The Trip: Chapter Three

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The Trip: Chapter Three
I soaked in the tub for close to an hour, thinking about my predicament, it was only the second day of the trip, I figured if I was going to get through the week then I just had to resign myself and do whatever Joe asked of me, sex is just sex, I reasoned, it doesn’t matter who or how many people you have it with, it’s still just the same physical act, if I could get over the psychological aspect of what I was doing, then it would be a lot easier.

I mulled it over for a while, before getting out of the tub, brushing my teeth and swilling my mouth out with mouthwash, it still didn’t entirely get rid of the taste of stale cock, but it did make me feel a whole lot fresher. I made my way into the bedroom and noticed that a school uniform had been laid out on the bed for me.

“Kara!” Joe called from the living room “Put your school uniform on and do your makeup nice and pretty for me and come in here, will you?”??

“Yes Master!” I shouted

I carefully took the garments off the bed. A white blouse, a navy blue striped tie, a short tartan pleated skirt, my sisters school blazer, a baby blue bra with matching lace panties and a pair of grey knee socks. I got dressed and finished the ensemble off with a pair of black patent mary janes, they were gothic in design with a 5” heels. I sat down and put my makeup on, foundation, blusher, dark plum eye shadow and black eyeliner, and thick plum lipstick, I put my hair up in a pair of bunches. I glanced in the mirror; I looked like a sweet innocent schoolgirl with not so innocent make-up.

I made my way into the living room to find Chris watching television and Joe waiting at the front door.

“What a pretty little thing you are, you’re going to be a very popular girl tonight.” Joe said

“Master?” I enquired.

“Tonight I am taking you out, Kara. To make up for you wasting my day. We are going to a place where you can be a dirty little slut for me.”

“Yes master” I replied

“I was going to take you straight out, but seeing as Chris isn’t joining us tonight. What do you say to giving him a blow job before we leave?”??

“Yes Master.” I said submissively.

I walked over to Chris, tottering a little on my heels, and lowered myself to my knees in front of him, tucking my heels under my bottom and flattening out my skirt. ??

“I don’t want to disappoint either of you again master.” I said.

“That’s a good girl,” Chris said, patting my head, “and what are you going to do for me now?”??

I smiled up at him, and reached for his crotch, unzipping his flies to release his massive cock, knelt on the ground in front him in my school uniform; I sucked his cock for all I was worth. I tried to do it like the girls in the few porn movies I’d seen. I sucked and sucked his stiff hard beautiful cock deep in my mouth, working my lips and tongue up and down his cock, stroking the shaft with my left hand and cupping his balls with my right. Chris sighed and filled my throat with his cum.??

“That’s a good little slut. Now come on, outside, and get in the car.” Joe commanded

After the antics in the alleyway I felt a bit frightened, unsure of where we were heading, but I had no choice. He opened the door, and I quickly walked out and to the car. He got in the drivers’ seat, and I eased myself into the passengers’ seat. As he started the car, he reached out and drew my head down towards his lap.

“Now you can suck me while I drive, Kara.” He said. ??

I whimpered assent, “Yes, Master.”

I leant over, undoing his flies. I reached into his boxer shorts; he shifted his position as I took hold of his stiffening cock. I kissed the tip, and as he sighed with pleasure, I sank my mouth down over it, feeling its warm hardness sliding between my lips into my warm hot mouth. I bobbed my head up and down, my bunches tapping against the back of my neck, sucking gently rubbing its length with my hand. ??Joe hissed with pleasure as I blew his cock,

“Yes, that’s it. Good girl.” he moaned

I quickened my pace, feeling him growing harder in my mouth, until the friction numbed my lips. He suddenly gave a grunt, and released a hand from the wheel to hold the back of my head, pushing it down sharply. I felt his cock spasm, and then it spurted his hot load into my mouth.

