Whats Good for The Gander

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Whats Good for The Gander
Brains and beauty as Jack would learn is a very dangerous combination! Enter Delia at twenty-two she was on track to become a whisky drinking cigar smoking VP at a major accounting firm. Along the way Jack her boyfriend became an afterthought, her eye candy. If your wondering if she slept her way to the top, she tried to and for sure knowing her drive I’m sure she would cut the throat, or crush the balls of anybody that got in her way and suck or fuck anybody that would help her get to the top.

They met at college, they were juniors, she was Ms. Delia Whitherspoon, top in her class in Business Administration, and he was Jack Walters top in his class in Computer Programing and Coding. Del as only he could call her was walking lust, no matter how much she dressed down she couldn’t hide it. She has long legs, one great ass, and it was so hard to hide her great tits. Jack well you know how when a hot woman walks in a bar all the men’s heads turn, well that was Jack but only it was all the women whose heads would turn when he walked in. He was always athletic at six foot two inches, very broad sholders a hard butt and no body fat this hansom hunk drove woman crazy. He was a complete package too between his legs was a cock that would make most black guys jealous and he knew how to use it.

At f******n Jack’s Aunt was staying with him while his pairents went on vacation for a week. His aunt was only twenty-two and to be kind was a slut to be honest she was a first-class whore. The first night she walked in on him jerking off and though she was an expert on cocks having entertained well over three hundred of various races, many times more than one at a time! Well you would have thought she struck gold, when she saw his cock, him masturbating using both hands that could not close his hands around it. Sue then pulled him in closer to her lips and the next he knew; his cock had disappeared in her mouth and she started sucking it like it was her last meal. He told her that he was feeling very tingly down there, and she said it was alright, not to worry. She asked him if it felt good and he said yes at which she continued to deepthroat his cock and loving every minute of it. After about 10 minutes of her incredible blowjob she had him help her out of her clothes. She then stood up and unhooked her bra and his eyes just bulged at the sight of her humongous tits. They looked totally awesome and all he could think of was taking each tit into his mouth and suck.

She then removed her panties and layed back on the bed with her legs wide open and asked him if he liked what he saw, and he said yes! She says that she was going to teach me how to eat pussy, her pussy, and if he did a good job of it, she would reward him afterwards. He said alright and then she held his head in her hands and told him to lick her pussy. Up and down and all around then she pointed to a little pink button and told him that it was her pleasure button and had him suck it real slow and gentle. By this time, Aunt Sue was wet, really wet and she tasted really good. She was twisting and moaning that he thought she was going to have a heart attack, but she reassured him that he was doing a great job and not to stop until she said so. He kept licking and sucking her pussy and squeezing her melons at the same time. She was spastic to say the least. She had him get up and wanted to suck his cock again. Once she got it all hard again, she had him climb on top of her and guided his hard cock into her pussy. Once in, she said not to move that she was going show him how to fuck and so she grabbed ahold of his ass and started to pull him in and out of her wet snatch. At the same time, he was sucking away on her big tits and she asked him if he really liked to suck on them? He naturally said yes as she continued to control the action. Not long though, his natural instincts took over and he slowly began to push his cock into her deeper and deeper. Inch by inch he pushed his huge cock into her pussy. She made him take frequent breaks for her pussy to adjust to his size. Once he felt his balls bouncing off her ass cheeks his body went into auto polit he began to pump his cock in and out of her, going slow felt really good to him, so he went a bit faster and it felt even better, before long he was pounding the shit out of her, she was screaming and holding on to Jack by wrapping her legs around his and digging her nails into his back. He kept pounding and pounding her pussy as she screamed in ecstasy, she was in a constant state of orgasum until he started grunting flooding her pussy with the biggest load of cum, she had ever received.

Jack collapsed on top of her limp body. Once he regained his senses, he relized his aunt as out cold, and his attempts to revive her failed he panicked and started searching his clothes for his cell phone, he was afraid he had fucked her to death. He found his phone when he heard his Aunt say get your ass over here stud, I need to clean your beautiful cock. For the next week his Aunt Sue taught him all her deprived tricks including brining in one of her female lovers to tag team him for two days. He out fucked both of them. By the end of the week he had the love making capabilities of Casanova and could drive any woman crazy.

