An Irresistible Temptation Ch. 01

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An Irresistible Temptation Ch. 01

She was following the same routine as yesterday. Although tall and slim, she had the most appealing curves. All this was obvious in spite of her wearing a sheer silk blue and white wrap that failed to obscure the lines of her tiny bikini. Of course the bikini was also in matching colors.

Her only concealed feature was her face. It was hidden below a broad brimmed straw hat over her long chocolate brown hair. Assisting her disguise were large white rimmed sun glasses. Although most of her heart shaped face was covered, her pout and her rigidly raised head implied that her actions were just part of a perfunctory routine.

As she passed by the tropical ferns, my focus was on her ripe breasts that bounced little in spite of the inadequacy of the small triangular bikini top. She walked beyond the foliage enabling me to study her perfect figure from behind. Striding purposeful onto the sand, her hourglass hips swayed capturing my attention. I was then mesmerized by the small thong dividing those lovely firm cheeks. After she passed by, my thoughts drifted back to long suppressed schoolboy fantasies.

It was no surprise that she became the focus of my ambitious dreams that night:

She was due to pass my beachside bungalow. In preparation I was wearing my board shorts and a touch of after shave. With a towel over my shoulder and a bag containing a book, water and sunscreen, I was going to pretend that I was also wanting to sunbake on the beach.

I stepped off my porch timing my actions to intercept her by the ferns. She was wearing the same bikini, wrap, hat and sunglasses. She had failed to notice me until I said: “Good afternoon. Isn’t this a glorious location and a perfect day?”

I seemed to have surprised her as she simply answered: “Yes, it is lovely.”

“I was going to the beach. May I accompany you?”

“I am sorry, but I prefer to rest quietly and be on my own.” With that she continued her path through the ferns and across the sand. While I was disappointed, I stood and watched her toned legs as she strode across the sand. I was convinced she knew I was watching and in order to tease me, her hips swiveled excessively from side-to-side.

In the morning I recalled my frustrating dream. I wondered what the secret was to get women to notice me. I had always had difficulty approaching women. Actually that wasn’t quite right. It was only attractive women that made me stumble and lose self-confidence.

I was reasonably outgoing with plenty of confidence at work and at sporting activities. I am sure one of the reasons I did well in the work environment and as a team captain was that I was confident speaking publically. My interests were diverse with numerous outdoor hobbies and activities, however when I met a beautiful woman in a social situation, I could not think of anything to say.

I was always attuned to current affairs and news, but young women always seemed more focused about celebrities’ romances, fashions trends, the latest soap on television or some craft activity. Most of these topics I regarded as mere fluff and of little importance. Perhaps I needed to modify my views and pay more attention to social media so that I could converse socially with women.

Having just completed three month of intensive work on a business project for my uncle George, I was now trying to relax. I had literally worked continuously, including weekends, with few enjoyable distractions. George was boss of the company so he had paid for the two weeks at this beachside bungalow. It was late spring so the days were pleasantly warm here on the Gulf coast of Florida.

The last few lazy days had been enjoyable as I did nothing except swim, read, eat and enjoy the occasional drink. I had recovered my energy, so with a renewed zest for life I was looking for something less mundane to distract me. It was just that my thoughts kept returning to what I now regarded as my bikini girl. No! That’s wrong. While she appeared to be in her mid-twenties, she was not an immature girl. Her whole persona was that of a sophisticated lady.

That afternoon while sitting on my porch waiting for the ‘Bikini Lady’, Charlie, the resort handy boy visited me. Charlie was always happy and offering some special deal. He looked to be about thirteen, but I was convinced that his entrepreneurship would make him a successful businessman by the time he turned twenty-one. He normally wandered about the bungalows offering souvenirs and tourist information. I had made an arrangement for him to bring me two Magnum ice cream bars each afternoon. The freezer in the fridge was only large enough for an ice tray, hence the daily order.

Charlie was just making his delivery when the ‘Bikini Lady’ walked past. I ignored Charlie as I was momentarily distracted as she paraded past us. I studied her statuesque figure, small waist, rounded hips and bottom that she wiggled as she disappeared across the sand.