I gulped the thick ropey fluid down greedily, swallowing as much as I could. Joe always came such a lot, and this time was no exception; some escaped my slurping mouth and dribbled onto my fist. As I withdrew from his lap and sat up, I licked his cum from my hand, looking up at him from lowered eyes.

“Was I a good girl for you, Master?” I asked. ??

“You’re learning, Kara, that was very good. You have a belly full of my cum, now?”?

“Yes master, I drank it all up for you. I’m a good girl.”?

He smiled at me as he pulled the car into a large, dark car park, I felt foolish talking in such a babyish way, but the last thing I wanted to do was incur his wrath again, I was still sore from the alleyway and wasn’t entirely sure I wasn’t catching a cold.

“Well slut, you’ve had a nice tasty couple of loads of spunk already tonight, now you’re going to have a lot more.”

Joe switched off the engine, and did up his fly, before squeezing my thigh and looking out at the area around us.

“Quite a lot of people considering the weather”

I looked out to see cars dotted around the car park. The nearest was about 20 feet away. I could see the shape of someone inside. As I examined the other cars, I could see that they were for the most part occupied.
“Freshen up your makeup, Kara. You have to look your best for all the men you’re going to serve.”??

I shivered with anticipation of what he had in store for me; I complied, applying a thick layer of plum lipstick. When I had finished, I looked up at him.

“I’m ready, master. What do you want me to do?”??

He smiled and nodded at the car nearest to ours.

“Go over there and give that man a nice long dirty blowjob. Tell him you’re a naughty schoolgirl slut, and you want to drink his cum. Tell him your master has sent you.”??

I swallowed, and looked over at the car. I would have to walk there, I didn’t have a coat and if they were looking, the men in the other cars would see me, dressed as a schoolgirl, hair in bunches, face made up like a whore, with a very short skirt that was having a hard time covering my ass cheeks. They would all know why I was here. ??

“As you wish master. I’ll go and suck his cock for you. I’m a good girl.”??

As I opened the door, Joe said,

“Don’t get in his car, Kara. I want to see you. Make him open his door, kneel down on the ground, and suck him off like that. I want to make sure I get it all on camera.” ??

I shuddered at the thought, how many videos would I have to star in? How many would be enough? When would I be free to go back to my own life? I tried to shake the thought from my head.

“Yes master.” I said meekly

I got out of the car. As I started the long walk over to the other car, leaving tracks across the snowy ground behind me. I could feel the eyes of other men on me. When I was halfway to the car, its interior light came on, and I saw its occupant, a man of at least 60 years of age, he was watching me with interest. As I reached him, he wound his window down. ??

“Well well, what have we here? A little schoolgirl, come to call?”??

“Yes Sir,” I mumbled, “I’m a naughty schoolgirl, and my master has sent me over to you. He’s waiting in the car for me.”??

“Oh really? What’s your name, little one?”

I could see him stroking a bulge in his crotch as he spoke.
“Kara, Sir.” I replied,

I was feeling so exposed, out there in the open, the wind blowing the hem of bahis siteleri my skirt about.
“And how old are you, Kara?” he asked, his breathing quickening, rubbing himself harder. ??

“I’m sixteen Sir.”??

“Mmm, that’s nice. Nice and young. And what did your master send you over to me for?”??

“He sent me over to you to ask you if you want me to suck your cock, Sir. I’m a very good cocksucker, he tells me. He wants me to give you a blowjob, Sir, and drink your cum.” I replied?

“Really? That’s nice, because a long sloppy blowjob from such a sexy young slut as you is just what I want right now. Yes, a nice hot suck-off from a sixteen year old in her school uniform. Lovely! Get in the other side, then, Kara, you dirty girl.” the man said

“I’m not allowed to get into your car, Sir. I’m to kneel down on the ground by here and do it in the open, my master says.”??

He widened his eyes and grinned,

“Oh? Your master wants to watch his sweet little plaything gobbling cock in the open, does he? Okay, then, you dirty little cunt. Out of the way.”

