Beebe and Petey Ch. 05

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Chad was in Basic at Ft Bliss, Dene was in a natatorium in the middle of Indiana, and I was bored to tears with freshman intro classes in Corpus Christi. Thank goodness I’d wheedled my way into a 200-level Calculus class. I was taking the pre-requisite class at the same time, but I’d already used the same book in high school and aced the class then. That just frosted my ass! The damned school assumed I didn’t know anything until I had THEIR class. English and Civics were likewise anemic. The Calculus, at least, took enough concentration to keep my mind off everything else.

And “everything else” had gained another dimension. My father had been transferred to California. Chad and Dene’s folks had been transferred to St. Louis.

I knew something was up when Mom got the dean’s office to deliver a message to me emphasizing I needed to be home for dinner. That just never happened. I spent the afternoon wondering what on earth was up, but my leading guess was that Mom and Dad were splitting up. There weren’t any clear signs, but they had both been on edge, and heated conversations stopped suddenly when they knew I was within earshot. When I got there, Jan’s car was outside too-a real family conference. My stomach sank.

I could smell Mom’s chicken casserole in the oven and the table was set, but our parents were in the living room.

“Come on in girls.” mom said. “Dad has some news that will affect us all.”

“Dad?” Jan asked, “What’s going on?”

“Are you guys getting a divorce?” I blurted, nearly in tears.

“Oh, Kitten! No! Oh, honey, I’m so sorry you thought that. Dad and I are fine, it’s just, well. . .”

“I’ve accepted a transfer to Sharp,” Dad said. “It’s actually a promotion, but the thing is that I’ve been really afraid of being RIF’d here, and things look better at Sharp.”

Mom and Dad both worked at ARADMAC-the “Army Aeronautical Depot Maintenance Center.” Dad was an “Equipment Specialist” and managed overhaul programs for stuff that went on Huey and Cobra helicopters. Dad had worked there as long as I could remember. Mom had begun working as a secretary when I got old enough to be left alone.

“I think Bob and Madge (Chad and Dene’s parents) are probably going to be dealing with the same thing-I saw Bob in Personnel as I was leaving this afternoon, but we didn’t get a chance to talk.”

“Anyway,” Mom continued, “Dad has to report to Sharp (Sharp Army Depot) in about 3 1/2 weeks, and we’re putting the house on the market this week.” “I’ll live here and keep working until the house sells, then we’ll move out to join him.”

“Kitten, this will affect you more than Jan, but we wanted you both here to get the news together. Personally, I don’t think the house will sell before your semester ends. If it does, we can probably delay closing until you’re done. Then you can transfer to California.”

“Whoa!” I gasped. “California?” “I’m trying to get enough worthwhile courses at Del Mar to transfer to Rice next year. I’ve already talked with them about my scholarship, and they said I can still get it. I don’t want to move to California!”

“I know, hon, but with Chad and Dene gone, things have been pretty rough for you. It’s been hard to miss. Dad and I worry that you’re not quite ready to live on your own yet. We’ve worried and worried about all kinds of things if Dad got transferred, but that most of all. We really think you’d be better off to come with us, at least for the rest of the school year.”

I glanced pleadingly at Jan. Mom caught my look and said: “And Jan, before you bring it up, we absolutely don’t think it would be a good idea for Kathy to live with you while you and Tony are living together in, well, without being married. I don’t want this to be an argument, but that’s what we both think.”

I saw Jan tense. She locked eyes with Mom for a moment, then glanced down, breathed out, and looked back up.

In a quiet, perfectly calm voice, Jan spoke: “It won’t be an issue. Tony just got his Air Transport Rating and he’s got job offers from Ozark and Delta. Neither of them will be based anywhere close to here. He’ll probably be moving in a couple of weeks. I’d love it if Kath wanted to live with me, but above all, I think you need to realize she’s not our little “Kitten” anymore. Let her think this through, make her own decision and trust her wisdom. Kath, you’re tough and smart. Ask questions, think about this from all the angles you can. California might be the best spot. It’s an important step, so don’t shortcut anything, just balance everything out and make the call. All three of us love you more than you can ever know-we’ll always support the path you choose.” She stared directly at Mom as she spoke those last words, almost daring her to say otherwise.

The room was silent for a bit.

Mom broke the silence: “Thanks Jan. That was well-said. And we don’t need to make a decision about Kathy tonight. We just wanted you to know about the move. And congratulations to Tony-that’s a big step. And I really am sorry ankara sınırsız escortlar you’ll be losing him. I really like him, just-well, you know.” Mom and Jan had been at odds over “living in sin” with Tony for the 3 years since she found out. Good for both of them they didn’t get sidetracked into that battle now.

