A Project for Bethany Ch. 02

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Matthew tidied up the apartment while Bethany was out for dinner with Rick. In keeping with her rules for tidiness, this was a matter of re-aligning anything out of place and wiping down surfaces. He also prepared and ate a light dinner for himself and made certain the kitchen was spotless well before the arrival of Bethany’s text announcing her imminent return lit up his phone.

With a level of anticipation that had been building since Bethany went out, Matthew was ready. He had moved into Bethany’s spare bedroom when his younger sister suggested its availability after he was laid off from his work as a result of the pandemic. When he moved in, Matthew knew he was being granted a huge favor by his sister’s friend. He applied himself to meet Bethany’s expectations for a roommate, a small burden in addition to the small share of the rent she asked of him.

It was only after he agreed to Bethany’s simple rules to keep the apartment tidy that he had learned that she was an on-line erotic performer with an exclusive list of clients. One, at least, apparently paid well to watch her perform for her cameras with Rick or other stunt cocks, as she called them, in her stable of contacts.

As he waited for Bethany’s return, he contemplated those times he had fallen short of those expectations. The rent she asked of him was a bargain, and he readily agreed to anything she demanded in order to avoid being sent away. Those instances had led to him finding himself naked and across his beautiful roommate’s lap for punishment and maintenance spankings followed by corner time until she released him. In redoubling his efforts to please Bethany, Matthew accepted new rules, including a requirement to be nude in the apartment at all times. He was, however, still expected to be out of sight whenever Bethany had a guest.

A few nights after he had first moved in, Matthew had lain in bed and listened to Bethany and Rick have loud and vocal sex. That night his perception of Bethany changed irrevocably from the skinny friend of his little sister that he had remembered, to a well-developed and self-aware young woman who confidently used her sexuality for her employment and to shape the relationships around her. And that now included her relationship with Matthew.

Matthew hovered at his bedroom door, only closing it tightly when he heard Bethany and Rick come into the apartment. The first time Matthew had listened to Bethany and Rick, he spent the hours of their session with his own hard cock in hand, steadily stroking it through three orgasms. The combination of that memory and the sexual tension that Bethany had consistently maintained in the apartment ensured he was always in the same position when Bethany entertained. Already naked, Matthew’s cock was hard and dripping by the time he stretched out on his bed and listened for Bethany and Rick to enter her bedroom.

With copious precum to lubricate his cock, Matthew reached for a set of photos that Bethany had given him to help with his visualization at times like these. Professionally shot boudoir portraits, a few downright pornographic, there was one that he always seemed to be holding when he came. In that image, Bethany wore a blue leather skirt and white lace bra. Sitting on a straight-backed wooden chair, the same one she used to spank Matthew, Bethany was holding her paddle in her hands. Matthew didn’t know why that image held such power over him, but it did.

In the silence of his own room, the voices came through the wall with clarity. Matthew’s imagination filled in around the words, “Suck my cock, Bethany,” “Fuck me Rick, fuck me harder,” “Cum for me, Bethany, cum on my hard cock,” and “Oh, Rick, fuck my ass and fill me with your cum.”

Matthew came as he heard Rick groan and Bethany shout that she was cumming again. With his whole body shaking as he imagined a thick cock deep in Bethany’s lovely round ass, Matthew’s first spurt of cum reached his chest, and the subsequent spurts of diminishing power landed on his stomach. The completeness of his orgasm left Matthew feeling a little light-headed and in that mental space where the flow of times seems unsteady. He lay there, still holding his cock, as he focused on slowing his breathing and getting ready to listen to Rick and Bethany’s encore performance.

Matthew realized he wasn’t alone at the same time as he recognized the sounds he heard were the apartment door opening and closing. The hinges one his bedroom door were silent to the point of letting Bethany walk in without breaking Matthew’s focus on the sounds he was waiting for.

“Is that for me?” Bethany asked as she approached the bed, then adding, “don’t get up Matty.”

Silent, wide-eyed, and still covered with his own warm cum, Matthew twisted his head around to watch as Bethany came into his view. Bethany was wearing yoga pants in a brilliant blue material and a white cropped t-shirt. Her tousled hair and noticeably disarrayed makeup indicated she had taken no extra time to ready herself before seeing Rick mersin esc out the door and walking in on Matthew.

