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“EEEEEEEE!!!! It is beautiful!” She squealed with delight when the door swung open. He stepped back, placed his hand on the small of her back as she clapped and hopped through the doorway.

Her hands fell to her side as she looked up, turned slowly and let out a low “ohhh”. Her eyes were twinkling and her smile lit up the already bright room. The cabin impressed her and she was literally speechless.

She walked over to the large bay window that offered a view of a valley. Snow topped mountain ridges created parallel walls that merged on the horizon.

“Do you think the snow will reach the valley while we are here?” She asked still staring out of the window.

“I believe we will receive a blanket of snow that will cover the valley and give us a breathtaking view.” He said as he shut the door and walked up behind her.

She tilted her head and rested it along side his chest as he pulled her into him. His arms wrapped around her and they stood together in silence as they marveled at the view.

He kissed her cheek then hugged her tightly then said. “What a perfect place to be away from the things of man.”

“Mmmmhmmm.” She hummed as she pulled his arms tighter around her.

“I need to go get the rest of our bags and the food out of the car.” He said as he kissed her again. “Sit here and relax, enjoy the view or explore the cabin. I will be right back.”

She felt a cool rush of air swirl around her as he exited. The view from the window was picture worthy, however, she knew a picture could not capture the memorable moment that was now forever etched in her mind. After standing in awe for a few minutes, she began to explore the cabin.

“We will definitely have a fire tonight.” She said as she walked by the fireplace and headed into the bedroom.

The California king size bed frame was made out of smooth and polished logs. The spindles that tied the top and bottom cross beams on the headboard appeared to be made of the same sturdy wood. She was tempted to get on the bed and jump up and down as if she were on a trampoline, and had climbed on the bed when she felt another rush of cool air.

She heard the door shut and then, “HONEY!!!! I’m hooooooome!” She giggled as she scampered off of the bed and exited the room.

He was standing at the kitchen counter had begun to unpack the groceries and put them away. She crossed the room and stood by his side to help unpack the remaining items.

“Honey, I can finish this. Would you like to go see the rest of the cabin?” She asked as he was closing the pantry door.

“I would love to.” He said as the door clicked shut.

He gave her butt a pat and a slight squeeze as he passed behind her.

He saw a smile spread across her face as he glanced back. He winked and blew her a kiss while walking to their bags.

Later in the evening they snuggled together under a blanket. He sat with his back in the corner where the arm and back meet. She rested her head on his chest and reclined against his body. He relished the softness of her naked skin on his and how her body melted into him.

He read to her. Lulling her deeper into him as she felt the resonance of his voice through his chest. She had her hands folded under her chin and her head tucked between his arm and chest and could feel his voice.

He stopped reading when he felt her breathing deepen and slow down.

“Honey are you asleep?” He asked barely above a whisper.

“No Sir, I am not. I am feeling your voice enter me, comfort me and fill me.” She said as she looked up and ran her fingers along his lips.

He parted them slightly, kissed her finger then extended his tongue to lick his lips as she brought her finger back across them once again. He leaned down and kissed her. A deep kiss.

As their lips parted she extended her arm and rubbed her hand across his chest and hugged him. He kissed the top of her head, closed the book and sat it on the floor.

“Tell me a story please.” She said after hugging him tightly for the second time.

He reached down for the book and she held his arm. She looked up at him with soft eyes.

“Tell me a story please. Not read one, tell me one.” She rested her head on his chest once again.

“Only for you.” He whispered.


A man was walking through the woods one day and heard a soft whimpering sound. Being a man of stealth, a hunter and a man that knew the woods, he sought after the cause of the sound. At first he thought it may be a small rabbit that had gotten a paw caught in the thicket. May perhaps it is something smaller that has been injured and needs my assistance he thought.

As he peered over a small rise, he pulled back in surprise. It was a damsel and a lovely damsel at that! She was sitting on a fallen log with her face buried in her hands crying.

“Milady.” Said he in a low soothing voice. “How have you come so deep in the forest? What troubles you? Are you hurt?”