He opened the door and I stepped back a little, I dropped to my knees on the cold snow covered gravel and bent over to put my head in his lap, the heels on my shoes splayed out behind me, my little bottom pert and exposed to the cold air. My pleated skirt was too short to cover much with me bent over like this, and I could feel it ride up, exposing a good 3 or 4 inches of pale flesh. My panties were surely on show for anyone to see in the light from the interior of the car. He noticed my quick glance around and laughed nastily.

“Oh, yes, slut, I’m sure there’re others watching, they can see you kneeling down clear as day. They know what you’re doing, you little whore. Come on, then, use that pretty little mouth of yours on me.”??

I inched forward towards his crotch, and reached out to stroke the bulge in his pants. He impatiently lifted his backside off the seat and shucked his trousers and pants down around his thighs, and roughly grabbing hold of my head, pulling it down to his swollen prick. His cock was long, thick and when I pulled the foreskin back to use my tongue on the head, it tasted musky – unwashed and slightly unpleasant. Not again I thought as he held my bunches tightly, grunting, and pulled at them, forcing my head down. I opened my mouth as it was pulled to meet his rising cock, and felt it’s hardness slide between my lips. ??

“Come on, you little whore!” he snarled, “Get it in your mouth, that’s it, you little slut”

Watching me bob my head up and down, he shifted his grip, putting one hand on the top of my head, the other gripping the back of my neck. He squeezed, and thrust upwards with his hips, very rough and deep. His cock pumped into the back of my mouth, almost pushing down my throat with every lift of his hips off the seat. I moaned through my nose with every gagging thrust of his cock, thinking of all the people who were sat in their cars watching this event.

“Ooh, yes, “ the man groaned

He jerked my head up and down harshly, all the while keeping up a rambling stream of consciousness commentary aimed in my direction.

“That’s it, you dirty bitch, such a sweet mouth, oh, mmm, give it to me, slut, you little bitch! Fucking your mouth, aren’t I? Fucking your hot sweet mouth good and hard! Take it all, you slut! Dirty girl! You sexy little cunt, I bet your master gets this from you every night, doesn’t he? I’d make you do this all the time if you were my bitch. I’d shoot my cum in your sweet wet mouth every night and every morning and I’d fuck you in the asshole too. I bet your master fucks your hot little ass every day, doesn’t he? You like that, cunt? I bet you’d like to be fucked in your tight little asshole right now, wouldn’t you? You think your master would like that? Would he like to see his whore getting it hard and deep in her sweet, tight ass whilst she was sucking cock?”

As he talked to me, he kept up the pressure on my head, keeping me bouncing up and down on his invading cock, taking it in my wet mouth, forcing it down. I moaned deep in my throat, and played with his balls with my right hand while my left squeezed the base of his prick.

He grunted, and pushed down violently on my head. His huge prick was forced deep into the back of my mouth; I felt it bend as it slid its way into my throat. I gagged and tried to move my head, to avoid throwing up, but I couldn’t resist his strong hands on my head. I struggled to calm my panic, and breathed slowly through my nose. I concentrated on the tingling in my own cock, and the panicky feeling passed. I lay supine; let him possess my throat with his cock. He kept it there, and I felt him breathe hard.

“Oh, yes, you little cunt, schoolgirl cocksucker, you just hold it there in your throat a sec. I’m going to get someone to fill up that sexy little ass of yours.”
I felt and heard him reach over to the dashboard – there were a couple of clicks, and in my peripheral vision I saw brief flashes of light. He was flashing his headlights. I heard a car door open and slam, and the sound of footsteps crunching over the snowy gravel towards us. I tried to raise my head again, but his hand held me fast.

“Ah, just you wait there, little one, you came here for cock, you’re going to take more cock than you can stand.”??

The footsteps came nearer, and behind me I heard a mans voice

“Whoa! Look at this! I thought that was a school uniform she was wearing. Schoolgirl cocksucker! Oh, yeah, she looks hot. Look at her, dressed like that. She sucking you good, man?”??

