Winning Over the Football Team

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Winning Over the Football Team
DISCLAIMER: I’m English, so for those of you in the US, *Football* is Soccer.

Sweat laced my athletic figure as I pushed my body to the limit. I was the only girl in an all-male football team, which brought a number of obstacles for me to overcome. My footballing talents set me on par with the boys, but physically it was tough.

The boys threw their weight around. Knowing I was better than them, they would try to bully me into submission. My presence in the team threatened their masculinity, they were convinced it was a ploy by the coach to get publicity for the club, or even to make the opposition take pity on the team with the girl. I didn’t take any notice, I kept my head down, kept working. I knew that to gain my team-mates respect I would have to be an incredible footballer, so I worked.

The sun was setting. All the boys would be at home now, watching TV or in the pub socialising. Me though, I’d be in the gym. I knew that the natural female form meant I lacked the upper-body strength to match the boys, so I worked harder than them to match. I would tie my long, beautiful chestnut brown hair into a ponytail during matches or while exercising, but it got in the way, it was a distraction. Worse, it was a vulnerability, the referee would look away and the opposition, or even jealous team-mates, would pull my hair to get under my skin. I saw one outcome; cutting my hair into a short messy-bob style.

I treat my body methodically, consistently improving it, I admit I was ruthless in the way I drove myself without distraction; I had no time for partying, no time for friends, and certainly no time for relationships.

Training made the boys take note of my ability, a hushed respect began to spread around, but still the boys thought little of me, they still patronised and disrespected me.

I had my own private quarters, with a personal shower and locker. It was given to me when I first joined the team officially, however it just proved to be another source of jealousy for the boys. 

I checked around my dressing room and outside to make sure the boys weren’t engaging in some voyeurism. Confident I had my privacy, I turned on the shower and let the room fill with warm steam before dropping my towel. The steam gave my naturally olive skin-tone an oily appearance.

Water trickled down my nude figure, I grabbed some soap and lathered it into my hands before massaging it into my slender arms, as much of my toned back as I could reach, and my stomach, brushing over the abs that were just beginning to peek through. I then switched my attention to my cleanly shaved groin. I washed thoroughly, enjoying the sensations my hands were giving me.

I reached around, lathering up my plump bottom. I then worked my way back up my finely tuned feminine physique, and rubbed the soap into my pert breasts; a very healthy 34b in size. My dark areola were small and my nipples were standing fully erect. I tweaked them with my fingers as my breathing shallowed, I loved that sensation. I stopped abruptly to wash my hair and face, before leaving the shower to dry myself off.

“Horny” was no longer in my vocabulary, to me it was another distraction. I knew experimenting with that field would make me want more, eventually leading to boys, hassle I didn’t want. I had lost my virginity after a drunken night, but I was filled with regret afterwards. I teased, occasionally a finger would stray inside my tight pussy, but I would stop myself. My ambitious sports life new no bounds, of course in hindsight I know I was ill-informed, but I knew no better, I was my own teacher and my own worst critic.

After drying I laid the towel over a bench and stepped before the full length mirror, indulging in a rare moment of vanity. I brushed my hair, styling it to frame my natural looks. Its colour accentuated my wide hazel-green eyes; I paid attention to my slim eyebrows, slightly narrow nose, my full light pink lips and my cute girly dimples that presented themselves when I flashed my butter-wouldn’t-melt smile.

I looked closer at my youthful soft skin for blemishes, nothing. I pouted my lips, the curve of a smile breaking through. Seeing my nude body, my natural beauty, I would admit at this moment I was more than an athlete, more than a sports machine. I was a young girl.

I snapped out of my thought track and grabbed my clothes. I always dressed casually, understated, usually in grey jogging bottoms or black leggings, a simple white vest top with trainers, and a training bra and white panties. When I left my dressing room I noticed the boys were off to the pub, I would return home to my apartment alone, grab a pasta meal and read sports psychology or conditioning books and get some rest before repeating the routine the next day. I had big plans for the future. Turning professional was the first milestone to break, so I felt routine was important in order to fully prepare my body and mind. 

The piercing sound of my alarm clock woke me the next morning, 6:00am. “Attack the day” I thought to myself, a phrase I religiously repeated each morning as a motivator for the day’s hard-work. After breakfast, I would do a quick warm-up to get my legs going, accompanied by a set of squats, then I would get dressed into the training gear and get to the training ground an hour and a half before the 10:00am scheduled start time. This gave me the edge when the actual session started as I would be sharp having already shaken off the early rustiness.

