My first date with a xhamster boy

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My first date with a xhamster boy
After chatting a bit on xhamster I decided to meet up with a young man.
19 years and he preferred mature ladies.
We had our date on a parking lot,
a bit nervous he got into my car.
After talking a bit, I thought it was time for some action.
I put his hand on my chest. He squeezed my tits tightly.
I felt my nipples getting harder and harder. Because I was not wearing a bra they were immediately visible through my blouse.
he immediately noticed that and started playing with my nipples.
the nerves were clearly gone.
He asked me to uncover my breasts, so I lifted my blouse and let my breasts fall out.
he took a good breath and put my areola in his mouth.
he sucked my nipples hard and squeezed my tits very well.
my nipples canlı kaçak bahis were thick and swollen.
it made me so horny.
“take your penis off your pants” I told him.
he opened his pants and pulled them down and a nice thick cock appeared.
“so nicely excited already” I told him, but before I could finish my sentence he pushed my face towards it.
I first licked the precum and then took his penis in my mouth.
I took him so deep in my throat and licked his balls with my tongue.
I let his dick rest for a moment and lay down in the back seat.
I lifted my skirt and took off my panties.
“lick me now” I wanted to tell him, but his head was already between my legs. I felt his tongue lick my pussy.
what a wet and fragrant feast down there must be. perabet his tongue eagerly licked between my labia.
he sucked on clit.o my god especially keep on going.
I felt so horny, I pushed his face close to my cunt.
“keep licking” I shouted.
which may have been a bit too loud because suddenly another man was standing at the window of the car.
He eagerly licked my pussy and licked my juices.
the man at the window, meanwhile, had his cock out of his pants and masturbated.
the door of the car opened and two firm hands started squeezing my breasts.
while I moaned, he saw his chance and put his dick in my mouth.
he started fucking me in my mouth.
I suddenly felt that the other guy also exchanged his tongue for his penis and I felt his perabet güvenilir mi hard thick penis penetrate my pussy.
one man fucked my throat until I couldn’t hold back my tears and the other pounded my pussy.
I felt the penis welling up in my mouth and a thick warm load of cum lubricated my throat.
it was hard to keep it in, but I swallowed it.
he put his dick in his pants, closed the door and walked away.
meanwhile my date fucked me harder and harder.
he penetrated my pussy so well, nice and deep.
His breathing became heavier and he was about to come.
“spray your sperm wherever you want sweetheart” I told him.
and before I realized it he penetrated my ass and injected his whole load deep inside.
He had one more proposal, he said.
and without saying anything he took my panties, stuffed it in my pussy.
pulled it out, gave me a kiss, and walked away.
what a wonderful experience.
For this I do it and I want to keep doing this.
playing slut (although it is me) haha.
i just love sex and enjoy it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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