My Sister Knocked up My Girlfriend

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Some fun with video cameras gets wild.

I did some traveling a couple years age and while I was in the Ukraine I met a very sweet lady named Viola and ended up spending a good amount of time with her. On the second week together we starting feeling very comfortable around each other and the relationship became intimate. We had great times together and I made four trips within a year to visit her until the economy took a dive and I had to concentrate on saving my house and business.

I missed Viola and would text and chat with her whenever we had time. A couple months ago Viola said she has been saving her money and would like to come and visit if I would like to see her. I told her that was a great idea and I would love to see her again. She called a couple days later and told me she purchased her plane ticket and would be here in three weeks. We were both excited to see each other again and to pass the time we talked and chatted often. I asked her if she would be staying in the guest room or if she would be sleeping in my bed and Viola said.

“I think the trip would be much more exciting for both of us if I sleep in your bed”

I told her I would like that very much. The three weeks went by quickly and the next thing I knew we were on our way home from the airport. We had a great time talking and laughing on the way home catching up on lost time. I told Viola I would bring in the luggage while she took a nice relaxing shower to freshen up after her 14 hour flight. By the time I finished bringing in the luggage I could hear the shower running in the master bathroom. When I brought the bags into the bedroom I noticed the bathroom door was open and I could see directly into the shower.

She looked even better that I remembered as the soap bubbles traveled down her petite golden brown 34″ x 24″x 35″ body. I couldn’t help but watch as she put on the sexy little show of washing and rinsing her gorgeous firm 5′ tall 100 lb. body. As soon as I saw her lift her foot up onto the shower seat and shave her pussy completely smooth I knew we were in for a wild two weeks. When Viola was finished showering she came bouncing out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a tiny little pair of panties that were stretched so tight that I could clearly see the tight little cleft between her sweet smooth pussy lips.

Viola looked so beautiful and sexy I wanted to take her to bed and ravage her sexy body until she begged me to stop. I knew she was tired and we would have plenty of time together so I told her to relax and take a nap until dinner was ready. I went to check on her a while later and when I saw her lying on her stomach sleeping with her sweet little ass perfectly displayed I felt my shaft swelling. I let her sleep and jumped on my computer to kill some time. After seeing her looking so good sleeping in her sexy little panties all I could think about was getting my hard cock in her and pumping her tight wet pussy with loads of thick potent sperm.

I went to a cool site called Literotica and checked out a couple of my favorite stories before browsing the forum. I was checking out the creampie videos in the Spank bank when the phone rang. I forgot about the computer when I got off the phone and decided to go to the store while Viola slept to get stuff for dinner.

I came home from the store and after putting away the groceries I went to check on Viola and found my bed empty. I found her sitting in front of my computer, I left it on still logged onto The Literotica site with my favorite story about a lady that wanted to make some homemade creampie videos with her boyfriend and they got carried away the day she ovulates and accidently pumped her full of potent sperm.

I snuck up behind her and as I looked over her shoulder I could see she was reading the story with one hand tweaking her left nipple and her other hand was slowly rubbing her clit. Viola saw my reflection in the screen and said.

“Oh babe, this is so hot, is that what you like?”

I reached down and lightly pinched both her firm little nipples as I whispered in her ear “Yes it is, and making a video together so we can watch my cock throb and jerk as it fills your pussy full of hot thick cum on our own TV screen would be very exciting.”

Viola said.

“It would be even hotter if we did it close to my ovulation time, just thinking about the risk of getting pregnant makes my pussy wet and slippery.”

We finished reading the story together and watched a bunch of my favorite videos to get ideas. We talked about it and decided to get up in the morning and buy a video camera so we could make some sexy pregnancy risk creampie videos of our own. We had a nice dinner at home talking and coming up with ideas for our creampie videos. I explained how exciting role playing can be when mixed with Impregnation fantasies and Viola quickly picked up on the idea. After finishing dinner and cleaning up the dishes we headed to the bedroom to cuddle and watch TV.

I took a quick shower and when I came out Viola was lying face down on the bed watching a creampie video on the laptop computer with her feet up in the air. She was wearing a tight little pair of fethiye escort boy shorts panties that perfectly clung to her smoothly shaved pussy. She looked over her shoulder at me and said.