The man with his cock in my throat laughed and gave a deeper thrust.

“Oh yes, best little cocksucker I ever had!” He replied

I gagged deep in my throat and violently wrenched my head back; he tightened his grip and pushed me back down.

“But I just couldn’t let that cute little ass of hers go wanting, seeing it offered down there like that.” he continued

The man behind me laughed, and I heard a zipper being pulled down.

“Yeah, down on her knees, ass in the air, tiny little skirt, ain’t covering nothing. She looks like she wants a cock up her ass.”

I heard him position himself behind me, crunching the gravel beneath the snow. I felt his hands on my behind, running along my back. Then he ran them back down to the hem of my school skirt, and slowly pulled it up to my hips. I felt him fondling my ass, and then he pulled my panties down slowly. I heard him spit, my legs were pushed further apart, and I mewed around the cock in my mouth as I felt rough wet fingers probe my asshole. There was a prodding hardness at the entrance to my ass, and then hands gripped my hips and pulled, as I felt a stiff tube of flesh push its way into my passage.

I squealed as it forced its way in, and then I was being fucked violently from behind, my skirt falling back around my bum, dr****g over the cock fucking me from behind. The man screwing me gave a moan.

“Oooh, she’s tight as a glove, this bitch. What did she think she was doing, coming here in her school uniform, the stupid little slut?”??

The man I was sucking lessened the pressure on my head some, and I raised my head a little, then pushed it back down, and up again, throating his cock now that I was used to the depth. He tapped the back of my head, encouraging my motions, saying

“Her master is in that car over there. He’s brought her here to give out free blowjobs, she says.”?

?“Uh,” grunted the man fucking my ass, “I hope he likes seeing her fucked in the ass as well. Your master like you getting it doggy style, bitch? You like it? It feel good, little schoolgirl whore, getting it from both ends, perabet güvenilir mi same time, fucked in the ass and the mouth? You take it deep, slut; take my dick deep in your asshole. I’m gonna spunk in your ass, make you take my load. Your master’s gonna get you back sore and sticky, bitch.”

His pumping increased in its pace and depth. I started to squeal louder with every vicious push he gave me, it only seemed to excite him more, his deep sliding fucks got faster. The man in the car started to breathe faster and faster, hissing at me as his hands squeezed and gripped my bunches and the back of my neck, holding tight to my bobbing head.

“Oh yes, slut, little schoolgirl bitch, keep doing that, don’t stop, I’m going to cum in your mouth you little cunt, keep it up, that’s it, deeper in your mouth, yes, do it, oh yes, bad girl, you bad schoolgirl, cocksucker, coming, I’m coming in you, drink it you slut, drink it all fucking down”

His hands tightened around my neck as he pumped his hips up off the seat. His cock rammed its way down my throat, cutting off a strangled scream as I felt his spasming prick shoot spurt after spurt of thick jism deep into my throat. I gulped around his cock, but he was pumping his cum almost straight down my throat anyway. I could feel his pubic bone grinding against my nose, his pubes tickling my upper lip. He groaned long and hard, and scrabbled around in his glove compartment for something. ?

“Hold still there, cunt, I want a souvenir.”

He pushed my head over to its side, his cock still embedded deep in my throat, and I looked up to see him readying a camera. He clicked the shutter; there was a flash that illuminated me in all my dirty cocksucking glory, now somebody else had a picture of me with a hard prick deep in my mouth. His cock slowly slid from my throat and as it emerged from my wet sore mouth, he continued clicking, until I drew back my face from the head. It spurted a little more, onto my lips and chin, and he groaned again, clicking away.

“Oh yes, now you’ve got cum on your pretty schoolgirl face, you slut. Look at you, you’re a mess.” ??

