Wanna Bet? PT2 Gay

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Wanna Bet? PT2 Gay
When Ayden sat back on the couch, his dick was still pointing at the ceiling. It took me a while to recover on the floor, but my own six-incher was still hard as a rock. For both of us, the sexual experience had been completely unexpected but incredibly hot. Not in a million years did I ever think that I would swallow a dick, let alone one as huge as Ayden’s. He too had no idea that he would dominate his sister’s boyfriend, or that he would ream out his throat with his enormous cock.

Ayden proposed that we both go shower off together, and this didn’t seem like a bad idea. We were both hot, sweaty, and covered in semen, and he clearly hadn’t showered all day.

Our apartment actually had a surprisingly large shower by New York standards, so there was ample room for both of us. Ayden was shorter than me but his erect dick extended several inches past my own. This was the first time that we ever compared our cocks while fully hard. Right there in the shower, he grabbed both of them and pressed them against each other.

It was clear that Ayden had me beat by several inches. If I were to make a guess, I would bet that his dick was 9 solid inches of teenage meat, and incredibly thick as well. I honestly couldn’t believe that I’d managed to take it all down my virgin throat.

As I put body wash on both me and Ayden to clean his off, he took time to check out my muscles. Feeling my pecs and abs, he complimented me on all the time I’d spent in the gym. He then made me turn around so that he could get a look at my butt.

I felt weird showing off my ass to this teenage stud, but also wanted to obey him. As I mentioned before, my butt is pretty huge from all the time I’d spent doing squats in the gym. With firm, toned buns and a large bubble shape, it was basically a smaller version of Kim Kardashian’s.

Ayden started massaging my glutes as he slipped soap into my butthole. I moaned as I felt his finger flick the entrance to my hole. “Uggggggghhhh,” I moaned.

“I can tell you like that,” Ayden replied. “You have such an amazing ass. All that gym time has really paid off.”

Ayden spread out my arms and legs in the shower so that I was now spread-eagled against the wall. He then started gently massaging the head of his enormous shaft against my butthole. I kept moaning as the sensation of the soap and cock felt overwhelming.

Never in my wildest nightmare had I fantasized about this moment. I’d asked Stacy to massage my hole a few times—and it always felt so sensitive and incredible—but she wasn’t really into butt play. As a result, I’d never really played with my hole, and was only now realizing how sensitive it really was.

Ayden made me open up a little more as he gently rubbed the tip of his enormous shaft against my bottom. It felt so big and full, so powerful and manly. I moaned even louder as Ayden pushed forward and gently licked the lobe of my ear. It felt so intimate and so good, and I found myself wanting this teenage stud to fuck my ass.

Ayden could tell how submissive I was being, and how turned on I was by his advances. My own cock was still rock-hard and I was moaning every time his dick rubbed against my asshole.

“You like this?” He asked. “You want me to fuck you?”

At first, I didn’t respond. Although my body was saying yes, my mind still said no, and I couldn’t verbalize my submission to this arrogant stud.

Ayden just kept rubbing his cock back and forth between my buns and against my quivering hole. He then reached around and started playing with my average penis. This made me moan even more and I was tempted to beg him to fuck me right there.

Ayden asked me the question one more time, as his dickhead flicked against my hole. “You want me inside you?”

This time, I let out an unabashed “Yessssss!” and screamed as I orgasmed in Ayden’s hand. For the second time in fifteen minutes, I orgasmed because this teenage stud applied minimal contact to my dick. And worse, I orgasmed at the thought of Ayden fucking me, and he clearly knew it.

As I came down from my sexual peak, Ayden slapped his enormous anaconda against my ass a few more times before turning off the shower. “Let’s get out of here,” he said, as he smacked my ass. “Dry off and go get on all fours. I want to fuck you in your bed.”

Now that I’d orgasmed, the last thing I wanted was to get fucked—especially by this annoying, cocky punk. But as I looked over at Ayden drying off, with his massive 9-inch dick still fully erect, I knew that I couldn’t resist him either. This good-for-nothing 19-year-old who played Xbox all day was a freak of nature below the belt, and part of me was curious but afraid of his enormous cock. Reluctantly and nervously, I dried off and made my way to my and my girlfriend’s bed.


I couldn’t believe that Ayden was about to fuck me. In a matter of hours, I went from being the most dominant and masculine guy in this apartment to being internet casino a total submissive for my girlfriend’s little brother.