Jack met Delia at a leadership symposium at their College, he knew as soon as he saw her, he had to have her. Several guys were hitting on her, but they offered no up side for her, if a guy couldn’t advance her objectives, she wouldn’t give him the time of day. Yep she was a ball busting bitch. That is until Jack walked up behind her wrapped an arm around her and buried his tongue in her mouth, then kissed the side of her neck, and says let’s go someplace private get much better acquainted. He totally swept her off her feet she never knew what hit her and within an hour she would be laying on her back legs up in the air screaming her lungs out in pleasure. Delia of course was supper completive and had to win at everything she did but when there was no way she could compete with Jack when it came to sex, she would never accept that and that’s what made them so good together, she was always trying to one up him, but she never came close, he would leave her painting and moaning hanging off the side of the bed exhausted. There was no way she was going to let him out do her so she had to make him all hers, so no one would ever know he could out fuck her!

It was true what they say opposites attract! Delia had to be the center of attention, she was brash and a real bitch. Jack was quiet, unassuming, and one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. One other thing they did love each other, but there was one thing Delia never took Jacks work serious. While Delia worked her ass off to get an interview for an internship with the largest accounting firm in the area, Jack was quietly setting up his software company.
At the beginning of their senior year they had moved in together. Jack kept his place as an office for him to develop his software. Delia insisted he move in her place because she had styled it to her liking. About half way thru their senior year Jack had made up his mind he was going to ask her to marry him. He had gone out and purchased a ring set planned a romantic dinner for them on Friday night to propose to her. Thursday, she comes home all excited, her interview was scheduled for Friday afternoon, Jack pulled her into his arms gave her a big hug and kiss and says I know you will knock their socks off, and I’m going to fix us a special dinner to celebrate your internship! She says I have to get ready, I have to call and get in to get my hair done in the morning she also was getting a bikini wax, she was going to be prepared to do what ever it took to land that position!

The next morning Jack was off to his office before leaving he hugs and kisses a very nervous Delia and tells her to calm down, she’s got this, it will be a piece of cake for her. He grabs her ass and says I have a big susprise for you this evening, I’ll have dinner ready at six, have a good day I Love You! She says I love you too babe see you tonight. She goes about laying her clothes and decides to go for sexy professional. She choices her dark blue pin stripe pencil skirt it’s hem is right at her knee, a matching blazer and vest, a white see thru blouse. A pair of black lace toped thighs highs, matching black garter belt, G-String and Shelf bra and six-inch black heels. Her vest hid her big dark areolas. She was off to spa to get her hair done and bekini wax. She comes home gets dressed, grabbed her portfolio with her resume, shut off her cell phone and went off to her interview.

When she got to the interview, she learned she was to meet one on one with the CEO. Delia was ushered in and introduced to John Barkley the CEO. He looked to be in his early sixty’s, about five eight, a bit heavy, and balding, he was wearing a very expensive suit, he welcomed her into his office had he have a seat at a small conference table in his office and sat beside her. For the next few hours he went over his company where they had started, where they are now and where he saw the company going in the future. Then they went over her resume he was surprised how much she knew about his company, how she felt she could help the company grow there-by how she could grow with the company. Then he dropped the bomb and said you know my dear this is a very coveted position, someone in this position will be expected to give 150% every day, there will be late nights, weekends, conferences and of course client visits and audits. How far are you willing to go to secure this position, he rests his hand on her thigh. She looks at his hand and says, I’m much more than a piece of ass, and I intend to have your position when you retire, then she takes his hand off her thigh and slides it up under her skirt to her bare thigh above her nylons, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get there. He turns to face her and says that’s what I was hoping you would say than bent his head down kissed her as he slid his hand slid up her inner thigh to her pussy, and he slid his tongue in her mouth. He pushed back said stand up take off the blazer and vest, she smiles takes them off he said how wonderful, now slide your skirt up and let me see your pussy. She reaches down pulls up her skirt. He says pull off your G-String, she pulls off her G-String off, he holds out his hand and she places her it in his hand and he puts it in his pocket. He slides his finger up her slit and taste her pussy and says very sweet. He places her hand on his cock and says I think you know what to do. She kneels between his legs, undoes his paints slides them down, he says boxers too I need my balls sucked too. He grabs her head as she licks his shaft casino siteleri and balls, he says suck them slut umm yes that’s it now suck my cock slut, she sucked his cock into her mouth and he grabbed her hair and shoved his cock in as far as it would go, fortunately he had a skinny five inch cock and she was able to take care of his needs without gagging. He roughly fucked her mouth and she was able to get him off in a few minutes. He pushes her back stands up and says pull up my boxers and paints. He says your hired but not as an intern but my personal assistant. Now we have a potential client coming in, in a few minutes, I’m giving you the lead on this you will explain the advantages of him switching his business to our firm, here is his contract info, you will take him out to dinner and dancing at the Hilton, we have put him up at the company suite there, here is your company credit card and a key card for the company suite. Make sure you have that contract signed by tomorrow morning. Now then go in the bathroom fix your hair and makeup leave the vest off and the blazer open, make sure you flash him those nipples a few times.

