Wakening the mouse

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Wakening the mouse
“Look it’s an hour and a half and two hundred yards so I would say we have time for a quickie.” Tabitha rarely wore much make-up so didn’t take ages getting dressed. As for the moment she was already undressed as we had just shared a bath together.

My formerly shy and reserved secretary was now my highly sexed fiancé who responded to my suggestion by sticking her bum out as she leaned over the end of the bed. I liked her pussy lips from behind knowing from frequent practice what would be effective. My little tabby cat purred as I hit the spot. I licked the juices that were flowing before reaching up to push more of her onto the bed so her torso was fully supported.

Now in the position I wanted I move up on top of her, slipped my hands beneath us to fondle her breasts and rubbed my erect cock against her fanny. The purring deepened and she wiggled her bum as I slipped inside her and began to thrust away at her. Our bodies mover together in harmony and it would be difficult to work out who came first.
When we had recovered, we ran another bath but this time had to be quick. Getting dressed for me was the normal quick job of underwear, shirt and trousers. Tabby took a bit linger pulling on a thong, then with my assistance lacing up one of her favourite corsets in a deep blue. Over that went blue silk blouse and what would have been an expensive skirt if Tabby hadn’t designed and made it herself. All this was finished off by black high heeled boots that were just on her knees.

It was spring but still cold enough in the evening to wear a coat as we went for a short walk to a dinner party with out neighbours. There were four couples that night, ourselves, our hosts Ian and Alexandra Best, Lucy and Basil Fosdyke who owned the Tudor manor house that had been in the family for centuries and lastly Cyn and Philip Trelawny. Philip was an architect and Cyn worked a few hours a week at a flower shop in Canterbury.

The first two couples we had got to know quite well, particularly Alex who looked after our cats when we were away and had been adopted by one of the kittens that our little Sheba gave birth to in our shed. The Trelawny’s we knew less well Philip was older in his early thirties with his wife probably ten years younger. If my Tabitha was a cat then Cyn was a mouse, from her shoulder length brown hair to her delicate frame and retiring shyness. If anyone was less appropriately named it was Cyn.

The evening went well and we sat around late chatting in the lounge. The sofa comfortable seated four in this case the Fosdykes and the Trelawneys. The two arm chairs had Alex sitting on Ian’s lap and Tabitha on mine. The two girls cuddled up to their other half’s with obvious affection. I noticed that Lucy had a curious look on her face half way between disapproving and wistful. I remembered wondering if she wished it was her dr****g herself across her husband.

So much fun was had by all we decided to make these parties a regular thing rotating around the four houses. All of us were comfortably off and had houses capable of accommodating a table of eight. In the case of the Trelawney’s it would be a slightly tight fit but manageable.

All of us left together the Trelawneys one direction and the two of us and the Fosdykes the opposite so we strolled along together it was a crisp but beautiful spring night with the moon just past full. Tabitha had on a cloak which had quite wide arm holes. From previous experience I knew I good get my hands inside and play with Tabbies’ tits. I ran my hands along the cool silk before moving below the corset and pushing up. It had the desired effect of making a boob pop out. Underneath the cloak I played with my lovely girl’s nipples that were hard through the silk blouse.
Leave her alone until you get home, you lucky devil.” Lucy had clearly guessed what I was doing.

Tabby was unabashed. “Your just jealous because Basil can’t do the same to you.”

“Too right I am, that cloak is gorgeous as well as the fringe benefits.”

“I will make one up for you then. I presume you would like me to leave enough room for Basil to get his hand inside.”
“My goodness you made that. It’s absolutely magnificent. I didn’t know you were so talented.”

“Well apart from being Rob’s secretary I also do clothing design a lot of it underwear aimed at well endowed ladies who want to combine comfort with looking sexy. But I do other things like this cloak as well. I think I might market this.”

“If you make one for madam here, then I will show it off to some people I know who have shops in the West End.”


