Friends and Neighbors Ch. 1

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Philip and I had moved into this house three years ago, just two weeks after our whirlwind marriage. It had been one of those situations that you sometimes read about, but never quite believe. Introduced by friends at a party, we took one look at each other and just knew that we were going to be together. Within six months we were married, had enjoyed a highly erotic Caribbean honeymoon and moved into this brand new house in a new development on the edge of town, and life for us had been fantastic ever since. Now, at age 24 we both had excellent jobs, good friends and supportive families that were never too intrusive, in fact, life couldn’t have been better

Three weeks after we moved in we had new neighbors, Peter and Marie. They were about 10 years older than us, but we hit it off immediately. As soon as we saw them arrive with all their furniture and possessions, we were outside offering our help. We both felt it was important that in such a new development, creating a community spirit was essential, and what better way to make a start on that than to offer help to a new neighbor. That was the beginning of what turned into an amazingly close friendship, considering the differences in our ages.

Philip and Peter worked marvelously together to establish both the gardens, with some rather inept help from Marie and myself before we were banished to the ‘keep the cool drinks coming’ brigade! But we didn’t mind, we helped each other with the insides of the houses and swapped shopping tips and recipes almost constantly. She became almost like a sister to me, although we couldn’t have been further apart in looks, Marie was a fairly tall, blonde, long legged female with fairly large breasts … whereas I was barely 5ft 2, had dark hair, a bronzed skin that took the sun easily and looked good, and had small to medium breasts.

I often saw Philip staring at Marie’s breasts and almost licking his lips, and I used to tease him about it. At first it used to embarrass him a little, but once he realized that I wasn’t the least bit jealous of Marie or her breasts, it became almost a game between us. A game that intensified even more after we got the Pool put in the back yard. We’d been invited over to some friends one really hot summer evening and fell in love with their pool after we’d spent most of the evening soaking in it, and as soon as we got home we talked about having one ourselves. Of course we talked about our plans with Peter and Marie and they expressed their desire to help us organize it and set it up … as long as they could have a dip now and again, as they couldn’t possible afford to get one themselves at this stage. We all laughed at that, because there was no way that we were going to bar them from the pool, in fact we suggested that at the same time we were setting up the pool we should place a gate in the fence between the properties so they had ready access to it. They were quite stunned .. and highly delighted .. at that gesture of friendship.

It must have been a pretty slack season for pools because ours was in, filled and working within a month, and Philip and Peter had organized a Patio and some shaded loungers and some tables. I remember the first night after it was all completed, it was amazingly hot and we’d decided that we should christen it first with a gathering of just the four of us, scheduling a proper pool party with friends for a few days later. Philip and I came home from work and prepared a light salad meal and some drinks, and at the agreed time stood at the new gate adjoining our properties with a tall glass of champagne in each hand calling out to Peter and Marie.

As they came out of their house and walked towards us, I heard Philip’s sharp intake of breath, and I couldn’t blame him in the least, Marie looked absolutely stunning! wearing, or almost wearing, a pale blue bikini that barely covered her ripe breasts or her incredibly tight and firm backside, and for a fleeting moment there was just a touch of envy in me as I looked at her. But that disappeared completely when Peter walked up and gave a very loud wolf whistle and told me I looked absolutely stunning in my somewhat more modest bikini … actually it wasn’t any more modest, it was just that I didn’t have quite as much filling it out … then winked very theatrically at Philip and warned him that he’d better watch out or he might get run over in the stampede of males towards me when we held the pool party. To say that made me feel good was an understatement, and I secretly thanked Peter for it, actually noticing for the first time what a handsome and well proportioned man he was.

Well we had plenty of laughs and plenty of fun that evening. Jumping in and out of the pool and swimming around and playing catch as catch can, and splashing each other, all the sorts of things that silly teenagers do, and at times I guess we all felt a little like a child with a new toy. But later, when Peter and Marie had returned home and Philip and I were alone in our room the sexual energy that had been hovering around all evening really sarıyer escort exploded, and we had the most amazingly frantic sex we’d ever had. Philip had always been full on, and could never be accused of being gentle or sensual in his love making, but that night it was even more so.