Turning escort eryaman back to Charlie, I realized he seemed to know everything going on, I wondered what intelligence he had on the lady. “Charlie, do you know who she is?”

“The lady is staying in Hut 14, Mister Chandler.”

“You are making me feel old Charlie. You can call me Owen.”

“Yes Mister Owen. I can find out more for you if you wish.”

“It is just Owen and yes… I will make it worth your while to find out everything that you can, but she is not to know I am making enquiries.”

“You have a deal, Owen.” I paid generously for the ice creams and Charlie ran off to his next customer.

I realized that most of the cool dudes had confidence and were far more brazen than I would normally be. Maybe my introduction to ‘Bikini Lady’ would be successful if I was bolder. That night I had another dream about her:

I made the same preparation and watched from the porch. As predicted she appeared near the ferns.

As I approached her, I announced: “What a delightful vision. A pretty lady should never be unaccompanied.” She looked up with disdain. Continuing I said: “You know life is too short to be alone so I think we should find a nice place on the sand so we can share our hopes and dreams.”

Bikini Lady stopped briefly and in a tone of derision she emphatically stated: “Leave me alone. Thank you!”

She then continued her path through the ferns and across the sand. As she disappeared I was convinced that her symmetrical curves and rhythmic movements were sending a subliminal message just to tease me.

The next morning, once again I woke frustrated. Of course, I knew trying to be clever would fail. Maybe I should just be myself.

That afternoon Charlie returned with my Magnums and let me know her name was Ms. Monique Fontaine. “What do you know about her Charlie?”

“She is booked in for the reminder of the week in Hut 14. Her address is in Maryland but she arrived here by taxi, probably from the airport. That is all I could find out from the office… Owen.”

“Like all the other guests you must have spoken to her often. Can’t you tell me more?”

“Not really. She has been going out each morning returning in the afternoon, then going to the beach. She has booked to go scuba diving the day after tomorrow… I think. Yes… on Thursday.”

“Who did she book with?”

“Oh that would have to be Hank’s Scenic Diving. They are the local dive school.”

I paid Charlie for the ice cream bars with two $20 dollar bills to also cover my orders until the end of next week, plus his tip.

Monique was going to be the catalyst to stop me being idle. Perhaps I could find the confidence to have a conversation with her. Even if I became embarrassed, she was a temptation I couldn’t resist. As I had planned to do some diving all my scuba gear was in the trunk of my trusty Camry. Naturally, I decided that tomorrow I would investigate this diving opportunity and the local shops.

Next morning, I quickly found the dive shop. A spotty faced blonde youth was operating the counter. His name plate read, ‘Trevor’. I showed him my dive qualifications and logbook then asked: “Do you have a dive tomorrow that I could join?”

Trevor confirmed: “Yes Sir… we’re fixin’ to leave about 10 in the morning. Then in the morning we gonna dive on an old barge sunk in 55 feet of water… then an afternoon dive on some rock at 40 feet.”

“I have all my own equipment, but I need my tank filled and a second tank for the afternoon dive. I would like to join the dive, if possible, please.”

“I reckon that would be fine. I’ll just work out the cost.”

I paid for the dive, the tank fill and hire and was informed that I had to be back at the store by 9.30 in the morning with my gear. With that all organized I started visiting other shops.

I needed to get some food and drink to take on the boat. Also exploring shops was a leisurely way to fill in time. Each time I have dived, someone has forgotten to provide themselves with drink and food. I bought half a dozen bottles of flavored water and energy bars. Maybe I would be lucky and find that Monique needed a drink.

I have always been interested in antiques so I decided to browse through two shops. The stores did not seem large but there were items slung from the roof and every wall as well as being stacked where ever possible. I probably wasted two hours as although there were a few items I liked, they were too big for my car and not cheap enough to warrant sending them home by freight.

After a sandwich and Coke for lunch, I wandered into a pawn shop across the road. I am generally suspicious of second hand items, but I had time to kill. I was about to leave when I spotted an electric guitar hanging high on the wall. A friend of mine had always allowed me to practice on his instrument, but I had never owned one. I looked at it for a couple of minutes as I was certain it was a Fender American Performer Stratocaster. elvankent escort It had the classic contoured alder body and fast, comfortable maple neck. I had played one of these before, so I knew it would have excellent tone.

