A Baby – His Brother and Family

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I has been requested by many to write about more of my adventure with Nick’s Family….So I continue with my story. If you haven’t read the first 8 Chapters it may help you understand my story. With much pleasure in writing it.

The saga continues…..

It was a lazy chilly day in the latter part of December 2002. Christmas is near, shopping done, and very nervous as to what may happen on the 25th. Maybe I should explain cause when I first started to write these stories a few months ago; life has change in the last 6 months.

It all happens in early November 2002. The day was dark and overcast, storms predicted according to the weather forecast. What an understatement, thought to myself, as I was driving home on I-75 from Ohio; two towns already got hit by tornados in Ohio and it seem the storm was following me.

“Two weeks to a month” they said, well the two-week temporary assignment has turned into over 3 months now. Still thinking, that this 300-mile weekly trip is going to kill me one day; should tell the firm that I work for to stick it before it does.

Pulling into my driveway it started to rain a little and the clouds looked really ugly. So I pulled into my garage, unpacked my car, went straight to my bedroom.

As I undress, the rain starts to get heavier, thought, better get a shower before the storm hits. The water felt great as it was hitting my face and streaming down my body. So soothing, relaxing, couldn’t wait to hit my bed and just masturbate myself to sleep. Then a flash, immediately a loud boom, and the lights went out. Terrified, jumped out of the shower, fearing the worst as the wind started to howl outside and the torrential rain seem to be tearing the roof off of my two story 110 year old country home.

“Why me God” thinking to myself.

House was dark; tried to find a towel or my housecoat, when another flash hit, then boom, the howling became deafening.

“Godddddddddddddd this is crazy,” I screamed.

“Hell with this,” I thought.

Naked I tried to find a safe place, went straight to the fruit cellar, my dog and cat following me as scared as I was. Terrified, cold and exhausted search the cellar for something to put on when I remembered some old blankets stored down there. Wrapping the blankets around me I could hear the storm ripping at my house. Huddled into a corner with my dog, scared, crying, praying, fell off to sleep from exhaustion.

Suddenly I was awakening, with a knocking sound, my dog barking like crazy. Groggy I didn’t realize what the knocking was, and then realized someone at the front door is knocking, constantly, knockinggggg, and knockinggg. My dog barking like crazy, running up and down the stairs, coming to me going to the door, barking, growling, never seen him like this before.

Frighten, didn’t know who could be at my door at 1 am. Slowly walking up the cellar stairs into my kitchen, realized the storm was still howling outside.

Knocking was persistent, afraid to turn the house lights on; I entered the den, to see who is there on the security monitor, but no light outside. Flipping the switch for the outside light nothing happens. Geeeez I forgot the lights went out and thought what next. Slowly I worked myself to the front door, pulling the curtains back, seen a person stumbling against my door.

“Bitch, fucking bitch” I heard

That voice is familiar, could it be, then a flash of lightening, yes it him, soaking wet standing there after two and half years was Nick, oh God my Nick.

Wait a minute, he’s drunk, never seen him drunk in the 17 years with him. Now I am afraid, what does he want? Is he going to hurt me?

“No, he would never do that”, thinking to myself.

I spoke into the intercom, “Hey honey, let me get dressed, be right there.”

No answer, shit the intercom is out, no electricity.

Spoke thru the door, “Honey let me get ankara bayan escortlar dressed”

He screams, “Fuck, I seen you naked a thousand time, open this fucking door.”

Like a slave being given an order, said, “Ok.”

Opening the door naked as the day I was born, wind-blowing rain in, my dog Buddy still barking not knowing what was happening, I caught Nick staring at my nakedness, felted embarrassed, but that change when I noticed he is crying.

“Oh my God what as happen?” Thinking something happen to one of the kids, because of his crying.

He says, “Please forgive me,”

I look at him startled, “Forgive you for what? You haven’t done anything to me.”

He says, “Yes I have.”

“Come in, what, what have you done to me?” I said.

Before he could answer, he falls backwards off my small porch, down three stairs onto the ground, in his drunken stupor passed out.

“NICK!!! NICK!!!” I’m screaming, running out into the storm reach down to pick him up, I can’t, way to heavy. Frighten, panicking didn’t know what to do, pouring rain plus freezing out there.

Remembering my Father advice in a bad situation, don’t panic THINK!! I then ran into the house to get some blankets, my old plastic tablecloths to shield the blankets from the rain. I am stark naked, putting blanket on Nick and it’s freezing, but I don’t feel it. The man I love is here, and that’s all I care about.

