Yui’s Awakening. Part 3

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Yui’s Awakening. Part 3
Yui landed in hot, steamy Thailand on her first overseas photoshoot. She was very excited but a little nervous; the other model, Sana, would not arrive until tomorrow, so Yui would be doing the first assignment alone.
Well, not exactly alone.

She arrived at the beach hut at 10am, and it was already very hot. Her wardrobe girl had organized two skimpy bikinis and Yui chose the purple one first. The videographer explained that it was to be a non-nude massage, and at that point the Thai massage lady walked in. She was an older woman, maybe in her 40s, slim, slightly muscular, and looking very bored, or professional, or just switched off.

Not expecting too much, Yui lay on the massage table and the cameraman and Thai lady gathered around.

The oil dripping on her body was the first inkling that this was going to very nice and soothing, so she closed her eyes and relaxed, letting the Thai lady’s hands spread the oil all over her.

What she wasn’t expecting was that this older Thai lady was incredibly good at shifting effortlessly from standard massage, to erotic and sensual caressing. Yui was beginning to feel a tingling and stickiness in her bikini bottoms, and this, she thought, was the whole point!

She squirmed a little as the Thai lady’s fingers slid up under her bra, sliding across her hard nipples, relentlessly flicking them, making Yui’s breathing heavier and her wetness wetter.

She moaned as the Thai lady’s fingers slid into her bikini bottom, sliding across her pulsing clitty, then strongly caressing up her stomach, across her hips, down over her smooth thighs, back into her bikini bottom… Yui was getting very steamed up, and it wasn’t the climate that was doing it!

Back at her hotel room, Yui was shaking from being so aroused, she dropped her bags anywhere, practically ripped off her sari, and leapt into the shower. With the water splashing over her naked body, she fell to her knees masturbating furiously, and within a minute she was rocked with a massive orgasm.

Sana arrived the next morning. She was another model from the agency that Yui had worked with before. They had done a non-nude faux-lesbian photo shoot, and Yui thought Sana was nice, but maybe a little aloof and not really into playing at being a lesbian.

This time the shoot was on a public beach, Yui and Sana in bikinis splashing water on each other and laughing and trying not to get too wet.

Some local girls were standing on the edge of the photo perimeter, watching the Japanese crew at work. They had stopped their own frolicking in the water and had come to watch these two Japanese girls being photographed.

“So cute”, whispered Sana into Yui’s ear as the camera clicked.


“Those girls over there”, nodded Sana, and Yui looked over at the young Thai girls in their bikinis and waved. They all giggled and waved back.

“Oh yes, they are, aren’t they”, said Yui, and for the first time she actually looked at the local girls with a new interest.

Back at the hotel, Yui and Sana showered and got ready to go out to some local bars. The older massage lady from yesterday was going to take them to some nightspots.

“She’s kind of like an aunty, but she really knew how to give an amazing erotic massage…” Yui explained.

“Oh wow, I really want to try that from her. Did you get wet?” asked Sana.

“Of course! I was so worked up by it, I had to run back here and onani”. Yui blushed as she said this because she wasn’t that close to Sana and was sure that Sana had no idea that Yui was interested in girls.

By 7:00, the trio finished dinner at a beautiful restaurant and walked up the stairs to the bar above. There was loud music, flashing lights, many foreigners, and local girls dancing on podiums. It felt like it could have been in the middle of the night. Here, they had a drink, chatted about the bar and the people in it, and made plans for the next bar. The aunty could speak a little Japanese, and a little English, so they communicated roughly, and sometimes embarrassingly had to drop this or that conversation for lack of words in any language.

This next illegal bahis bar was much quieter, which suited Yui. Here they could sit in a booth with some elaborate drinks, and talk and watch people. Some local girls recognized them from their photo shoot on the beach and said “Hello!” with broad smiles as they walked past the booth.

“Even cuter than the beach girls”, said Sana.

The aunty could understand this and giggled as she knowingly touched Sana’s arm and got her phone out to make a call.

“Yes, they are. Do you like girls?” whispered Yui.

“It took you a while to notice!” said Sana, and Yui noticed for the first time that Sana’s eyes were scanning the room and settling on the girls, not the various foreign men who were there.

“Me too”, whispered Yui, a little louder than before.

“Let go new bar!” announced the aunty, getting up and ushering her two guests out of the booth.

This new bar was very flowery, pink, girly. Yui thought it even looked like a Tokyo bar she had been to once. Inside, she immediately noticed that there were no foreign men. In fact, the only men were locals who were behind the bar, or bussing tables, and one or two of them were definitely gay, given their makeup and almost crossdressing.

“She’s brought us to a lesbian bar Yui”, whispered Sana, almost excitedly. Yui was indeed excited at this prospect, but was less vocal than Sana in her appreciation of the many local girls who were there, some working, some dancing, others as customers.

They sat in a booth and an energetic girl with short hair bounded over to take their order. She seemed quite happy to try to speak some Japanese, even getting her grammar completely wrong, which made her incredibly appealing to both Sana and Yui.