After lunch Jack went out purchased lobster tails and a pair of thick flays, and a dozen long stem red roses. He goes home sets a romantic table complete with candles a vase with the roses in it in the center of the table and hides the ring box hidden the roses. He has everything set up at six he turns down the lights and lights the candles.
When she comes back out, she is looking fresh and semiprofessional. John says there we go, now the potential client is Jeffery Johnson they manufacture adult toys, dildos, vibrators etc. There is a knock on the door John says yes, the receptionists, says Mr. Johnson is here Sir. He says please send him in, when he walks in Delia notices he is huge maybe six six, solid muscle and black as night. John sticks out his hand and says Jeff I’m John Barkley CEO, and this is Ms. Delia Whitherspoon our newest account executive. They all shake hands Delia goes through a presentation that she made up as they went along, when she completed her presentation both John and Jeff were totally impressed. Jeff says I need some time to consider this I am leaning towards bringing you my business I just need a little incentive to make the jump. Delia looks at her watch and says it’s six thirty, she says why don’t I take you to dinner maybe a little dancing, while you consider, and I’ll bring it with us, just in case.

When they get to the restaurant Delia gets them a secluded booth, when they sat down Jeff says you are a very beautiful and sexy young woman and we are going to have a great time tonight a nice romantic dinner, some hot body to body, dancing than we are going to go up the room and you are going learn why they say once you go black you never go back, all night long! He bends over pushes his big pink tongue in her mouth and cups her boob and rolls her nipple in his huge hand. When they break and look up their waiter is standing there, he says hello I’m Mike and I’ll be serving you tonight, could I get you something to drink, he says we will have two rum and cokes make them doubles!
Their waiter knows he knows her but can’t quite place from where. When he returns with their drinks, he was all over her his hand was so far up her skirt he was surprised it wasn’t coming out of the mouth. He puts down their drinks and says I’ll come back for your order, Jeff looks up and says surf and turf stakes medium rare and bring us another round of drinks k**! He went back to his near sexual assault, never giving her time to catch her breath except to take a drink. Her pussy was on fire, once their dinner was served, they didn’t do much more than nibble on the food. When the waiter brought the bill she gave him her company credit card, when he returned with the receipt and signed it Delia Whitherspoon without thinking when he read the name he says aren’t you Jack’s girl, all the color drained from her face she said she did not know a jack, Jeff says lets skip the dancing and get up to the suit and ruin some sheets! By now she already had a hicky on her neck. The waiter Mike watched as they walked towards the elevators with Jeff’s arm around her and his hand liftings up her skirt exposing her bare butt cheek.

Jack was at home worried sick about Delia, he had been calling and calling her phone with no answer. Then his phone rang he though thank god he answers Delia and Mike says no it Mike Dunkin, Jack says listen Mike I’ed like to talk to you but my girl is missing I have to find her. Mike says she’s here, Jack says where are you he tells Jack he is a waiter at the Hilton and he served her and a big black guy that looked to be in his forty’s. Jack says oh thank god she is ok. Mike says I don’t know how to tell you this but they were all over each other they did everything but fuck each other in the booth, the last time I saw them they were going off to a company suite he had her skirt pulled up and his hand on her bare butt, I herd him say to her they were going to and ruin the sheets all night long. Jack said thanks Mike you didn’t by any chance get any photos did you, Mike said I’ll send them to you, sorry guy, you’re a really nice guy and really don’t deserve this.

When they walk in the room Jeff walks in the room, he pulls her blazer off turns her around and rips her top off of her bends his head down sab sucks her nipple into his mouth and attempts to suck her insides out through her nipples. He reached down ripped her skirt off of her throws her on the bed takes his clothes off, he is huge she knows she is going to have a rough night. He reaches down grabbed her hair pulled her over to his cock and says suck me off. His cock is already leaking more pre cum than most guys cum. He takes his cock read and wipes it all over her face, he tells her to suck his balls, then he says open up slut and shoves cock down her throat to his balls and he fucks her face before long he pulled out and squirted a giant load of cum all over her, then he sits up spreads her legs and shoved his cock all the way into her womb she screamed in pain as he savagely pounded her pussy after forty five minutes he pumped her womb fill of cum, he goes on to suck on her boobs for the next hour when he is done they are two big hicks, and her nipples are almost bleeding.