So, it looked as though it might have been a productive evening for Tabby’s burgeoning design career. But once we were in other things were on our mind. In the time it took me to lock the door the skirt and blouse were off and Tabby was popping her other boob out of the corset. I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. At the same time my hands were heading south to grip the thong that was eased over those luscious bum cheeks to join the skirt on the ground.
“Let me pick them up Ron or we will have cat sleeping on them.”

I watched my delicate sexy creature bend over wiggle her hips with deliberate seductiveness before wandering towards the bedroom wearing nothing but the corset. Having evicted two cats from our bed we climbed in. Being self-employed we didn’t need to keep office hours and could get up late. We needed the lie in because we played until too tired to keep it up. Tabby liked screwing cow girl. Also, the kinky bitch kept those boots on. I really like her boot fetish.
Waking in the morning I found a boob d****d across my chest, her eyes flickered open and a broad smile spread across her delectable face before she kissed me
“Much as I want too darling, I really have to work out how to meet the requirements of Vellis Bros.”

“I know and I have to get your accounts in order then start on mine. Also, when I get a chance, I will start on Lucy’s cloak it will do us no harm with our exulted neighbours if Basil can play with her tits as they wander down Burgate.”

This amused me because last week we had gone into town shopping and under the cloak all Tabby wore was an under bust corset and I had done exactly that. Like a respectable couple we had walked along arm in arm but a close observer wold have seen that my hand was inside the arm hole. I was of course gently playing with her tit. When we had got home, she practically ripped my clothes off and in fact we made love on the kitchen table.

The accounts finished with customary efficiency Tabby started to work on the cloak for Lucy by making up a mock up in lining fabric. It didn’t hang right of course but would allow Tabby to try it out for size on Lucy and make the appropriate adjustments. The next day she arranged to go over to the manor house and do exactly that.

The sizing worked out, they had a pleasant girly morning together and found that despite the difference in their ages they got on rather well. Until now they had been pleasant acquaintances but realised kaçak iddaa it would be easy to become firm friends.

Tabby explained the history of how she and Rob got together after her flat had burnt down and she fell into the arms of her sympathetic boss. That Tabitha found his arms very comfortable as well as comforting and ended up staying at his home. That she had nightmares about the fire and only Rob’s physical presence prevented them. From there despite his sterling efforts to be a gentleman she hard worked out they were both very attracted to each other.

“In the end I practically had to lie back with my legs open to get the idea through to him that sweet little virgin I might be but I still had a healthy libido. Not going into any details but circumstances allowed me to discover that I am far from a repressed little thing and I have become pretty broad-minded now.”

“Is that a relative thing or would I find you broadminded. Having you tried sex with another women for instance.”

“Oh yes and both I and Rob like it. The first time the pair of us ended up in a jacuzzi with a lesbian couple who occasionally have a man and this was one of those occasions one of them had me and Rob had the other.”

“You really aren’t as innocent as you look unlike our little friend Cyn. Poor c***d doesn’t have a clue. Hubby has more but doesn’t know how to get her to be a bit more adventurous.”

“That is something we will have to sort out then. I know Alex is no prude though I am not sure how broadminded she is. Did you ask about whether I liked girls for a reason? Possibly wondering if I like older women in which case the answer is yes if they are like you.”

“Ooh now that’s direct. Rob wouldn’t get upset would he.”

“No, he wouldn’t, I presume the same is true for Basil.”

“Hardly he would be trying to work out if he could get you into his bed and not necessarily having me vacate it first.”
Lucy had moved across to site beside Tabitha on the sofa. They looked at each other for a second smiled and moved forward for a kiss. Lucy caressed Tabby’s shoulder before taking her hand and drawing her to her feet. They went upstairs to the master bedroom where Lucy proceeded to undress the willing Tabby Cat. Tabby lay back on the bed in the same fashion that she had made love to Ron previously. Lucy licked at her hairless muff, running her tongue all round slowly working inwards to excite the labia, moving up to her clit. Tabby moaned with pleasure Lucy stood up and pulled the dress over her head to reveal she wore nothing underneath.