One day, Head Coach, Billy McGuire called me into his office after training. He was sat behind his desk smoking a cigarette and sifting through files. Billy was quite an intimidating guy; he was in his mid thirties, had a burly 5’8″ stature, broad shoulders, strong jaw-line, piercing brown eyes and a bald head. He spoke confidently with a thick Scottish accent. After the niceties Coach McGuire got down to business, he pulled my file and his husky words vibrated through my ears, “I admire what you’re doin’ here, Christy.” He started.

“Thank you,” I uttered with a slightly nervous smile.

“You’ve overcome a number of obstacles to be here, I’m not gonna’ pretend that I don’t notice how the other lads treat ye.’” I honestly didn’t know he noticed. An u*********s smile spread across my lips, he was watching me all this time.

“I take it in my stride, can’t let it affect me.” I replied confidently, hoping to impress him with my determination.

His face was emotionless, he was a stoic individual, and it worked for him because he was a fantastic coach.

“This Saturday, we’re hostin’ an event for end of season celebrations. Nothin’ fancy, just a little get-together.” I was already thinking of excuses to get out of it, social gatherings just weren’t my thing, it was the same every year.

“I’m not sure if I should…” Just as I started my excuse Coach McGuire cut me off.

“I wasn’t asking lassie. I’m gonna’ make an announcement, you’re gonna’ be team captain next season.” There it was. The biggest moment of my career so far. Finally, I was seeing the rewards of my hard-work.

“I can’t tell you how thankful I am, I won’t let you down.” I began lambasting him with my pride.

“I know ye’ won’t.” He said assuringly, I was brimming with pride, until the reality of the situation hit me, how would the previous captain, Ben Tompkins , take the news? I faced a massive uphill battle to win the boys over, especially Ben.

“I know what ye’ thinkin’, I can see it in your wee face. I’ve had a word with the boys, they reluctantly agreed with me. They took it better than I thought they would.” Relief. Coach McGuire assured me the boys would be fully behind me, but if I didn’t attend the end of season do on Saturday they would have it in for me.

That night I laid in bed thinking over everything. Being captain meant I was responsible for the team, I had to be vocal, talk to the media on the rare occasions they appeared, I had to be the link between Coach McGuire and the rest of the team, I had to lead training sessions when he was absent. It was a huge step up, and now it was real I was unsure if I could do it. “No,” I immediately crushed that thought, my ability has gotten me this far, I am good enough. Even these thoughts were dwarfed by what was making me even more nervous, the end of season do.

Our end of season gatherings were famously understated, we were all pretty scarce for money so generally they would be small house parties, this year was no different, but I was still nervous. It wasn’t the occasion that made me nervous, it was the beer mixed with a group of boys, mixed with one girl that made me anxious. Somewhere deep down though, I was really looking forward to it.

My alarm rang at the later time of 8:00am Saturday morning, I followed my usual routine, carried out my exercises and then showered, until Coach McGuire called me, “Mornin’ Christy, we’re gonna’ Curtis’ house for the celebrations, most of the lads are wearin’ their training gear so it’s nothin’ special. I’ll pick ye’ up about eight?”

I agreed passively, not sure where the night would take me. Surely this will open social avenues in the team, improve squad morale, who knows I might even enjoy myself.

The day passed quickly and Billy was due any minute. It didn’t take me long to get ready, I just put on the training gear and styled my hair a little, no make-up or anything, I wasn’t even planning on staying long, and I definitely wasn’t drinking. The car horn ushered me to leave my apartment.

Billy drove a very modern black Mercedes, when I got into the passenger seat a round of applause came from behind me, Danny and Ryan, both also dressed in the black training gear, congratulated me on becoming captain. Ryan was probably the quietest of the group and never gave me much bother, he had long black hair and stood around 5′ 6″. Danny on the other hand was confident, his blonde hair like something out of a shop window, it was mainly a front though, he was actually a decent guy one of the few boys that gave me the occasional time of day. After thanking them, we made our way to Curtis’ house.

Danny and Ryan informed me there would be us four, Ben and Curtis. The main-stakes of the team really, the others either couldn’t attend or were leaving the club before the new season. Danny told me that this was the best turn-out for an end of season gathering in years. I was really nervous about seeing Ben, I hadn’t a clue how he took being demoted, but Ryan calmed me a little, saying he would get over it, his casino siteleri ego just took a bit of a battering.

We pulled up outside. “Ready?” Coach McGuire asked, Ryan and Danny were already halfway out the car, I smiled at him, “Ready as I’ll ever be.” Coach McGuire and I entered Curtis’ together, again I was met by thunderous applause and congratulations, I blushed in embarrassment, I was offered a drink but turned it down, which was met by disappointed jeers.

