The Unexpected Transition (Part 2)

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The Unexpected Transition (Part 2)
This story is not based on reality, it is simply a fantasy based on my various sexual triggers.

We were all hungry, and personally I couldn’t wait to get back outside for food and to see the sights. Well, I say sights, I actually mean become voyeurs for the day with all the hopefully topless women around the pool. I love tits, small perky tits, large saggy tits, well you get the picture. Anyway, why bother to wander elsewhere when all we needed was here.

Anyway, breakfast beckoned, we all finished getting dressed, shorts and t-shirts were the order of the day, especially in this heat, then we headed to the restaurant. I only fancied a light meal, the heat always seems to suppress my appetite, well food appetite anyway. My sexual appetite is the opposite, my cock hardens at the slightest sexual thought in the summer, sometimes in embarrassing situations.

I tried not to look at James as we walked, we chatted, but I was so embarrassed about what had happened. Plus I was not 100% sure how awake he had been during that experience. I just wanted to forget about it, hoping that he wouldn’t mention it at all.

The restaurant was really busy when we arrived, but luckily we found a table that was being vacated. Once we were all seated again, my mind started to replay last night. Then it dawned on me, here I was, in thin shorts, sitting at breakfast with a cock so hard that I thought it might burst through the material, surely Sarah is everything I need? She is a great fuck, gives good head and is pretty adventurous, getting more so lately. So why am I sitting here, solely focused on that first sexual experience with another guy. Well I guess that was my answer, I never even thought of another guy sexually before, so no wonder I was distracted.

Pete seemed none the wiser luckily, I wonderd what he would have said if he found out James had nearly fucked my ass last night, that I had let him, and that I had undeniably enjoyed it. Shit, I needed to stop thinking about this, my dick had started to leak pre cum and my shorts had a small wet patch forming.

After we finished our meals, and my erection had subsided, we moved to the pool, found some sun-beds and started to relax for the day. There were some beautiful women around the pool, and some with a different, non classical beauty who were none the less sexy as hell. In fact these women did it for me a lot more than the ‘perfect’ women most guys seemed to drool over. From my perspective, all women bet siteleri can be beautiful in some way and I was enjoying myself immensely. James thankfully seemed his normal self, so I guessed and hoped that he’d had been asleep and nothing would be said.

We had a glorious day, drinking lots of great Spanish beer and spending time in good company. Of course I was varying between semi hard and hard, watching the women around the pool, and also wishing Sarah was here so I could have a good fuck later. Then my mind started to wander, James’s cock had felt so good against my ass last night, and his cum was so hot as it splashed against me. I wanted to jerk off right there, obviously I couldn’t, but I gave myself a quick squeeze when I thought no one was watching. It was difficult hiding my erection, but somehow I managed, well I think I did anyway.

After a pretty good lunch, we moved back to the pool, having saved our sun-beds, staying there until the early evening. We then returned to our room to get changed, there was some live entertainment in the bar, but we really were just interested in further drinks and seeing if James and Pete could get lucky.

Some girls joined us then, two blonds and a lovely brunette who was just my type, slightly quirky in a hot geeky way, if only I was single. We slowly got to know each other, the six of us chatting for hours; the drink flowing as Pete and James started kissing and fondling the two blondes, Kate and Jane. I was left chatting to Anne, feeling slightly jealous of the guys, luckily Anne was in a similar situation to me, her husband was at home. Her friends had boyfriends but were here for some forbidden fun regardless.

Later on, Pete eventually left with Kate, winking at us as he told us not to wait up. Then shortly after, James and Jane left, so Anne and I were left alone in the bar. We both felt a little melancholy, chatting about our partners, while still drinking and just enjoying each other’s company. Both turned on, but unable to do anything about it, frustrating but fun I guess in its own way. Inevitably the drink had an effect, we started to kiss and then Anne stroked her fingers up my leg and along the thin material covering my cock, in turn I placed my hand on her back, slowly lowering it until I was in position to squeeze her ass, and getting a quick feel of her tits as she closed the gap for another kiss. It was almost too much, but sensibly we decided to do the right thing and separate before things got completely pinbahis giriş out of hand.