“Daddy will you help me with my sex education homework?”

We both had a blast roleplaying before we were exhausted and fell asleep snuggled tightly together. I woke to a beautiful sunny day and started thinking about a conversation I had with Viola where she said her monthly visitor departed the day before she arrived for her visit. Based on her very regular schedule I figured we had five safe days to play and two dangerous days before her ovulation on day eight. To be safe we would have to use condoms from day 6 to day 11 and then we could go back to making creampie videos.

I slid the covers down and admired Viola’s prefect 34b cup perky little breasts with the nicest stand up nipples I have ever sucked on. I lowered my lips and gently started nibbling and sucking her nipples while slipping a finger between her smooth hot pussy lips. As her nipples started getting harder and her pussy started getting wetter she smiled and said.

“Oh babe, I love it when you wake me up like this.”

I gave her a nice kiss and rolled her on her side as I slid in behind her and slipped my hard cock between her thighs. I slipped my left arm under her neck allowing me to reach around and have access to both nipples and it put her smooth soft neck and ear within reach of my lips so I can kiss her neck and whisper all the kinky things I want to do with her in her ear. Viola turned her head towards me and as she kissed me passionately I slid my right hand down from her hard nipples to her firm flat belly and then lower until I reached her smoothly pussy lips. I grabbed the tip of my cock and pulled it tightly between her hot moist lips and started slowly sliding it back and forth across her swollen clit until her lips and my rigid shaft were wet and slippery with her feminine froth.

I played her well and within minutes she was breathing hard, shaking in my arms and on the verge of orgasm. When I knew she was close I changed the angle and slid my hard cock half way into her tight wet pussy and started strumming her pleasure button with my fingers as I tongued her ear triggering her orgasm. I heard her moan and felt her velvety sheath clamp down on my cock before it started pulsing and milking my shaft. I just held her and rode out her orgasm while enjoying all the squeezing and pulsing rippling along my hard cock. It took all my willpower to keep from letting loose and filling her but I wanted to save it until we got our new camcorder. As soon as we calmed down Viola turned her head kissed me and said.

“Let’s get dressed, grab a quick breakfast and go shopping for a camcorder.”

I just smiled thinking how cool it was to both be thinking the same thing. She must have been as excited as I was to get the camcorder and get back home to play with it because in record time she was ready to go and looking hot. She was wearing a tight little shirt that showed off her perky golden brown tits and just a bit of cleavage with a short skirt that made her round little ass look irresistible.

After a quick breakfast we hopped in the car and headed to the store. As I was driving Viola took my hand and placed it over her pussy letting me know she didn’t bother with panties before we left home. We arrived at the electronics store just after they opened and headed for the camcorder section. It only took a few minutes to find the camcorder we were looking for. Just before the young good looking salesman came over to help us Viola leaned close winking and giving me a quick sexy little kiss as she discretely gave my cock a quick squeeze and said.

“Watch me have a little fun with the salesman.”

I don’t know what she said to him but they looked like they were talking about the camcorder features and she made sure to bend over giving him a beautiful view down her top displaying her cleavage and when she bent down to look at the camcorder I knew he could see her shaved pussy because he was trying in vain to hide a rapidly growing erection. Viola said something to him and he shook his head no. She looked around before squatting down to point something out on the camcorder and in the process her skirt slid up her thigh exposing her beautiful shaved pussy to the salesman again.

He was listing to what she was saying about the camcorder but he was looking at the same thing I was, her smooth little peach. He just about fell over backwards when she slowly slid her finger up her thigh and right between her sweet pussy lips. She looked him in the eye and as they both stood up together, she made sure to step in close so he could smell her perfume and see down her blouse between her perky tanned breasts. She was standing close when she looked up at him, took the finger she just slid between her moist pussy lips and traced the outline of his lips before slipping it into her mouth and sensuously sucking on the tip with a sexy look.