The timer went off in the kitchen. The chicken casserole was great, as always, and it lifted our mood some, but the table was pretty quiet.

Later, Dad got a call from Bob. Dad’s guess was right-Bob and Madge would be heading to AVSCOM, the Aviation Systems Command headquarters in St. Louis on pretty much the same timetable as Dad.

The house sold way sooner than Mom thought, but it turned out OK. In fact, it turned out great! I explored schools in California, but decided to stay put at Del Mar for the remainder of the school year and transfer to Rice at the beginning of my sophomore year. As soon as I announced my plan, JAN bought Mom and Dad’s house and paid in cash. You could have knocked Dad over with a feather! They had no idea she had been so successful with her business. Jan moved in as soon as the movers hauled the folks’ furniture out to California, then refurnished the place to her own taste. She offered me her old house, but I kept my room. The world felt like it was getting back on track. Jan rented out the old house, but told me I always had priority on it if I ever wanted a place of my own.

The real boost came right before Thanksgiving week. Jan was dressed to go out when I got home Friday night and gave me a quick kiss as she headed out the door to the garage. Chad was set to graduate from Basic Training tomorrow and thought he’d be “home” on Sunday to begin his leave. I put “home” in quotes because his parents were both in St. Louis. Their house was still on the market but all the furniture, including his and Dene’s, had already been moved to St. Louis. Bob and Madge were expecting Chad and Dene for Thanksgiving in their new home, but Chad was stopping by Corpus to see me on the way. I’d been working on a way to travel with him to St. Louis but hadn’t come up with the cash for a plane ticket yet. I was planning to devote tomorrow to some serious house-cleaning, baking and primping.

I heard the garage door go up and Jan’s car start. I was back in the kitchen when I heard the door to the garage open again. “Forget something?” I yelled.

“I forgot how stunningly beautiful you are” said a male voice.

“BEEBEEEEEEEEEE!” I screamed, running full speed and leaping straight into his chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck, my legs around his waist and squeezed for all I was worth. “OH, BeeBe-I can’t believe you’re really here” I said between sobs, smothering him in kisses.”

“Surprised?” Jan’s voice asked behind me. I glanced around to see Jan leaning in the doorway with Tony hugging her from behind.

“YES!YES!YES!” I said, still hanging like a monkey from Chad’s frame. “How-What-“

Chad answered. “I called Monday to let you know graduation was this morning instead of tomorrow, but you weren’t home and Jan took the call. It kind of went from there.”

“I knew Tony was down today, so I called him and worked out how to get Chad back here.”

“Three other Delta pilots and I went together and bought a Cessna 210. It cruises a little over 200 miles per hour, so I flew into El Paso this morning, rented a car and was waiting for lover-boy here when he got sprung. Took us about 3 hours to get back-Chad actually had the controls most of the way. We started a logbook for him and called it dual instruction. We were waiting in Chad’s house till Jan signaled us with the garage door.”

“I can’t BELIEVE you all did this! This is just the best thing that’s happened to me in a long LONG time.” I slid down off of Chad and went to give first Jan and then Tony a hug. “Thank you so much for this Tony. It just means the world to me.” I kissed him on the cheek.

“No problem, kiddo. This is the best time I’ve had flying in a long time. I’m just tickled my schedule was open enough to make it work.”

“Now,” said Jan, “the pantry is stocked, there’s a casserole in the fridge you can microwave for dinner, and plenty of other things to snack on. Tony and I are leaving now for a romantic getaway flight down to Acapulco. We’ll be back Sunday night.”

“Hey, you two,” Tony waved as they headed for the door, “don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.”

“Sure thing Tony,” Chad replied, “but I think that leaves pretty nearly everything on the table, huh?”

Jan threw a kiss over her shoulder, and they were off.

“BeeBe-you’ve got exactly 15 seconds to strip and join me in the shower” I declared.

Grinning, he said: “What’s with the extra 5 seconds!” and raced for the bathroom, pitching clothes as he went, with me hot on his trail.

