. We squeezed past the bodies on the dance floor and made our way into the Ladies Room. It was crowded but luckily a stall down the end of the row was empty. Alexa pulled me into it and locked the door.

She leaned back against wall of the stall and pulled me close. We kissed some more, and then she pushed me away so she could remove her shirt. “Take off my bra,” she ordered. I was more than happy to obey.

Her breasts were beautiful. They were at least a D cup and her nipples were plum colored. I began caressing them, squeezing them as I had often done to my own tits while masturbating. I kissed them, licked them, and at last put my lips on those amazing nipples. I sucked them and nibbled them. “Oh yes,” she moaned. I had never done this before, but apparently I was doing things right!

“Pull my pants down,” she said next, placing one foot up on the rim of the toilet. The sight of her leg bent in such a sexy pose, her black, high-heeled shoe balancing escort bursa on the porcelain was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen.

I got her pants down and began rubbing her pussy through her lacy black panties. She was soaking wet and I could smell her scent. It was musky and sweet at the same time.

“Fuck me,” she said then. “Please, fuck me.”

I roughly pulled her panties down and began rubbing her clit. As when I touched her breasts, I did what always felt good on my own body when I touched myself. Her clit was throbbing, full with desire. I only rubbed it for a few seconds when she came, her juices flowing down over my fingers.

It was a tight fit in a bathroom stall, but I managed to kneel down and put my tongue where my fingers had just been. I flicked her clit quickly, savoring the taste and the texture in my mouth. She was moaning and writhing so again, I knew I was doing things right.

Before she could cum again, she reached down and put her hands under my chin to pull my face away. “Fuck me,” she said again, and then touched my hand. I knew what she wanted me to do.

I stood up again and put two of my fingers deep inside her pussy. I pushed them in and out, first slowly, then faster and faster. At this angle I could also put my mouth on her nipples again. I sucked them hard, going in time with the rhythm of my fingers inside her. She began shaking and moaning louder and louder. This time when she came I could feel her whole body orgasm. Putting her hands in my hair she bucked against my hand in delight.

We pulled apart then and she whispered in my ear that she wanted me to go home with her so that she could eat my pussy all night long. Unfortunately, though, at the end of the night I did not get to go with her, something I always regretted.

For a long time after this experience I again repressed my sexual feelings towards women. Recently, though, through my own self-discovery and the openness of my husband I have realized that my feelings towards women really are okay. I’m not one for labels of any sort, but if I had to label myself I’d have to say I’m bisexual. And it’s very exciting!

I haven’t had another experience with a woman — YET! But this is something I would definitely do again and want my husband to be a part of. We are hoping that the right woman will come along so that we can fulfill some more fantasies and I can experience the touch of a woman again.

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