Sana asked the aunty to ask the girl what time she finished work as she came back with their drinks.

“Now!” said the girl, and flitted off to get rid of her work clothes. She came back in a few minutes, dressed quite boyishly, but still looking as cute and sexy as anything. She snuggled into the booth next to Sana and sipped from her drink, chatting – through the aunty – about her life and asking questions about the Japanese girls’, and introducing herself as Boon.

Sana was getting very confident, well, tipsy, and began snuggling up to Boon, her hands getting more and more friendly with the slim Thai girl, who was enjoying the attention and reciprocating in her own way.

“You like girl too?” she asked Yui, who blushingly nodded her head.

“OK, I have girlfriend”, she announced and bounced up and ran off.

“Girlfriend?!” said Sana, who looked half shocked and half excited. She didn’t really know what to think.

Shortly, Boon came back to the booth with Dao, holding hands.

“This Dao, she like girl too”, announced Boon, and resumed her seat next to the blushing Sana.

Dao sat next to Yui, nodding and saying ‘hajimemashite’ in a beautiful soft voice with very good Japanese pronunciation.

Yui was immediately attracted to Dao, even though the ‘girlfriend’ comment from Boon was still a little confusing. But as she glanced over to Sana, she realised that she needn’t worry, as they were staring into each others’ eyes and Sana was caressing Boon’s short black hair.

Dao’s hand rested on Yui’s thigh, as she poured a drink for Yui, and Yui could feel her sex stirring. The aunty giggled and drank down her beer, then stood up on the booth seat and climbed over the back, saying ‘bye bye’.

The four girls sunk further into the booth, partly out of secrecy, and partly because they were trying to block out their surroundings in order to focus their attention on each other, until Sana announced ‘let’s go back to our hotel!’

Sana and Yui threw their bags down as the four girls stumbled into the room. Sana went to the bathroom and turned on the shower, beckoning Boon to follow her. Boon and Dao were holding hands, and so naturally Dao went too. Yui came to the bathroom door and was met by the delicious sight of 3 naked girls tumbling into the shower. They beckoned Yui to join them and she was quickly naked and getting wet and giggling with illegal bahis siteleri the other three.

Sana and Boon were deeply involved in each others’ bodies, their soapy hands exploring each other with lust. Yui was slowly soaping Dao’s small, slim body, lovingly enjoying touching this slight young girl all over, caressing her every part, sliding her soapy body up and down hers. Dao was thoroughly enjoying the attention. Rinsing the soap off, the group cursorily dried off before Sana and Boon fell onto the large bed, kissing, nibbling, caressing. Yui and Dao watched them as Sana groped handfulls of Boon’s tight skin, her small bottom fitting into Sana’s long fingers, her small breasts squashing into Sana’s larger breasts. Their nipples kissing and caressing each other.

Yui sat on the large sofa facing the bed and Dao sat on her lap, facing the bed. She leaned back against Yui, who lovingly explored her small body, nuzzling into her soft neck, caressing her small breasts, flicking her fingers over Dao’s very erect nipples, while Dao, with her eyes closed, softly moaned, offering her body to Yui, leaning back against her, lifting her arms over her head, manoeuvring her body so that she was straddling one of Yui’s thighs, and grinding her wet little pussy, soaking Yui’s thigh and giving herself enormous pleasure.

Watching Boon sitting above Sana and grinding her pussy all over Sana’s sexy body, Yui and Dao began masturbating each other. Yui’s fingers easily entering Dao’s wet pussy and Dao reaching down to flick Yui’s clitty.

Boon looked over at them and said something in Thai. Dao got up and pulled Yui over to the bed to join the other two lovers.

Soon the bed was a tangled mess of lovely, smooth, brown arms, shapely legs, soft, smooth female nakedness, and hands exploring everywhere and anywhere.

Boon motioned for Yui to kiss Sana. This was the first time Sana and Yui have ever worked together, and they didn’t really know each other very well at all. But the fire in their hearts was fierce, and Yui positioned her lovely face above Sana’s. Staring into each others’ eyes, Yui leaned in and kissed Sana’s lips. The two Thai girls made mocking, but sexy sounds, and encouraged more from their two sexy Japanese friends. They lay on either side of Sana, with Yui lying on top of Sana. She leaned in again, and very soon their tongues were dancing, sparring, fighting, wrestling, and making love to each other, all the while Boon and Dao were caressing Yui’s lovely smooth bottom, back, shoulders. The sensation of this wanton scene, especially with these two sexy little girls’ hands all over her, made Yui almost dizzy with lust. She sucked Sana’s tongue into her mouth, opening her eyes to watch her roommate’s reaction to her lustful advances. Their eyes met, and this made the fire in them hotter. Sana’s hands were exploring Yui’s back and bottom, as the other two girls began kissing Yui’s back and licking her down to her bottom and down her thighs, down her legs.

