Val’s Badminton Ch. 01

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Every Tuesday night was badminton night, which gave me a chance to have some exercise and also watch the various lady players – both for their badminton skills and for a glimpse of their underwear!

At just 18 years old I was very much the junior, and the good players didn’t want to play with me, but occasionally they had to – and sometimes I managed to get some good shots in and surprise them all. The one lady who was different from the rest was Val. She was in her early forties with short dark wavy hair and a well-built muscular body which made her look so butch it was sometimes unbelievable.

She was about 5 foot 8, with powerful stocky legs and well-muscled arms, setting off her sole feminine attribute – her gorgeous well-filled breasts. She must have had a specialist sports bra to stop them just bouncing away as she lunged for short shots, reached back for high smashes, and generally raced about the court. Watching Val and her breasts was a joy to behold, especially if you were sitting out in a slightly hidden location and could slip a hand down your shorts.

Energy and rushing about was her style of play, and she’d always finish up matches with sweat pouring down her face. After one particularly hard match I even noticed her legs glistening with sweat and wondered to myself about the rest of her body. But she revelled in the action, in running and reaching for shots, and getting everything she possibly could.

In badminton games she was always very competitive, and seemed to want to play the man’s place, forcing men to play up at the front in mixed doubles so she could play at the back. Needless to say they kept getting out of position and missing shots, which annoyed her intensely. She was also the self-appointed coach, giving nearly everyone else her thoughts and views as to what they were doing wrong.

This particular night she was wearing a thin dark blue cardigan over a white polo shirt, with dark blue track suit bottoms and a little white skirt over the top. It was the way most of the ladies dressed, so they could take off their track suit as they warmed up, without going off court. Her short dark hair was brushed back off her face and as I watched her during the night she was in good form, racing about for shots and winning some good games.

As expected, she’d taken off her tracksuit bottoms, and I had enjoyed watching the glimpses of her frilly white panties as she had bent down to pick up the shuttle or lunge for a shot. I’d played a game on her side once, and Val had been her usual bossy self. I lost a few serves, but managed a few close-up glances at her panties when she bent over, and once when we nearly collided I grabbed her waist to stop falling over. It felt good to hold her sweater and feel her firm body underneath.

Soon the evening was coming to a close, so I went to the changing rooms to change out of my shorts. Taking them off I slipped a hand into my underpants and over my cock to pull it upwards, wishing that Val was doing it for me. My pants were tight as I let the waistband go, before pulling on my tracksuit bottoms then my tracksuit top. Then back to the hall to go home.

Val came up to me as the others drifted off. “I think you could improve your game a lot, Andrew, if you had some extra coaching.” she said. “Especially your service – you haven’t quite got the knack of it yet, have you?”

“Well I’d certainly like to improve it – what sort of coaching did you mean?” I replied.

Val looked me in the eye: “I was just thinking I could show you how to do things on a one-to-one basis. Why don’t you come round tonight on your way home, and I can show you what I mean? I’ll phone your mum from here to let her know you’ll be a bit late.”

And with that, it was all sorted. Val phoned, we gathered our things together and went back to her house.

She openend the door, and switched on the light.

“Gee’s away Betturkey again at the moment so there’s no-one here except Toby.”

Toby was the big dog that bounded up, but Val took him by the collar and led him away out of the room. Gee was her husband, actually called Geoff but she called him Gee for some reason. I sat down while Val came back, drew the curtains and switched on the side lights. It was a big room with easy chairs at one end and a dining suite at the other.

Val was wearing her dark blue cardigan again but no polo shirt, I was very pleased to see. She’d taken her sweater off while playing, and must have switched clothes in the changing rooms before we left. Now the cardigan was buttoned up nearly to the top, with her matching blue tracksuit bottoms under her white badminton skirt, with white socks and plimsols to complete the picture. I was suddenly aware that I only had my underpants on underneath the tracksuit, and as I put my hands in my pockets I could feel myself quite easily.

“Right!” said Val, “We’d better get started while we’re still warmed up. I would really like a shower but we’d better get on. Now pick up your racquet, come and stand in the centre here, and we’ll sort out that serve of yours.”

I did as she said, standing in the middle of the lounge with my badminton racquet in my hand. She stood facing me, looking me up and down.