The bed that I knelt on was where I had fucked Ayden’s sister so many times before. Stacy adored my six-inch dick, and her appetite for sex was usually insatiable. But here I was with my ass in the air, waiting for her little brother to pound me.

Ayden slowly made his way over to the bed and gently put his hand on my ass. Once again, he felt my firm and masculine buns, and slipped a finger into my waiting hole. Somehow he had found the lube that Stacy and I used in the bathroom, and was now stretching out my virgin bottom. One finger and then two found their way into my most personal space, loosening me up for Ayden’s enormous dick.

The 19-year-old punk seemed like a pro at same-sex sex. Even though it was my first time with another guy, he wasted little time in opening me up and making me his little bitch. I had no idea what happened during his first year of college to make him so self-assured, and so dominant, but I was certainly reaping the benefits. All I had to do was submit to him and Ayden made my asshole feel loads of pleasure.

After several minutes of fingering me, he was finally ready for the main event. I stayed in the all-fours position as Ayden slowly slapped his massive dick against my ass. It felt long, thick, and heavy—even compared to my sizable glutes. And Ayden was delighted that I started literally begging for his cock.

“Pleaaaaaaseee,” I moaned.

“You want this?” He asked softly. “You want me to fuck you?”


Even though my dick was fully soft, Ayden’s fingering had awoken the most sensitive part of my body. On the bed that I normally used to fuck his sister, I wanted more than anything to be mounted by this 19-year-old stud.

Slowly and confidently, he gave me what I wanted.

The tip of Ayden’s anaconda was overwhelming. Even though he had loosened me up, his dick was so much thicker than his fingers. But after the tip went in, Ayden was able to insert a few more inches without much resistance.

“Oh yesssss!” He shouted. “You’re so fucking tight!”

I tried my hardest to relax the butt muscles that I had worked so hard to build at the gym. My muscular body was now completely submitting to this teenage stud and his massive, manly dick.

“Ughhhhhhhh,” I grunted, as Ayden pushed deeper into me. He was a slow, methodical, and confident mother fucker. He had clearly had some experience letting people adjust to his incredible shaft. After he pushed in another inch, he let my ass recover and expand before he went a little deeper.

I just sat there and took it, submitting completely to my girlfriend’s little brother. He had already dominated me in every way: at Halo, at FIFA, by tee-bagging me, and by making me suck his enormous dick. Now he was conquering the final frontier, my big and beefy butt, yielding itself to his massive shaft.

After several minutes, Ayden finally bottomed out. “Yesssssss!” He screamed. “Take my huge fucking dick!”

Slowly and gently, Ayden started moving his massive man-meat back and forth. Although it felt uncomfortable at first, the pain quickly turned into pleasure. I found myself moaning, grunting, and calling out Ayden’s name.

“Fuck me!” Someone screamed. “Give me your dick!!”

I was horrified to realize that it was me screaming out and begging Ayden to fuck me. An hour ago, I was a cocky stud on top of the world. Now I was a complete and total bitch for this 19-year-old k**.

Ayden pounded me with more vigor, which caused me to scream even more. With every stroke, he was long-dicking me so that his enormous shaft nearly popped out of my ass. Then he would plow it back in, filling my ass with fireworks of pleasure.

“You’re a natural,” he whispered in my ear as he fucked me. “You’re such a good little bitch.”

After several minutes of fucking me doggy-style, Ayden told me to flip over. As he did this, he withdrew his enormous manhood, which looked harder and thicker than ever. I immediately missed his dick inside me and felt a gaping void in my ass. Flipping over as quickly as possible, I wanted him inside me to continue the pleasure that he’d unleashed.

Ayden smiled as he saw my rock-hard six incher straining towards the sky. Ever so briefly, he put his anaconda next to my penis to show the startling contrast.

Before I could fully register how much bigger Ayden’s dick was than my own, he shoved it back inside my quivering hole. I moaned as he continued to fuck me and shouted out his name.

“Yessssss!” I screamed. “Aydeeeeeeeeeeeen!”

Ayden gloated as he had his way with me, and it was all the more humiliating that I could now see his face. He was clearly delighted that he was inflicting so much pleasure on an older guy, especially one that was so muscular.

“Flex for me,” he told me at one point. “I want to see your muscles as I fuck you.”

