Wife asks me to give her mom oral!

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Wife asks me to give her mom oral!
My wife and her mom have always been close. Not in a sexual way at all, but they were pretty much best friends. I never knew if they spoke to one another openly about sex. Until recently.

My mother in law had been widowed for a few years now. She is 65, and although she still looks very good, she had no interest in dating or finding a new man. She had been married for 45 years and the thought of another guy in her life at this age was not appealing to her at all. But I guess, she was still feeling lonely, and more than that horny. At some point she must have begun confiding this information to my wife. She had even told my wife that she bought a couple vibrators, and tried to get herself off. But she had never really masturbated throughout her 45 years of marriage. She found herself unable to get herself to cum. No matter what she tried she just couldn’t cum, and she needed it badly. She further confided in my wife that for her whole life she had never really had any orgasms from sex, and oral was the only way she could get off. I guess this is just impossible to duplicate with a vibrator or dildo.

She had become really irritable all of the time. She told my wife how she fond herself snapping at people in line at the grocery store, was having trouble sleeping, and just in general was on edge all the time. When my wife was telling me all this, she did the math and realized it must have been at least 4 years now since her poor mother had cum. I had always found her mother attractive, and had even jerked off with her panties many times over the years. But my wife didn’t know that at all. What she did notice immediately was that as she told me all about her mother’s sex issues, I had become hard as a rock. There as no hiding it, the tent in my pants was obvious. In my mind I had obviously been picturing her mother, laying in her bed, old lady nightgown pulled up around her waist. I was imagining her gray haired pussy, and seeing her trying out various vibrators to get herself wet. I wondered if she tried her fingers, and the thoughts had my mind swirling.

“Snap out of it”, my wife shouted at me. “I really feel bad for her.” “Well tell her to get a boyfriend, she’s plenty hot, I am sure she can find a guy to lick her sweet pussy every now and then,” I snapped back. “Did you just call my mom’s pussy sweet?” “Oh, I guess I did. I didn’t mean it that way.” “Bullshit, she said, look you are hard as a rock talking about my mom’s pussy.” I decided it was best to shut my mouth at this point, feeling a potential fight coming on. I could see my wife, beginning to think. I knew her mind was racing with all this, and she was trying to come up with some way to help her mom/best friend. That next morning she hit me with it.

Over breakfast, she spoke up, “Well, I have been racking my brain. I know my mom won’t talk to any new guy. She is just not the type, and hell, she doesn’t even know any single old guys. And I feel really bad for her. All she wants is oral, not sex or love or anything like that. Well, I was just thinking, you obviously bahis siteleri could help her. You said you think she is hot, and by the looks of how hard you got yesterday, I am sure you would be up for it. So if I offer this to her, are you okay licking her once in a while?” I tried to hide my excitement and act like I was doing her a favor. “I guess I could help if you really need it, and promise you won’t be mad.” She looked at me, and replied, “If you can do this for her, it would really be a big help, and it would not bother me in any way. It’s not like you are having sex, it is just like giving her a massage or something.”

She went to lunch with her mom that day, and offered her my services. I guess her mom was protesting a bit at first. But the more they talked and she realized her daughter would not be mad, especially as she explained it to her as it would not really be sexual, more like a massage to help with pain. She finally realized this was the perfect solution for her, and probably felt like she really needed it enough to give it a shot. What did surprise my wife was when she asked her mom when she wanted me to stop over, and she replied tonight! I guess all that protesting was for her daughter’s benefit, and she was ready to go.

That night I headed to my mother in laws house, not 100% sure what to expect. She answered the door in a robe. She led me through her condo, and we made idle chat as we always did. It didn’t seem really weird yet, kina like I was over there to help her with a broken dishwasher or something. She had a bit of a spring in her step, I noticed, and I began to wonder what was under that robe. She offered me a drink, which I declined and said, maybe after we are done. So she took me by the hand, and led me to her bedroom. She had all of the lights off, and had lit 5 or 6 candles that she placed around the room. It was so dark, I thought I might trip and fall. But she told me she was embarrassed to have me see her naked, and hoped I didn’t mind the lighting. I assured her it was fine and that I was here to do whatever she needed. She hopped up onto her bed, and pointed to a chair next to her bed for me to sit in. She asked me to make myself comfortable, and if I wanted to take off my shoes, and any other clothing to get myself comfortable that was fine with her. I decided to take off my shoes, pants, and outer shirt, keeping my boxers and undershirt on. I needed to get comfortable, but didn’t want to freak her out or come at her naked. She was now sitting in the middle of her bed, propped up on her pillows. Her legs laid out before her, opened slightly and her robe now untied.