He was like a rampaging bull, his big cock pistoning into my tight pussy liked he’d never been there before! It was like that first time he’d ever seen me naked, when his passion had exploded in an orgy of love making the like of which I’d never experienced before. Mind you I was almost a virgin at that time, having only one real sexual experience previously that was more of a ‘god I’ve got in and I’ve cum’ situation.

The first time with Philip gave me a realization of what sex was really meant to be like, powerful and totally satisfying for both of us, and on this night it was reinforced with a vengeance! He pounded his cock into me as I came and came and came and screamed and screamed, and he came not once, not twice, but three times, a fact that astonished him as much as me. Afterwards, as we lay, totally sated in each other’s arms, I teasingly asked if he’d liked Marie’s bikini. It was like I’d pushed a magic button, because his cock leapt into hardness all over again! “Mmm, don’t think you need to answer that question” I gurgled as I reached down and stroked his cock, making him groan.

Then he’d turned and was grinning down at me, “Oh, and what about you?, I saw you perving at Peter, all evening, especially when he started to get that bulge in his bathers” he said.

I felt myself blush, really blush, “I didn’t!” I stammered, “I mean I might have looked at him once or twice, but really, I mean … And anyway he didn’t have …”

He threw his head back and laughed, “Oh, didn’t he? So how do you account for tonight? you’ve never been this hot and horny before, you just couldn’t get enough sex. I mean, look at you now, even after all that your nipples are still rock hard, your pussy still soaking wet” he said, and reached down and stroked his hands over me, and I groaned, damn he was absolutely right, I was still horny, but it couldn’t be Peter, I mean nothing had happened.

“I don’t know” I groaned, “I guess it was the whole evening, the water, the heat, all of us playing and touching, the fact we weren’t wearing much, but I wasn’t perving at Peter, I wasn’t!” and I beat a sudden tattoo on his chest with my clenched fist.

He laughed even louder, “Well I think I’d better listen to what Peter said when he arrived and keep my eyes on you at the Pool party”

I sat up and crossed my hands under my firm, breasts, “Oh, and I don’t suppose I have to watch over you as you drool over all our friends” I said poutingly.

“Me,? drool?, never” he said, then chuckled, “Well maybe your friend Katy, wow wasn’t she stunning at that last party, thought she was going to fall out of her outfit”

“Damn you” I hissed, “You and big tits, I don’t know why you bothered to marry me”

He reached over and grabbed me and rolled me over and immediately impaled me with his hard cock, “Because, big tits or not, no one turns me on the way you do” he growled, “And I’m about to prove it to you all over again!” … and he did! .. again and again!!

The next few days were busy at work and also busy shopping and preparing for the pool party, so the thoughts, feelings and events of that night were quickly swept into the background. Maybe they would have resurfaced at the pool party, but that turned into something of a fizzer, as on the morning of the party, a coolish change blew in and although everyone stood around and admired our new pool, no one got up the courage to disrobe and go in .. Not even my friend Katy, despite some almost frantic pleading from Philip!

It was still a fun night with lots of dancing and drinking and went well into the early hours of the morning. Peter and Marie came of course and got on well with just about everyone there, in fact I can’t remember a time in the evening when Marie was not surrounded by a mob of males with their tongues hanging out … of course she was wearing the kind of dress that showed her beautiful breasts off to perfection, and when she occasionally bent down to put her glass on the table the communal intake of male breath was like a sudden breeze flowing through the room!

A few of my girl friends from work were a bit miffed, but it didn’t bother me, I found myself with quite a little crowd myself at times .. especially after I’d snuck into the bedroom and removed my bra so that the thin material of my dress really showed off my perky nipples!, something Peter seemed to notice straight away, although it took Philip until almost the end of the party to notice .. grin …then it was me he was drooling over again, and when the party was over, he was very. very attentive!, although as I lay alongside him afterwards I had to admit that it lacked the intensity of a few evenings before. That was my last thought before esenyurt escort I fell asleep.

The cold change surprised everyone, including the weather experts by lasting over two weeks, so there was virtually no use of the pool, well, at least not communal use. I took to getting up early and swimming a few lengths just to freshen me up for the day, and occasionally Peter would lean on the fence and watch and smile and say hello, but he always laughingly declined when I challenged him to come in, “Oh no, Amelia, not me, it will need to be much, much warmer to tempt me” he’d say, then wave and walk off.