The man behind me was still pumping his length into my ass, my hands clenching and unclenching as his thrusts forced me forward and backward. He gripped my hips tightly, slamming his cock deep in my bowels with every thrust of his pelvis. I squealed as he fucked me, trying to lick the cum from my lips.

“You’re hurting me, it’s too deep, oh god, that’s too fucking hard” I moaned.

“Yeah, that’s right, I’m fucking you hard, you little slut, you’re getting a deep cock right up your tight fuckhole! Take it, bitch! Take my cock nice and deep!” He replied.

The man in the car took hold of his cock, he pulled my head closer to him with a rough yank on one of my bunches. He wiped the slimy head of his prick in my hair, cleaning the spunk off it.

“Dirty little whore.” He said,

He pushed me away. Slid his dick back into his underwear and pulled up his trousers.

“I’ve got to go now, get this slut out of the way.”?? he said

The man impaling me from behind said

“Okay, man, I’ll finish her off in the open, no problems.”

He shifted back, his cock sliding out of my sore bottom, and pulled me out of the car. The car door slammed, as my assailant manhandled me to a kneeling position on the snowy gravel, my hands flat against the floor up to the wrists in snow, my knees splayed apart, my pert bottom arched in the air, the car started up and moved away. I was left in the open air, on all fours, and the second man wasted no time in getting back to business. He knelt behind me and grabbed at my left shoulder, pulling me back. Handling his cock, he pulled me to him, and lifting my skirt again, spat on my ass and pushed his dick into me. The pain was intense as it slid back into my raw hole.

“Aaaah, please, that’s too rough” I cried out. ??

“You ain’t gonna be able to sit right for a week by the time I’m done” he laughed

As the car with the man whose spunk now filled my tummy left the car park, I was filled for a moment with the horrible thought that it was Joe’s car leaving. I imagined that he was leaving me all alone here in this car park to be fucked by strangers. I started to cry, tears rolling down my cheeks. I squealed as I was brutally fucked doggy style, my hands slapping the gravel as I was pushed, then pulled by the force of the mans pumping.

“Oh yeah, you crying now? You sorry you came here dressed like this? You want me to stop? Does it hurt, bitch? Oh yeah, I bet it’s really sore, down there in your ass, isn’t it? Good, I like it when you whores get sore from fucking!”??

I was so sore in my behind; the fucking I was getting really hurt now, and I wanted it to end. I wanted Joe to come and put a stop to it, but I knew he was watching, and I couldn’t go to him until I had satisfied the man using me. I squinted through my tears down at my school tie, sliding up and down between my hands.

“Oh god, you’re in me so deep, I cant take it, please, I’m not supposed to, I’m not allowed, oh god, my master said I was to suck cocks, not let myself get fucked, please I’m begging you”??

This only seemed to spur him on, as he increased the speed and intensity of his thrusts, the pain in my ass was unbearable. I thought I was going to be split in two, and my moans became louder and more frantic, till I was shrieking with every thrust, begging him to stop. He loved it, and fucked me even harder.

“Oh yeah, beg me bitch, you cant take it can you? Poor little schoolgirl cunt being fucked in a car park can’t take a hard fucking? Am I breaking you, slut? Does it hurt?”??

“Yes, it hurts, aah! I’m sore, I want to go home, pleeeeeaaah!”??

I felt him move behind me, heard his feet grind into the gravel at either side as he crouched at my behind. His hands gripped my shoulders and he wrenched me back onto his cock, ramming himself into me, grunting viciously,

“Take it, cunt, fuck you, Fucking Take my cock you dirty little slut”??

“Oh God!” I cried, slamming violently back and forth as he pulled me about,

“Oh yeah bitch you ready? You ready for my cum? You are going to take it all cunt, take it you fucking little slut, take it all in your tight little ass”??

I felt him speed up, and my cries became a single long scream

I didn’t care who was watching now; I just wanted him to finish. My poor asshole was on fire. Tears streamed from my eyes, and I limply flopped back and forth as he rammed deep inside me. He let out a final deep throaty grunt, and buried his dick in me to the pubes. I felt him shudder, and knew he was pumping his hot cum into me, deep inside me. His breathing shuddered too, and he squeezed my shoulders. I involuntarily clenched my sphincter muscle. ??

