A Day Unlike Any Other Day

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A Day Unlike Any Other Day
My name is Karl. I am 19 years old and go to college. I live with my mother, Valerie, who is divorced from my father, who was taken to an asylum when I was only 6 months old. My mother raised me alone with no outside help since she had no family of her own except her incapacitated mother. She is a real saint. She sacrificed her love life for me. I never remember a bad word coming from her mouth and she always dressed very modestly with high necked dresses which never were shorter than 2 inches below her knee. She never wore shoes with heels higher than 2 inches either. She is as attractive as many of the girls I see in those men’s magazines. I always wanted for her to show more of herself but she never did. There were many nights when I would ejaculate uncontrollably while I fantasized about her.

One day things changed. I awakened from my sleep with a blistering headache. It was probably as a result of the accident the day before when my head was bumped by a piece of luggage falling out of the closet that I was cleaning for mom. I groaned, “I want it to go away.”

Suddenly, my headache was gone! Was this a new found gift? I decided to experiment. “Today I want Mom to not wear any underwear under her dress. When we eat breakfast, I want her to tell me how aroused she is because of it. Oh, I also want strawberry waffles for breakfast.” This would be tough, since strawberries are not in season.

I got up and showered and generally prepared for the day. I didn’t have any classes and I was off work. About thirty minutes later I went into the kitchen. There stood mom, dressed to the nines with a nice dress that emphasized her figure, hosiery and some business like high heels. She was ready for work early. The table was set.

Her sat down and there were strawberry waffles! I sat down. Mom sat down too.

“I have something that I am dying to tell you…” She looks at me straight in the eyes and says, “I am so excited today. After talking with your grandmother, I decided to put on this dress with no underwear other than my pantyhose. I feel so excited and more like a woman. Do you think that I am pretty?”

I look at her. She is my mother. She is very attractive. She is slim with small breasts but a smaller waist. What should I say? “Mom, if you weren’t my mom, I would not hesitate to fuck you. All my friends think you are real hot.”

She began to blush. “Really. They want me? I wish that I could have a man between my legs. I am so lonely for a mans touch.” As she was sitting there, she opened her legs and she started to cry.

“Mom, stop crying! I’m sure that there is a man out there who will be ready to take you to bed. Now dry your tears and go to work.” I kiss her on her cheek and gently brush my hand over her left breast. She is not wearing a bra.

She retouched her makeup and then went to work.

“Mom needs some release. She should make a hole in her pantyhose. When she gets home she should be so hot when I walk into her bedroom, she should be on her bed, spread open fucking herself with her shoe heel.

Later that afternoon, after Mom got mom from work, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Shortly, I hear moaning coming from her bedroom. I open her door and look. There she was, on the bed fully dressed with her legs spread wide. She had made a hole in her pantyhose and was fucking herself with a shoe with a six inch heel. She was wearing the other one. Where did mom learn about those shoes? They were only sold in those adult type stores. As I looked at her, her eyes got real wide as she saw me but began a mind blowing orgasm. “Oh, FUCK!…..FUCK!!….” It must had lasted over a minute. I was so stunned by what I was seeing that I unloaded a huge load in my pants

I was mortified. I ran into the bathroom to clean up. I threw the clothes into the hamper and then quickly showered. As I was getting dressed in my room, mom walked in. She was quite flushed but wearing the same dress and those heels. I should really say that she kind of staggered in since she really did not know how to walk in those hooker shoes.

She sat on the bed and patted the spot next to her. “Please sit down,” she said, in her soft voice.

I sat next to her. “Honey, I’m sorry you saw that. I have been so hot lately and could not help myself.”

I said, “Mom, you were so…so….” “Horny?” she asked.

“No……sexy,” I managed to say, very embarrassed. “Where did you get those shoes?” I again managed to ask.

“Those? Oh, last month I was out with an associate for lunch and I saw a woman on the street wearing them. When I remarked about the height of the heels, my associate, Joan, you might know her, called them ‘whore shoes’ She had a pair and she gave them to me. They fit but I can’t walk. Do they make me look like a whore?”

“Mom, you are much too much of a lady to be a whore. These shoes make you look HOT.”

I am thinking. Maybe mom should get so hot that she wears stockings and a garter belt and no panties to work tomorrow but no man comes near here. Yes, that’s it. She will come home tomorrow night hot and bothered but very upset. She will even want some man to **** her just so she can be touched. I will be happy to oblige.

The next day passes and about 5:45 I hear her car drive up. I hear the door open and then slam. Shortly I hear several glasses crash in the sink and then a loud wail come from the living room.

I walk to the living room and there is mom lying face down on the sofa crying. Her dress is pushed up above her knees and I can see her stocking tops.

I come up to her and ask, “Mom? What’s wrong?” (As if I don’t know)

She turns over and sits up and takes my hand and pulls me next to her. “No one came near me today. I am so lonely for a mans touch. I..I…even wore stockings without any underwear. I am so desperate. Take me downtown so someone will **** me. I am so desperate for a man inside me!” She turns bright red in embarrassment at what she just said.

“Mom, I will **** you if you want. Dry your tears and get ready.” I don’t know if she will respond.

‘You, you will?” she asks through her tears.

“Yes, I will. I am clean and don’t have any diseases that you could get güvenilir casino from any r****t downtown. Now get ready. Go redo your makeup and put on that perfume you like so much.” I kiss her on her lips and grasp her left breast with my right hand.