He turns her over pulls her ass up in the air sticks two fingers in he sloppy pussy then shoves them up her ass she screams NO but he ignores her and pumps his fingers in her ass and pulls and stretches her then he shoves his cock up her pussy gets it coated in their combined cum then pulls it out lines his cock up to her little pink star and forces his cock in her ass in one push, Delia immediately passes out but he keeps fucking her ass till he fills her with another load of cum. All night long he fucked her even though she was semi-conscious.

Finally, at six am she became aware of him fucking her ass again, actually he had fucked her ass five times that night and he was able to easily slide into her destroyed ass. After he pumped another load into her ass. Jeff said I have people coming up soon for a breakfast meeting, so you need to get your shit and get out now. He puts her Blazer on her helps her pick up whats left of the rest of her clothes, she gets her purse and portfolio, he says I signed the contract this morning, she goes down the elevator to the parking garage, into her car and off to their apartment. At seven am, she walks in the apartment and yells hey baby I’m home, I got the job he comes walking out of the bed room pulling his suit case, she says where are you going, he said moving out, she says why, he looks over his sholder she looks sees the table with the candles burnt all the way down, the shriveled up food, she says I’m sorry baby, but it was for my career, I’ll make it up to you, Jack says what about your face, she says what about my face, he says it’s crusted in dried cum, so is your hair. Why are you carrying your clothes and not wearing it? Jack tells her to drop her clothes she does he rips open her blazer she has cum dripping out of her ass and pussy running down her thighs and puddling on the floor, her body is one big hicky, and he tells her a tear runs down his cheek, she says no baby this is just work, you have to do things you don’t like to get ahead, he turns on his cell phone and shows the pictures of her and her black stud feeling her up and walking her to the elevator, he says these are all over the internet hope your contract dosen’t have a morals clause. He walks over to the table, reaches into the roses, grabs the ring box, puts it in his pocket, turns and says I would be proud to say I was married to an executive, but I can’t be proud to be married to a prostate and porn star. He grabs the handle to his suit case and walks out.

Delia walks to the bed room looks at her self in the mirror, and realizes Jack was right she was a prostitute or at least she looked like one and sure as hell smelled like one. She suddenly relized what happened last night and this morning. Jack had fixed her an engagement dinner and was going to propose to her, what had she done, she started crying, the phone rang it was her Mother Sheila, Delia was crying so hard her mother couldn’t understand a word she was saying and told her she was on her way over. When she gets there, she lets herself in with her key, she sees Delia’s ruined clothes on the floor, then the ruined romantic dinner, with the roses on the table she knows Jack had prepared the meal no way her daugther did, she says girl what have you done.

She walks into the bedroom and sees her laying on the bed still crying she goes to pull her into her arms first she smells she reeks of cum and sex, she sees her body and asks did Jack do this to you she shakes her head no, he left me this morning. Her Mom asks did he see you like this she shakes her head yes, did he make the meal Delia says yes, he was going to propose last night, her Mom asks what happened, I got a job had to take a client out, her Mom asks did you call Jack and tell him you would be late, she says no, didn’t he call you, she said I don’t know I turned off my phone, her Mom asked her when did you come home she says seven this morning. What were you wearing when you came home she said my blazer. Was Jack here when you came home. Her Mom asks her where is your phone, Delia is says in my purse. Her Mom says turn it on, they looked Jack had called her every fifteen minutes till eleven then there was a mess age with pictures, when her Mother saw the pictures she asked is this who you spent the night with, she said yes, but Mom it was just work it didn’t mean anything!

I can’t believe you’re so stupid girl, it obviously ment something to Jack he canlı casino left you, how stupid can you be why didn’t you go to work with Jack, he would have loved to have you work with him. She says oh Mom I’m looking for a secure future I can’t be bothered with his little apt company. Her Mom says I can’t believe your that self-absorbed. Her Mom looks at her with discuss and says go take a shower you smell like a five-dollar whore, no you better take a bath first and soak all that crusted cum off you, then take a shower.

