AMULYA MANASHU -2 The Morning After The Party)

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AMULYA MANASHU -2 The Morning After The Party)
The door closed and I was naked in front of two waiters who had been eyeing my body whole of last night. What luck for them to find me naked. I knew they would not just let me go. So I told them, please let me take bath and then you can do what you want.

Before I could say anything further one of them said, “Dekh saali rand ko. Yeh ussi maal ki beti hai na, jo kal raat gaand hila hila ke ghum rahi thi.” The other said “Han yeh Sehgal Saab ki beti hai. Mast maal rakhe hai Sehgal Saab ghar par. Biwi aur beti dono ekdum garam maal hai. Iss rand ki maa to nahin milegi, leki kasam mere laude ki, aaj pura hawas utar kar rahunga iske badan par. Yeh ameer ghar ki ladkiyan hum jaise ko dekhti bhi nahin. Aaj iski aisi halat karenge ki zindagi bhar yaad karegi.”

Saying this the other one grabbed me by my hair and started slapping me, “Saali kutiya, kal raat ko jab tujhe appetizer, and drinks offer kar rahe the, bohut nakhre dikha rahi thi, aur raat bhar Rawal se chud rahi thi.” The second one slapped my ass and said, “Kya chiknahat iske badan mein yaar..yakeen nahin ho raha hai ki raand nangi mil gayi.” They started talking to each other.

“Daaru mil jata toh maza aa jata,” the other said, ruk lekar aata hun mein, kal raat ki kaafi bachi hogi.” Meanwhile, I begged them, “Please mujhe jaane do, kal raat bhar nahin soyi main. Main acche ghar se hun.”

One of the guys inserted his three fingers in my cunt and said “Acche ghar ki ladkiyaan, party mein aadhi nangi nahin ghumti. Teri maa bhi tere tarah aadhi nangi ghum rahi thi. Saala raat bhar party mein lauda khada kar diya tha, in dono maa beti ne. Tu haramzadi, aaj toh tu royegi ki yeh party mein kyun aayi thi. Tujhe sirf chodenge hi nahin, tere nange jism ka foto lenge, and video bhi. Aur tu zindagi bhar humse chudegi. Phir yeh, video teri maa ko dikhaynge and usse bhi kutiya ke tarah ragadenge apne laude se.” Saying this they both started laughing.

The firstguy came in with the alcohol and said, “Yeh dekh Blue Label.” The other guy said.”Saale, yeh kahanse mili?” The first guy said, “Kal raat ek side mein rakh li thi.” The other guy said, “Din bana diya bhai tune. Imported daaru and pataka maal.”

I again asked them to let me get fresh. One of them said.”Haan ja nahale, waise bhi Raval ka mutt chaatne mein koi shauk nahin”

I went inside and started the shower. As soon as I was about to begin, the two guys came in and they were naked. “Tu itni thaki hui hai, tumhein hum nahalayenge.” Saying this they took the shower gel in the hand and started rubbing it all over my body.

Their dicks were rock hard and they were busy soaping my breasts and ass. The first guy said, “Bhai, jo bhi bolo, makhan badan hai iska.” The second guy said, “Sahi mein. Gaand itna naram hai. Kya khati hai yeh. Aise badan wali ladki humein sapne mein na mile aur aaj hum isse nehala rahe hai.”

As soon as the bath got done and I was about to wipe my body with the towel, the first guy pulled my hair and put his lips on mine and inserted his tongue. I tried to resist, he punched mein my stomach. It pained so much, that I sat down in tears.

“Sun re saali, yeh Rawal nahin hai hum jo tujhe apne dost ki beti ke tarah pyaar karenge. Raand hai tu hamare liye aur tu Raand ki tarah hum jo karenge, karne degi. Ab mein tujhe kiss karunga aur tu mera tongue chuusegi.”

He kissed me again and inserted his tongue. As soon as I sucked his tongue, I tasted the yuck guthka hi had. I felt like puckish but just couldn’t stop it. I kept sucking and the other guy was busy licking my asshole. He started sucking my lips and while the other was biting my ass.

I screamed, but he continued biting my ass. They both picked me up and threw me on the bed. They picked up the bottle and started gulping down the alcohol. The first guy after finishing half the bottle found a packet fallen on the floor. It had small round white pills.

These were the same pills Mr. Rawal had given me to arouse my body sexually. He came and asked me, “Yeh kya illegal bahis hai?” I behaved as if I had no idea. He kept on asking, but I just kept denying any knowledge of it. The other guy now brought a knife to my neck and said “Saali akhri baar puch raha hun, yeh kya hai jaldi bata, warna yahi churi tere chuut mein daal ke chodenge.”

I was really scared as they were already drunk and they might hurt me. I replied, “Mr. Rawal, mujhe yeh khilaye the raat mein. Isse mere andar sex karne ki chahat badd jayegi.” As soon as I heard this, they got crazy. They took 4 pills and shoved it down my throat and forced to swallow it with the alcohol.

