WMD Vol. 01 Ch. 03

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Chapter Three: D-Day

Andrea’s continued attraction to Mike was beginning to worry her. Looking at him, and thinking of him, she still hated him. He remained arrogant and cocky, and she hated the way he grinned at her or stared at her. She hated his swagger and the way he leaned against the counter instead of standing up straight while working. Mike was the kind of man who demanded respect from the world but did little or nothing to earn it. In so many ways, they were fundamentally at odds with each other, and yet she was powerless to resist him when she came face-to-head with his cock.

She rubbed herself in the morning, finding her clit and teasing it as the shower went cold. And cold showers never helped. The soap did little to wash away the scent of his semen, and the smell was lingering in her office and in her car anyway. She showered the night before, and she showered again in the morning. The night before had been a vain attempt to be clean of him; the morning was pleasure.

Each shower seemed to fill her with lust. When she came home to rinse off, the steam of the shower began to smell like his semen as she came clean. It filled her nostril and fogged her head. Bryan, her boyfriend, seemed far less a man after the shower and, comparing him to Mike, she saw that he was only older, skinnier, and disappointing. He was taller than Mike, but that failed to make him manlier, Andrea had thought, because he lacked masculinity where it mattered most, and she had glanced at his crotch while smelling Mike in her hair.

The smell of Mike was thick in her car on the way to work. Ever since Mike had fucked her tits two days before it had been there, and she had been stuck in a state of constant arousal since. In all honesty, she had been horny since Mike came back to work, even before she saw his dick. From the moment she met him, she felt an animal attraction between them. That, she thought, might be the real reason she hated him so much, because she was enamored with him from the moment she saw him.

The morning passed slowly. Yesterday, Andrea had successfully avoided Mike until she went home, or he had avoided her as she asked. This morning, she found herself distracted by reviewing surveillance footage and staring at him as she did. She felt horny and lonely, and her pussy was needy staring at him in black and white.

Andrea worked the morning with Nerissa, a petite black girl with a tight body who liked to show off wearing non-regulation clothing. Often, she wore yoga pants to work, and all of the male customers stared. Normally, Andrea would find this frustrating for business reasons. Since Mike arrived, however, she looked enviously at Nerissa and at the attention she got from Mike. Without realizing at the time, it was because she wanted Mike to stare at her. This realization did not help to improve her mood, however.

Mike arrived around noon for his shift, and Andrea could see that she finally had the attention she wanted. Mike wasted no time on Nerissa or her pants. His gaze was fixed on Andrea, and Andrea stared back, eying his crotch and making note of the way he filled his pants. He was half-erect, she guessed, and he only swelled fatter as he gazed with longing on her breasts. Andrea found herself pushing her chest out without thinking, enjoying his scrutiny.

To avoid Mike, Andrea returned to the work in her office. The room reeked of him, though, and she couldn’t last long in there. She left the office and went to the back to check the temperatures in the coolers and the various equipment. On her way back, she found Mike waiting. She glared as she passed him, her large breasts brushing his muscular arms due to the narrow hallway.

She stopped at the ice machine eryaman genç escort and checked the thermometer, and she took note of the temperature afterward. “Shouldn’t you be preparing your register?”

Mike chuckled, and Andrea could see out of the corner of her eye how tight his shirt was on his muscular body. His arms seemed ready to burst through the fabric, and it came as no surprise to Andrea that he would be the type of person to wear too-small shirts to show off his muscles. What frustrated her most was how well it worked. She couldn’t stop staring.

“I already did my register,” Mike said, wearing a cocky grin as he crossed his lean arms over his chiseled chest.

Andrea frowned. “Then, shouldn’t you be running it so that Nerissa can do the cooler?”

“I told her that I would do the cooler.”

Looking at him directly, Andrea glared at him. He had been staring at her ass the entire time they spoke, and though it aroused her, it also upset her. Yesterday, he had seemed worried over his job, but today found him brave. She stuck out her ass as she went back to her work, but she tried to keep a growl in her voice as she spoke. “Then do the cooler!”

“No,” Mike said, and he approached her from behind.

A thrill of arousal jumped through Andrea as she felt Mike’s presence behind her. She was bent over grabbing something when he stopped just inches from her. “Excuse me,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

“I said no,” Mike repeated, and he punctuated the statement with a swat to her ass. “I’m more interested in this phat ass of yours.”