Matthew stared wildly, looking at Bethany, at the photo he held in one hand and his own cock in the other, and down the trail of cum pooling on his chest and stomach. Bethany held a finger to her lips to shush Matthew’s strained attempts to say something coherent. Then she grabbed the desk chair, spun it around, and pulled it close to bed before sitting down beside Matthew.

“I said, is that for me?” Bethany repeated as one manicured nail pointed at Matthew’s stiff cock.

Matthew unwrapped his hand from his shaft and left the hand fall to the mattress beside his hip. His cock remained erect, taunting him for trying to shift attention from its very noticeable presence. Bethany smiled at his confusion and discomfort, pointing at and reaching for the photo Matthew held. Matthew obediently handed it over.

Bethany’s smile broadened when she saw the image Matthew had chosen to be viewing when he came. She already knew the effect she had on his mind and body when she wore that blue skirt and white bra. And that was before he submitted to the spankings he had agreed to. Setting aside the photo, Bethany returned her attention to Matthew and spoke as she slid one finger through the cum on Matthew’s stomach and chest.

“Did our short session tonight leave your satisfaction incomplete, Matty? Did you only get to have one orgasm? This does seem like a lot of cum for one orgasm.”

In a conspiratorial whisper, Bethany added, “Did Matty cum when he heard Rick filling my ass with hot cum?”

Matthew’s lips opened and closed but no sounds came out. His entire being was centered on the single touch of Bethany’s finger as it smeared a line of cum from the center of his chest to his nipple. Bethany’s fingertip slowly circled the nipple until it was coated with cum and hard enough to prove to Matthew that his nipples could be a primary erogenous zone if Bethany played with them.

“I’m still full of his cum, you know,” Bethany said quietly, her finger still circling.

Matthew groaned softly. Bethany leaned forward, her cascading hair hiding from Matthew the contact of her lips and his nipple. Matthew moaned softly, then more deeply, as he felt Bethany tasting and sucking his nipple. He gasped at the sudden pinch of her teeth before she raised her head and smiled sweetly at him once again.

“Did you like that, Matty?”

Matthew was confused by the question. He liked, loved, the feel of Bethany’s lips on his skin. He was less certain about the biting. There was only one answer.

“Yes Miss Bethany,” Matthew said quietly as he nodded.

“Good boy,” Bethany said.

Matthew lapsed back to a mesmerized silence as he felt Bethany slide a pair of fingertips through the cum on his body. They were coated and dripping by the time she held them up while he watched, hypnotized by her presence and actions.

Slowly, Bethany brought her fingertips to hover over Matthew’s lips. Instinctively, he knew what she wanted. And yet, for some reason, he wanted to hear her say it.

“Open, Matthew,” she said, her tone gentle and without demand.

As Bethany slid her fingers into Matthew’s open mouth she smiled at his quiet obedience.

“Such a good boy,” she said, “boys always want girls to taste and swallow their cum, but so many are reluctant to taste it themselves. When you lay here and listen and cum while thinking of me, you should always taste your cum for me too.”

“Yes Miss Bethany,” Matthew said quietly as the fingers, sucked clean, teasingly circled his lips.

Bethany fed Matthew some more of his cum to reinforce the lesson while her other hand slid down to lightly stroke Matthew’s straining cock. In less than a minute Matthew’s body was trembling with his desire to cum, but Bethany had no such intention. Sliding her hand lower, she wrapped her fingers around Matthew’s scrotum above his balls and pushed his testicles downward with no added force than her closing hand.

“I think that’s enough cumming for today Matty, don’t you agree?”

Matthew’s body shook with sexual tension. He didn’t know whether he should moan at the depth of submission he felt to Bethany’s quiet control, or cry at the thought of not getting to stroke himself to that second orgasm he might have otherwise enjoyed.

“For me, Matty?” Bethany said, neither imploring nor demanding, her tone made it clear that it was up to Matthew whether or not he decided to please her.

“Yes ma’am,” Matthew groaned, “I will be good.”

“Good boy,” Bethany said as she released Matthew’s testicles from her grip and rose out of the chair.

Before stepping away from Matthew’s bed, Bethany leaned over and softly kissed him on the lips.

“Rest well, Matty,” were her parting words as the door quietly closed.