She gets up and goes into the bathroom. She soon comes out……

My mom went into the bathroom as a mom and out came my fantasy girl! She is 5-6, 120 lbs., 34A-28-36.

She had changed her dress. She was wearing a knee length white halter top dress that had a full skirt. It was propped up with a large stiff white petticoat. She was wearing white stockings and 4 inch high heels. She had redone her make up to emphasize her cheek bones and her heavy eye makeup emphasized her blue eyes. Her lips were bright red. She looked like a fantasy virgin bride.

I just stopped and stared. My cock was already fully loaded, so much that I had to unzip my pants to release it. “Mom, you look so beautiful. You are really pretty.”

She looked at me and gradually saw my huge cock sticking out of my pants. She smiled. “I thought you would like this. I was cleaning your room and I found an old picture of me wearing this dress that your father took. It was covered with stains. Come here.”

She motioned to me. I walked over to her and she took my hand. She gently kissed my lips and walked with me over to the center of the living room. She said, “I was standing here when the picture was taken. About ten minutes after it was taken, you were conceived right here on the floor. It was a beautiful afternoon.”

She kissed me again on the lips, gently at first, then open mouthed. “She then whispered in my ear, “Please fill me with your love……” I kissed her back… After we kissed, mom stepped back and held my hands and looked me straight in the eye. She smiled and winked her left eye.

“You are quite a man and I know that there will be women who will get into cat fights over your manhood. Most women want more than a huge cock stuffed into her hot fertile pussy. She wants to be loved and respected too.” She then pointed to the table, where there was a camera. “Please get it and take my picture.”

I walked to the table and picked the camera up. When I turned around, mom was standing at the same spot as in the picture that I had jacked off to many times. She told me, “Take my picture.” I did and then she said, “After we took the photo, we didn’t take any more because we had to take the film to the d**g store to be developed. But now I can show you what else we did that afternoon.”

Mom began to fondle her right breast with her left hand. though the fabric of the dress. That is when I noticed that she was wearing her wedding and engagement rings. They were large and stunning. The look on her face also changed to that of a hungry woman. “Take my picture. Think dirty thoughts about me.”

I was shocked because, I already was thinking dirty thoughts about her. She then lifted her dress and petticoats to show her stocking tops and garters. I said, “Mom, I didn’t know that you wore stockings, just that dull pantyhose.” She responded, “I wear stockings when casino firmalari I am around a big, hard, sexy man and want to lose control around him.” She then licked her lips.

My cock was so full that it hurt. It was longer and harder than I had ever seen it. Oh I wanted her.

She then sat in an arm chair. She then d****d her legs over the arms and pulled up her dress and petticoats to expose her shaved pussy! “Mom, I didn’t know that you shaved your pussy.” She said, “I read in a magazine that men liked that. Do you?” As she said that, she plunged the middle finger of her left hand deep into her open pussy.

I was taking great pictures of my mother doing things to herself that I thought that only whores did, when she began to breathe heavily and moan, “Oh fuck fuck, I am cumming. FUCK FUCK!” Her finger was working on her clit and pussy and she was beginning to squirm in the chair. She then screamed, “Oh, Karl, I am cumming FUCK FUCK…” She was having an orgasm…

I was shocked at her language yet I enjoyed the sight of my mother screaming in ecstasy and playing with herself. My prim and proper mother used words that I didn’t even think that she knew. I never saw her wear a dress that was shorter than 2 inches below her knees or shoes higher than 2 inches, Now I see her exposing everything she has.

She finished orgasming but left her legs d****d over the arms of the chair. All of the sudden she gasped and turned quite red. “I didn’t mean for that to happen. I guess I am so lonely for someone to touch me that my own hands set me off. Your father rarely touched me after I became pregnant with you. In fact for the last few months he forced me to sit on the kitchen counter with my legs spread as he shoved his cock inside me but his body never touched me. He said such awful things to me. I‘m glad he‘s gone……..I love you….I can see that you definitely love me…” She gazed at my huge engorged cock. I was ready to burst.

“Mom, I want to fuck you. I have never fucked a girl before. You are so pretty.” These words just blurted out. I have never seen a woman as pretty or as exposed as my mother right now. She is more beautiful than any centerfold I have ever seen.

She said, “I have something for you.” She stood up and walked to the center of the room and laid down she arranged the dress and petticoats above her waist and spread her legs wide. As she did her pussy opened up 2 inches! “I am such a bad girl that I think that you deserve to **** me, treat me as I deserve….”

I walked over and stood above her. I looked down and could see my now open and exposed mother for what she was: a hungry and attractive hot slut. I had never fucked a girl before, so I got down and lay on top of her. I shoved my overloaded cock deep inside her. She felt very tight and I started to spurt as soon as I was inside her.

She squirmed because of my quick entry. Suddenly she began to sob, “Oh no! Please don’t cum inside me. Don’t fuck me. I am on my most fertile day. Please…..fuck me! Oh, go deeper….FUCK” Her voice began to quiver as she started to orgasm.

With those words, she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me even deeper inside her. My cock was unloading everything I had. “Mom, you are so beautiful. I have always wanted to fuck you. My friends think you are so hot.” I clumsily tried to kiss her on the lips. I then hear a camera shutter click…….

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