Oral Lover

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“Take off those clothes sweetie I want to taste that cock of yours. I want to eat that cock, I want to flood your head, shaft, and balls with my saliva. Get it so wet that I can slip and slide all over it.”

I lean back with breasts exposed waiting for your cock to enter my mouth. But you tease me, I want it but you just won’t give it yet. The tip of my tongue dances on your head but what I really want is you to stuff it all over the inside of my mouth, I want to taste it and make it creamy.

“Mmm I can’t control myself this cock makes me so horny. I want it Baby!”

Dick is in, out, in, out, and in again as my tongue wraps liberally around your cock and loves it. This new sensation enters my body as you stuff your manpower in my mouth. I can’t help but feel sexy and a little kurtköy escort slutty.

“Oh I love sucking you off Baby.”

By this time my face is dripping wet. Cock too.

While I’m rapidly sucking, stroking, swirling, and vibrating your smooth cock in my mouth, you’re driven with desire. You stop, eyes in a wild sex fit, you want my goods now.

“Please do baby. I can tell you want to eat my pussy so bad. Send that sopping wet tongue down my thigh to my pussy. Lick it up and down, up and down. Thigh to cunt, thigh to cunt, Oh Fuck! I must taste so good. “

Harder and harder your tongue sweeps my pussy’s lips.

“Mmm . Now again, up to my thigh and back down. Yes Baby with that sopping wet tongue of yours. This time keep going farther down, keep licking my pussy malatya escort like you have.. Mmm now press that whole tongue on my clit and use it hard, introduce it slowly to my asshole. Mmm my willing asshole, wide open, hot, and tight. The perfect place to ram that generous dick of yours into. Oh Baby! My breasts, they need pinching, oh yes Baby grab them, grab them hard!”

I bend over, my legs are spread wide, my stilettos are high, my back strong and poised, my pussy and asshole looking tasty…

“Yes, I would love for you to fuck my ass. Do it baby, but first spit on it get it nice and wet and smack my ass a little. Harder than that. Yes, baby I want your cock in there! I know how good you do me. UUHH!!!!!”

You shove your face in my pussy, practically diving in. Your tongue slides kayseri escort up to my asshole licking and spitting all over it. Your nose jams in my vagina, tongue exploring the surrounding area. All the sudden the sensation of your cock entering my ass sends waves of pleasure through my body. It’s time to fuck.

Your cock gets one taste of my asshole and it’s already ready to explode, but I begin vigorously rubbing my clit, enhancing the sensation loving your cock in my ass even more.

“Mmm.. Oh yes Baby! Yes Baby! “

You grab me by the waist and start shaking me on your cock, fast and hard, literally picking me up and ramming away. You rub my asshole all over your member and I take all of you in. Loving it I exclaim..

“Oh baby I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum so hard!”

You know how good it feels to cum in my ass, deep in my ass. The explosion was loud.

“Oh Oh ohhhh fuck yea make me cum fuck yes baby. I’m Cumming!”

Grunting hard, you release your cum deep into my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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