Matthew woke later than usual the following morning. The first impression that crossed his mind as he opened his eyes was how hard his cock esc mersin was. Next were the images that flashed through his mind from a night of fitful dreams, images of Bethany in various states of undress, and always in control.

Memories of Bethany’s touch on his cock, his nipple, his lips, flowed through Matthew’s mind as he began his morning routine. Showering quickly, he shaved his chin and genitals, a daily ritual that he did to please Bethany. Naked, with his persistently semi-hard cock leading, Matthew headed down the hall to the living room.

The aroma of fresh-brewed coffee that came from the kitchen signaled that Bethany was already up. Pouring herself a cup of coffee, she looked up as Matthew approached the kitchen. She was wearing bright red yoga pants and a cropped t-shirt reading “The Boss.” Bethany had just finished a workout with the free weights by the window. Her hair was tied back in a pony-tail, but the way it clung to her sweaty t-shirt showed she must have been exercising for a while and had probably started on the stationary bicycle.

“Good morning, Matty,” Bethany said in a lighthearted singsong as she stepped close to her nude roommate.

“Good morn…,” Matthew started, his voice cracking to a halt as he felt Bethany’s hand wrap around his balls.

“Still feeling a little needy, I see,” Bethany said, “but remember, these are mine, and I don’t want them drained until I say so. Will you do that for me, Matty?”

“Yes, Miss Bethany,” Matthew replied in a strained voice as he felt Bethany’s hand tighten, almost imperceptibly.

“Good boy,” Bethany said as she squeezed again gently and released Matthew’s balls, “I’ll be out for a while today, and I know you have some errands to run, but I may have a guest tonight and you’ll be able to play along with us.”

Once again, Matthew’s entire existence was centered on the deliciously competing feelings of arousal and frustration that Bethany so expertly created and maintained. He knew he would be able to keep himself busy but every moment he would be reminded of Bethany’s expectations. As he watched Bethany’s hips swaying in her yoga pants as she walked toward her room, Matthew absentmindedly wiped a thick droplet of precum from the tip of his cock with one finger. Bethany turned to smile at him one last time just as Matthew raised that finger to his lips and sucked it clean.

Alone for the moment, Matthew poured himself a coffee and surveyed the apartment over his first sips. Coffee grounds and drips of coffee showed where Bethany had started her day. Her empty water bottle was left beside the coffee machine, replaced in her hand by her coffee cup. The disarray of weights in the living room and the still shiny sweat residue on the weight machine showed the path of her movements during her workout.

Matthew envisioned Bethany at each stage of her workout, sweating on the bike, stretching and balancing through body-weight and dumbbell exercises, and straining to complete her reps on the weight machine. He realized his cock was fully erect again as he placed his coffee cup down and reached for the sanitizer spray and a clean cloth to wipe down the exercise machines.

Rounding the corner of the counter that divided the galley kitchen from the living room, Matthew worked his way along the wall of windows. He wiped down the weight machine seat and back, then the handles, and scanned the surrounding floor for errant droplets of sweat to be wiped up. The dumbbells he paired and lined up in the array Bethany preferred. Reaching the corner of the room Matthew wiped off the handlebars and control panel of the stationary bicycle. He looked at the seat, imagining Bethany’s ass and pussy on its leather surface as she pedaled. Unable to resist, Matthew lowered his face to the seat, inhaling slowly and deeply, hoping to catch a hint of Bethany’s aroma.

“Oh my,” came Bethany’s voice from across the room, “you are such a kinky boy.”

Embarrassed at being caught, Matthew straightened suddenly. Spurred by Bethany’s casual laughter he hurriedly wiped the seat of the bicycle clean and headed back along the windowed wall to return the sanitizer to its place in the kitchen. Bethany headed for the bicycle and followed Matthew’s path, taking her time and appearing to inspect his work in tidying up after her workout.

Bethany reached the end of the counter and turned to face Matthew where he knelt by the sink to replace the sanitizer bottle. She wore a calf-length, sleeveless, pale yellow sundress with four-inch wedge heeled sandals. Bethany’s dress fitted her bosom closely, a crisscrossing ribbon laced at her cleavage revealed as much as it hid, and below a snug-fitting waist the skirt billowed out in loose folds that shifted and flowed as she moved. She stopped at the end of the counter and the light flooding in the floor to ceiling windows silhouetted her body for Matthew. Every curve of her body was accentuated as the back-lighting effect proved how thin the dress material was.