As he was talking, he had circled the edge fethiye escort of the clearing she was sitting. He was cautious and careful so he would not appear threatening. Once he was in front of her with a bit of space between them, he knelt on one knee so he would not appear as an opposing figure. Her trust is what he needed so he would be able to help her.

She had started slightly when he appeared. She jumped up and hid behind a large tree that was close by and peered her head around and watched him as he knelt.

“Who are you?! What are you doing here?!” She said in a frightened tone.

“I was about to ask you the same.” He said as he smiled at her. “Since I am not the one that is in fear, I will start the introductions. I am a traveller of the woods. A hunter. A seeker. I am a thinker and I am a learner.”

He stood, walked to a fallen log and sat.

“Who might you be? What brings you here to my woods?” He asked as he rested his elbows on his knees.

“I got lost. I was with a party from my village and I got lost. They should be close by and all I have to do is yell and they will come for me.” She said as she stepped from around the tree and held her head up and stood firmly.

“Is that so?” He asked looking at her with his brow creasing slightly. “Ma’am, if I am going to get you to where you need to go and protect you as we make our travel, I need for you to trust me and tell me the truth.

“Who said I am going to travel with you and that I need your protection?” She said firmly then crossed her arms.

“I do love. I say so. You have gotten yourself into quite a fix. You need me. I am here for you. I will protect you and I will take you where you want to go. From the tracks I have seen, you have done a splendid job avoiding the people pursuing you.”

He stood up and began gathering twigs and limbs to make a fire. As he collected and broke the wood, he continued talking in his low and resonate voice. She could feel his voice more than hear him she thought. But how could that be? He had maintained a distance of thirty feet from her and yet his voice could not have been above a hushed conversational volume. It was as if his voice was only meant for her. No one else. If someone were standing one inch behind her, they would not be able to hear one word he was saying, yet, she would hear, no, feel him inside of her.

“We will stay here tonight. I am going to get a fire going love. We will sit, eat and drink. You need not worry about those that pursue you. You are with me and that is all you need to know. You will be safe.”

She approached the comfort and warmth of the fire with outstretched hands.

He worked quickly and efficiently as he began to prepare a meal. There were no lost movements in the tasks he performed. The stew he made had a rich broth that warmed her with each mouthful. She sipped on a light, palette cleansing tea that helped clear her head of the fear and dread that had consumed her. As she sipped she looked across the fire and looked at his eyes.

Fire danced in his eyes. A deep and raging fire that leaped and flashed. She realized that they were kind eyes, thoughtful eyes. Eyes that see much more than the words he would ever speak.

She lowered her cup to her knees and looked to the fire. A look of puzzlement crossed her face. She looked back up to the man only to see that he had stood and was gathering branches and leaves. She did not hear him stand. He was a quiet person. Quiet in movements and quiet with speech.

The fire in his eyes was not quiet. However, she thought the fire she had seen in his eyes was was a reflection of the cooking fire. The cooking fire was very low and had turned to coals with a small hungry flame licking up occasionally. Not the fierce conflagration she saw in his eyes. The fire and intensity did not cause her fear. She was surprised at the admittance of this feeling. What surprised her even more was, she wanted that fire within her. She wanted him to share that with her. To give her that intensity he had controlled within.

“I am making you a soft area for bedding by the fire.” He said, breaking her from her trance.

She stood quickly and muttered a soft “Thank you.”

“To be filled by his intensity? For him to share his fire?” What am I thinking she muttered to herself as she gathered moss and other soft bedding the forest provided. She had been moved in ways she had not felt in quite a long time. She could feel him looking at her with a primal desire, with want and yes even yearning. However, his self control is what impressed her even more. He was a hunter and his prey was before him. Just like a little harmless rabbit that he could grab and devour.