I spoke to all the boys, apart from Ben. I was surprised at how they all embraced me, it seemed my captaincy had flicked a switch, I wondered what magic trick Coach McGuire had uttered to make them so accepting. The boys became gradually more intoxicated, while I abstained from the temptation. I was quite proud of how sociable I was, I hadn’t done this in a long time but I took to it like a duck to water. Then of course, I was faced with Ben.

He was the only person not in training gear, wearing instead a pair of black jeans and a black and white striped tee shirt. Ben was as intimidating as Billy, he was large, standing at 6’4″ his dark skin matched his brown eyes and accentuated his defined body. He had a chiselled jaw-line and as close to perfect teeth as possible, the scar on his cheek evidence of the aggressive style player he was. He was in fact almost too big for a footballer, looking more suited to rugby.

I found myself stood with Ben at the kitchen table, he was grasping a bottle of awful looking beer and was joking away with Curtis. I interjected. “Ben, can I have a word?” He looked at me, grimacing, but reluctantly agreed and Curtis left us alone. I was literally looking up at him, smiling like an idiot to try and appear friendly, “I haven’t had the chance to talk to you properly.” I instigated conversation.

“Don’t need no words, I know my place, I ain’t happy ’bout it but it is what it is.” Not what I was expecting, but it was a start, he didn’t appear to completely hate me at least.

“I’m sorry about how things worked out, you’ve been a great captain and I’m looking forward to seeing you next season.” I somehow managed to put a decent sentence together, and I even got a smile out of this large black b**st of a man.

“Cheers girly, we put you through some shit and you done fine, maybe you ain’t that bad.” He handed me a beer which I instinctively took, he chinked glasses with me and took a drink, so did I. The floodgates had well and truly opened. I drank with Ben for a while longer before we rejoined the group.

Had they suddenly realised that I was here to stay, so thought they might as well accept me? I didn’t have a clue, but I was loving the attention. We were all sat in the living room chatting about training and football, prospects for next season, just general chit-chat, along with a few games on FIFA.

I had lost every game heavily, while Ben was dominant. Before we stopped playing I challenged Ben to one more game, he chose one of the worst teams on the game while I was Real Madrid, the odds were stacked in my favour. Somehow I nicked the game 1-0. The others were in raptures, lamenting Ben for losing. Curtis announced that Ben should have a forfeit, which everyone agreed, eventually Ben succumbed to peer pressure and accepted, it fell upon me to state what’s the forfeit was.

“I want you to strip down to your underwear and dance for me!” Drunken confidence. My request was met with laughs from everyone.

“No way am I doin’ that,” he laughed.

“Hey, you got too man. Come on it’ll be funny.” Danny pushed.

“A deal’s a deal. This is your forfeit.” I stated confidently.

Ben looked around the room, peer pressure indicated he should do it. Ben reluctantly began to strip. Peeling off his t-shirt, revealing his magnificently bulky body, he maintained eye-contact with me as he began to sway his hips back and forth, before sliding the zipper of his jeans down and unbuttoning the restraint. He walked right up to me and slid off his trousers. Maintaining his rhythmic thrusting, howling laughter filled the room. I couldn’t help but frequently look south towards his incredible bulge, not in the least bit erect but already it protruded from his tight white boxer shorts.

He stopped suddenly and started laughing before sitting back down, just as he grabbed his jeans, I announced, “I don’t think so, you’ve got to stay like that now,” at this point Ben obeyed everything we asked, he threw his jeans aside with little protest.

“Bullshit, rematch and I beat your ass, you just got lucky.” Ben threw down the challenge, idiotically I accepted.

0-3, Ben hammered me. Here we go, I’m going to be sat in my underwear all night, but just as Ben was about to get me to do just that, Curtis intervened, “I have a better idea,” he announced. Ben was intrigued, “Go ahead man.” He ushered Curtis forward.

“Christy got you to dress down, let’s do the opposite to her.” I knew where he was going. “Christy, you’ve got to change into my sisters school uniform, there’s make-up up there too.” Howling laughter, this time at my expense, my face instantly turned red. How could I get out of this? Ben played along sportingly, so I have to.

“Fine. No-ones breathes a word about this.” Coach McGuire was just as boisterous as the others, egging me on. I disappeared upstairs to get changed.

As I made my way back down I could hear them talking, “You don’t think maybe we’ve gone a little too far?” That was Ryan’s voice, “She looked really embarrassed.” How cute of him, of course this was met on deaf ears.

“It’s only a joke, just a bit of fun it’ll be fine.” Danny cleared the minds of the boys.

“I’m ready!” I yelled from the other side of the door, garnering their attention.