I moved onto the bed, and knelt between her legs. I parted her legs more so I could move up between them better. As I did this, her robe fell fully open and I saw that she had on a nightgown underneath. It was hiked up around her waist, so her stomach and tits were fully covered. But her pussy was on full display before me. From the dim light I cold tell she must have trimmed her gray pubic hair up a bit. But she left plenty of hair above her tipobet güvenilir mi pussy, which I absolutely love. I parted her legs even further, and told her to lay back and try to relax as best she could. When I held her legs to pull them apart I could feel how incredibly tense her body was. I am sure she was a ball of nerves, and her body had become stiff as a board. She tried to lay herself back and closed her eyes not sure what I may do next. I decided to try to ease some of her tension before licking her, and what my wife had said about being like a massage popped into my head. So I started to rub her feet. I began to massage each one, slowly and then moved up to each of her calves. I then moved on to her thighs and could feel her tension leaving her body. She made a few soft moans as I did this, and her body began to relax back into her pillows. As I rubbed her upper thighs, I would let my fingers graze her pussy lips. That would send shivers through her body each time. I looked down and noticed my own rock hard cock poking out of the hole of my boxers. But I dared not touch it or show her out of fear of ending this incredible moment.

When she was fully relaxed, I laid myself down between her thighs and put my face to her sweet pussy. As I leaned in I couldn’t help but think to myself how much she smelled like her daughter. And that alone made me ready to cum in my boxers. I started by kissing and licking her inner thighs. Then I made my way to her outer labia, and tenderly licked around her hole. I pulled on her pussy lips with my mouth, and she let out a huge deep groan. Then I touched her now wet pussy with my fingers, and parted her lips. I found her clit and lightly flicked it with my tongue. As her clit became engorged and popped into my mouth, I sucked it like I do to her daughter. I found myself trying to lick her the exact same way her daughter likes to be licked. Within minutes her body began shaking, and her thighs clamped hard around my face. I thought she may suffocate me, but there was no stopping at that point. She was now screaming out loudly, which is something her daughter does not do. And she grabbed me by the hair hard, and dug her nails into my scalp. I picked up my pace, lapping at her cunt and clit, and she was squeezing my head so tight with her thighs I thought my ears would pop. Her entire body was now convulsing, as I licked her through the most intense orgasm I have ever witnessed. This was 4 years of buildup that was literally exploding around my face. Her pussy was not just wet anymore, she was actually squirting her liquids into my mouth and all over my chin. Some of the juices ran down my neck and soaked my undershirt. When her convulsions finally subsided, and she open her legs back up, there was a huge puddle on her sheets beneath my face.

“OH My God,” she said to me, “I have never cum that hard. Look at this mess, I am so sorry, I have never done that before. It must have just been because it was sooo long, I am terribly embarrassed, you are such a mess.” She was genuinely embarrassed, perabet but still in a daze from her first orgasm in years. She laid back down and tried to catch her breath. As she laid back, I looked at her pussy below me. Her breasts were heaving up and down and she looked so fucking hot to me at that point, I had to go in for another taste. Without saying anything, I pushed my head back between her thighs. I went right in for her now sensitive pussy, and she tried to push my face away. But it was like I was possessed. Here was this woman, who I had fantasized about for years. Who’s panties I sniffed while I jerked my cock. And she was there, naked in front of me, and had just squirted her pussy juice all over my face. There was no way I was not getting another taste of that sweet pussy. I pushed her hands away, and told her to just lay back and enjoy. She was a bit surprised by this and did as I instructed her. “Good girl, ” I said, “now that we got that first one out of the way, try to make this one last.” And with that she settled herself back onto her bed, and opened her legs wide before me. I resumed licking, this time taking it slower. I inserted a couple fingers into her, and stretched her open. I tongued my way down to her asshole, and circle her anus with my tongue. She must have really liked that because she tensed up again, and moaned incredibly loud. That was all the encouragement I needed, and I began to really lick her asshole. Her daughter won’t let me do that, and it has always been a fetish of mine. I pushed her knees up towards her body and told her to hold her legs like that. From this position I had direct access to her butthole, and I began to tongue fuck it. I brought her to the brink of orgasm over and over again, switching back and forth between her asshole and clit. And when she finally couldn’t take it anymore, I let her cum again all over my face. She didn’t squirt this time, but her body shook just like it had the first time.

I knelt up between her thighs, and noticed that I had actually cum on her bed. There was a big puddle where my crotch had been. My cock had popped out of the boxers when I was licking her I had cum all over. She noticed the mess, and said looks like we both made a mess. I got myself dressed and helped her get the bedspread into the washer. She got me that drink she earlier offered, and we sat down in her living room. She was still in her robe, and as she sat across from me, now less bashful, she let her legs part in front, giving me occasional glimpses of the pussy I had just tasted. I sipped my drink and asked her when she thought she may need my help again. She told me that her husband used to do that with her once a week, and that is what she had become accustomed too. I said, that would be a fine schedule with me, and we decided we would do this every Thursday night from now on.

As I walked to my car, I did think about how odd it was that as sexual as that was, it still wasn’t really sex. I mean she never touched me. I didn’t put my dick in her or anything like that. I really did just lick her and let her get off. And even though I came on my own, it was not her doing. So it all still seemed like not that big of a deal. Like giving someone a much needed massage. That is of course until the next time I went to lick her sweet pussy……..


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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