away from his wife

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away from his wife
My neighbor family never knew why Martin always asked for the private RV in the field instead of staying at the ranch house
he was the manager during the summer making sure the machines worked fine and stuff

we went along my job was to sell stuff at the street fruit and vegs k** of market

after a hot work day i endup in the pickup truck with him , getting the tools from the fields

martin was shirtless his big black torso glowing in the sunset his work pants deformed by his fat cock driving like there was nothing going on

we talk about work and his wife back in montreal

our job was done

he invited me for a beer at his rv in the field , i went with it and soon i was sit on the couch

drinking the beer watching the foot game with him

he had some pizza and we ate infront of the tv

he got up with my plate and ask me if i would like a dessert

”yes sure”

”i need a shower first”

i didnt knew if i was right , was he hard or just really big , his bulging pant making me curious

he didnt close the door

i just wanted to peak

the water was on but when i peak inside i saw no one

he was quick to get behing naked his cockring on his fat bbc ready to be worshipped

waiting for his plan to work

the small frame curious white boy finally trying to peak in the restroom

my neck casino siteleri was seized and i was help inside the batkroom

”looking for your dessert boy?”

thrown under the water with my cloth

”omg Martin ….i just wanted to….”

”here look at it, look boy , nice fat black cock ”

”this is your dessert, open up ”

i look up mouth getting open under his cock head pressure

”thats it, get naked you all wet now”

”damn look at your little cock all hard, you love my cock in your mouth”

”yes like this , suck the big cock little boy ,i love getting suck like this”

”yes up and down keep your mouth open, you suck good babby boy ”

”thats it look up , you love my cock? yes suck it boy , white boy love black cock for dessert”

he made me feel like i was a slut , humping fast in my mouth calling it his cunt mouth hitting my throat until i let him in

”ohhhhh you so easy to throat , look cock sleave, damn im all in, look up, yes hello you sexy boy”

he kept me there petting on my head and face like i was a good little pet for him, his cock pulsing in me

”oh my god, stay like this, shit you gonna make me cum ”

”arrrrrggggg shittttt you little cunt so goodd”

”splurt splurt splurt”

i fell down my face fuck his balls hittig me hard cum flooding gagging me drooling canlı casino all around like a guzzling cunt

trying to move squirming under him the water pouring his hands holding me watching my little boddy squirm has he punch my face hard with his cock

”oh you are in for a wild ride white boy, you should have known better”

pumping in me slapping my hands off tryying to pull him away

all i saw was his black nuts pounding my fore head laying in the shower , head hunder him

his body falling onb top of mine getting my legs spead

i coudnt say nothing pounded head on the shower floor my lil ass invade by his finger

”oh tight little cunt, you cant move , you just holes for me tonight”

i was fingered and mouth fuck under him calling me cunt holes for his big cock to fuck all he wants

i knew he would fuck me i even got out quick trying to talk him out

only to be tied on his bed spread legs and legs like a star

a pillow under my waist my cunt in the air

a big mirror letting me see how fat his cock was compare to me ass spread like a doll

his mushroom head poping in my lubed pink boy hole soon following with the warm lenght of his cock hurting me open

”ahhh fucccckkk please go slow pleeeassse”

martin smilling fucking in me slow and deep

”like this slow and deep, slow kaçak casino and deep”

”omggggg your so big i canttt ahhh”’

more lube help and more

until i stop winning like a little fag

and moan under his big belly pushing me down pounding his fat pole deep down in my wet fuck hole

”you are mine now, give that pussy to daddy”

cum pouring deep in my hole

sealing my fate looking at him empty all of his huge balls in me

the tought of being untied was replace by him having fun getting his cock in and out, making me drip cum

”you feel it? thats a pussy full of cum dripping ”

”omg martinnnn i cant anymore”

”yes you can sexy boy, dont worry its a pussy now, you can take it so good”

pumping in and out in loud splurt

”omggg stop this is weird”

splurt splurt splurt

”listen just listen you make such a cute noise my wet little cunt boy”

fuck again , full of his load, no more tight like before, just a gaping cum hole for daddy

”omg omg omg noooooooo”

martin slapping my ass as i cum on the bed him cuming in me again deep , squirting my lil cock not even hard

”see , you really have a pussy , ahhhhh fuck take my cum girll”

looking in the mirror, called a girl, pussy fucked until i cum

”ohhhh fuck, now im done”

he kissed me , my neck my face

”you so good, i love your ass boy, i hope you didnt hurt too much, because i could fuck you again ”

untied looking at him telling me to sleep with him tonight

i felt lost and stayed
knowing i would get fuck in the morning, but yet slept in his bed waiting for it

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