Delia’s Mom calls Jack when he answers she says Jack this is Shelia how are you? He says I have been a hell of a lot better, I was so excited yesterday I was going to ask the woman of my dreams to be my wife, I had told I was fixing a special dinner for her, and I had a susprise for her and that dinner would be at six. When she didn’t come home, I tried for hours to find her I was worried sick, then a friend sent me the pictures and my world came to an end, I spent the rest of the night packing, when the candles went out so did my love for her. When she came home this morning covered in a black man’s cum it destroyed me. Then she tried to say it was no big deal it was just work! Shelia says Jack I’m so sorry, I know she loves you, but the little bitch is so self-absorbed and driven to be a captain of industry, she can’t see her nose on her face.

Sheila asks is there any chance at all, do you feel anything at all for her, he says oh I love her with all my being but the fact that she thinks so little of me that she could do what she did last night, come home like she was and think it was no big deal and I should accept it, no way! Shelia says Jack honey I totally understand and she need to be taught a lesion and she needs to get her head on stright to understand what’s really important life. Jack please think about trying to forgive her. If you need anything let me know, he says you know any woman looking for a nice guy, I got a 250 K ring set for her. Sheila says JACK how can you afford that, he says Sheila right now my company is worth a billion, when we graduate, we are going to roll out our IPO and will double in value. Sheila says Jack please take a couple of days Delia does love you she is crying her eyes out, she understands she has fucked up, but she does need to be taught a lesson! Let me call you in a few days.

Monday Delia walks in to her boss’s office and hands him the signed contract. He says very well done, unfortunately we aren’t going to be able to offer you a position you lacked discretion and you got your picture plastered all over the internet in compromising positions and we can’t hire you and a doubt any other firms will touch you ether. She says what was I susposed to do, he says use discretion tell him no to wait till you got to the suite. I’ll tell you what I do have a contact at the strip club in town those girls make good money I know you would be a hit. She goes running out of his office and down the elevator to the parking garage and into her car. She folded her arms over her steering wheel and cry’s all her work for all those years down the drain.

She calls her Mom and tells her whats happens and asks if she could come pick her up, she dosen’t feel like she can drive. About twenty minutes later an Uber pulls up by her car she looks up and her Mom gets out the driver then gets out takes out two suit cases out of his trunk and her Mom opened her trunk and he put the suit cases in her trunk. Her Mom tells her to get out and get in the passenger seat. Delia does what she is told her Mom gets in and drives away. Delia asks where are we going, her mother says on a cruise we are catching the boat in Baltimore.

On Sunday Jack had called Sheila and told her he didn’t think he could go on with out Delia, but she had to feel the same for him, he needed to be first in her life as she is in his. She had to be taught a lesson and he had a plan! First, he contacted her boss on Sunday bribed him to fire Delia and tell her she was washed up from her indiscretions, she did not know anything about Jack’s family and did not know he had a married brother a year older that was damn near an identical twin. He booked passage for the five of them on a small ship for a f******n-day Caribbean Cruise, Jack was going to be in disguise, they were going to arrange for Delia to see Jack’s brother Jay and his wife Pat interacting from a distance. On the third night out to sea at dinner Jay was going to do a fake proposal to Pat, depending on Delia’s reaction, Jack would ether propose to her on the spot or walk away altogether.

Pat was a beatiful woman that always turns heads where ever she went. When they got settled into their room, Sheila told her to put on her bikini they were going out to the pool relax and unwind, get some sun and maybe attract some hansom man. Delia says she has a man, her Mom says sorry baby but you kinda drove him away, so you going to have to move on. Delia says I don’t want to move on I love Jack, Shelia says he would argue you had a strange way of showing it coming home covered in another man’s cum. Believe me he saw it as you are violating the trust between you two. Now get dressed, as they sat at down in lounge chairs at the pool Sheila says there isn’t a hell of lot of material out here on this deck! Just then Pat walks by them in a tiny weeny bright orange bekini, Sheila says holly shit she could cause me switch sides, Delia says MOM!, they both watched as walked to the other end of the pool, Delia saw Jay walking at the other end of the pool and says holly shit Mom there’s Jack, she watches as Jay walked up to Pat and took her in his arms and they kissed. Delia ran from the pool and back to the room crying her eyes out. Her Mom followed her to the room and says baby I’m sorry, Delia says he’s cheating on me, her Mom says no you cheated on him, now he has moved on. She looks at her Mom with her mouth open, you could see the gears turning in her head and realizes she is right and just collapses on her bed.