Tabby squirmed up the bed so that Lucy could climb on top of her and they could eat each other’s pussies in a sixty-nine lying side by side. Both women were used to pleasuring there own sex and worked away at each other to have orgasm after orgasm.

They reluctantly parted to organise dinner at their respective homes but agreed to tell their other halfs and organise a foursome. Tabitha got home to find that Rob had beat her too the cooking and was preparing a delicious smelling lasagne.

As they sat down to eat Tabitha sipped her Chianti and told Ron about her interesting day.

“I did wonder why you spent to long there. So it was having wild lezzie sex with an older woman. But you right I would not have the slightest hesitation screwing that distinguished lady. How do you feel about Basil?”

“Well distinguished describes him as well and you know full well that I would not be bothered by his age. I like a man, or women for that matter, who knows what they are doing and likes giving and receiving pleasure which I am assured is there attitude as well.

Thus, it was that they went around for dinner Friday night with the intent being to stay the night. The cloak had been finished in time so they took it with them. Lucy tried it on and found it all she had hoped. Basils reaction was to go up and put his hands in the armholes to play with his wife’s breasts. When she took it off again Tabitha laughed for in doing so he had pulled down the top of her strapless dress. Tabby was wearing a halter neck dress and felt Rob undoing the bow at her neck so her top fell down as well.

“Now that is a fashion statement I can get behind.”

“Lecherous old man. Well Rob can you put up with looking at an old lady’s breasts.” Asked Lucy sticking out her magnificent breasts

“As you know perfectly well your bust is absolutely lovely and I have seen girls twenty years younger who couldn’t match them for firmness. I am all in favour of you ladies indulging us.”

After dinner they by unspoken agreement sat down with each other’s spouses and started playing where all could see. The remainder of the girls dresses soon disappeared. Lucy was knicker less again and this time so was Tabitha. The much observed breasts were given a thorough investigation in both women’s cases. This was followed by the rest of their bodies, before they divested the men of trousers and gave them a blow job. All suitably aroused the men then fucked the women with everyone watching everyone else.

One thing was proved to Tabitha and Rob their friends may be in there fifties but they were very fit and had a lot of stamina. Having first having their vaginas filled with cum first the men repeated the process with the girls arses.
“My, my Tabitha, Lucy was right you are a very accommodating and adventurous young lady.”

The nest morning after a magnificent full English breakfast Lucy suggested they go for a walk. Of course the men took the opportunity to put there hands inside the cloaks the girls were wearing and enjoy unfetter access as neither had bothered with a top. When they got back to the manor Lucy removed her cloak and said “One of you two fuck me as that got me so turned on. The other one of you deal with Tabitha as she is every bit the randy cow that I am”

The men obliged them, pulling down their jeans and bending them over the kitchen table and taking them from behind as the two women kissed. It became a race to see who could get the women to come first Toby and Tabitha won but not by much.

A couple of days later Tabitha went shopping with Alex and was trying to find out if she had a similar experience with the Fosdykes. If they had then Alex was being very discreet but they did get round to discussing Cyn Trelawney’s lack, as Alex put it.

“Cyn’s not a goer, more of a stopper. The stupid thing is that not only is her husband unhappy with the situation but I am fairly sure so is she. I don’t know where she got the idea that a minimum of vanilla sex is all that is acceptable but she has.”

They agreed that they should at least try to help and arranged to meet with Lucy to work out a plan. That proved easy as they frequently had lunch together in a convenient pub. If fact they were slowly exploring and evaluation all the hostelries in the local area. Believe me around Canterbury and in the city itself that was not going to be a quick task.
Since none of them had to drive it was a fairly boozy lunch and Alex was rather less circumspect than she might have been, It was clear that kaçak bahis she thought that Cyn was being self-destructive by being so, her word was boring. Tabby noted that for her friend boring was clearly an insult. They agreed that at one of the dinner parties they would collectively do something about it.