“Now, Andrew, just watch me closely.” she said, “See how my body and arms are held ready to serve?” I looked at her, noticing the tightness of her sweater over her broad breasts – and the two prominent bulges of her nippples pushing forwards. “Look closely.” she ordered, and I certainly did – she looked fantastic!

“Now you get in the same position.” she commanded. I did my best, but it was clearly not right. “No,” she said, “you need to stand further back on your heels, and push your chest out more. And your hips are not right either.” She moved towards me, and grabbed my waist before pushing my shoulders back to get my stance how she wanted it. Her hands felt somehow good as she pushed and pulled me and I could feel my cock growing in appreciation as she manhandled me into the right position. Then she went back in front to view her handiwork.

“I think I’ll just take these off so you can see me more clearly.” she said, slipping off her tracksuit bottoms and leaving them on a chair. “Now can you see my hips better?”

She stepped back a few paces. I could see her bare legs very well, with her short skirt revealing her well-muscled thighs.

I was about to reply, when she seemed to have another thought. “Well I suppose this skirt isn’t much help really – I’ll take it off too.”

And with that she just peeled off the white badminton skirt, revealing her white frilly panties. To my amazement the front of her panties were just plain white cotton, with the frills only around her bottom. The tightness of her panties, clinging to her body from her belly down to where they folded between her legs, was really so arousing as she stood there not four feet away, pulling her cardigan hem down to neaten it.

“There, that’s better – you can see me clearly now, can’t you!” she smiled.

“Errr, yes.” was all I could manage to say as I felt myself begining to blush and my cock twitch as it filled out. The sight of Val, hand on hips, with tight dark blue cardigan and tighter white panties, standing just in front of me was so arousing.

“Now, watch my body again as I take up the position, and see where my hips, chest and arms are.”

I watched as Val prepared to serve, and tried to take in all the details so I could remember for later on in the darkness of my own bed. I would have loved to toss myself with this view. Her dark wool-covered sleeves, pulled a little way up her arms. Her rounded breasts with nipples clearly visible, pushing forward under the thin Betturkey Giriş wool. The neat line of the hem of her sweater. And her tight white panties, smoothly rounded and folded as they dipped into the shadows between her legs. She flicked an imaginary shot, twisting her wrist to give it more power.

“Now its your turn” she smiled.

I got into what I thought was the right position, but from her face I could see it still wasn’t right.

“It’s no good, I just can’t see where your hips are with that tracksuit on, to see where you are going wrong. You’ll have to take your tracksuit off too, Andrew.”

I took off the top and was about to slip off the bottoms when I realised my shorts were in my bag. I knew that by now my tight underpants would be very revealing – as my cock was taking a distinct interest in Val.

“I can’t take the bottoms off – I’m not wearing any shorts!” I blurted out.

Val didn’t seem to mind. “Well you’ve got underpants on haven’t you? – or at least a jock strap?” she asked, “Good heavens I’ve seen plenty of men in underpants before – just get on with it, Andrew!”

So I reluctantly turned away, peeled off my tracksuit trousers and put them on a chair. Then pulled my underpants up tight, quickly easing my cock upwards, and pulled my shirt down to try to hide the bulge in the front.

“OK, so now stand up straight, and get in the serve position.” Val commanded.

I thought for a second, then did as I was told, knowing she could see my underpants easily below my badminton shirt, and knowing she could see my erect cock if she looked. And she did. She looked hard at me, from my feet up to my eyes. Then came towards me.

“Mmmm.” she began. “You’ve still not got quite the right position, Andrew. Here, let me help you.”

And she moved behind me, grabbing my waist again, then pushing my bottom forward.

“You need to push out a bit here,” she said, then, pulling my left shoulder back, “And a bit further backward here. Now, let’s have a look at that.”

All her touching, holding and pressing me had driven my cock to distraction and now I was nearly fully erect, aware that as she came round to the front she could see me clearly through the tight white cotton of my underpants. She stood back, then looked at me.

“I don’t think you are quite ready for this, are you Andrew? You’ve got something else on your mind, haven’t you. You’d better just put your racquet down a minute while I sort you out…”

I put down the racquet on the chair, then stood up, facing her.

“Lift your shirt up, and hold it with your hands on your waist, please.” she said, moving towards me.

I was acutely embarassed but did as she instructed, watching her stare at my underpants and knowing she was taking in my erection under the tight cotton. As she neared, she put her own hands forward, and just grabbed the waistband of my underpants at the front and pulled it out towards her then down with a single movement.