Over the next two days Delia saw them together on numerous occasions and every time she would wind up crying in her Mom’s arms. The third night Sheila says put your black dress on thigh highs, heels we are going to dinner then dancing you might not want to get lucky, but I do, so if you look hot maybe you can attract a man for me! Delia says MOM!, she says what I’m forty five not ninety, I get horny! About half way thru the meal Delia notices Jay and Pat sitting at a table she hits her Mom and points them out, then it happened Jay got up went down on one knee took Pats left hand and Dalia stands up yells NO STOP I LOVE YOU JACK! Pat looks at her and says are you talking to us, Delia says yes I love Jack, Pat says I’m sorry but I have no idea who Jack is this is Jay, Delia looks close at Jay and realizes its not Jack and says oh my god I’m so sorry.

She and rushes out of the dinning room runs to the stern of the ship holds onto the rail and looks out over the water and says oh Jack I’m so sorry please forgive me how could I be so stupid, you were the best thing in my life, and I couldn’t see it till now. Suddenly there is a hand on each side of hers and she hears Jacks voice say it’s about time you relized that! She spins around throws her arms around his neck and gives him a long loving tear-filled kiss. Jack picks her up in his arms carries her into the elevator and up to the top floor her carries her to the aft suit opens the door takes her out on the balcony there is a table set with of course surf and turf a pair of candles burning and a dozen red roses, she says let me down I want to smell the roses! But her hand is searching in the stems for the ring box, but its not there. They ate their dinner and Delia was ancy the whole time, once dinner was complete, she asked whats next, Jack says go fix your makeup we are going to the club and dance and party till the sun comes up, I’m celebrating you! She says I’m sticking to white wine now a days. As she goes off to fix her hair and makeup, he grabs her pulls her into his arms kisses her and says I love you Del but if you ever do anything stupid like Friday night again, she kisses me and says never baby I promise never!

Twenty minutes later we are walking into the club, Del says holy shit that’s my Mom dirty dancing with those two young guys. She looks around and sees Shelia’s purse at a booth and pulls Jack over to the table. They order drinks a white wine for Del and Jack pulls her up on the floor they dance five dances stright, then finally a slow dance Del cuddles up in Jacks arms, her Mom dances up next to her and asks are you having a good time, Del just smiles at her, then from the other side Pat says I see you found Jack, Del starts why is Jack even here she is lost in her thoughts for then she realizes she is no longer dancing and she is just standing on the dance floor and there is a spot light on her, Jack is kneeling on one knee in front of her, holding her left hand, she looks down Jack looking up at her says Delia I Love you with all my heart and sole will you do me the honor of becoming my wife and spend the rest of your life with me. She looks down at him a tear runs down her cheek she says yes, yes of course. She hadn’t noticed the music had stopped and they were in the center of a grope of people that had backed off from them then once she said yes, the band started playing the wedding march and every one started clapping and cheering, Jack gets up they hug and kiss and walk over towards the table.

Delia’s Mom says are you two good now Del says yes, she says good because I had the porters move your stuff to Jack’s suite! Jay comes up and says smooth move Bro, Delia says Bro? Jack says Delia this is my brother Jay and his wife Pat, Del says wife, I though you were proposing to her tonight, Jay says no I just dropped my napkin and I was trying to sneak a peek up her skirt! Delia says wait how is it we are all on the same cruise. Her Mom says ok you needed to learn a lesson and learn whats really important in life and learn not to be so self-absorbed. You have been with Jack for two years lived with him for a year and you didn’t even know he had a married brother. Let me tell you something you were one inch from loosing the best thing in your life, and I can tell you he is a better person than I am because I would have never forgiven you for what you did, so you had to learn a lesson and it appears you have so don’t question be grateful for him and all he has to offer. Besides how many brides to be get to go on an engagement cruse, now go take him to bed and make him the happiest man on this ship and I don’t want to see you before lunch tomorrow!