The master plan was that everyone would be in on the plot other than the Trelawney’s. That way Philip would be guiltless so unless Cyn was very unreasonable it should not mess up their marriage.

The evening came and separately all three plotters decided to dress alluringly with low cut dresses. Alex had fishtail dress that at the front was very high nearly showing her thong. Tabitha wore one of her own creations a floor length overdress that was very sheer and a mini-dress underneath that covered everything important but only just. As for Lucy her dress was a respectable length but displayed her bust to a degree that was only just decent. Cyn on the other hand wore a nice dress clearly not cheap but utterly boring, mid-thigh and showing no cleavage whatsoever.

The meal was incident free as they were going to wait until afterwards to strike. They slowly steered the conversation toward risqué subjects such as the new barman at the pub who was definitely eye candy for the girls. Cyn didn’t comment so Lucy asker her opinion.

“I try to avoid ogling men otherwise it might get me into trouble.”

“What even your husband.” Philip was an attractive looking man that all three women would have no rouble drooling over.”

“Why should I ogle him.”

“Because he might like to know that his wife appreciates his looks. I love it when Rob starts salivating when I wear a dress like this. You can just see him imagining it being a little higher.”

“Hasn’t he seen you like that then.” That was just the kind of opening they needed.

“Of course, he has I know we aren’t married yet but like most couples that doesn’t mean we don’t have a great sex life. This is the twenty first century not the nineteenth. I presume since you are married that Philip has seen you naked?”

Cyn looked embarrassed at this question. They all thought that maybe the answer was in the negative.

“Yes, he insisted I was so embarrassed. I don’t look sexy like you three.”

“Oh, come of it I am fifty-three your body is going to beat mine any day.” Tabitha was not so sure but kept that though to herself.

Basil got the other three men to go with him and look at something in the garden. To Tabitha it was a pretty transparent excuse but it worked. Now just alone the girls gently pushed Cyn and got some idea as to what was the problem. The first thing was not surprisingly low self esteem but coupled with this was an idea she had from her mother that sex was a necessary evil and that nice girls didn’t enjoy it. Cyn didn’t want to allow herself to get excited and disgust Philip.

“Of for heavens sake most men take getting a girl excited as proof of the sexual prowess. Look when the lads return, I will ask him if he like kissing. if he does and I bet he does then we will all kiss our other halves. There can’t be anything wrong with that can there.”

“No, I suppose not but how will that help.”

“I can guarantee that some of our kissing if not yours will be quite passionate. Watch Philip and see if he is enjoying watching it. He might not be interested in me snogging but he will be a very unusual guy if he doesn’t like watching pretty young things like Tabitha and Alex having an enthusiastic snog.”

When a few minutes later the men returned Lucy said that they wanted to show Cyn what different kissing was like since she seemed unsure. The three more experienced girls sat on their partners laps and started kissing, the men responded with enthusiasm. At first Cyn and Phillip didn’t join in though Philip was trying unsuccessfully to conceal that he was watching the other couples. Then it was too much for him and he grabbed his wife and kissed her. Cyn resisted and he was about to stop when she opened her kips and started kissing back. Once started she was as disinclined to stop as the others. Whilst nothing more daring happened all four couples had a very nice time kissing and cuddling in the company of their friends.

The next morning Alex popped round to see Tabitha clearly wanting a chat. Rob made himself scarce to work in the garden. They sat with coffee in the lounge both of them quickly acquiring a tabby cat on their laps.

“Last night was fun I don’t think I have had so much fun just kissing for a long time. Also, we got Cyn to do something that was at least related to sex and enjoy it. We are getting somewhere. If we can only persuade her that Philip will not be disgusted by her enjoying sex.”

“I have an idea perhaps one of the men can persuade him to say something along the lines of he wished that Cyn enjoyed sex more and that it would be so much nicer for both of them if they both liked it.”

“With what we have already said she might open up a bit more. Let’s try Rob first and if not then I will have a go at Ian. Can I ask something rather personal hopefully you won’t find it offensive particularly if I’m wrong?”