“Close your eyes – all of you! No peaking until I say so, I feel so fucking stupid.” The boys assured me their eyes were sealed, so I entered the room, my perfume the first note of my make-over.

“Okay, you can all open your eyes.”

I stood at the centre of the five boys. Silence befell the room, as they all gazed at the site before them.

My hair was in my usual messy bob style, but I had applied black eye-liner, red lip-stick, and make-up with accentuated my facial features and the colour of my eyes. The outfit itself was all far too small for me, the light grey skirt rode up my ass when I walked, showing the curve of my bottom, the white blouse was also unbearably tight, the little wrinkles between each button evidence that my boobs were bursting to break out. The black blazer and red tie were the only comfortable items, that and the knee high white socks that finished off the ‘costume.’ The boys’ expression were priceless, their jaws had hit the floor. The attention was making my pussy feel warm and moist, I was… Horny.

Without uttering a word, Ben stood and approached me, towering over me he looked into my eyes, wiped his thumb on my chin, and placed both his big strong hands on my shoulders and applied pressure, pushing me down onto my knees.

I looked up at him shocked, before looking beyond him at Coach McGuire begging with my eyes for him to stop what was happening, I was shocked to see him rubbing the bulge that had formed in his trousers. I looked back at Ben, then down to his pants, he reached down into his boxer shorts, and pulled his semi-erect cock up and out of their restraint.

I just gazed at his cock for a moment, it was massive, the biggest I’d ever seen, at least 10 inches long. Then the masculine musk seemed like it belonged to a wolf, instead it belonged this mountain of a man. Finally was the warmth being generated from it, I didn’t know where to start.

Ben broke the silence, “Give it a lick girly.” I hesitated, still unsure, the mixture of nervousness and the freakish horny buzz in the pit of my stomach rendering me unable to act.

“We can go at your pace,” Ben grabbed my hair with his strong hand, “Or we can go at mine.” I extended my tongue and licked his cock from the hanging brown head up the length of his shaft to his neatly trimmed pubic region.

I looked up at him, he was biting his lip, his eyes wild with ecstasy. I licked the head of his cock and slowly sucked it into my mouth, beginning to bob my head on his impressive member. I could only take the first five inches or so initially, but the sounds Ben made confirmed to me I was headed in the right direction.

I built up the pace. I occasionally grazed his sensitive bulbous head with my teeth due to my inexperience which would be met by a growl from the a****l above me, but Ben’s pulsating hardness, the grunting moans and growing tightness in his hanging balls gave me clear indication I was doing a good job.

As I became accustomed to his size I was able to swallow more of his length in my throat, tears streamed from my eyes; my gag reflex screaming for me to stop, but the dripping wetness between my legs saying otherwise. I gripped his balls and rolled them between my fingers, his increasing tightness alerted me to my next challenge.

Ben released my hair and placed his hands on his hips, I grabbed his hand and forced him back onto my hair, “Y-you’re enjoying this now g-girly.” Whatever my protests said, my body betrayed me, I was loving every second. I reached between my legs while holding Ben on the edge of orgasm. Lifting my skirt up, I began running my fingers along my soaked red lace boy-shorts (Courtesy of Curtis’ sister).

“Go-on and help her wi’ that laddie,” Coach McGuire urged Danny to replace my fingers. The excitement in my pussy held me away from any reluctance. I could see through my teary glazed eyes that Danny had positioned himself on his knees behind me, watching Ben’s big black cock slide in and out of my throat.

“I’m gonna’ lick your pussy now.” I rolled my lustful eyes toward him in response. He laid on his back, pushed my legs apart, and guided his face below my pussy. He replaced my hand with his own, rubbing my pussy through the soft lace material of my panties. I moaned on Danny’s cock, sure that I would cum there and then.

“You moaning and looking so slutty is gonna’ make me cum, girly.” Ben was close. I could feel his cock growing even larger in my throat, his balls tightening further.

I sucked with all my might and new found skills, rolling my tongue over his cock in rhythm with my throat-fucking. Ben threw his head back releasing an ecstasy-filled grunt before thrusting his hips forward and holding my hair tight so I couldn’t pull away.

Danny gained speed rubbing my now aching horny pussy. “Fuck, you suck canlı casino cock like I never seen before.” Ben growled before his voice lost track and he repeated “Fuck” several times. He rammed his cock in my throat-pussy one last time before his cock pulsated. I felt his seed travel from the depths of his balls and up his long shaft before exploding deep in my throat, I closed my eyes trying desperately to swallow every last drop. Ben pumped cum into my mouth, it was just too much for me, some dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin.