Once in the shower, we were back in our element. Gentle, soapy hands caressed and squeezed. My tits pressed and slid across his hard-muscled soapy chest. His stiff dick pressed ankara suriyeli escortlar and rolled across my belly. We traded kisses. As we stepped out, fresh towels (thanks Jan) were on the racks and we gently dried each other. Chad lifted me in his arms, kissed my first my lips, then each of my tits and carried me down the hall into my bedroom. He laid me down ever so gently and stretched out with his face near my pussy and his dick near my lips. I closed my eyes and stroked his dick. I ran the head lightly over my lips and shivered as I felt his precious pre-cum flow. There was a lot this time. It coated my lips and was still flowing as I sucked his dick into my mouth. He parted my pussy and ran his tongue up and down my slit-pausing each time, just briefly, at my clit. Neither of us was going to last long. Not even 5 minutes later I could feel his thighs and belly tighten rhythmically. I was already hanging just on the edge of an orgasm. I knew he’d put me over the top as soon as he began his own.

Chad had given me some monstrous loads before, but this one was a prize winner! As the first spasm hit him, he concentrated on my clit and put me over the edge too. I had to alternate between gasping and swallowing! I took huge gulps of his cum down my throat as the spasms of both our orgasms continued to rack our bodies. This was one for the books!

We finally rolled over, panting and exhausted. We usually just segued into more love-making, but tonight, Chad re-positioned himself so we were face to face and held me in his arms. As his breathing became softer, I realized he was asleep! Poor BeeBe. He must have been exhausted.

After an hour, I gently rolled out from under his arm and tiptoed into the kitchen to begin dinner. It was still light outside, so I wasn’t worried about anyone seeing in, and didn’t bother getting dressed. I had just hit the start button on the microwave when I was startled to hear the door open again-someone was coming in from the garage!

“Jan?” I called. “You guys OK?”

“Hey, lover” a woman’s voice called back, “I’m not Jan, but I’m definitely OK!”

“DEEEENEEEEEEEEE” I screamed and tore down the hall to give her the same greeting I’d given Chad-arms around her neck, legs around her waist and squeezing with all my strength. I kissed her hard and deep before yelling again, “Oh, Dene, Chad’s here too!! Did you know? How did you get down here?!?” I kissed her again, not coming up for air for a long time.

“Lover, you gotta unwrap yourself!” Dene was finally able to gasp. “You’re about to put us both on the floor!”

I slid down, kissing her again, grabbing her ass and pulling her hard to me as she did the same. She had a wet spot on her shirt where my pussy had been!

“Hey” Chad said, wandering into the room in his skivvies, “can’t a poor soldier get a little shut-eye around here?”

“Chadwick Preston!” I said in mock anger, “Did you know my other lover was coming home too?”

“Well, yeah, hon. We were all in on it. After I talked to Jan, I gave Dene a heads up. Jan and Tony kept her in the loop. I was actually the last to know. It’s really hard to make a call from camp, as you know, and I didn’t get the final word ’till yesterday after drill.”

“Well, all I know is that this is the best day I’ve had since last March. Maybe better, because back then, I didn’t know what I was missing. I’d just put the casserole in the microwave when you came in, Dene. Why don’t we take a time out and eat (food, that is) talk and catch up. How long are you both here, by the way?”

“We’re flying into Lambert-that’s St Louis-on Tuesday. Tony and Jan set that up too. And when I say “we” I mean you too, Petey, AND Jan. And your folks are flying in too. Mom and Dad are putting on a big Thanksgiving feast for all of us. You’re set to stay with Dene in her room. Jan and your folks are staying in a hotel just a couple of miles away,” Chad explained. “And YES! Let’s have dinner.”

I hustled off to the kitchen.

“Hey Petey!” Dene called after me, “you realize you’re not wearing anything, right?”

“Yeah-I thought I was going to get the casserole ready, and then go jump Chad’s bones again. You really want me to put something on?”

“HELL NO!” Chad yelled, and we all giggled.

“We should probably close the curtains-it’ll start to get dark soon. I like being on display for you two, but I don’t think the neighbors are ready for this. And while we’re on the subject, I think you two are way overdressed!”

Chad and Dene looked questioningly at each other. I could sense they weren’t quite comfortable playing nudist camp with me.

“OK,” I said, “but before our time is up this weekend, I want both my lovers working on me at the same time.” Then I busied myself with setting the table and getting the rest of dinner set out.

Jan and I had been having wine with dinner and I opened a bottle for the three of us.

We had a wonderful dinner. Chad told tales of Basic, Dene of college life in Indiana. We finished ankara türbanlı escortlar one bottle of wine with dinner, cleared the dishes and opened another.

As we settled into our after dinner wine, I moved the conversation back to sex. “You know, I’m serious about wanting to have both of you at the same time. I’m getting pretty damned hot thinking about that. Can we talk about what would keep you from it? I saw the look you gave each other before.”