THINK, THINK, kept saying to myself. Get on the phone call someone, but whom. Jack lives to far away. Oh yes, yes the store manager Jim, but he is still an hour away, the same for my brothers.

“DEAR GOD, HELP ME!” I screamed.

I huddled over Nick with the rain pouring down on my body, starting to get cold and shivering when I heard voices. Looked up and seen two figures walking towards me.

“Nicole, Nicole, you ok” the familiar voice said.

My one and only neighbor that lived across the road from me heard my screams. Dick and his wife Ruth where the ones I purchase this old farmhouse. He grabbed one of the blankets and wrapped it around me, said,

“Nicole get in the house, Sean and I will get him in for you.”

Then looked with embarrassment that it was his 18-year-old son Sean with him. Sean had been over to the house many times and would chat with me. Our conversations would always lead to sex; this evening he got a good view of what I knew he desired.

As Dick and Sean were bringing Nick in to my bedroom, Ruth came in and said, “Dear God Nicole you’re soaking wet, your going to catch a death of a cold.”

She went into my bathroom got some towels and started to wipe me off. It felt great as she was rubbing the towels all over my body, not missing any part. Maybe it was just being exhausted, but she seemed to take her time when she was wiping my boobs and pussy. She started to get my key turned on but I said,

“Thanks Ruth, I can finish now, really appreciate you guys for helping me”

As she handed me the towels, noticed an evil smirk on her face. I put my hand on her face gave her a kiss on the cheek and thank her. At that time Dick and Sean came into the den, realizing that I was naked, said “Sorry” as I wrapped one of the towels around me. Dick made a smart comment, you don’t have to be sorry, enjoy the scenery.

Ruth smacks him in the arm, said, “Yeah bet you do, come on you guys Nicole probably wants to see how her man is.”

Thanking them as they walked out the front door, saying, “I owe you guys.”

“Yes you do,” Sean making a smart remark. “The little shit”, thinking to myself. Ruth muttering, “God you guys, leave her alone.”

Nick was sound asleep; his cloths are wet, I slowly took them off to make him more comfortable. This was difficult, but I finally manage to get them off. After wiping him off, sat at the edge of the bed, stared at his silhouette. Put my hands on his face ankara seksi escortlar and kissed him. Slowly moved my hands down his chest, noticed the firmest still in his body, not bad for 61 years. My hands continued down until I reached his manhood, touched his cock lightly with my fingers, it started to get hard as my fingers massaged it lightly. Leaning over I put my tongue on the tip, opened my mouth and sucked the head in, sucking ever so lightly so as not to disturb him. I wanted him so badly; just lying next to him would have been enough at the time. Missed my man who was so kind and gentle, taught me so much to help make my life better. Then I thought, better not and went into the guest room and fell asleep.

Later that morning I heard noises in the house, still naked got up to find out what was happening. In the kitchen was Nick, with a T shirt and a pair of jockeys on, making breakfast.

I said, “hi”

He turned, smiled and said, “You haven’t changed,” making me blush referring to my nakedness.

Replying said, “Well I had a good teacher.”

He got serious, said, “Sorry about last night, thanks for putting me up.”

“No problem, just glad you’re here and safe.” I responded.

“Do you remember anything about this morning,” as he handed me a hot cup of coffee.

“Not really, he responded. “Just feeling sorry for myself and then at your doorstep”.

“Well hon. you asked me to forgive you, and I am at a loss as to what you did to me to ask forgiveness, since I am the one who needs to be forgiven.”

He responded, “I said that, wow, must of really been drunk”.

Then he looked at me, said, “Yes forgive me for not understanding, why you did what you did with wanting a child, it was selfish of me.”

Thinking to myself, I knew why I love this man so much, regardless of our age.

In a pleading voice, I said, “No, No, your wrong, it wasn’t right for me to take your trust and do that, I let you down and am so sorry, please forgive me.”

He kept staring at me…

I then said, “Lets get back together where we both belong, pleaseeeeee.”

At this point I would of done anything for him, but Nick being the type of person he is, said,

“You don’t have to beg me, you know how much I love you. Yes I miss you and regretted the day I threw you out, but felt you did this because of me getting old. I couldn’t take that Nicole. If it wasn’t for Sue calling, telling me to get in touch with you, really don’t know if I would be here right now.”

Thought to myself, God love her, she so wanted us back together as much as I wanted it.

I ran to him grabbed him and put my arms around him with my head resting on his shoulders crying, said,

“Your not old and it doesn’t matter, its you I love not your age, body, looks, just you.”