His huge cock gradually became flaccid, leaving my mouth with a ‘Plop’, he stepped away from me, stroking his cock back into life. I gathered the cum that had escaped with my fingers and sucked it greedily back in, the taste was very peculiar, but I loved it in a depraved sort of way.

As Ben left to take a seat and enjoy the show, Danny grabbed my legs to pull me down and onto his face, I was still enjoying Ben’s load, while Danny had my pantie-clad pussy riding his tongue. I moaned uncontrollably, how I was holding my orgasm I’ll never know, but when he paused to move the panties with one hand and rub my bare clit with the other, before planting his tongue back onto my pussy, I felt my entire body shudder in climax. Danny proudly swallowed my juices, before retracting away from me.

“Fuck this is so hot.” Curtis murmured.

Danny stood and dropped his trousers and underwear, allowing his cock to spring from its restraints. He pulled me to my feet, “Drop the panties but keep the skirt.” I obeyed without question, kicking my panties away, the cold air on my soaked pussy made me immediately horny again.

Danny forcefully grabbed my arm and span me around so my back was to him. He removed my blazer and walked around me, pulling the cushioned foot rest to the centre of the room. He circled back behind me and announced, “I’m going to bend you over that and fuck you.”

I couldn’t believe how horny I was so soon after cumming, I wanted the feeling of Danny’s cock inside me more than anything.

I could feel the eyes all over my body, I could hear the shuffling as the boys removed their clothes, allowing themselves free passage to openly stroke their cocks. Danny lifted my skirt with one hand, and smacked my bare ass cheeks hard, causing me to yelp. He then spread my cheeks and made me arch my back slightly, my glistening pussy and tight pink asshole on show for the boys to gape at.

He placed his palm between my shoulder blades, grabbing my waist with his other hand, and slowly forced me over the foot stool. I could feel the juices from my excited pussy trailing down my legs, as Danny placed his hands on my arse cheeks and spread them as far as he could.

“Tell me what you want.” He positioned his cock at the entrance of my tender pussy.

“I want you inside me.” I submitted, but not enough.

He began rocking back and forth, pushing his cock against my tight youthful entrance, “How bad do you want it?” He barked.

“Please fuck me, fuck me any way you want; I’m your little slut.” I begged. In one movement he slowly thrust his cock inside me until the base of his cock slapped against my ass.

He released a primal grunt and a quiet “Fuck” as he slowly began to thrust his cock in a rhythm in and out. My pussy clenched around his long dick, struggling to adjust to the invader. Danny’s temperate slow thrusting didn’t last long, he gripped my butt cheeks and spread them wide apart, allowing him to pound into my soaked pussy. I screamed in painful pleasure. Danny’s body pinned me to the foot stool, his cock fucking my tight inexperienced hole hard.

Groans, moans, grunts, and the slapping and squelching sound of sex filled the room. The boys sat around us were all stroking their cocks, gazing at the unimaginably sexual scene before them.

Danny’s thrusting slowed and became more rhythmic, he was close, “Fuck, you’re the best pussy I’ve ever had.”

He grabbed my thighs with his moist palms and thrust into me slow but hard, causing my legs to buck. He pulled out of my pussy, clenched my soft plump arse cheeks around his cock and, using my pussy juices as lube, furiously fucked my ass cheeks before shooting his load onto my lower back and my white school blouse.

Danny, satisfied for the moment, pulled away from me, allowing me a moment to reach behind and finger my pussy. I had so nearly been driven to my second climax so I was eager to maintain my state of excitement.

I wasn’t left alone for long. As Danny stroked his exhausted limp cock, Curtis stood before me, he was throbbing, his cock pouring with pre-cum, the veins on his shaft pulsing. He had his hands on hips, “Suck my fucking cock whore.” My pussy tingled with excitement.

I looked up at him, reaching out my tongue I planted a longing lick on his bulbous glans. His bravado soon waned with my tongues touch, his knees trembled, his facial expression comical. He wouldn’t last long at all.

“Take off the blouse. Leave the tie on.” A voice from behind me demanded. I glanced to discover a nude cock-in-hand Ryan had now positioned himself ready to take Danny’s place in fucking me.

“Come on. Stand up. Give us a show.” I smirked slightly, now relishing the attention I was getting. I planted a kiss on Curtis’ cock and stood from the foot stool.

My legs trembled, still recovering from Danny’s pounding.

I began the show for the boys. Swaying my hips sensually, I unbuttoned the blouse from the bottom, my flat tanned and toned tummy peaked into view. My skirt-clad hips swayed stripper style, when I undid the last button, I let the blouse fall from my shoulders and down and off my arms.