“I don’t easily offend its clear that something is biting at you.”

“Have you tried wife swapping with Lucy and Basil.”

“Well it was more Lucy seduced me and got the other two involved but yes.”

“Lucy seduced you, I have always wondered what if would be like to try another girl. For that matter both Ian and I like the idea of something a bit naughty but are nervous.”

“If I can get rid of Rob would you like to go upstairs?”

Since Rob agreed to go and have a talk with Philip and the present seemed a good time the girls got what they wanted. Upstairs for the first time Tabitha seduced another women rather than being on the receiving end of seduction. They were a bit self-conscious and giggled a lot at first but soon as they kissed and caressed with ever increasing urgency, they brought each other to a peak of excitement. Alex proved to be very noisy when she came and whilst Tabitha was a little quieter, she was no more sedate.

A knock came on the door. Tabby you haven’t taken up axe murdering and started practicing on Alex have you. Both girls fell about giggling.

“Would it embarrass you for him to see you naked, he has already worked out what we were up to as he knows full well, I am enthusiastically bi.” Tabby said quietly and Alex confirmed that she wasn’t bothered. So, Rob came into the bedroom to two very dishevelled and happy women.

“Blimey are you planning on seducing all our neighbours?”

“I hadn’t though one explanation for Cyn could be that she’s gay.”

“I don’t think so she was getting quite enthusiastic about kissing near the end. Though hopefully she’s bi like the rest of us girls. Look how would you feel about me giving Ian a ring and get his permission to screw with the pair of you.”

“I am like most men, I like the idea of two girls at once. I presume the deal you are going to offer is that Ian gets to fuck my tabby cat in which case I am cool. I have found güvenilir bahis I get a real kick out of her having sex with other men and women.”

Ian was agreeable on the understanding that when he had finished his DIY that he could join them.

“I will leave the back door open as we may be too distracted to let him in.” said Rob who was already removing his clothes.

Without discussing it Tabby and Rob concentrated on pleasuring on Alex latching on to her tits and sucking them before getting her to mount him cowboy style whilst Tabitha kissed and played with her. Rob having his loves pussy in his face decided to have a good suck on it. Both girls had big climaxes and he nearly drowned when Tabby gushed all over him. Fortunately, some enthusiastic swallowing meant he kept going and himself came.

Then he was aware that of another person had joined them as Ian’s hands latched onto Tabitha’s breasts. Tabitha had lifted her pussy so he could pull back a but and look up between the girl’s bodies watching their breasts mashing together catching Ian’s hands between them as he fondled Tabby’s boobs. It was an alluring sight and he didn’t need to do much to Alex as she was doing all the work gyrating. Happily. Ian asked if he objected to him screwing Tabby. Of course, since he was doing the same to Ian’s wife it would be a but unreasonable.

Tabby thoroughly enjoyed it. As since she had returned from Lotus Island she hadn’t indulged in group or lezzy sex and now twice in a short time. What is more with people who were friends that she trusted. When they had finished screwing Alex and Ian were invited to stay for a meal.

So, they discussed what they had just done which proved something they were all quite comfortable with and also the earlier wife swapping with Basil and Lucy. This ended with the inviting them around as well. The upshot of the evening was an agreement between the six of them that they had permission in advance from their partners to have sex whenever they wanted. Also they agreed that something had to be done to make poor Cyn relax and enjoy life.
This latter part became easier when Cyn rang Tabitha and asked if she could come around for a chat. So over tea and cakes Tabitha got the opening she was looking for. As Cyn admitted that not only had she enjoyed the kissing but it had led to her being made love to by her husband and to her chagrin enjoying it. From her description which was interestingly enough quite open and detailed Tabitha concluded that she had even had a very minor climax.

“Look Cyn enjoying sex is not wrong or slutty. Slutty is getting rat-arsed on a Saturday night and screwing a stranger against a wall in Canterbury. Your hubby is a good man which means he will want you to have fun. Only an utter bastard isn’t bothered about the pleasure of their partner.”