Finally, however, the cold change started to recede and the days started to warm up again, and occasionally when I got home from work I’d hear someone in the pool and look out. It was always Marie, and always in a surprisingly modest one piece. We’d exchange greetings and occasionally I’d take her out a drink and we’d chat for a while, and I got to realize how really beautiful she was, so natural and unaffected. I grew to like her even more. Perhaps that’s why when her suggestion dropped out of the blue a few days later, I had no real hesitation in going along with it.

We’d arranged some time before to go out to dinner at a nightclub with Peter and Marie on the Friday night, and I’d really looked forward to it, so even though the evening itself was incredibly hot and muggy, I was determined to enjoy it. Fortunately the night club was air conditioned, so the meal was wonderful, but when we moved into the dance area and started to dance, we very quickly got all hot and sweaty again, and by the time midnight came along we decided we’d all had enough. As Peter’s car was off the road for some repairs we’d traveled to the nightclub in ours, so it seemed only natural when we arrived home to invite them in for a cool drink. It was as we were all standing around in the kitchen, and I was getting drinks from the fridge, that Marie dropped her little bombshell. She stared out of the kitchen window into the back yard, seeing the moonlight bouncing off the surface of the water, and I guess it looked just too inviting, because she suddenly spun around and announced a little breathlessly, “Oh, god I’ve just got to take a dip, right now”

I saw Peter start, flush, then grin, “Yeah, that would be nice, it wouldn’t take long to nip over and get our bathers, if that’s all right with you two” he said, swiveling his head around to cover both Philip and myself.

Before we even had a chance to respond, Marie broke in, “Damn, I can’t wait that long, it’s dark and we’re all friends, why don’t we go skinny dipping?”

Her words exploded in the room like a bomb, and as with a bomb the aftermath was an eerie silence as eyes seemed to be darting everywhere, and mouths had opened slightly. Then to my absolute amazement, I found myself grinning widely and saying. “Why not, damn it, we’re all too hot to be in here”, then my eyes seemed to really focus on Marie and I saw that she was grinning widely too, and I stuck my tongue out at her and cried “Last one in’s a you know what!”, and made a dash for the door with Marie scrambling after me and the two men frozen to the spot with their mouths still wide open.

I got out the door first, but Marie’s long legs got her to the edge of the pool before me, and laughing and giggling we struggled out of our dresses and our bras and panties, and just about dead heated as we dived into the pool, to come up squealing and threshing, because it felt exceedingly cool after the hot night air. We both stroked down to the other end of the pool and hung onto the edge there catching our breath. Marie glanced over her shoulder and giggled, “Do you think they’ll follow?” she asked.

I threw back my head and laughed, “Well I don’t know about Peter” I said, “But Philip would run to the ends of the earth to see you like this”, and I let my eyes drop to her ripe naked breasts bobbing in the moonlight.

I’m sure I detected a flush in her face, before she lowered her eyes and giggled again, “Oh, you’re having me on, with you around, he doesn’t notice me” she said.

I grinned at her, “Want to bet that he’ll be the first one out here, and he’ll make a beeline for you?” I asked. This time I definitely saw her flush, but before either of us could say any more, the door banged and with a wild howl a very naked Philip bounded out and threw himself head first into the pool, but not before I noticed that he was sporting a magnificent hard on. His startled cries as the cold water hit him, combined with his threshing as he powered down the pool, all but hid the fact that Peter slipped out too, and he was equally naked, and unless the moonlight was playing tricks on my eyes, also sporting a sizable erection! His entry into the pool was a little less dramatic than Philip’s, he just stood on the side for a moment and then quietly dived in, but that moment seemed to last an eternity as I found my eyes drawn to him, sweeping over him, seeing him completely naked for the first time, avrupa yakası escort even though I was at the other end of the pool it was as though I had suddenly developed magnified vision and it honed in on his stiff and swollen cock jutting outwards and upwards, and his heavy balls bouncing slightly beneath it, and I felt a fire start to pour through me.