I stood in the middle of the room, wearing nothing but knee-high whit socks, a short grey school skirt, a red tie, and a red lace bra (Again, courtesy of Curtis’ sister) which was also too small for me, struggling to contain my developed bust.

I glanced around the room, the boys were transfixed by my athletic figure. With each subtle movement the skirt would ride up my ass, giving the boys a very sexy image of my butt cheeks and bare pussy. Their heavy, excited breathing made me even more horny. I was completely lost in the heat of the moment.

“Lay on your back on the foot stool, I want to see your face while I fuck you.” Ryan snarled.

I did as he said without hesitation. I laid back on the footstool and Ryan spread and lifted my legs, placing his ankles either side of his neck. My soaking wet vulnerable pussy was completely open, willing Ryan to push his thick cock into me. It didn’t take long for my wishes to be granted.

Before I had the chance to ready myself for my next pounding, Ryan thrust his hips against mine, his cock missed it’s target, sliding upwards. I reached down and guided his manhood in the right direction, Ryan thrust hard again, I gasped as his cock slid into my pussy.

Ryan began to relentlessly fuck me. His member wasn’t as long as Danny’s, but it was much thicker, I had never felt so filled in all my inexperienced sexual life, however, I imagined that I would feel even fuller as the night progressed.

Just as I managed to become accustomed to the fucking, Curtis stood over me. I was staring up at his throbbing erection. A drip of pre-cum poured from his bulbous glans and onto my forehead.

I knew he wouldn’t last long, but I wanted to savour every moment. I reached out, grabbing his cock and pulling it towards my face. Pressing his cock over my face while Ryan fucked me, I extended my tongue and licked Curtis’ shaft, his trembles and groans filled the room before I even slid his bulbous head past my puffy lips, when I did that his knees were shaking.

He knew as well as I that his climax would come almost instantly, so he slowly pushed his cock balls deep into my throat. As Ryan was filling my hole at the other end of my body, my nose was grazing along his heaving hanging balls which were filled with the seed he was about to pump into my hungry mouth.

He slowly began to fuck my throat-pussy, attempting to match Ryan’s pace but failing without the urge to cum prematurely. Curtis was desperate to extend his cock’s stay in my soft, warm and wet throat.

My second climax hit me as Ryan’s thick cock pumped in and out of my convulsing pussy. This sensation drove Ryan wild, he fucked me harder, slapping his balls against my ass cheeks. My moaning at the other end meant my cock-stuffed throat vibrated, leaving Curtis futile to resist pouring his warm thick seed into my throat.

The jets of cum filled my mouth quicker than Ben had previously, and it poured past Curtis’ retreating cock and down my face. When I had milked Curtis of all the cum he could produce he let his cock slip out of its warm nest, allowing me to lift my head up and look down at the view of Ryan. His hands firmly gripped on the back of my thighs, forcing my legs apart and as high up as they would go, driving into my still horny tight pussy.

His face contorted into the infamous ‘oh my god’ expression, as he neared climax. His cock pulsed inside me before he pulled out his throbbing cock, forcing my thick thighs around his dick, he pressed his manhood downwards and began to grind his cock in the triangular gap between my pussy and thighs. After only a few thrusts he squirted cum over my groin, stomach and even as far as my bra-clad boobs.

After regaining some composure, and saying “Fuck” a number of times, he dragged himself off of me. Leaving me to greedily gather the cum he had left on my stomach and swallow it along with Ben’s and Curtis’. I laid on my back, legs still spread out, pussy sore from the fucking, eating cum like the whore I was.

“Why don’t you take off that wee bra and skirt lassy? Leave the rest, I wanna’ see you in nothin’ but the tie and socks.” I smiled, even Coach McGuire was going to risk his job to use my body tonight.

I managed the strength to stand and have another look around me, Coach McGuire was stood nude in front of me, his impressive erect cock-in-hand, Ryan had taken a seat to my left and was slowly jerking his cock back to life for round two. To my right Danny was doing the same, though the scene that had just played out meant he had a now back to full strength cock in his hand. Behind me and to my right, Curtis sat with a fully erect cock, I couldn’t believe how horny he still was. I could also feel the heat from a body standing right behind me, which I assumed must be Ben who had been casually jerking his monster-cock while I was being fucked by his friends.

I repeated kaçak casino my sensual swaying from earlier, the hem of my skirt rode up my ass showing my ass cheeks and my glistening thighs from the mixture of cum and my own juices. 

A strong pair of hands grabbed my waist from behind and pulled me in close, I reciprocated by gyrating my ass on his manhood, no doubt it was Ben. His cock was so large I could feel its hardness from the bottom of my arse cheeks all the way to my lower back.