“Do you think so, I wouldn’t want that. The other problem is that we neither of us have that much of a clue. Obviously, we know what goes in what hole but not how to do it so its pleasurable. My whole family seem to dislike the idea of sex which is why I am the only c***d from three sisters.” Tabitha suspected that Philip had more clue than Cyn thought being a fair amount older but kept that to herself.

“There is my proof, your family is failing in the ‘go forth and multiply’ bit in the Bible.”

“They are, aren’t they. I want c***dren and I am not so clueless not to know that unless I do something, I am not going to have any. Look when we come around to yours for dinner next Saturday could we go a bit farther than just kissing our partners.”

“Pardon, are you suggesting we have an orgy.”

“Well would it be that naughty if we are only sleeping with our own partners. I am pretty sure we know what men and women’s bodies look like.”

“So, you don’t do it clothed until the lights are off.”

“That would be silly, no.” Tabitha was stunned on a logical level sleeping with you own partner was fine by all but the most bizarre standards but to do whilst friends are doing the same in the same room. It was the kind of thing she would love but Prim Cyn.

“I will be honest the rest of us would thoroughly enjoy the idea but we are all more than averagely naughty and so is your idea. If you still comfortable then let’s go for it.”

“So, I was right you’re a bit of a bad girl and so are our other friends.”

“Yes, I am afraid we are.”

“I shocked myself when I first thought about it. Then I thought as to how others would react. I knew that you thought I was getting far to het up about things. Once I decided that I wouldn’t bother the rest of you or my dear hubby I started to like the idea. Eh I liked it enough that I found I was playing with myself.”

“What did you do.”

“I stopped, felt embarrassed then continued it felt lovely. I don’t think I an cut out for being a prude.”

“You and me both darling, you and me both.”

Saturday evening came and the guests arrived, the dinner was eaten with compliments to the cooks, it had been a joint effort and they retired to the lounge and sat down. Lucy lifted an elegant eyebrow looking at Cyn who blushed but then turned and kissed her husband. No demure little peck but a full on sexy snog. The others combined laughing and cheering and did the same to their partners.

Everyone was clearly turned on knowing what was about to happen but not so much that they ripped their clothes off. Zips were slid down, shirt buttons undone. Everyone got naked in a relaxed fashion. Cyn and Philip matched the others. Lucy climbed onto Basil’s erect and well lubricated penis reverse cow girl style. Cyn looked at them and then Phillip and tried out the same. Tabby left Rob for a moment to go over and help her and show how to do the position whilst stimulating Cyn’s clit. Alex was also riding reverse cowboy so Tabby decided to make it four.

The first women to climax turned out to be Cyn who proved to be a screamer and wow she went over the top and so did the others egged on by her ecstasy.

It was some time later when they had all clamed down and were cuddling. Everyone was happy that it had gone so well and were relaxed. When Cyn piped up in a somewhat nervous tone of voice.

“Philip do you dislike girls who are a bit wanton.”

“No within reason they can be rather fun.”

“Oh good, because I have just discovered that I a bit of a tart, actually quite a lot of one.”

“That’s nice I would never cheat on you but I do miss a bit of raunchy wanton sex. Also, in this company I suspect we will both learn a lot of new things.

“I was still nervous that you wouldn’t approve.” The others were holding their breath at this conversation progressed.
“Darling I might never have been Don Juan before I met you but I wasn’t celibate either. Trust me you can be as naughty as you like within our little group and it will be fine. In fact I will find it a great turn on”

At this the look on Cyn’s face was less the timid little mouse as the cat that had got the cream, she was literally licking her lips. As the evening went on all the rules went out the window. Alex and Tabitha were licking her pussy and were grateful that Cyn’s mouths was bunged up with her husbands cock as she came again but fortunately gagged which stopped them being deafened. All eight of them were having a very lively orgy, the first of many.

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