I kissed her goodbye, one last squeeze of her, Anne grabbing both my ass cheeks and pulling me towards her as our tongues enjoyed each other, parting was so hard, as was my cock pressing against her mound as we kissed. With one last touch of each other’s hands we moved apart and went our separate ways.

I was immensely turned on as I walked back to the hotel room, I wanted to jerk off to release some of the pressure that had built up all day. Luckily the room was deserted, Pete and James had apparently found somewhere else to go.

Once inside, I closed the door and undressed, running my hands down my flat stomach and over my cock, giving my shaved balls a light touch as I wrapped my hand around myself while standing in front of the mirror. I really liked to watch myself while masturbating, enjoying my young firm body. I was really starting to get into it when there were voices outside the room, the guys had returned. I jumped into bed just in time, naked and hard under the covers.

James and Pete were full of themselves, both telling me in great detail of their experiences, both got laid, Pete cumming in Kate’s eager mouth and James finishing in Janes pussy as she begged him to fuck her hard.

I was really pissed, hard as hell and no chance now of release. We all settled down to sleep, it had been a wild day and we were all tired, I was tired, aroused but tired. Even so, I couldn’t sleep, both guys had drifted off almost immediately but all I could think about was getting some action. I then started to think about James the previous night, wondering if there was to be a repeat, but it seemed unlikely as he had got laid. I actually felt disappointed, which shocked me, I shouldn’t have felt this way.

After what felt like a couple of hours, I still couldn’t sleep and I felt even more frustrated. I decided on a bold but stupid course of action, I pretended to turn over and slipped my hand towards James. He was facing me and my hand found the top of his thigh, I slid it further round until I reached his thick cock, it was slightly wet and sticky, still as big as when I glimpsed a quick view last night though. He didn’t move and I gradually started to stroke him with my other hand wrapped around my own dick, I knew this was a huge risk, but I was pretty drunk and hugely aroused. His cock felt amazing, it was hot and sticky in the sexiest of ways, and all I knew was online bahis that I wanted it in my mouth.

I shunted myself down the bed, being super careful to not wake him, my legs now hanging out of the bottom of the sheets. My desire made me eager for me to take the next step, so I placed my head close to his cock, I could feel the heat coming off it and there was the arousing smell of sex. Rubbing my own, I reached out with my tongue and licked his fat dick, it felt like an electric shock passed through me, and I wanted so much more. Slowly I sucked him between my lips, slowly but forcefully until he was fully inside my mouth. It felt amazing, he was stiffening as I sucked him, my own cock providing pleasure as I stroked it. But I didn’t want to cum yet, so I took my time as I tasted James’s and Janes combined juices, her pussy and his cock combined into one. He was fully hard now, I was fucking his cock with my mouth, sucking gently, but taking it all in, almost gagging with the size of it. I felt like a dirty cock sucking bitch as I heard him moan in his sleep, his rock hard dick sliding wet and sticky into my eager mouth. I let go of myself, reaching with my hand to his balls, caressing them gently, I didn’t want to wake him.

I felt his balls tighten under my fingers, I licked and sucked at him, tasting sweet pre-cum as I considered that I was experiencing my first voluntary bi or gay sex. I worked his cock faster and faster, so eager for more, I knew I needed his cum, I barely cared at this stage if he woke up. Luckily he didn’t, I was almost ready to shoot my own load as I felt him tense then suddenly and with a feeling of shock, he came fully in my mouth, a huge load of scorching hot cum splashing against the back of my throat, more forcefully that I had expected. Instinctively I swallowed all he had to give, sucking him clean of Janes cum while devouring his own, the taste was amazing and I immediately started to cum over myself, I could feel it run down my balls and between my ass cheeks. There was nothing I could do, I couldn’t believe he was still asleep, and I suddenly panicked that Pete may have heard something.

I finally moved away, terrified but trying to convince myself that I had got away with it. I felt so dirty, what the hell had I done. I had sucked my friends cock in the same room as another friend, all while they both slept. How the hell would Sarah react, I couldn’t tell her this, and I also couldn’t tell her about playing with Anne earlier either. I was ashamed of myself, I had betrayed her despite being so confident that I wouldn’t do that. But then, I couldn’t deny how delicious I had found his cum, my cock started to twitch and grow, betrayed again.

How was this going to end…

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