With such a high dose, I got an instant sexual urge. Moreover, me being naked with the AC on, my nipples became instantly hard. The guys notice that and said, “Saali ke nipple dekh, kya mast trench ho gaye hai.” They did a toss as to who would fuck me first.

The second guy won and in no time he got naked and jumped on me in the bed. The way he was groping me and biting me was as if he had never had sex. I was just like a piece of meat for him, and he just sucked, licked, bit and groped my body. Unfortunately, the 4 pills had me sexually active too.

With so much sucking and no fucking, I just turned him on his back, got on him, placed his cock in my pussy and in a jerk started riding him. I was grinding my ass on his penis and jumping. My boobs were jiggling and he kept mauling my breasts.

I then bend down and moved my hair to one side and placed my lips on his and started smooching him. I was so passionately kissing him as if he was the love of my life. I had totally forgotten that his mouth reeked of gutkha and liquor and I just continued to suck his tongue like a crazy bitch.

The thrust was increasing and so were my moans. I knew he was about to reach the climax. When I asked him to pour his love juice in my mouth, he gladly let me drink the warm semen from his smelly and hairy dick. In a grunt, he unloaded all of it in my mouth and I slurped all of it.

He got up and went to call his friend and told him “Kya ladki hai..current hai current. Uchal uchal ke leti. Jawaani bhar ke milii hai isse. Patak ke chodna isse.” The second guy came in. He saw me lying there and I saw his dick rock hard. I wanted more now. I wanted it in my ass. The 4 pills had me crazy.

“Saale khada kya hai, himmat nahin hai 18 saal ki ladki ko chodne ka.” Hearing this he got really angry. “Rand ruk tujhe dikhata hun. Aaj tere badan mein itna daag karunga, saali jab bhi nangi hogi, mujhe yaad rakhegi.” He jumped on me and was about to kiss me, but I had something more in mind.

I decided to tease him even more. I just moved and ran away. He came running after me and I kept dodging him. After 5 minutes he caught me and lay me down on the bed facing down. my ass was on the edge of the bed. He tied my hand and legs. My legs were pulled apart.

“Bohot garmi hai tujhme, ruk raand.” He took the whiskey bottle, opened the cap and shoved it in my asshole. I screamed to stop, but he kept pushing in. I started crying, but he continued to pour in the alcohol in my asshole. He pulled it out of my ass and the alcohol now trickled out of my ass.

He bent and started drinking the alcohol. The pain followed by his soft warm tongue licking my sore asshole, felt good. He kept licking for a while. As soon as I started to feel better, I felt a thick penis entering my ass, as he shoved it right in. He was pumping me hard, on and on.

After 10 minutes, he cummed inside my ass. He untied me and put his dick in my mouth and started to fuck my mouth. He held my soft hair and moved my head and kept going on, till another shot of semen filled my mouth. I moved my tongue all over his penis head so that all the semen was swallowed by me.

We both lay there on the bed. He lay on his side and fondled my breasts and said, “Tu kya jabardast maal hai.” He now made me get on me and started slowly smooching me. He kept playing with my soft silky hair and continued to suck my lips and tongue.

The first illegal bahis siteleri guy came in and saw us making passionately smooching each other. He just sat down on the sofa and started masturbating. As soon he was abt to cum, he came and sprayed it all over my naked back. I could feel the warm drops of love juice falling on my back, while I continued to taste the saliva of the first man.

Finally, we got tired and all three dozed off on the bed. We woke up in the evening. I went and took bath and got dressed. The two got up and was surprised to see me all dressed up. They finally dropped me home.

I reached home and saw mom and dad making out in the swimming pool. I quietly sneaked in my room and took off my clothes and got inside the bathtub. I closed my eyes and thought about what had happened since last night. I knew this was not the end.It was over a month when one day Mr. Rawal called me.

Rawal: How is my sexy babe?

Me: Mr. Rawal, why have you called me?

Rawal: I am alone in my house and feeling a bit lonely. Why don’t you drop by and we can spend some time together?

Me: Are you crazy, you think I will come again?

Rawal: Oh the sexy bitch is showing attitude. Don’t forget you little whore, what happened that night. I have your sexy smooth naked body on camera. Do you want me to show it to everyone?

Me: What, you bastard. How could you do this to me?

Rawal: Oh don’t worry. Your mom has also experienced this. In fact, she is a bigger whore than you. Do you really think that big boobs of hers are due to your father? No dear, it’s me who has worked on her for such a long time. Yes, you heard it right. I have been fucking her for a long time and to be honest, she still has that sexy juice in her body. I am already hard thinking about her. So don’t worry. Just come on and I may even share how it all started.

Oh no is that really true? Mr. Rawal has been using my mom? I have to go and find it out. I quickly got dressed and went to his house. His house was like a huge mansion.

I went inside and could not find anyone. I heard someone calling me to come to the back. I went in and saw Mr. Rawal in a bathrobe lying on a pool chair with a beer in his hand.

Rawal: Look who decides to show up. I knew you were just the whore like your mom. Go, grab a beer and come.

I grabbed a beer and was coming when he said, “Respect the poolside area, my dear. You can either be naked or in your underwear.”