Sana’s thigh came up between Yui’s, and soon Yui was grinding her soaking wet pussy on Sana’s thigh. The heat coming from the bed was dripping. Boon began kissing and licking Sana’s thigh and knee, as Dao lovingly caressed Yui’s bottom, gradually pushing her fingers into the wetness, and using that wetness to ease a finger into Yui’s tight little anus. This sent Yui into a fiery and lustful grinding, still sucking Sana’s long tongue. She reached a shuddering orgasm within a minute of this, and eventually lay limp and warm on top of Sana, panting and cooing.

Yui rolled off and lay on the edge of the bed, while Boon and Dao lay again on either side of Sana, her arms around both of them. They wrapped their lovely slim legs around Sana’s, their delicate hands caressing her all over, exploring her stomach, hips, Yui’s wetness on her thigh, her lovely breasts and large nipples. They spent a long time tweaking, pulling, pinching and teasing Sana’s nipples, which of course was the kind of thing that Sana so absolutely loved, she could almost orgasm just from the attention from these canlı bahis siteleri two sexy little girls.

Yui watched through half-closed eyes as Boon and Dao’s faces hovered over Sana’s, and Sana motioned for them to kiss each other. They kissed just above Sana’s face, their eyes watching each other, tongues dancing with each other, lips being sucked, bitten, licked. Sana’s face was one of sheer pleasure, watching these two delicious Thai girls loving each other. Sana’s hands were all over their smooth little bodies, as Yui once again felt her sex tingling. She lay next to them on her side, lazily touching herself, playing with her nipples, running her hands down her lovely curves, until finally squeezing her hand between her thighs as she humped her fist.

Sana looked over at Yui.

“Yui chan, it feels so so good”, she whispered.

Boon and Dao stopped kissing each other and were covering Sana’s beautiful face with kisses. They kissed her from her forehead to her sexy neck. Sana moaned in delight and lust. The girls then began kissing her down her neck, eventually settling each on one of Sana’s large, sensitive and very erect nipples. They went to town. Kissing, licking, sucking, pinching, teasing, pulling those beautiful nipples. Sana was in heaven. She was writhing in the agony and ecstacy, moaning and breathing heavily, rasping how good it felt, occasionally looking down at the two little goddesses working away at her nipples.

Yui moved to between Sana’s legs. She could feel the warmth and wetness coming from Sana’s aching pussy.

“Yes Yui chan, please…”, Sana almost cried.

Yui immediately threw herself into Sana’s hot, wet pussy. Licking, flicking her tongue over her erect clitty. Sucking in her lips, pushing Sana’s pussy lips apart with her fingers so she could push her face as far into that warm pussy as possible. Her tongue was like a serpent, exploring Sana’s pussy until settling in on her clitty. She flicked, sucked and massaged Sana’s clitty until she could feel her tensing. Her moaning became low. She tensed her body.

“Bite my nipples!” she said in Japanese. The Thai girls seemed to understand and pulled her nipples with their teeth.

Sana’s almighty shudder rocked the bed. She almost screamed as a massive orgasm gripped her body, almost shaking off the two girls who were still sucking and biting her nipples. Sana’s thighs gripped Yui as she continued sucking her clitty.

“First time… both nipples… same time… oooohhh… most intense orgasm, ever!” she managed to say after a few minutes of catching her breath.

“Let’s watch these two cuties play together”, encouraged Yui.

They motioned for Dao and Boon to make love to each other, which they did without any encouragement. Yui knelt on the bed next to the two slim, petite, brown, naked girls, entwined in each others’ lusciousness, massaging her clitty, squeezing her nipples and generally enjoying herself watching them make love to each other. Sana was still limp, occasionally caressing herself, Yui’s gorgeously shaped thighs, the Thai girls.

Boon took the lead and positioned herself so that her pussy was making direct contact with Dao’s, who was more submissive. The two girls ground their pussies together, making delicious slurping noises from their wetness. Yui was so turned on, she was using her own wetness to bring herself to another orgasm.

Sana had recovered enough to get behind Boon and was pulling and twisting her nipples as she fucked Dao. She was whispering things into Boon’s ear, things that Boon would likely not understand at all, but it was certainly turning her on immensely.

“Fuck your sexy girlfriend, Boon. Make her cum like I came. Rub your sexy little pussy on hers…”

Before long, Dao, who was also flicking her cute little clitty, was reaching the edge of her cliff, which made Boon’s thrusting and grinding even more intense, and likewise, Sana’s working on Boon’s sexy nipples.

“Come for us baby”, Sana told Dao.

Dao said something in Thai, and very quickly after moaned deeply, while clenching her legs around Boon. Boon reached her own orgasm as Sana pulled her nipples, and fell back into Sana’s arms. On seeing this Yui also orgasmed. Not as intense as the first, but satisfying nonetheless.

The night ended with four beautiful, smooth, naked women holding each other, caressing, kissing and eventually sleeping.

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