He slid his hands down, pulling the skirt down with them, before nestling his lips on my neck, planting lustful sensual kisses. I turned my head, allowing his lips to meet mine, we kissed passionately as I kicked the skirt aside.

Coach McGuire approached me from the front and began caressing my covered boobs, before leaning in and kissing the other side of my neck.

Ben’s hands went from removing my skirt, to groping my ass cheeks, upwards along my back, to the clip on my bra, he effortlessly removed the restraint allowing Coach McGuire to guide my arms out of the straps before slinging the bra aside. My voluptuous boobs and body were now completely nude beside the additions of the red tie and knee-high white socks. Coach McGuire then went to work on my small dark puffy nipples, causing me to gasp and moan softly into Ben’s mouth.

Ben’s cock slowly humped against my bare ass cheeks, while Coach McGuire’s would occasionally brush against my thighs.

Ben pulled away from kissing me to work his big soft lips down my neck and back, all while Coach McGuire was sensually sucking and softly biting my erect nipples. Ben worked his way down. Hetting onto his knees. he kissed my ass cheeks and slapped them firmly before spreading them as wide as they would go.

“Lemme’ taste this fine ass.” Ben growled, before pushing the small of my back, forcing me to arch my back while standing. This presented my virgin pink hole on a plate for Ben, who greedily dived in, licking my asshole while Coach McGuire caressed my boobs.

Ben was spreading my cheeks wide apart and I was completely succumbing to this alien pleasure that raced through my body. My moans were loud, signalling that any inhibition I thought I had before tonight were gone.

Coach McGuire muffled my moans by forcefully planting his tongue in my mouth. Ben began to push a finger inside my ass, the pleasure was intense. I couldn’t actually believe how much satisfaction I derived from this desperately degrading act.

“Bend over girly, I want your pussy and ass open for me tonight.” Ben’s demands made me all the more horny, I never thought being used in these ways would drive me so crazy.

I did as he said without resistance, bending over where I stood. Ben grabbed a cushion to put under my knees, before burying his tongue back into my ass.

Coach McGuire had a new opportunity presented to him, I was at eye-level with his cock. He moved closer, grabbing his cock he rubbed it against my lips and slapped it against my cheeks.

I looked up at him, giving him the ‘fuck me’ eyes. “Tell me how much ye’ want this cock.” Coach McGuire was well into this now.

“I want you to take your cock past my lips and I want you to fuck my throat-pussy hard.” I purred in reply.

“Open your wee fuckin’ mouth and let me fuck your face then.” Coach McGuire growled.

I did as he said, licking my lips and opening wide. Coach McGuire grabbed two handfuls of my hair and pushed his cock into my throat. I gagged but McGuire kept pushing until he was balls deep. The gargling deep-throat sensation was driving him wild, he began to long dick my throat, pulling his cock almost out before ramming it back deep. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to catch my breath, but some insatiable a****listic desire made me want more.

Ben began teasing my pussy entrance, sliding his huge black cock up and down my moist pussy lips, I moaned on Coach McGuire’s cock urging Ben to slide inside me. He slapped his cock against my eager entrance, lubricating himself with my juices.

He slid his cock back down before slowly pushing his hips forward. I reached behind and spread my ass cheeks, willing his huge member to find passage.

A sharp pain shot through my body as more of Ben’s cock slipped inside. I tensed my brow and squeezed my ass in an attempt to subdue the pain, “I’ll take it nice and slow baby, get you used to a real cock.”

Ben revelled in how much I struggled with his meat compared to the others. The pain began to subside as Ben slowly pushed each inch inside my pussy. The pain still shot through me as his cock pressed places I had never experienced before, but it was being gradually replaced by an indescribable pleasure.

As Ben began to rock his hips and his cock began to thrust, I began to climax. The convulsing of my pussy drove Ben wild, while my moaning drove Coach McGuire to furiously fuck my throat.

Ben now began to pick up the pace. The length of his cock still wouldn’t fit, but there was at least eight inches of thick black cock inside my insatiable pussy. Coach McGuire released his grip on my hair and pulled out his cock allowing me some respite from his throat-fucking. He stood, stroking his saliva soaked cock, “You better sit on that cock and take it all in lassie.” he barked, his voice filled with lust.

In one movement, I pushed back against Ben, laying him on the floor with his cock still inside me. I sat on his cock reverse-cowgirl style, and slowly let him slip deeper and deeper inside me.

I had my eyes clasped shut, my hands grasping Ben’s thighs, and I was biting my lip hard as the pain shot through my body with each inch of Ben’s cock that impaled my pussy.