Andrea stood to remove herself from his grasp, her face red with humiliation and arousal, but she found herself pinned to the wall by one of his strong arms. She braced against the wall, feeling weak and powerless against him, and she felt herself moistening in arousal. Mike, meanwhile, wrapped her hair around his hand and held her in place.

“Take off your pants, Andrea.”

Though held by him and panting in arousal, Andrea wanted to defiant. “Why should I,” she asked, but her hands drifted to obey him. She had her belt open and her pants down before he even responded.

“Because, I’m going to fuck you,” he said, fingering her panties before giving her ass another smack.

Andrea was wide-eyed and speechless, though a hint of a smile played across her lips. She swallowed it, bowing her head as he pulled her pants the rest of the way down. Her panties were wet at the crotch, especially after imagining him inside of her. Behind her, she heard his pants fall, too.

“Mike, there are cameras back here.”

Mike chuckled as he yanked her panties down. She stepped out of those, too, and stood with her legs apart. “There are cameras in your office and that didn’t stop us before,” he said. He lowered his briefs and let his hard dick fall heavily against her plump bottom. Andrea gasped quietly without thinking and lifted her hips for him. Seeing this, Mike laughed and groped her roughly. “And look at this. You’re ready for it.” Smacking her bottom again, he growled, “You were made to fuck, you know that?”

Andrea thought to nod, to offer him agreement, but she didn’t want to inflate his ego any more than she already had. With his dick out, she was powerless to stop him, and as she felt him lining up, she moved on instinct to give him a better entry. She braced against the wall, expecting a hard thrust to start them off.

“Time to give them a show,” Mike said, and to her surprise, Mike eased into her. His first thrust was deep but slow. To their mutual surprise, he found no resistance, his crown hitting her depths and stopping against her cervix. Andrea seized against the wall, panting in pleasure as she came ankara escort bayan around him. Mike, meanwhile, laughed.

Releasing her hair, he took her by the hips and guided her on his dick. Andrea, meanwhile, held against the wall and rolled her hips into him. She bit back her moans but allowed pleasured pants as he worked her to the edge of another orgasm, and she was just about to come again when Mike gave a particularly deep thrust that opened her further.

Though Andrea had already hooded, she hadn’t expected her cervix to part for him. She swallowed him to the base now, her swollen labia pressed tightly to his pubic hair as his fat mushroom tip slipped past her cervix and barreled into her womb. Andrea opened her mouth to scream but found one of Mike’s strong hands there to silence her. She moaned into his palm while he held her hips with his other hand.

She could feel him smiling as she moaned against him. Clawing the wall, she felt like a caged animal in her thoughtless passion. It didn’t matter. None of it did. All that mattered was that Mike had parted her cervix and filled her completely. His pubic hair was rough against her pussy. His fat balls were at rest against her thighs, and all she could do was pant in her pleasure as he held her in place.

As she settled, Mike released her, replacing his palm with his fingers. Andrea slurped them like a dick, drooling on his fingers as he held her mouth open when he started fucking her again. Her breasts swayed beneath her, heavy even with a bra supporting her. She grunted her way to another orgasm, brought to her by only a few simple, shallow thrusts. Mike laughed as she flexed around him again. “Like that, Andrea?”

Andrea whined, and he punished her with a swat on her bottom as he picked up speed.

“Answer me!”

Sucking his fingers, Andrea nodded and spoke round him. “Mm. Mmhmm! Yes, Mike, yes!”

Rubbing her bottom with one hand, squeezing it and molding it with one strong hand, Mike laughed. “There’s a good girl. Much better!” He withdrew his whole length, leaving only his crown inside of her, and Andrea whined. Then, he gave one deep, hard thrust which opened her again and sent her into yet another climax. Andrea sucked his fingers hard then, so hard that she was nearly trying to throat them, and Mike laughed as she flexed around him. “You’ve never been fucked like this before, have you? Never had a real man just throw you up against the wall and fuck you like you deserve?”

Andrea whined and rolled her hips on him. She hated to admit it, but it was true. A tall, well-built woman, she had curves but also height. Few men were brave enough or strong enough to take her like this, but Mike was proving himself to be a man above other men. Andrea was coming to respect this truth more and more with each orgasm that spilled through her.

