Aunt Terri, Halloween party

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Aunt Terri, Halloween party
We went to this Halloween party and you were wearing a push up bra, short skirt, and heels, gaudy make up and a bright pink wig. You were a hooker, I was your pimp. Even though you were my Aunt, and I was your nephew, we’d kissed and grab assed a bit, but never had the opportunity to do more. This was going to be a fun night out. We were making the rounds, making small talk and the guys were checking you out. I whispered in your ear ” Aunt Terri, let’s give em a show”

So you would then find excuses to bend over, showing even more cleavage. Although this wasn’t your style, you were getting moist at the idea of a couple of guys ogling you, and wanting you. You got bolder and bent over so your skirt rode up, showing your bare ass, only the thong underwear hiding your ‘goodies’

I speak to a couple of the guys, and it turns out that one is the brother of the guy who is throwing the party. He said that there’s a ‘fun room’ in the garage and he’d bring these guys you were flirting with, and I’d bring you, and we’d lock the door.

So I tell you that I have a surprise in the garage for you. You have had a couple of drinks and you go along with whatever I’m doing.

We go in the garage, and there’s 4 of the guys from the house. I lock the garage door and the guys are saying ‘show me your tits” you look at me and say “let’s go Danny, this is uncool”, but I kiss you and say “c’mon Aunt Terri, give em a thrill, I’m right here with you” and I make sure you have another drink.

You massage your tits through your clothing and you reach in, pull out one tit, and after 3-4 seconds you put it back. The guys love it, and clamor for more. You are turned on a bit and you pull off your blouse and skirt and are in your bra and panties. You slap your ass cheeks and turn around and pull your bra and let your tits fall out.

The guys go nuts and you soon feel one guy’s hand on your ass. You look at me and I nod “yes” and you let his hands roam. I tell you that these guys are Mike, Jorge, Steve and Pete. The guys are rubbing your tits and pulling your nipples. One guy has his fingers so close to your pussy, and you gasp as two of his fingers enter you.

There is no stopping canlı bahis siteleri now, your clothes are off, the men have their cocks out and you are amazed at what you see.

There’s Big Mike, long and lanky black dude with a fucking 10 inch cock about 2 inches thick. There’s Jorge, short and fat, like his cock. and we got Steve, ordinary dude, average cock, and there’s Pete, he’s got a long, skinny cock, quite long in fact

Jorge has his cock out and you and puts it near you, you bend over and soon you are sucking it as Mike let’s you stroke his big fat cock, Pete has dived between your legs and tongued ur ass and pussy and has locked onto your clit like a baby onto a nipple. Steve’s just watching.

Jorge gets excited and grabs ur hair and begins to slap your face, and face fuck you. He shoves his cock deep into your mouth, holding it there until you need to breathe, then fucks you some more. He’s so excited and cums pretty quick, and sez..”don’t worry bitch…I won’t cum so fast next time. You are ready to flee, but you are near cumming from Pete’s tongue

Now big Mike has his big black cock in ur mouth. way too fat for you to suck easily, but you stroke and lick it, trying to please him so he doesn;t force his massive cock down your throat and kill you. You fondle his balls, and lick and suck Mike’s head as Pete is making you squirm and squirt with his clit sucking

Big Mike, pulls Pete out of the way and shoves his long fat chocolate cock in your cunt. with your legs over your shoulders, Mike monopolizes you and fucks you hard and deep. He’s bruising your cervix as he pounds you, again and again. He pounds his fat, long BBC cock into you, enjoying it when he hits the back of your pussy, causing to wince in pain, yet all the while you love his thick cock stretching you. He moans and cums, but does not stop, his thick cock keeps fucking you. A frothy circle of cummy foam is around your tight cunt as Mike fucks you ever harder and faster, never missing a lick. He’;s a power house, pounding your cunt, cum running out of your pussy, onto ur ass. his balls slapping your ass as he pounds you for at least 20 mins with out ever changing tempo or anything

Finally he cums tipobet again and pull out of you, I take pics of your gaping cunt with cum and wetness everywhere. Pete holds your lips wide open for me to take close-ups of your battered cunt.