He was in a daze until she pushed her hips forward bumping the massive tent in the front of his pants causing him to quickly escort fethiye bend at the waist and squat down in front of the camcorders. He looked like he shook for a moment and then grabbed two camcorders a small tripod and a remote controlled tripod. She turned to head for the cashier and he followed trying to hold the boxes in front of his pants to hide the wet spot. While the cashier was busy Viola took a little post-it note from her purse rubbed it between her moist pussy lips and then wrote” thank you sweetie” on it and slipped it in the salesman’s pocket.

We laughed our asses off all the way home. Viola talked the salesman into selling us two camcorders and two tripods for the same price we were going to pay for just the one camcorder. Her little show was so exciting that she was soaking wet and I had a massive erection.

We hurried home to start charging the batteries while we unpacked the camcorders and set them up on the tripods in the bedroom. Viola got on the bed and I moved the cameras around until we found the best angles to shoot from. After setting up the camcorders and hooking them to the TV so we could see what we would be recording Viola came over and started kissing me while watching us on the screen. She said.

“This is going to be so much fun, let’s take a quick shower and then I’ll change into something sexy while the batteries finish charging.”

I finished showering shaving and splashed on some cologne before slipping on some silk boxer shorts and popping the fresh batteries in the camcorders. I relaxed on the bed testing the remote tripod while I waited for Viola. When she came in to the bedroom she looked amazing wearing sexy little panties and nothing else. We talked about the theme and direction of the video and decided we would alternate each day who would direct the on screen action to give the videos variety. We decided I would direct the first video.

I hit the record button and set the remotes close by as Vila started pulling off my silk boxers and sliding up my body. As she started kissing me I felt her settle her silk covered pussy lips at the base of my cock and slowly slide back and forth. She took the lead as we began role playing for the cameras and started telling me we were all out of condoms and she was very close to her ovulation so we would have to be careful not to get my cum inside her fertile pussy but we could rub against each other until we get each other off as long as we don’t have my cock inside her tight little cunt when it erupts we should be safe. We started kissing and making out while Viola rubbed her sweet little wet cunt against my throbbing erection playing it up for the cameras.

I broke the kiss and as she continued rubbing her swollen silk covered clit against my hard shaft I said loud enough for the cameras.

“Baby I need to feel your tight wet kitty wrapped around my cock, Take off your panties”

Viola started shaking her head no as she said.

“It’s too close to my ovulation and your balls are full of fresh thick potent sperm, it’s too dangerous if you don’t pull out in time I could get pregnant.”

I grabbed her hips and pushing her back and up allowed my rock hard erection to stand straight and tall as I sat her panty covered pussy opening directly against the tip of my cock while it throbbed and oozed out a big glob of thick slippery precum she looked down at my cock and said.

“The only thing keeping you from getting potent sperm inside my pussy is my panties”

Viola’s thin silky little panties were so wet that with just a slight push the head of my cock tore through the crotch of her panties and plunged into her tight wetness. I kept pulling her hips down until her cervix was pressed tightly against the leaking opening on the tip of my erection causing her to moan as her facial expression went through a full series of emotions from surprise to “oh my god your breeding me” She was frantically pushing against my chest to try to lift off my cock as she squirmed on top of me until I said. “Baby I’m close to losing it, if you don’t stop squirming you’re going to make me cum inside you, settle down”

As I held her hips down with my full erection buried balls deep in Viola’s tight fertile pussy she looked at me with wide eyes and begged me to let her up off my throbbing cock. I laughed as I reached up and grabbed her hair pulling her down to me and began kissing her soft full lips before I rolled us over putting me on top with her feet resting on my chest and lining up a perfect angle for the cameras to get close up high definition video of my thick shaft buried deep in Viola’s beautiful little pussy.

I slid my hands up her thighs hooking the back of her knees with my thumbs as I began sliding my cock slowly back out of Viola’s tightly stretched sheath until the thick crown behind the head broke free of her tight silky inner lips coming into full view for the cameras before pausing briefly and slowly sliding back inside until I could feel her cervix tightly pressed against the tip of my erection. It only took a couple of deep strokes before she began coating my shaft with thick clear slippery pussy juice and breathing faster fethiye escort bayan as I slowly fucked her tight pussy with every inch of my thick slippery erection. Viola looked up at me with her big beautiful eyes and an expression of pure sexual pleasure as she said.

