The Woods

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Behind closed eyes I see the sun dappling the ground, feel the tree bark under my fingers and sense the anticipation and excitement of a game. I peer around the tree trunk, looking for a glimpse of you. It’s then I feel your hands grab my hips from behind and a whispered word brushes past my ear. A half-hearted struggle to escape, the tighter you hold me and the more I feel your hardening cock pressed against my arse.

On the sitting room floor, books forgotten, I lie one my side, a mans shirt held together by one button. My fingers softly stroking my thigh as I focus on the images in my mind. Your hands turning me, pressing me back against the tree. Your lips pressing down on mine as your hands roam over my body, slipping inside my dress to touch silky skin. Tongues teasing, my arms around your neck, fingers stroking the back and running into your hair. One hand slipping between us to stroke the outline of your cock. A sense of urgency as you push me back hard, fingers gripping my hips, tongues entwined. Releasing bursa escort my lips, your hands delve into my dress, fingers rubbing over my nipples, before you expose them to the air. Cupping my tits in your hands you bend to lick over a nipple, sucking into your mouth and flicking it with your tongue. With the delectable feel of your mouth I arch my back, pressing myself harder against your lips.

My fingers have pushed inside the shirt and are circling my nipple, nipping gently, then a little harder……my cheeks flushed and my lips parted. Against the tree one of your hands is pulling up my dress, stroking up my thigh, fingers brushing against my pussy. You groan when you feel how wet I am, probing my slippery heat. Teasingly you press your fingers against the opening to my pussy, circling, but no further. On the floor I am not so patient, my fingers sliding down my body to slip between my thighs and into the moist heat between them. Exploring fingers, brushing over my clit, dipping bursa escort bayan into my pussy, tasting myself. My hips moving forwards as if to capture my fingers, prolong contact. Two fingers thrust into my cunt, just as in the wood you finally relent and push your fingers into me.

I want you to fuck me, fill me, but I need to taste you.

“I want…..”

My hands at the zip of your jeans. I groan as your fingers withdraw and you suck my juices from them. As you lean back against the tree I drop to my knees to unfasten your jeans, my tits still unfettered, nipples hard and pink. I feel your hands brushing the tendrils of hair away from my face as I finally release your cock and balls. Our eyes meeting as my hands stroke your shaft, cup your balls, squeezing softly. Pressing my lips to the tip of your cock I allow my tongue to flicker across the sensitive skin, circle the head before sucking it into my mouth. Looking down you see my pout stretched around your cock, as escort bursa I feed more of its length into my mouth. You groan as your cock brushes the back of my throat, hips thrusting. Sliding my lips up and down the shaft, pressing my tongue against your hard flesh. Slurping as your cock springs out of my mouth, I use my tongue to lick the length of the underside of your cock – tip to balls. Kissing and licking your balls before my tongue snakes back to the tip, leaving long wet trails of saliva and greedily laps at your pre-cum, then my parted lips suck your cock tip back into my mouth. Fingers encircling your cock and wanking with ever increasing urgency. Your hands tangled in my hair, you taking in the image of me worshipping your cock. These pictures in my mind, the sensation of touching and tasting your cock feel so real, as my fingers fuck my cunt faster and faster. My thumb rubbing and pressing my clit, thighs pressed tightly.

I feel your cock swell and twitch in my mouth, your hips thrusting forcing more and more of your cock into my mouth. As your cock jerks in my mouth and your thighs tense, I part my lips so that you can see my tongue being covered in spunk. As you cum in my mouth, I cum on the floor. The sensations rippling through my body, my cunt spasming around my fingers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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