I was staggered, shocked, amazed and aroused all at once. She just stared at my extending cock as it reached towards her.

“This is no good for badminton, Andrew.” she said sternly. “I think we should get rid of this straightaway – just keep your hands on your hips and I’ll get it gone in no time.”

And with that she pulled my underpants down to my knees, then reached forward and grabbed my cock. Her fingers were deliciously cold and firm as she held me with one hand around the shaft and the other under my balls. She began to toss me with a firm vigorous rhythm.

I gasped and panted, “But you can’t do this to me Val…” I began.

“Oh, can’t I?” she replied: “You just watch me! Now get on with it, we haven’t got all night.”

And as I watched she kept up her rhythmical pumping of my cock, and I could feel my cum building up. I still couldn’t believe what was going on.

“Come on,” she was urging, “Come on, let it out, you know you want to. Don’t you?” She didn’t wait for a reply. “I’ve seen you, looking at my panties under my skirt, and at my boobs too. Well now it’s my turn to look at you. I must say you are very well developed for a youngster. Now let’s see what your prick can do. Come on, you be a good boy for me and let your spunk out…. I can feel it’s building up well, inside this hard stiffness of yours…”

I watched, lost for words, as her wool-clad arms moved rhythmically, fingers shafting me and squeezing the base of my cock. Her breasts were wobbling too, in time to her pumping hand, and I could see the nipples bouncing about under the thin wool of her cardigan.

“Once we’ve got this out of the way we can concentrate on that serve of yours, can’t we? But a big hardon like this is no good for badminton, now is it?”

I was just panting now, watching in disbelief as she just took me. And it was building up now, far too quickly. I knew I was going to cum soon, with her hands pumping me relentlessly.

She saw the dribble of pre-cum on the end of my cock, and smiled up at me. “Nearly ready, pet?” she asked, and saw my brief nod as I panted for air.

“Well I think I’ll just slip your prick inside my sleeve to finish you off!” she said. “No need to get the carpet messy, is there?”

And with her right hand she grabbed my cock, somehow pulling the cuff of her left sleeve out and forcing me up inside the dark blue wool. It was very tight, as the cardigan had been tight on her arm even without my cock in it, and she pressed her left hand deeper under my balls to force me further up her sleeve. It felt as if I was pushing inside her, somehow.

We could both see the outline of my cock pushing forwards under the wool, as she squeezed my balls with her left hand and gripped my cock with her right.

“Well my cardy needed a wash anyway, so you just let go up my sleeve, there’s a good boy! Come on, let’s have that spunk out of you!”

And as she kept up her rubbing through the wool of her cardigan I felt myself reaching a climax. I tried to hold back, not believing it was happening, but she was just too arousing. I cried out as I came, and felt my spunk shoot up inside her sleeve.

“Ooh, that’s so hot! ” she smiled, as the first burst pumped against her, “but when its all come out at least we can get your serve sorted out properly.”

She carried on wanking me and I could see the growing wet patch staining her wool-covered wrist as my semen spread out up her arm.

“Come on, let’s get it all out of you!” she smiled at me, squeezing my balls more as she carried on working up my cock.

I was in heaven at the sight and feelings, but amazed and embarassed by what had just happened. Here was my idol Val, old enough to be my mother, dressed in my dream clothes, forcing me to cum!

“Right Andrew, you must have finished by now, so let’s get this prick out of my sleeve, then we can get back to your serve.”

She pulled her left arm away, and my deflating cock appeared from under the blue wool, leaving a large dark patch up her arm, and dribbles down her wrist. She moved her other sleeve across to mop it up, then matter-of-factly started to undo her cardigan buttons, starting at the top. She must have seen the expression of disbelief on my face.

“Well I can’t wear this any more, can I? It’s got all your sticky cum inside it! I’m sure you won’t mind me wearing just my bra and panties.”

I watched as the undone buttons revealed more of her white bra. It was some kind of sports bra, but so well filled I just couldn’t help staring. And the material was thin enough to show off the large darker nipples, the ends pushing forwards so prominently.

She pulled the sleeves off, taking care not to let any semen spill, then loosely folded the cardigan with the sleeves on top, and put it on a chair.

“Right my lad, let’s get back to where we were. Pull your pants up tight again, and bring your racquet out into the middle of the room. Let’s see if we can get this service right!”

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