Steve kneels over your head and pushes his cock into your mouth, Jorge stops pulling his pud long enough to shove his short cock into your wet pussy, but Pete says for you to get up, and he lies down and you straddle his long skinny cock and ride it as Jorge roughly pushes you forward to suck Steve’s cock as he forces his cock in your cunt next to Pete. they have done this before…double teaming, sometimes one in the pink and one in the stink, sometimes they both go in the same hole
Jorge’s cock is too short to go in and out much, so he rams it in, and Pete’s long skinny cock is pushing into you along side Jorge’s cock. It hurts a bit, your cunt wasn’t built for this, but you have lost count of how many times you have cum, and you are in a sexual frenzy.

Steve’s cock in your mouth is begging for attention, but it’s hard to focus with all that’s goin on in your pussy. Steve grabs your hair, and you you give it your best and Steve cums, and in fact, huge gob of cum erupts from his cock, before you can swallow it, another and another copious blast of cum keeps filling your mouth and running down his cock. You lick and lap up as much as you can, with Jorge slapping your ass, while him and Pete are slamming double cock into your cunt

After they finally cum. I want you on your hands and knees at the edge of the bed. Big Mike is shoving his cock to your face, wanting you to suck him, I shove my cock into your sopping wet cunt, then press it to your ass, and grab your hips and slam my cock deep into your ass. Gawd yes, my cock is buried in my sexy Aunt’s ass. I pull out and shove my cock in ur wet cunt and then back to your ass, and you push back again. We do this maneuver four times, now your ass is stretched a bit and wet, and I grab your hips and begin to fuck your ass

I pick up tempo and depth and my balls bouncing off your clit is making it feel pretty good. Putting one leg up on the bed to get a better angle, forcing my tapered tipobet giriş cock deeper into your ass. I continue to pound away at your ass, as you attempt to suck big Mike. Pete, gets under you, and sucks your clit as I pound your ass, you soon have a series of orgasms……a wave of one drifting into the next as I fuck your ass until I cum. I am not sure that you are completely aware that it’s your nephew’s cock in your ass, nor do I think , at this point you really care

As I pull out Steve makes a move and shoves his cock in your ass. Pete is oblivious to everyone’s cum on his face and mouth as he sucks your clit. Steve makes short work of it, and fills your ass with even more cum

Big Mike leaps of the bed, and pushes Steve away, and shoves his thick wood back into your sopping wet pussy. pushing Pete out of the way so Mike can just stand there and fuck your red, swollen cunt

“SLAP SLAP SLAP” goes the sound of Mikes balls hitting your clit. He pulls out so far and slams it in you, You are queefing, pussy farts galore

Your mouth is sore from sucking so much cock, your tits are sore from being pinched and your nipples tugged, and your pussy is definitely sore…but Mike’s pounding sure feels good. Then without warning Mike shoves his thick pole into your ass. It hurts, but he grabs your hips and fucks you like a madman.

Soon Mike cums, and he’s spent. Everyone but me has had their way with you at least 3-4 times. They all decide to leave the party and go out for a beer, and we are left alone. As they leave I lock the door and you get dressed, and we enter the party, and you make a mad dash for the bathroom, and it’s occupied and a line waiting to use it. You look at me and I wave you to me

We leave the party and hurry to your home, where you fling off your clothes and go pee. I run the water in the shower, and step in, and you get in and I wash you with a soapy wash cloth, washing away the sweat and cum from tonight. I swiftly shampoo my own hair as you wash my cock, tugging it, into a chubby. We get out and dry off, and go to the bed.

You lovingly lie beside me, sated and sore, but you push my legs up, and you get between my legs and rim my ass, cos you know it get’s me very hot, and you stick two fingers in my ass and massage my prostate as you suck my cock, and proceed give me a blow job that makes my toes curl. Then we drift off to sleep. I’m thinking that we’ve crossed a line and are never going back

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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