“Yesssss” he hissed, “That’s it, slut, milk it. Milk my cock. I’ve fucked you full of my cum, you whore. Dirty little schoolgirl bitch.”??

He gave one last wiggling thrust, causing a fresh whimper to escape my quivering lips, then backed off and stood up, pushing me away. I sprawled onto the ground in the snow; my legs like jelly, feeling his cock leave an empty space, spunk dribbling onto my thighs. ??

“You whore, look at you. Your master’s getting one used bitch back tonight”

He zipped himself up and walked off. I couldn’t get up, I just lay there, feeling the soreness in my bottom tingle and sting. My blouse was rumpled and the blazer was torn and stained, my skirt was dirty and my panties were full of cum. My face was crusty with dried spunk too, and my make-up had run with my crying.

I heard a car start up, and idle over. I looked around fearfully, eyes tipobet wide, expecting another stranger, but with relief recognized it was Joe’s car. The passenger door opened, and Joe leaned over.

“Get in.” he commanded

I shakily got to my feet, and with a wince eased myself into the car. Joe had put a towel over the seat; I slumped back in the car, exhausted.

“You’re not done yet bitch, the night is still young,” Joe said

“I’m sorry, wasn’t that enough?”

“You better not be giving me attitude again, that’s what got you into this mess in the first place”

“No master, not at all, I’m a good girl, I’ll do whatever you want me to” I replied

Joe gestured over to the public toilets on the other side of the car park; I got out of the car and slowly made my way over, the wind was blowing and fresh snow was starting to fall.

I heard Joe get out of the car and follow me over, it was dark and cold, I saw two darker-skinned guys and a hot-looking, blonde woman sat on the hood of a truck, the two guys were talking on cell phones. They looked at me as I walked past them and the woman seemed to be eyeing me up and down.

I walked over to the men’s door. My bladder was full and I had a sudden urge to take a whizz. As soon as I pulled on the door to go into one of the cubicles I heard the main door opening behind me, I hitched up my skirt to take a piss a hand reached around and grabbed me by the waist.

“Hey, what the?” I exclaimed

A blindfold was quickly secured over my eyes, I couldn’t see a thing but I could hear several voices chuckling, my sodden cum filled panties were pulled down exposing my cock and ass to whomever was in the room. They were still gripping me around the waist and I could feel a hard cock grinding against my ass cheeks. A hand lifted my legs and removed my panties, then stuffed them into my mouth, I could taste the cum that was soaked into them. The door opened again and I heard Joe’s voice.

“Anybody mind if I film this” Joe asked.

“Just as long as we get a copy,” a voice responded.

I could feel my face blushing, I was totally helpless and they knew it. The guy that was gripping me put something around my right wrist and forced it in front of me. It was a pair of handcuffs. He then forced my left hand to my right hand and secured them together.

I could feel hands rubbing up and down my naked ass and legs followed by the cold hard shock of a slap across my bottom. My poor little butt cheeks were slapped again and again from every angle.

They pulled me out of the stall and against the wall where the urinals were. One of the guys adjusted the cuffs and chained them to the pipe above the urinal. He bent me over and I felt a cock head spread my sore butt cheeks apart I was expecting him to thrust; instead I felt a warm feeling filling my ass. Then it hit me; He was using my ass as a urinal.

I could hear the door opening and closing behind me as one after another a steady group of guys from the car park all came in for the show, some of them followed the first guys lead, and my ass started feeling uncomfortably full. ?

Is Joe charging for this? Am I being used for profit? I could feel a set of hands on my hips and got ready for another warm stream to flow up my dirty asshole, but this cock head didn’t just go in once, it kept going in and out, roughly fucking my dirty asshole.