Then there was a huge splash and Philip was there, “Damn, you two are crazy, you know that?, skinny dipping? god, what will the neighbor’s think”

It was Marie who chuckled and answered, “But we are the neighbors Philip, and we’re skinny dipping too”

“You are?, wow I didn’t realize” he said, laughing loudly and staring unashamedly down at her naked breasts. I smiled to myself and winked at her, letting her know that I’d won my bet, and she winked back at me, then lifted herself slight on the side of the pool, letting her breasts come fully out of the water and fully into Philip’s sight, and I saw the suppressed shudder that ran through him. Then she pushed herself off and started to swim back down the pool, almost colliding with Peter on the way, and with another wild howl, Philip took off after her.

Then Peter was alongside me, smiling softly, “Looks like Philip’s really howling at the moon tonight, does it always affect him like that?”

I tossed my head back and laughed, “Oh, a combination of the moon, the heat, the water and a beautiful woman will do that to him every time, and Marie’s certainly a very beautiful woman” I said.

He nodded, staring back down the pool where Philip and Marie were busy thrashing the water over each other, “She is incredibly beautiful, and sexy …then he turned his warm smile on me … but so are you too” he almost whispered.

I felt the color flood through my face, “Oh , I don’t know about that, not compared to …”

He didn’t let me finish, “You are to me” he said, and his eyes nearly bored right into me.

I gasped, “Oh no, you mustn’t, you mustn’t say that” I stammered.

He shrugged his shoulders and gave me a slow smile that seemed to light fireworks somewhere deep inside me, I groaned silently … oh god this was all wrong, I had to get away. I pushed off and swam back down the pool, his smile seeming to haunt me every inch of the way. Philip and Marie had jumped from the pool and were racing round and round it, Philip making no real attempt to catch Marie, content to lope along behind, enjoying the sight of her tight naked ass and those gorgeous breasts bouncing around. I quickly glanced behind and sighed with relief as I saw that Peter hadn’t moved, he was hanging on the edge of the pool watching the high jinks between Marie and Philip, calling encouragement occasionally as they came past him. I was glad to be alone, yet I found myself thinking of Peter, wondering what he was really thinking as he watched the two of them, I mean you didn’t need to have 20/20 vision to see that as the chase continued, Philip was becoming more and more aroused, his big cock, sticking straight out in front of him and waving like a flag pole.

Still it was a surprise when Marie suddenly veered away from the pool and, not bothering to stop to pick up her clothes, disappeared in through the back door, with Philip in hot pursuit. I could hear her squeals and Philip’s bellows long after they disappeared into the house. Perhaps it was because I was listening to them that I failed to hear Peter swim up behind me. The first inkling I had that he was there, was when his hands touched my shoulders and stroked down my back like a feather, causing me to leap almost out of my skin. I could have swung around and slapped his face, I could have taken off like a startled deer and rushed from the pool and inside, I could have done a lot of things I guess, but I just clung onto the edge of the pool, half crouched in the water, and swung my head to look at him pleadingly over my shoulders, “No, Peter, Please” I half whispered, “We mustn’t, the other’s might …” God, what was I saying,? Not ‘You’ shouldn’t, but “We’ shouldn’t.

Peter seemed to pick up on that immediately, and that slow smile burned into me again, “Maybe we shouldn’t, Amelia” he said huskily, “But I want to, and I think you want to as well”, and he stepped half forward and slid his arms around my body and cupped his hands around my breasts, instantly running his thumb over my nipples and causing them to jump into life. “Mmmm, you have the most exquisitely sexy breasts I’ve ever laid eyes on”, he whispered

“Oh, no, that can’t be” I stammered, “Marie has magnificent breasts, and so much bigger”

“That’s true, but size isn’t everything, yours are so firm, so perfectly shaped, and these nipples, oh god, they drive me wild jut looking at them” he said’

My body instantly jerked and jumped, but that in itself had an unfortunate effect, it straightened me up and my breasts came fully out of the water and into his vision, and my backside collided with one very stiff cock, causing me to gasp out loud, the words of rejection about to be issued, lost in the sudden intake of breath. Before they could be re-gathered, I was almost upright, his hard cock pressed firmly between the cheeks of my bum, rubbing up and down, and his hands caressing my breasts like they’d never been caressed before, so soft and gentle, like being brushed with a feather, and my body was going crazy

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