I did my best to flex my pecs, biceps, and canlı poker oyna abs. All of the countless hours I’d spent at the gym were now going towards Ayden’s pleasure. As he kept ramming has massive ramrod into my ass, he grabbed my biceps and felt up my chest. This just made my hole quiver even more as I completely submitted to Ayden’s pleasure.

As I flexed for this teenage stud and Ayden fucked me face-to-face, his own abs kept making contact with my dick. It had already been fully erect from when he fucked me doggy-style, and was now leaking a steady amount of juice.

As Ayden fondled my muscles and canyoneered my asshole with his enormous dick, my own penis exploded for him once again. Neither of us had touched it directly, but my third orgasm crashed over me as I kept moaning Ayden’s name.

After seeing me shoot his load, Ayden picked up the pace and started fucking me with abandon. Somehow this teenage k** had the stamina of a porn star and he seemed in total control, but he also clearly wanted to get his rocks off.

As Ayden pounded me harder and faster, he then did something that shocked me. With his dick still fully impaled inside me, he slid towards the edge of the bed and pulled me with him. He then stood up as I laid sprawled-out with his dick in my ass.

From this angle—with him standing and me on the bed—Ayden had total leverage to pound me deeply. He was now fucking me with abandon with longer and deeper strokes. My own cock remained rock-hard, despite the fact that I had just cum. I couldn’t help but keep moaning and calling out Ayden’s name, begging him to fuck me deeper and harder.

Ayden fulfilled that request and gave me everything that he had. His enormous man-meat kept plowing into my ass and then almost withdrawing, all at a record pace. Ayden was giving me a clinic on how to fuck, and I kept begging and asking him for more.

As Ayden reamed my asshole with his massive shaft, I could tell that he was getting close to cumming. He kept feeling my muscles and was pinching the nipples on my pecs. This filled me with pleasure at the same time that Ayden was clearly getting off on man-handling an older and more muscular guy.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of pleasure, Ayden withdrew his massive spear from my asshole. He then straddled me on the bed while jerking his man-meat with two hands. From this angle, with my head right below it, Ayden’s dick looked larger than ever. What had been 9 inches might’ve grown to 10, as it completely dominated my field of vision.

With a loud roar that was sure to wake up our neighbors, Ayden unleashed another torrent over my face and bed. Wave after wave of cum hit my nose, mouth, eyes, hair, and sheets. Ayden kept cumming for over a minute as he doused my face in semen. I did the only thing I could and dutifully tried to lick it all up. Finally, Ayden inserted his dick into my mouth, telling me to clean it off. Like a good little slut, I did—obeying his every instruction.

Once again, Ayden’s cum tasted surprisingly good, and I had no qualms about giving him a tongue bath after fucking me. It just felt natural that I would submit to this teenage stud. Since he had given me a mind-shattering hands-free orgasm—one of the best of my life—it seemed like the least I could do to help him clean up.

As I kept sucking on the dick that had just fucked me senseless, I looked up and made eye contact with Ayden. With his blond hair now disheveled, his piercing blue eyes looked down on me.

“I can tell you lost Halo on purpose,” he said. “You sure like being my bitch.”

With his dick in my mouth, there was little I could do to protest. Ayden was right—I did like being his bitch. My girlfriend’s little brother had tapped into a side of me that I didn’t know existed, and I was eager to keep giving him pleasure.


Ayden and I both slept naked in the bed that night. I woke up and thought it was all a bad dream, but then felt his hard, teenage cock against me and remembered what happened.

The next morning, I got up and took a shower. Ayden was still asleep, but his morning wood was straining against the sheets. How did I not notice that before? I wondered. This k** living in our apartment had a veritable horse-cock, but I’d never seen it before.

As I showered off, I tried to compose myself. This has to be a one-time thing, I thought. Stacy can’t find out about this and everything has to go back to normal.

I felt good about this plan as I exited the shower. With Ayden still asleep, I made some coffee and prepared to start my Sunday. But when Ayden finally woke up, he apparently had different plans.

“Come over here,” Ayden told me.

I was in the kitchenette but walked over to the bed to see what was going on. Ayden was lying down, gently stroking a raging erection.

“Do you want to take care of this for me?”

Ayden smiled as his bright blue eyes stared at me. I, on the other canlı bahis hand, couldn’t take my eyes off his massive shaft.