Her thoughts would not stop. Just as he fed a stick into the fire and the flames consumed every part that was offered, she fed her mind with the thoughts of want and desire and she had an endless supply of sticks to feed that fire. She did not think she would stop him if he made an advance towards her. escort fethiye She would not flee, she would encourage him to take her, to devour her and consume her with his intense heat.

Yet, he had control. He did not grab towards her, nor attempt to trap or snare her. She could feel him reaching for her. His hand, outstretched towards her to provide guidance. His arms and chest to hold her tightly to give her protection, warmth and a feeling of being wanted.

She felt her body begin to respond to these thoughts. She wanted to reach for him. To take his hand and put them on her breasts so that he could feel how she needed his touch. His grasp. She wanted him to take her now hardened nipples and hold them, pinch them and then guide them into his mouth.

She wanted to take his fingers and place them between her legs so that he could feel how his look made her wet. So she could let him know that this is where she wanted him. She needed his fire to enter her, not so her wetness would quench his flames, so that her wetness would stoke his fire and have it consume her.

“Your bed is ready love.” He said as he approached her and placed one hand on the small of her back and the other on her elbow.

Her knees faltered and she fell back into him. He had responded quickly and caught her then helped her to sit on the ground.

“Whoa there. Are you ok? You must be more tired than you realized.” Without another word he cradled her and carried her to the bedding he had prepared.

“I am fine.” She whispered as he laid her down then tucked his blanket around her. “Thank you. I think you are correct. I believe that I am very tired.”

“Sleep sweet. You will have no worries tonight. I am here and you will be safe. Have a deep sleep. If you need me, all you need to do is make a sound. I will be sitting behind you. You face the fire as you sleep, but do not look at the flames or the red coals. Nothing will approach you by way of the fire and I will be at your back and nothing will approach you that way either.”

Before he stood and took his place as a sentinel, he kissed the pad of his thumb then touched the tip of her nose.

She thought about protesting but then remembered her thoughts and the comfort she felt in his arms. She trusted him. There was no logical reason for her to trust him but she felt safe as he held her. Could it be because she saw his power and control within his eyes? Could it be because of his comfort and protection she felt as he carried her? She did not know.

She woke to the sound of him fixing breakfast.

“Good morning love.” He said with a child like smile on his face.

“Why do you call me love? I am not your love. I am not someone you know that you can just give me a pet name. Do you call every lady you find in the woods your love?” She said as she stood up and began to brush the leaves from her clothes. She turned away from him and winced at what she had said and how harsh it may have escaped her lips. She did not intend to sound mean, she wanted to know why he called her his love.

He gave a slight chuckle. “I see sleep did you well. That feistiness is nice to see. Well, love. I do not see you as a pet. You should also note that I have never said my love.

I do call you love because that is what I see in you.

You are on a search for something or someone. Only a person that would risk getting lost in this woods as they search for something or someone has a drive for something beyond them. That shows me that you have love. That is devotion.

I have noticed the way you look at the green leaves of the trees with wonderment and awe. That is love.

I see the way you carry yourself, the self assuredness, the strength and how you are not afraid of being you. That tells me that you have a love for life.

I could call you beauty because I see your deep beauty. Do not get me wrong, you are very beautiful on the outside too, but I look beyond the skin.

I will continue to call you love. That is what I choose because that is how I see you.”

She did not say a word after he finished speaking. She accepted his reasoning and thought that no one had ever spoken to her with such passion. Many men had said she was beautiful and lovely, but she could see how shallow and weak they were. They had no control or strength. Beautiful and lovely were words they used to try and woo her so that she would be a trophy for their egos. He however, her hunter, had control and strength. He did not back down to her when she barked her question at him. He was not intimidated by her demand, instead, he chuckled then gave an answer from his heart.

She ate her breakfast and realized she was wearing a slight smile on her face. He had called her beautiful and said she was full of love. He appreciated her and could really see her.

“You are in search of a Downy thorn apple, are you not?” He asked between bites of his breakfast.

“How did you know?” She asked as her eyes widened.