The bearded owner had obviously been watching me as behind me I heard: “Would you like me to get it down for you?”

Without hesitation I said: “Yes please.”

When I studied it in detail I knew it was a recent model and it hardly looked scratched. I naturally held it to play and plucked a little tune. Of course I would need an amplifier to really feel it properly, but I knew this was what I had always wanted. In the past I had postponed such a purchase as there had always been higher priorities for my money.

For about five minutes, I looked it over carefully while thinking whether I could afford it. They were normally over $1,200 when new. Wondering if I could tempt myself, I eventually asked: “How much is it?”

“$800,” was the owner’s gruff reply. It was what I had expected. I remained silent and kept studying the volume and two tone controls. He then said: “If you’re able to pay cash I can sell it for $600.”

I guessed that a cash sale would be off the books, so I made it clear: “I would need a receipt.” I received a nod in response. “Does it have a case?”

“Yeah… that’ll be another $100.”

“Really! How are you intending to sell the case without the guitar?”

“OK… $600 cash for the lot. Ya getting’ a good deal.”

“I will need to withdraw some money. Can you hold it until tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow then.”

Pleased with the deal, I set off looking for the nearest ATM. On the way I found an auto mechanic whose garage looked clean and professional. My car needed an oil change and I knew this should be completed before making the long drive home. I checked in and made arrangement for the work to be conducted while I was out diving. When I found the ATM, I withdrew $700 to also cover the oil change.

By now it was too late to go back to the pawn shop. Besides I always like to sleep on big purchases. I was now looking forward to my regular ice creams from Charlie, so I returned to the bungalow.

I had just returned when Charlie turned up. Not only did he have the Magnums, but he had good news. “Mum says you can have Hut 9 tomorrow afternoon as soon as we clean it after the people in there depart.” I had requested a change of bungalows so that I had a clear view of the beach. This would also allow me to watch Ms. Monique Fontaine sunbaking.

After thinking a while about timings, I informed Charlie: “I am now booked to go diving tomorrow, so I will clear my belongings out of this hut before leaving in the morning. I guess after the diving I can pick up the new key from the office. Will that suit you mother?”

“I think that will be fine. I will let her know.” Charlie then wandered off and I wondered if Monique would pass by. It turned out I had already missed her.

That night in bed, I tried imagining diving alongside her as her buddy. This may be the perfect solution to my inability to talk to gorgeous women. We could be together under water but being unable to speak would delay any potential talking embarrassment until we had become friends.

I woke early in the morning. After a full breakfast of cereal, boiled eggs, toast and coffee, I had a shave and shower before dressing. It took no time to pack my two bags. I loaded my car and then handed in the bungalow key to Charlie’s mother at the office.

When I drove up just after 8.30, I was relieved to find Hank’s Scenic Diving shop already open. I went in and asked Trevor to watch my dive gear while I did some other chores.

With that arranged, I drove the car to the garage that was opening at 9 am. I had decided to only take $40, my dive log and registration card with me for the diving. I had hidden my wallet inside my shaving bag, which was inside the locked suitcase in the trunk. I was nervous that this may be risky, but when the garage opened a few minutes later I had no more second thoughts. I handed over the key and said I expected to return by about 4 pm.

Cutting through a lane way, it was a 200 yard walk to the dive shop so I was still early when I arrived back. Just to pass the time, I decided to offer my help to Trevor who seemed to be running everything on his own. “I still need to have my tank filled. Can I help out in any way?”

“Yeah… that’d be real good.” Trevor replied as if I was his savior. “Have you filled tanks before?”

“Yes, several times. Just show me how the compressor works.”

“Come out the back and lemme show ya.”

Trevor went through the sequence of starting the compressor. Two tanks could be filled at once and each tank was placed in a large tub of water which was designed to mitigate any explosion if a tank was faulty. Once I connected the filling hose to my tank, I stood a respectful distance away.

I then enquired: “Are all the tanks filled to 3,000 etimesgut escort psi?”

“Yeah… that will be real good.”