Raised my head off his shoulder, putting my hands on his face, as tears were running down my cheeks, said,

“I am so sorry for letting you down. You’re the only man I have ever loved, and will always be. Nick, I’ll be with you until one us die, just like Jan never forgotten.”

He smiled, said, “Yes she was special, knew you were the one for us from the beginning, she loved you very much.”

“God, I loved her to and miss her just like you do.” I responded.

He then kissed me, not a passionate kiss, a kiss of tenderness showing his feelings. I wanted him so badly, but felt it had to be him to make the first move.

It didn’t take him to long. He picked me up heading straight for my bedroom, commenting, “Breakfast going to have to wait.”

Wrapping my arms around his neck, said “Yup.” Then started kissing him, like when we first met.

Dear God I missed him, two and half years since Nick has touched me, my excitement was mounting as it was the first day we sex. He set me down at the foot of the bed and just stared at me, then requested bayan ankara escort for me to turn around for him. As I turned he had a smile, then said, “You haven’t change since the day I met you, lovely, just lovely.” I was blushing, said, “Your just saying that, you know I gain some weight.”

Staring at him, with a smirk on my face, said “You know you don’t have to be nice to me to get in my pants, anytime you want in-between my legs they’re spread for you.”

“Well if you have I don’t see It.” He said. Then he grabs me; his lips slowly move to my mouth, kissing me, his tongue moving so slowly on my lips, his hands begin to roam slowly over my body.

“Nicole, I love you so much, don’t ever want to lose you.”

“Oh God Nick, I am so sorry”, tears running down my cheeks. “Never meant to hurt you and know I have, please forgive me.”

“No need Hon, you just being here I know you didn’t mean to. Please next time though, just ask me if you get itchy pants to have a child by someone else.” Turning red in the face. Said, “Never, never will it happen again.”

He then lowers me on my bed; our lips tied together, his tongue searching my mouth, while his hands are exploring my body, as if he never touched it before. He starts licking my neck, and then nibbling on my ear, his hand starts to massage my breasts, pinching my nipples just slightly. My moans are echoing in the house. “Ohhhhh, Nick… fuck me, please fuck me… I waited so long for this… Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

He moves his body on top of me, moving in between my legs. I could feel his cock searching for me. I lower my hand down between us and grab his rock hard cock. Dear God I missed touching him, I thought. Then I put it to my entrance, said “Now Hon, Nowww,” he pushed and let out a slight moan as he sunk to the hilt in me. Slowly he starts pumping into me, with ever stroke I rose off the bed to meet him. My insides were going crazy with the feeling his cock was generating.

Yessssssss Nickkkkkk, Goddddd yessssssssssssss Nickkkkkk… fuck meeeeeeeee, Yessssssss fuck meeeeeee…

My orgasm was near, he could sense it and proceeded to get faster and faster. I felt his cock swelling inside me, knew he was as close as I. Then all hell broke loose, I started to tremble as he kept plunging into me, screaming in his ear… yessssssssssssss, yessssssssssssss, yessssssssssssss, nowwwwwwwwww, nowwwwwwwwww oh my Goddddd nowwwwwwwwww…

He then stiffens, and just jams his cock, all the way in me, then moans, Ohhhhhhh yessssss Hon, ohhhhhhh yessssss, I love you so much Nicole. His body is now jerking as each spasms of cum is filling me. My cunt squeezing his cock for all I can get, knowing my love is back and I am not going to lose him again… Thank you God for answering my prayers.


Nick and I now live together again, the kids came home during the Christmas Holidays. Let me tell you at first it wasn’t pleasant, but as time went on and with Nick’s insistence, they have forgiven me to. What really is funny about all of this, Jack now lives with us and with Nick’s blessing, been asked to get me pregnant.

I only love one man, but as Nick knows, I enjoy having sex with his brother as he enjoys watching or joining in.

This relationship started out with Nick, Jan and I… now its Nick, Jack and I… sometimes wonder if Jan is looking down on us, smiling and saying you go girl. She was the greatest woman I ever met.

For all you wondering if I been to bed with his daughters again, the answer is yes. Not as much for they all live in different states, except Victoria. She lives real close now, divorced from her husband. He couldn’t take the fact she was Bi Sexual, even though she shared her girlfriends with him. Wish me luck, for all this started because I want to get pregnant.

Want to thank all for the feedback… sorry I am not a good writer, but this is my story, in my words…As requested I ll write about some of the times I had with Nick and his family over the years….thinking back, been very exciting sexually as well as enjoying this family as family….

You tell me who or what you want to read about this family and me.

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