“You talk in your sleep love. fethiye escort bayan You became disturbed as you slept and said Downy thorn apple…where is it?… over and over again. I reached back and rested my hand upon your side and you calmed and slept again.”

“Did you not sleep? Did you stay awake all night watching over me?” She asked as she stood and collected his empty dish.

“I did sleep a little. I sat behind you and allowed myself to sleep when I heard the forest sleep. I would wake when it would wake. Nothing got close to you love. I made sure of that.”

He stood and began to strike the camp. When he finished, there were no hot coals left and the ground looked as if no one slept, ate or even walked in that area. He gathered the dishes she had cleaned and placed them in the pack he carried on his back.

“Come love, I will take you to your Downy thorn apple.” He said as he held his hand out to her.

“You know where to find them?!” She asked excitedly.

“Aye, I do. I told you I would take care of you.” He winked at her as she took his hand.

They travelled all day with only brief stops for rest. He had sat her down and taking her feet one at a time in his hands he traced them out onto thick buckskin. Her other shoes had worn down to rags so he made her a pair of moccasins. She liked the feel of the moccasins and how she was able to feel each step under her feet. Their trek became much quieter due to both stepping lightly and cautiously due to the sensitivity the moccasins allowed.

“I was fleeing from the people of an enemy village.” She said abruptly as they began their second morning together.

He looked at her as she spoke. He did not say a word. He looked at her and listened.

She was slightly flummoxed. She was used to someone instantly asking questions or giving advice whenever she spoke. They were ready to give an antidote, answer or their opinion as soon as she stopped talking. They never listened to what was said, they just wanted to hear themselves talk.

He looked at her and remained silent. He nodded his head for her to continue. He wanted to hear her story. He was listening. He wanted to hear her.

“There is a village that is fairly close to mine. We are friendly and kindly neighbors. We exchange and barter goods with one another helping the other to survive and thrive. However, there is a third village. It does not wish to exchange and barter with either of us. Their village leaders had decided to try and take over our villages. They wish to combine the three villages and make it one city. They are a village of people that want to take from others and do not wish to help.

Many kids in our villages have become sick. So so sick. I know of a cure for the sickness that can be found in the magical properties of the Downy thorn apple.

It is a dangerous and poisonous plant. When it is used incorrectly. I know the correct way to use the plant and can cure the children of all of the villages.”

She became quiet and they walked in silence hand in hand.

“Why would they wish the children to be sick and possibly die?” He finally asked.

“Because without the children, the people of the villages would lose the will to fight. They would be able to come in and take our villages without much resistance.” She remarked.

“Are their kids not sick too?” He inquired.

“They are, but they use that as motivation to take over our villages. They say, it is because of us their children are sick. They say, if they had more land, their children would have had more room to run and not have to live in such confined quarters. You see the village leaders live on half of the land in their village. They only allow the villagers a quarter of the land to live and a quarter of the land to plant and grow crops. They are greedy leaders and are only concerned about their own wealth and power. They are the ones that chased me. They do not want me to create a cure.”

She became solemn as they walked. He could see the weight of her world resting upon her shoulders. He bowed his head slightly and kept pushing forward. He knew the goal and he knew how to alleviate the weight she carried.

They stopped at the edge of a large lake that had a majestic waterfall that cascaded down a high cliff. The lake tapered down to a small rivulet that led to the horizon. As the waterfall leapt and tumbled down the rocks, it created a fine mist of water that painted a bright rainbow in the sky. He pointed at the other side of the lake and said, “That is our goal. You will find what you need across the lake. The Downy thorn apple is found in that clearing where the rainbow rests.”

That night, after they had collected all of the ingredients and she made the magical antidote, they lay next to one another and held hands. She had turned to her side and faced him. Her free hand lifted and rested on his cheek, giving him gentle and caressing strokes. He was pleased at her touch and she was happy to show her appreciation.

She never lost eye contact with him as she stood. She would not have been able to if she had tried. His gaze would not allow her. She was his and she wanted to be his. She undressed for him, then lowered herself and kissed him.

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