I also let him know: “My tank has a higher rating, so I intend to fill it to 3,200 psi if that is alright?”

“I reckon that will be alright.”

Trevor went back to the front of the shop while I filled my tank first. I then stated filling the other ten tanks in pairs. Nine of these tanks were the normal K valve, but one had a J valve. A friend of mine who loves underwater photography still uses this type of valve.

The J valve has a lever that holds the last 500 psi of air as a reserve. This was a safety mechanism before tank pressure gauges became common. I had thought they were now redundant, however my friend sometimes sits on the bottom for long periods of time without movement in order to get the perfect picture. He says he sometimes forgets to check his pressure gauge, so the safety reserve of air has been very useful.

The only difference in filling a J valve tank is to make sure the lever remains in the down position while filling. Before diving, the diver then positions the lever up if they wish to hold the reserve. The reserve is then opened by pulling a rod that’s attached to the lever. Normally divers using a tank pressure gauge deactivate the reserve by leaving the lever in the down position.

I was about half way through the task when a guy about my age came out the back to check on me. He had dark untidy hair and wore matching blue jeans and jacket. I determined from later conversations that his name was Calvin. He was the boss’s son. Acting as though he smelt something foul, Calvin watched what I was doing and finally left without a word.

Calvin and Trevor were talking when I sighted Monique entering the shop. She looked smart and shapely in her tight designer blue shorts and matching t-shirt. She still wore her signature sunglasses and hat.

She introduced herself to Trevor and was greeted by Calvin saying: “Hey doll. You didn’t need to get all gussied up just for me.”

Monique pretended to ignore Calvin and looking only at Trevor she explained: “My dive booking also included the requirement for full equipment hire. Could you please help me with the selection?”

Once again Calvin in a lecherous tone chimed in: “Darlin’, I’ll help service your needs and go down with you.”

No response was made, however Trevor wearing a guilty smile stepped out from behind the counter and said: “Follow me.”

He guided her towards the back of the shop to shelving where there was a selection of hire equipment stored. The shelving ran along a corridor up to where I was filling the tanks.

Trevor left her to select what she needed and returned to the front counter where Calvin had remained.

They were immediately joking to themselves, but Calvin’s comments remained deliberate loud: “She’s as pretty as a peach, but stuck up higher that a light-pole.”

Trevor made a quiet response before Calvin once again said: “Yankees are like hemorrhoids: Pain in the butt when they come down and always a relief when they go back up.”

They continued smirking and joking.

Monique had removed her hat and glasses so it enabled my first real look at her perfect heart shaped face. I could tell she was strenuously ignoring the comments but obviously frustrated with the selection before her. I had just finished filling a couple of tanks, so before I connected the next, I turned off the compressor and wandered over.

As I approached I could feel the intensity of her look from her brown eyes and the air of intelligence. I had an immediate feeling she would not suffer fools gladly. Cautiously I said: “My names Owen. Can I help you?”

“Yes,” and with a sigh of relief, she said: “Would you please?” With that her whole body relaxed; she smiled and her face was transformed to warmth and sensuality.

She had already selected some medium sized fins, so I suggested: “Well let’s start with the mask. Tie your hair in a ponytail to keep it out of your face. Now try these masks and breathe in to see which holds the best suction.” I then demonstrated with a mask brand I knew was reliable.

Once she made her pick I asked: “Are you going to include a snorkel?”

“Yes… of course. We did quite a bit of snorkeling on my course.” I then demonstrated how to attach the snorkel we selected.

Trying to keep a friendly conversation going, I enquired: “Where have you dived before?”

“It was on some reefs in Jamaica last summer.”

“Do you know what you need for a wet suit?”

“I wore one of these suits without sleeves and legs last year.”

I pondered for a while and then suggested: “The shorties may be good at the height of summer in shallow water, but it is still a little cool here. It will also be cooler at 55 feet. I suggest you try one of the full wet suits. They are harder to slip on, but it needs to be a tight fit while still feeling comfortable.”

I went back to filling tanks but kept an eye on Monique as she slipped out of her shorts and shirt to try on her first wetsuit. She was wearing a different bright red bikini which was more modest than the one I had previously seen. In spite of this, it still made my juices boil.

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