Watching her ass jiggle as he fucked her, Mike growled, “God damn, Andrea! You’ve been wasted on every man you’ve been with to this point in your life!”

Andrea agreed with that, too, and lifted her hips to take him deeper. She met his thrusts with happy whines, glad to have him hammering her womb with each thrust forward. The pain she felt was drowned out by the pleasure. When she did feel any pain, it was a dull ache which only seemed to enhance the euphoria that followed it.

Mike swatted her bottom again and guided her along his shaft by her red, swaying bubble butt. “Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. I own your pussy now, and I won’t let anyone disappoint you again. Got it?”

Whimpering, Andrea nodded and slurped his fingers. She enjoyed the idea of letting a young, handsome stud own her and fuck her at his leisure. At least with sincan escort him pounding her, she saw no reason to disagree mid-coitus. She and Bryan hadn’t fucked, really, truly, deeply fucked for months, not since Mike returned from basic. At this point, the reason was obvious, and she was tired of lying to herself.

Removing his fingers from her mouth, Mike instead wrapped her hair around his fist and used her hair as reigns to guide her. He fucked her harder and faster, making their bodies slap and echo in the tiny room as he picked up speed. “Good girl. Now, I want to hear you say it. Tell me that your pussy belongs to me. That I can fuck it whenever I want!”

Andrea whined as another orgasm threatened to overtake her. His repeated hammering of her womb had left her numb to everything but pleasure. Even the hard wall which she held for balance hardly seemed there. All she could really feel was Mike. “I’m yours, Mike,” she panted, drooling. “My pussy is yours. Fuck me. Fuck me!”

Mike grinned. “And are you going to fuck anyone else?”

Andrea cooed and, rolling her hips, experienced a small orgasm that served only to precursor to a larger storm to follow. Her entire body quaked as he swelled inside of her and, tightening around him, she wrung the sperm from him. As he spewed, she laughed. “Why would I? You’re the best!”

After that, they fell into climax together. Mike pinned her face to the wall with one hand and held her hips steady with the other. He remained buried inside of her, his long, burly dick twitching and throbbing he filled her with his hot seed. Andrea, meanwhile, stood on her tiptoes, drooling against the wall as she rode out their shared orgasms. She felt drunk and stupid as her entire body became one big, wet pussy for him.

Mike swatted her ass once he was finished. He remained large inside of her, plugging her up and holding his semen inside of her. “Tight,” he muttered, withdrawing slowly. He released her once his dick fell out of her, and then slapped his wet dick down against her ass. Andrea hummed in response as his semen poured down her thighs. She felt distant as the pleasure continued to echo through her. She could hardly remember who she was, but she knew that Mike had fucked her well.

Mike grinned at her as he held his dick in place against her lower back. “Not gonna lie,” he said, “But that was the best fuck of my life.”

Andrea, still in a daze, nodded absently and murmured, “Mmhmm.”

Mike swatted her on the ass again just to watch her jiggle. Then, removing himself, he caught Andrea smiling and took her by the hair. Turning her around, he forced her close to him, pressing their bodies together. His limp cock rammed against her wet pussy, smearing their juices into her pubic hair. Andrea stared in fascinated awe as he humped her wet thighs. “Your pussy belongs to me.”

Andrea, staring at his dick, nodded.

Mike grinned. “Good girl,” he said, and he pulled her into a kiss. Andrea returned it without thinking, tasting him and sucking his tongue. She moaned drinking his saliva. It was honestly the worst kiss of her life, but she loved it. As they parted, a ribbon of saliva joined their mouths. That was how sloppy the kiss was. It left her face wet, but she would kiss him again if given the chance. That was the difference between Mike and Bryan. Even what Mike was bad at felt better to her.

Mike stretched overhead. His limp cock twitched between her thighs. “Guess I should get to work now,” he yawned, and then he tucked himself away. On his way to the coolers, he began to whistle as he started his work.

Andrea, meanwhile, pulled up her pants and panties and returned to her work, too. She felt dizzy for the next hour and avoided Mike again, but whenever they saw each other, they stared. Her panties were wet on the way home, moistened by a mixture of arousal and leaking semen. In the shower, she thought of him, and she marveled at how he stretched her.

Touching herself, she whined.

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