Matthew shut mersineskort the cupboard door and remained on his knees, mesmerized by the view, as Bethany took the half-dozen steps toward him. Pausing, she reached down and cupped Matthew’s chin with the fingers of one hand. With the ball of her thumb, she traced Matthew’s partly open lips, smiling as she felt the touch of the tip of his tongue.

“I’ll see you later, Matty, “Bethany said, “I’ll probably be home before you are. Do be a good boy while I’m not here.”

“Yes ma’am,” Matthew whispered, Bethany’s presence and touch enough to bring his cock back to a throbbing erection.

Matthew was back on his feet as he watched Bethany open the door to leave the apartment. As she slipped out the half-open door, she spoke.

“I’ll tell Janie that you said hi.”

Matthew froze in place as the door clicked shut. He placed both hands flat on the cool granite counter-top and breathed deeply to remain calm.

“Tell Janie … What!” he thought, “What the hell! They must be meeting for lunch.”

Matthew knew that his younger sister Janie, Bethany’s partner in crime by the time they finished high school a few years previously, must have spilled a lot of secrets. Those secrets and Bethany’s previous familiarity with Matthew must have assisted her in building and exercising the subtle control she was practicing. It might be subtle, and he might be submitting to her wishes willingly, but that didn’t mean she hadn’t started with an unfair advantage. His next thought brought on another rush of anxiety.

“What else is she going to tell Janie?”

Some hours later, Matthew returned to the apartment after completing his errands. Even before reaching the door, he was already planning his first stop in his room to strip off his street clothes, and then a quick shower to wash off the grime of the city. Not actually grime, he considered, but it would help with the transition from having been “out there” back to the quiet comfort of the apartment, Bethany’s apartment. Her house, her rules.

Entering the apartment, Matthew slipped off his shoes to carry them to his room. On his way along the living room wall, he reflexively scanned the apartment for anything that needed to be put back in place, a habit he had developed from tidying up to meet Bethany’s expectations. As he passed Bethany’s bedroom door, he could hear her talking to someone, the absence of a second voice indicated that she was doing so on the phone.

As Matthew stripped in his room, Bethany’s voice was strong and clear. She was not pleased and whoever she was talking to was getting an earful.

“Robert, you committed to this!” Bethany said, “We had this session arranged over a month ago. … You cannot bail on me. … No, no excuses, if you were sick that is one thing, but you’ve taken another gig, haven’t you? … Who is it with, no, don’t tell me, I’d probably just want to stab her. … Oh, I won’t, you know that, but you’re leaving me in a difficult position. … Yes, I will try them, let’s hope someone is available … And you owe me, mister, you owe me big.”

By the time Bethany was ending her telephone call, Matthew was already in the shower. He soaped thoroughly as he relished the feel of the cascading hot water. As the heat and steam eased the day’s strains from his muscles and softened his skin, he used the razor he kept in the shower to gently go over his genitals once again.

Bethany was still on the phone when Matthew returned to his room. Her tone and pace of talking had changed and she was obviously not still chastising Robert. Matthew blocked the sounds of her calls with his headphones as he turned on his computer to check messages and to find an online distraction.

With no waiting emails requiring attention, Matthew was left to his own devices. Knowing Bethany was in the next room and wondering if she would be entertaining that night inevitably shaped his online activities. His cursor migrated to a series of links he had been exploring lately on BDSM, bondage, discipline, female domination, CFNM, anything that would help him try to unravel and understand the emotions and reactions he had been experiencing in response to Bethany’s controlling presence and actions. Most of the concepts, as least as far as their porn versions were concerned, weren’t new to Matthew. But his own reactions to recent experiences were definitely new. Matthew didn’t understand everything yet, or even very much at all yet. He would have admitted if pressed, that he was beginning to see how his personality was meshing with Bethany’s in ways he had never expected.

Matthew browsed a select group of sites, ones that were mutually supportive of one another’s credibility. Seeking information, he absorbed knowledge along with the accessible stimulation via word and image. Matthew also knew where these explorations always ended up. That virtual destination was a series of links to videos of spanking and teasing, often with actresses that as closely resembled Bethany as he had been able to find. Whether or not he was under the limitations of a promise to Bethany not to masturbate, there were nights that he sat and watched one video after another until he crawled into bed.

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