“Oh baby it feels so good and I’m so close to cumming all over your cock but I can feel you swelling and getting harder too and I’m right in the middle of my most fertile time of the month, you’re going to have to stop now so you don’t get me pregnant baby.”

I let go of her legs and she wrapped them around my waist as I slowed down my thrusts because I knew she was right I was close and I wanted to make it last as long as possible to get more footage for the cameras before the final money shot. I pushed in deep one more time and held the tip of my cock against her cervix as I said. “Don’t worry baby I promise I’ll pull out before I cum so I don’t knock you up.”

I must have been closer than I thought because as I told her I would pull out before I came I felt my cock jerk hard and belch out a substantial amount of precum against Viola’s cervix before I regained control and held back my impending ejaculation, just barely.

I pulled my cock completely out of Viola’s quivering pussy and we both looked down as the head popped free of her slippery opening to see my cock covered in her clear slippery juices. She reached up and wrapped her soft petite fingers around the base of my slippery shaft gripping it firmly and milking it from root to tip squeezing out a thick white glob of sperm as she said.

“Look you almost leaked enough sperm in me to knock me up, you better be more careful”

As she wiped the thick sperm off on her swollen clit before slotting my cock head up in the tiny pink opening to her tight baby maker. I watched as she tightened her grip around my waist and pulled her pussy up onto my throbbing erection with her leg lock taking half my bare cock back inside her tight little cunt before looking up at me with a sly sexy smile. I held still for a minute with half my throbbing erection basking in the tight hot wetness of Viola’s slippery cunt until I felt in control of my ejaculation before I began sliding in and out of her tight cunt again.

In less than ten strokes we were both breathing fast and Viola’s slippery little twat was starting to squeeze and grip my stiffening cock as we both worked closer to orgasm. I kept pumping her wet pussy hard and deep knowing I was close to the point of no return but beyond the point of being able to stop when I felt Viola’s tight cunt clamp down hard on my thickening erection signaling the start of her orgasm. As her orgasm began and I felt her vaginal contractions milking my throbbing cock she said.

“Oh fuck, I’m Cumming and I can feel you getting thicker and harder, you have to pull out and be careful you don’t get any sperm in my pussy, Oh fuck, so good”

Just feeling her tight wet cunt milking my cock as she shuddered in orgasm and her talk about getting sperm in her pussy was enough to push me over the edge and make my cock jerk hard as my orgasm began and my sperm started its journey to the promised fertile land. Viola had her heels dug into my hips as she humped her little pussy up onto my cock while she convulsed in orgasm making it difficult to pull my pulsing ready to erupt cock free before the first of many thick potent blasts of fresh sperm hosed down her tiny twat. I just managed to get the head out as the first thick blast came surging out of the tip of my erection and painted the opening to Viola’s tiny pink vagina and both her thick swollen lips.

Just as the first blast began to slow down Viola tightened her legs and drove her wet opening up onto my cock pushing my fresh spunk half way to her cervix before relaxing her legs and allowing her pussy to drop off my cock just as the second volley of potent sperm came shooting out and blasting against her swollen clit and splashing into her vaginal opening. Half of my second blast made a nice puddle in the tight opening to Viola’s sweet little pussy and the other half ran down her flat tummy towards her belly button to form a second fresh spunk pond.

Viola thrust her tight pussy up onto my throbbing erection a third time pushing more of my thick sperm deeper and instead of pulling back off my cock just before the third blast she double pumped my cock and took the third blast with the direct deposit method at least two thirds of the way inside her quivering vagina. Viola’s double pump put us out of sequence and now instead of my cock blasting the contents of my full balls on the outside of her pretty little pussy between insertions I was pumping thick potent sperm directly into her slippery cunt and she was pushing it deeper with each thrust of her hips. Each time she pulled off my cock it would jerk and just before my cum would erupt from the tip Viola would thrust her hips up again and pull her cunt as deep as possible onto my cock as each blast of thick semen would launch deeper into her cum filled pussy. I looked down and watched my cock pull free of Viola’s tight pink opening just as it jerked hard and as the thick white sperm was splashing against her tiny opening she pulled her cunt back up onto my cock taking it half way inside her tight sheath as it continued to spray out thick potent baby batter filling her a little more each time.

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