“Ummmm, the bet’s over,” I said, astutely. “I don’t have to do what you say.”

“I know that,” Ayden said, “but I also know that you love my dick and want it in your mouth.”

I couldn’t believe that this k** was so arrogant, but it was also hard to look away from his cock. It looked so thick and massive, and I was curious if I would be able to deepthroat it again.

As I abandoned my remaining manhood and dignity, I crouched down and kissed Ayden’s cock.

“Good boy,” he cooed into my ear. “You’re going to be my cocksucker from here on out.”

I didn’t dispute what he said as I swallowed the first few inches of his massive shaft. I needed this spear inside me, and wanted to make him happy. Ayden simply smiled and laughed as he started face-fucking my throat. My girlfriend was out of town til Thursday and I knew that it would be a long week.


Ayden’s dominance changed the apartment dynamic. Although I already did all the cooking, cleaning, and shopping, I now spent my time submitting to his sexual needs as well.

For the next week, I found myself sucking his man-meat quite a lot. As Ayden played Xbox on the couch, I dropped to my knees and sucked him off. His stamina during these gaming sessions was impressive. Sometimes he could go two full hours without orgasming—even though I was deep-throating his dick the entire time.

For me, these sessions were exhausting, since it wasn’t easy swallowing that much man-meat. But Ayden demanded that I keep sucking and worshipping his dick, even as he seemed bored/disinterested and kept playing Xbox.

My reward for these long cock-sucking sessions was when Ayden fucked me. Every night, he fucked me in the bed where I’d pounded my girlfriend so many times, and he also fucked me on the couch or in the shower. Ayden was surprisingly good at different sex positions and had the stamina of a stallion. As my cock squirted cum three or four times—often without being touched—Ayden could pound me for an hour or more without blowing his load. He loved seeing me cum and also feeling up all my muscles. Ayden encouraged me to keep going to the gym because he loved making a “big beefy guy” his bitch.

When Stacy came home from her work trip, our lives went back to normal. I still fucked Stacy when I could, but it was hard to get time alone without Ayden in the apartment. When Stacy went to yoga or hung out with her girlfriends, Ayden would take charge and tell me to suck his dick. Sometimes he even fucked me in the shower, since we didn’t want to risk Stacy walking in on us. Whenever it was just me and him, I willingly submitted to Ayden’s desires and craved his cock inside me.

I ended up marrying Stacy two years later. Ayden was a groomsman and fucked me the night before the wedding. During the wedding reception the next day, he followed me into a single-user bathroom and made me suck his enormous dick. I was worried about scuffing the knees of my tuxedo pants, but also couldn’t resist this horse-hung stud. No one seemed to notice the groom being gone for several minutes, and Ayden shot his load in record time down my throat.

Even after we were married, Stacy noticed a sizable shift in how I responded to Ayden. Although I used to dread his visits, I now enjoyed spending time with him. She attributed this to a newfound bromance between me and her younger brother. But she had no idea that I was actually just a cockslut for his huge hunk of meat.

After our wedding, and when Ayden was still in college, I visited him at the frat house he lived in. Right there in the living room, as he played Xbox, he made me suck him off for old time’s sake. To my dismay, two of his frat brothers came into the room and also wanted blowjobs. Their dicks weren’t quite as big as Ayden’s, but they still took delight in shoving them down an older guy’s throat. One guy was Latino and the other was black, and both had cocks that were a solid 7 inches.

Ayden then took me up to his room and fucked me into submission—making me scream for the whole frat house. I was honored that he wanted to fuck me, especially with so many girls on campus who were likely willing to take his dick, and Ayden was more than happy to make me his bitch in front of his frat brothers.

The next morning, as I did the walk of shame exiting the frat house, seven guys asked me for blowjobs on the way out. They’d all heard Ayden fucking me and knew that I was a slut. Right there in the frathouse living room, I serviced the young studs. Ranging in age from freshmen to seniors, their dick sizes also ranged from 5 inches to 8. None were as big as Ayden, so it wasn’t too difficult to suck them off.

When I got back to Stacy, I told her that the frat house visit was surprisingly fun. The entire incident stayed between me, Ayden, and his frat bros; but for the next few years, I looked forward to his visits and willingly took his cock whenever he wanted to give it. He grew cockier and cockier through college, and now I knew why. The arrogant stud was not only good at Xbox but a complete king in the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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