I couldn’t take the fullness anymore and liquid began squirting out all over, dribbling down my legs onto the floor beneath me. The pain was intense; I still hadn’t recovered from my earlier encounter outside. His cock kept slamming in and out as he bounced off of my soaking butt cheeks.

I heard a woman’s voice, figuring it must be the lady from the car park

“Do you like being fucked in your dirty whore ass?” she asked

I tried to respond, but couldn’t because of the panties in my mouth, instead it came out as a moan.

“She sounds like she’s enjoying it,” she laughed

The first guy finished up and another took his place fucking my ass like there’s no tomorrow, pounding in and out, abusing my sore little chute, it didn’t take him long before he was shooting his load deep in my ass.

I heard the clacking of heels as the woman walked over and undid my handcuffs, she pushed me down onto the floor under the urinal and refastened the handcuffs to a pipe, she straddled my body and pulled my legs up over my head, placing her weight on the back of my legs holding them in place.
Another guy takes this as his cue and approaches; he unleashes his hard cock from his jeans and plunges it deep into my ass. The blonde lady removed my blindfold and pulled the panties from my mouth.

“Tell everyone how much fun your having” she said

I moved my head, including Joe there were about 8 people stood watching my predicament.

“I’m loving it” I moaned, “this is what I live for, this is all I desire”

“You like having your ass fucked in front of strangers” she asked

“I love being fucked, I’m a dirty girl, I need to be fucked like the whore I am” I replied

“That’s a good girl she said, but it’s a waste having that mouth there when there’s so many guys here who need some relief” she said

She reached back and undid the handcuffs, the guy in my ass withdrew his cock, grabbed my legs and dragged me across the dirty floor into the centre of the room, he flipped me over and made me get on my hands and knees before moving around to my face. He pushed his cock to my mouth, I could smell my ass on him, it was musty but not entirely unpleasant, he thrust between my lips, it tasted of stale urine and again I found myself fighting not to throw up.

Another guy had found his way to my asshole and was pushing his cock between my cheeks, my ass was on fire, I could only think of what damage had already been done back there and this guy felt huge.

Before I knew it, another two cocks appeared in front of me and I had to change my focus alternating between the three of them, the blonde lady straddled my back and jerked my head back sharply by my hair as the three guys took turns fucking my face.

The guy in my ass finished up, withdrawing and shooting his wad over my cheeks, I slumped to the floor as the three guys in front did the same, splashing their loads across my face, there was a splattering of applause from the remaining guys as I sat there in a mess on the floor, my panties in a soaking bunch in the corner.

The guys left shaking hands with Joe as they went, I heard a few comments about doing this again sometime, the blonde lady approached Joe

“She’s good, bring her by the bar tomorrow night, I can definitely use her” she said

“She’ll be there,” said Joe

With that the blonde lady left, I staggered to my feet, my whole body ached, I took a look at myself in the mirror, cum was streaming down my face mingling with my tears, I could feel more dripping from my gaping ass.

Joe threw me a bag; in it were a T-shirt, a pair of jeans, a fresh pair of panties and a make-up bag.

“Get yourself cleaned up,” he instructed, “you’re not sitting in my car looking like that”

I peeled off the soggy clothing and did my best to wash myself off in the sink, I scrubbed my face with a paper towel and tried to make myself presentable before getting dressed, I walked outside and Joe opened the passenger door for me. I sat down, the pain still ringing in my ass made it uncomfortable and I tried to readjust to minimize the pain.

“You did well tonight,” Joe said

“Thank you master” I replied

“Now lets get you to bed, you can get some sleep, I want to show Chris the footage I got tonight and you’ve got a busy day ahead of you tomorrow”

Joe started the car and we drove off towards the cabin, I tried to wonder just how much more I could take of this trip. We arrived back and I went straight to my room, I didn’t even get undressed, instead I slumped across the bed pulling the sheets around me and drifted almost immediately to sleep.

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