Delia says I need to go powder my nose first be back in a flash, as she worked her way thru the kaçak casino crowd she feels a pair of strong hands pull her down on a lap, he says Delia what a pleasant susprise, she realizes it’s Jeff, she says Jeff let me go, he says don’t be rude to me and my friends, Jayson and Alan here! Guys this is the finest white slut I have ever had, I mean look at these tits he pushes her tits up out of the top of her dress, those hickys are my work looks like we need to freshen them up. Delia says let me go I’m engaged now he’s here. Jeff kisses her neck she says no Jeff but with less insistence, he slips his hand up her skirt and fingers her pussy, she says oh Jeff no I can’t, then he turns her head and they kiss, her resistance totally broken. Jeff gets up and they take her down a hall to Jeff’s room.
What they didn’t know was Pat had followed close behind Delia and had caught the whole thing on her cell phone. Pat had a bit more interest in Jack as her younger sister who was as hot as her and Jack had dated before they went away to different colleges, but her sister was still interested in Jack and was actually still a virgin! Pat sent a text to Jay and said she needed him to meet her in their room and bring Jack. When they got to Jay and Pat’s room, she showed them the video.

During the night the ship docked at Bermuda, Jack and his family disembarked the boat and flew home. The next morning Delia stumbled back to her their suite drunk a nose full of coke and well fucked by three bug black cocks. She finds its locked beats on the door but no answer. She stumbles down to her Mothers cabin and beats on the door, her Mom answers the door looks at her and says what the fuck what have you done, she falls face down on the bed passed out. Shelia gets a text that she is cced on. There is a message send me back my ring by Friday or I will sue you for it. There was a video attached, it shows Delia her tits being exposed, Jeff with his hand up her skirt fingering her, their kiss and the four of them going into Jeff’s room.

Shelia calls Jacks room, there is no answer, then she calls the bursars and asked he be paged and was told her had left the cruise. Shelia grabbed Delia by her hair dragged her into the shower turned on the cold water, every time she would try to get up Shelia would push her back down and says sober up slut. Once she had thrown up twice and damn near drown her Mom d**g her out of the shower sat her at the table and made her drink damn a pot of coffee. And get her some coherent, her Mom asks her whats wrong with you, You should have been up fucking the piss out of Jack to celebrate your engagement, instead your off fucking three big black guys! She says Mother I have no idea what you’re talking about. She plays the video and Delia says Oh hope Jack doesn’t see this, she says Jack sent this he wants his ring back. She says don’t worry Mom I’ll have him back by the end of the cruise. Shelia says we docked last night he and his family left the cruise just after we docked. Shelia says what are you going to do, you got three months left in school, you have no job and no future, you might not even graduate as you need to complete an internship to do that and no one will touch you. I’ll get Jack back tell him I’ll work for his company so we can be together.

Sheila looks at her daugther and says you act like the desirable woman on the earth, he’s hot and he’s smart and rich! That ring you are wearing was two hundred and fifty thousand, a drop in the bucket he is worth over a billion right now and he is going pub in three months after graduation and will triple his worth, he really dosen’t need you, he can have any woman he wants you dumb slut. She says I’ll get him back don’t worry.

Two weeks later there is a knock-on Delia’s door and she was served with papers suing her for the ring or its value two hundred and fifty-six thousand dollars. Her Mom says well so much for your theory he can’t live with out you! Delia says this is just what I wanted when I get him in the same room with me her will cave.

Jack walks into Jay and Pats back yard for the family BBQ , and her spots her Tina, Pat’s sister all grown up and looking hotter than Pat! They spent the night reconnecting and then some. Pat nudges Jay, Jay says you evil, Pat says no Jack deserves a lot better than that slut Delia! Jay kisses his wife and says your right. A month later in the society section of the paper their engagement was announced by her pairents. That same day was the court date, out side the court house Jack was standing with Tina and Jay talking to their lawyer, Delia and her Mom approach the court house and Delia starts to strut stright towards Jack suddenly Pat steps in front of her and says one more step and I’ll rip your eyes out, Shelia catches up with Delia and says step away, just then Tina reaches up puts her arms around Jack’s neck and gives him a big kiss. A tear runs down Delia’s cheek, she takes the ring off gives it to Pat and says please give this to Jack and tell him I’m sorry. She looked at her Mom and says let’s go home. Pat walked over to the Jack and handed him the ring, and says your ex just gave me this and left. The lawyer says the Judge is not going to be happy, if she does not show up.

In court Jacks lawyer explained that the defendant had returned the ring outside the court house and left. The judge was not happy but understood it may have been very traumatic for her. The Judge ordered Delia’s lawyer to have her pay court cost and closed the case.