His cock felt like it would never end until finally I felt the base, and I was sat on his groin, with his entire twelve plus inches of black meat deep inside me. Ben was groaning wildly, “Damn bitch, I ain’t never had a girl do that, you a special kinda’ slut!”

I started lifting my body up and down, beginning to slowly ride his massive member. I gyrated my pelvis, thrusting on his cock, his view of my ass sliding up and down on his cock drove him to near climax but he controlled himself somehow. I slowed to allow him to keep pace, I wanted this to last as long as possible.

“Why don’t I fuck your wee’ ass lassie? Would ye’ like that?” Coach McGuire wanted back in on the action.

Anal sex was one more degrading hole I was yet to climb down tonight, but having fucked two guys, sucked three cocks and now being used by the biggest piece of meat I had ever seen. My body would succumb to any request.

“Please fuck my tight little ass daddy.” I begged.

Coach McGuire’s eyes lit up his cock grew even stiffer, “Turn ’round, face Ben, and stick your arse up high, lassie.”

I did as he said without protestation. I now rode Ben’s cock cowgirl style, while Coach McGuire knelt behind me. Ben grabbed my tie, and held up my waist before pulling me in for a lustful kiss, and lifting his hips into me and pushing his cock in and out of me.

While Ben was fucking me, Coach McGuire positioned his lips at my most private part. He flicked his tongue against my tight pink hole, causing yet another tone of moans to escape my voice. He then began to lick my ass with increasing vigour, all while Ben drilled his cock into me from below. I laid down on Ben’s muscular body, with my back arched to allow both Ben and Coach McGuire ample access to both my holes.

I closed my eyes and bit my lip in pure ecstasy, the sensations were unlike anything I had ever experienced. Suddenly, Coach McGuire pulled his tongue away from my asshole and replaced it with the pressing sensation of his throbbing cock.

Ben stopped fucking me to allow Coach McGuire to join in. Slowly, the head of Coach McGuire’s cock began to push past my virgin hole. The initial pain was excruciating, I yelped for Coach McGuire to slow, before allowing him to push further in. As I began to acclimate to this foreign sensation in my ass, Coach McGuire began to slide his cock in and out of my tight hole.

“Holy fuck that feels great.” Coach McGuire grunted. The pain still shot through my body, but gradually I felt the pleasure. I closed my eyes again, and gripped Ben’s shoulders, pressing my body into his, I kissed his neck as I moaned in his ear, urging him to match Coach McGuire’s fucking.

Ben didn’t need much encouragement, he began to thrust in tune with Coach McGuire, as one cock slid out of my pussy, another slid inside my ass and vice versa.

Just as I began to become fully accustomed to their fucking, Danny took his place above my face. “Suck my fucking cock, whore.” Danny barked eagerly.

I looked up at Danny’s fully erect throbbing cock and licked my lips. I pushed up slightly, towards his cock, while being fucked by Ben and Coach McGuire, and licked the head of his cock. Danny wasted no time in pushing his cock into my throat and thrusting in and out, looking down at the unbelievably erotic sight of his female team-mate who was having all of her holes filled by his former captain and coach. 

Coach McGuire was gripping my ass cheeks as he ploughed into my ass, my moans on Danny’s cock were the signal that I was nearing another climax. Ben drilled into my pussy urging me to orgasm on his cock, I could feel his cock filling with his seed.

I squealed on Danny’s cock as I was pushed into the hardest orgasm of my life, I almost passed out in the adrenaline of it all but managed to stay conscious throughout the most intense pleasure I could imagine. 

The sensation of my pussy convulsing on Ben’s cock, and the twitching of my asshole, drove the boys to their climax. Ben thrust balls-deep up into me one last time, and filled me with his warm seed, while Coach McGuire slid his cock deep into my ass and I felt his cum travel down his cock and into my tight asshole. The loud grunts and moans from the three of us drove Danny over the edge. He pushed his cock into my throat and filled me with another huge load.

One after another, the boy’s cocks slipped out of their holes, just as Ben’s left my pussy, Curtis stood in Coach McGuire’s place and shoved his cock inside my raw pussy, he fucked me frantically, as hard and as fast as he could before yelling “Let me cum on your face and tits.”

I did as he said willingly, finding the strength to spin around off of Ben and onto my knees next to him. As Curtis was wanking his cock, Ryan joined him, and they both sprayed their seed on my face, and onto my tits.

I glanced around, seeing all the boys stood around me, their cock’s satisfyingly spent. I was sat on my knees, cum dripping from my lips and boobs, and oozing from my pussy and asshole. I was shaking, still eating cum like a slut. 

I couldn’t wait for the new season to start.


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