I knew what he wanted me for, so I just took off my jeans and top. There I was in a light blue bra and pantie.

Rawal: Come here, darling. Sit next to me.

I came and sat beside him.

Rawal: Do you see something inside my robe? Why don’t you undo my robe and see it for yourself?

As I slowly untied his robe, I saw his huge penis standing rock solid. He was hairy down there and it seemed he hadn’t cleaned it for a while.

Rawal: You know what to do with a rock hard penis. Since I am in no mood to fuck you, why don’t you just blow me for now? Let me see those sexy lips drip with my cum. And hey, who knows, if you turn me on, I may just rip that pantie of yours and fuck that piece of ass.

Me: Before I do that, I want to know what you told about my mom. Is it true?

Rawal: Come here, you piece of cunt.

As I move towards him, he got up, caught me by my bra and pulled me towards him. He put me on my knees and held my head and shoved his hard penis in my mouth. He held my hair and started to push his penis in my mouth. I choked a bit, but then took my tongue and started licking his penis. It tasted of urine and dried cum.

As I started to let my soft wet lips suck his penis, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the warm wet feeling of my mouth. He inserted his hand inside my bra and squeezed my breast hard. It hurt but I couldn’t scream as my mouth was filled with his rock hard penis.

He pinched my nipple while I continued to look into his eyes and suck him. With one hand, he held my soft silky hair and thrust my head towards his crotch and with the other hand, he drank his beer from the canlı bahis siteleri mug.

As soon as he finished his beer, he said, “I think I will fuck you.”

He pulled out his penis from my mouth and picked me up and threw me in the pool. He took off his robe and jumped in the pool. He came straight at me and lifted me up holding my ass and bringing me face to face with him.

Rawal: Look at you, wet sexy whore. Like your mom, I just can’t have enough of you.

Saying this, he put his mouth on my lips and started to suck my soft juicy lips. He squeezed my ass and bit my lips. He was mauling my soft sexy wet body in the pool. He was literally chewing my lips and my ass was like a stress ball for him. His large hands were squeezing them so hard, that it was paining.

He lifted me more and buried his face in my cleavage and started to rub his face against my soft breasts. He continued to rub his face on my breasts and gave a bite on my cleavage. I screamed and he bit me more.

He undid my bra from the back and took me to the corner of the pool. He pinned me in the corner and cupped breasts and started to suck my nipples. The touch of his mouth on my nipples drove me crazy.

I pushed his face on to my breast and he continued to suck my breasts and bite my nipples. I could feel my nipple get in between his teeth and being pulled and bitten. The pain was turning me on and I was letting out a soft moan. He heard that and squeezed them harder and continued to bite my breasts harder.

He inserted one hand in my pantie and started rubbing my hairy pussy. As soon as he felt my hair pussy, he said, “Oh, it feels so good to feel the soft hair on your pussy. I think I am going to pound you real hard today.”

Saying this, he inserted three fingers in my cunt and I instantly let out a scream. Hearing me scream, he continued to finger fuck me while sucking my breasts.

He was making me wet now and I had closed my eyes and started to moan.

Hearing me moan, Mr. Rawal picked me up and came out of the pool. There I was lying almost naked except for my blue pantie all wet in the arms of the naked man who was my dad’s boss and supposedly fucked my mom. I must admit, I was holding him really tightly and he made me lie down on the floor next to the pool.

He then went and made a drink for him and gulped it down. He made another drink and he lay down next to me. He moved the hair from my face. He took a sip and came down and kissed my lips.

As soon as I opened my mouth, he poured the entire drink from his mouth to mine. I gulped it down. He poured the rest of the drink in my mouth and started to suck my tongue with alcohol filled in my mouth.

I could feel his mouth sucking my tongue and also tasting the alcohol. It was driving me crazy. He slipped his hand inside my pantie and started to finger me again.

We continued to smooch each other while he fingered me. My nipples were getting hard as I was getting turned on more and more.

As soon he broke the kiss, he looked at me and tore my pantie. He went down and rubbed his face on my wet pussy hair. He had spread my legs apart and inserted his tongue and started to slurp my wet dripping pussy. I was moaning.

All of a sudden, Mr. Rawal turned me on my stomach and got on me. He inserted his dick on to my pussy, cupped my breast with one hand and pulled my hair with the other. He gave a push and inserted his thick black cock in my pussy.

He was pumping me like crazy as well as squeezing my tits hard. I was screaming with the dual pain, while he pulled hair and brought his mouth next to my ear.

Rawal: You dirty bitch, I will fuck you so much and so hard that you will never ask any other man to touch you except me. Ask your mom, how I made her my personal whore. This feels so good. This is the very place I had entered her ass in the same position. She cried like a bitch, but I pounded her well. Just like your sexy mother, you drive me crazy instantly. Next time, I am going to get both you bitches to please me together. Oh, what fun will that be!

He continued to fuck me hard. His balls were banging against my ass and he turned my face and started smooching me again. After around 15 minutes of pounding me, Mr. Rawal creampied me and lay down on the floor next to me. I was too tired and I lay my head on his arms and hugged him.

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