Jack and Tina married the following year, in June, just after Tina had graduated college. They had the wedding all girls dream about when they are girls growing up and day dreaming at sleep overs. After the I Do’s and reception line, daddy daugther dance, the meal, cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet and garter, they went upstairs to change their clothes once in their room Tina turned her back to Jack and said please unbutton the dozen buttons on the back of her wedding dress as he did it fell to the floor. Standing in front of him was her perfect back he sees her long legs covered in white thigh highs, held up by her white lace garter belt, over which was her white lace G-String buried between her beautiful ass cheeks above which was covered in her white lace open cup corset, on her feet were white six inch heels. Jack thru their dating and engagement had totally respected her virginity and hadn’t even felt up her boobs. Now he was unwrapping his most special present. She pushed back against him and said Jack I need you to wake love to me now, I have waited my whole life for this moment. Jack says do you want to wait till tonight, she turned around facing him, she reached down slid her G-String off and for the first he saw her huge natural boobs and her perfect mound and landing strip, she says do want to wait? His lack of an answer was taken as a no. She took his hands walked him over to the bed, Jack took her in his arms kissed her, gently and loving at first then as he slid his hands down and cupped and grabs her ass cheeks their kiss turned more passionate , he kisses her down her neck then cupped her tender pure breast kissing his way to her nipples sucking each into his mouth she moaned and her body shook from her first ever small orgasum.

Jack held her as she recovered, then lifted her onto the bed, spread her legs and kissed his way down across her flat belly, frenched her belly button, then with the tip of his tongue traced a ling down the center of her landing strip, then down her slit, she moaned out oh god Jack yes as she arches her back grabs his head and starts rubbing her pussy against his tongue. Her pussy was so wet it tasted so good to him but now he wanted her, he moved his tongue up to her clit and sucked it into his mouth, she saw bright flashes and screamed out OH MY YES JACK,JACK,JACK. She falls back on the bed barely aware of her surroundings.

Jack pulls her into his arms and lifts her to the center of the bed lays down kisses her a hot passionate kiss, she looks up at him and says make me your woman, and she pulls him up on top of her, she raises and spreads her legs wide Jack kneels between them, she feels the touch of his cock head against her pussy lips. He slowly pushes forward parting her tender slit and rubbing his cock head up to her clit, instantly causing her senses to explode in fire. The head of his cock is coated in a mixture of her sweet juices and his pre cum, as it reached the entrance of her womanhood. She bites her bottom lip stared into his eyes smiles and pulls him forward, as his cock stretches her open, she closes her eyes, arches her back moans as his cock is surrounded by her soft hot wet flesh, he slowly pushes in till his progress is blocked by her hymen, he stops pulls back slightly, as she wraps her legs around his and pushes hard against him ripping open her hymen and burring him to his balls deep. Her eyes fly open and she yells his name JACK, OH MY YES JACK and he immediately began pumping his cock in and out of her, she had long sence buried her nails in his back, she is gasping trying to catch her breath, her nipples are as hard as the diamonds in her ring, as she pushes back against him as hard as he is pushing into her, she yells JACK YES JACK I’M CUMMING don’t stop please don’t stop, make me all yours, Jack continues to push into her he knows he won’t last long her pussy is just so tight and hot and he feels his cum boiling in his balls and rushing up his cock His hot cum floods her pussy, Jack grunted as he pumped load after load into her body, she screamed out yet again YES JACK YES I LOVE YOU BABY!

Jack rolls off her on his back his cock still hard, Tina jumps up and says don’t move, Jack thinks like I have the energy too! Then from in the bathroom he hears her yell GOD JACK HOW MUCH CUM DID YOU PUMP IN ME? She comes running back in the bed room jumps on the bed and swallows his cock, Jack says oh my god Tina what are you doing, she looks up at him and says I want to know what we taste like together, Jack lays back and says you better be carful she says you getting ready to cum again? He says keep that up and it won’t be long! She jumps up and impales herself on his cock, she had Jack excited as it was but when she did it sent him over the top he yelled TINA! Jack blows another of cum into her, then he pushes her back, and buries his face in her pussy, Tina gasps and cums immediately. Jack pulls her in his arms, and they kiss and really share each other’s love. Jack says we better get a quick shower, change and get back to the reception! When they get back to the reception, they had hoped to quietly mix back in but the DJ sees them come in and stops the music and says the bride and groom have FINALLY returned and from the grins on their faces I’d say they have consummated their marrage!

They traveled the world for a honeymoon and promoted their company, Jack made Tina a full partner as a wedding present. They never herd from Delia again, Jack just knew she never became a captain of industry.

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