“Well, we’ve both been pretty private about our bods for a long time, Petey,” Dene said, “at least around each other.” “I think it would be pretty hot to see ol’ BeeBe going to town on you, but for some reason the thought of him watching me with you kind of creeps me out.”

“Same here,” said Chad. “I’ve imagined you two face deep in each other, and it would be hot to watch, but having an audience watch me seems like it might be a dick-wilter.”

So,” I said, “both of you admit you want to see the other one nude and having sex with me.”

“Yeah” they said, nearly simultaneously.

“OK, would you want the other to know you were watching, or would you rather they stay hidden in a closet watching the action?”

“I guess hidden,” Chad said. “Ditto,” Dene added.

“Well, what I think is that if you join me in the nude while we finish our wine that within about 15 minutes you’ll feel completely at ease and comfortable with each other’s bodies. I guarantee you’re both worth looking at!”

“Kath, there’s one thing about me that only you know, and I’m pretty shy about who I let see it.”

“You mean your bush?” Chad asked.

Dene furrowed her brow. “Well, yeah. But. . .”

“I told Chad how turned on I get touching your bush, hon. I’m sorry if you didn’t want that out. He’s caught glimpses, by-the-way, so it’s not exactly news. But haven’t you been trimming? I mean it’s pretty much always swim season there, isn’t it?”

“Tell you later,” Dene said, “but no, no trimming. I’ve been letting it grow for you.”

Chad stood up and walked over to Dene’s chair. “I’m OK with you seeing me, Sis. If you want to, just pull my boxers off. And if you’ll let me, I’d like to undress you. I won’t feel you up or anything, but I think if we give permission to strip each other it will feel more natural being nude together.”

“I think that might be a little nuts, feeling more natural because we strip each other, I mean. But I think Kath is probably right-if we get naked now when we’re not having sex, it will become easy to stay that way.” Then she grinned and yanked down his boxers. She drew a breath and stood up. “OK, peel me naked, brother, and worship the bush!” It didn’t take long-Dene’s spectacular tits graced the table top and we kept at the 2nd bottle.

“Good for you both!” I smiled. “A toast-To best friends, best lovers and best night in the history of the world coming soon!” That finished the bottle.

“Now-Let’s go,” I said, taking both their hands and heading for my bedroom.

“Dene-right side! BeeBe-left side!” I ordered as I dove into the middle of the bed, thankful that Jan had replaced my twin with a queen when she redecorated. “Start with my tits, please, one per mouth. Then make up something to absolutely delight me! Chop-chop-no slacking, you two, hop to it!”

I closed my eyes as hands and lips and tits and dicks (well, just one dick) and bush and tongues and I think maybe toes at one point played over my body for the next half-hour. Evidently, they ignored my careful placement of their gorgeous, naked bodies and moved freely about my bed.



“I need to fuck you now. Do you need me to suck you a little first?”

“Got it covered, lover” Dene said. “He’s hard as a steel rod! I need my pussy eaten, though, if you’ve got a minute.”

“Ummmm-” I sighed as Chad’s cock buried itself in my pussy. “Mmmph” one of Dene’s tits settled in my mouth and I sucked it quickly in, flipping her nipple with my tongue. The other tit took its place, followed by her torso sliding over my face. As her navel passed, I began to feel her soft treasure trail caress my cheek, followed by her bush and the musky scent of her pussy. Chad hadn’t moved-he was still balls-deep in my pussy, but at the feel of Dene’s bush on my cheeks, I launched into a wild, bucking orgasm. Dene moved her pussy directly over my mouth and I dove in. I began to to lip-fuck her clit, sucking it in and out of my pursed lips. Dene let go too, grinding into my face and clamping my head between her thighs. Then I felt Chad began to jerk and pulse in my pussy. My God! We were all three coming at the same time. And not just a little bit. Chad was making a low, guttural growl. Dene was screaming like I would have if my mouth hadn’t been busy. It must have gone on for a full minute, and felt like time stood still. We finally began coming down and rolled flat onto the bed.

“Full marks!” I said, teasing a little. “You two were quite satisfactory.”

“Just satisfactory, huh? So I guess you’d like us to practice some? See if we can find areas to improve?” Chad asked, teasing back.

“Practice makes perfect!” I shot back, quoting our spring and summer refrain. Then we all cracked up. “So are you two OK seeing each other in the nude now?” I asked with a wide grin and a wink.

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