Make America What Again?

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Make America What Again?
Fredrick waited in line at the stop sign of the entrance to the shopping mall. He listened to the smooth sounds of Jill Scott. He saw a blue four-door 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 pickup truck cut off an orange 2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe with 24-inch spinners. The two vehicles honked at one another. The driver of the pimped out ride got out. He was a seriously upset Black man. The dude in the truck rolled down his window and flipped the man off.

“Fuck you,” the Black guy yelled.
“Fuck you too, nigger,” screamed the guy wearing a MAGA baseball cap.
“Call me dat shit again, bitch ass muthafucka!”
“Fuck you, nigger!”

The pick up truck sped off. The Black dude continued to yell then headed back to his car.

Fredrick sensed tension and rolled down his window. “Hey, brotha! It’s not worth it,” he lisped.
“Mane, fuck dat shit! He ain’t finna talk to me like dat,” shouted the frustrated five-foot-nine guy.
“I know it’s completely fucked up. But you could just call it into the police. I’ll be a witness.”
“Fuck dis shit! I’m goin’ home!”
“Okay, but…”
“Fuck off, faggit!”

‘Damn,’ thought Fredrick. He was only trying to help. He drove away and spotted the truck. He parked next to it and waited for the driver to return. Several minutes later, he saw a tall man with a MAGA hat who was otherwise good-looking coming to the vehicle. He jumped out of his silver 2015 Mazda 6 sedan. He called out, “Excuse me, sir!”

“Huh,” barked the White man.
“Yes, sir! I’m just making sure you’re okay to drive.”
“The hell are you talkin’ bout?”
“I saw you cut off that car earlier. And, how you acted afterwards. I’m just making sure.”
“You some kinda cop or some shit?”
“No I’m not.”
“Then fuck off, asshole!”
“Wait a minute. I could call and report you though.”
“I could call in on your ass too, faggit!”
“I’m sorry…”
“You heard me. Clearly you’re a faggit ass nigger!”
“That’s it! I’m calling the cops.”
“Call the law, bitch! I’m a game warden. A sworn peace officer. I’m the law too.”
“That doesn’t scare me.”
“It should.”
“Forget you!”
“Niggers always getting in other people’s business.”
“You’re so not worth it.”

The White man got in his truck and drove off. Fredrick pulled out of his parking spot and began to tail the dude. He stayed a few cars back so as to not arouse suspicion. The pig stopped off at a package store and brought back out a case of Miller High Life. Fredrick continued his leisurely pursuit.

Fredrick Horton had no idea what he was doing. The elementary school teacher just kept driving. The Chevy turned into a driveway. Fredrick made it there a couple canlı bahis şirketleri of minutes later.

The White guy motioned for him to pull in.

Fredrick did just that.

The White man walked over and asked, “Are you fuckin’ retarded? I told you I’m the law!”
“No, sir! I just wanted to see if we could have an honest conversation without yelling.”
“So, you follow me to my house?!? That’s fuckin’ insane.”
“I swear I’m not dangerous. I just don’t understand why you’re so hateful!”
“No, you’re fuckin’ crazy. You better be glad my wife and k**s aren’t here.”
“Okay. I’ll go now.”
“Naw! Hang on. I ain’t unreasonable. We can have a beer on the back porch.”
“I’m not sure.”
“Why the hell not? You’d already be arrested if I was gonna call you in. Or if I was gonna shoot you.”
“Look! See how calm I am. Come drink a beer and we can talk if you really mean it.”

Fredrick got out. His five-foot-eight-inch, defined frame moved effortlessly. His sashayed his generous butt as he walked.

“I’m Shane,” the homeowner stated. “Errbody calls me ‘Woodtick’ though.”
“Yeah, I’m a country boy!”
“Okay, Woodtick. I’m Fredrick.”
“Nice to meet you, Freddy.”
“Fredrick,” the reading specialist corrected him.
“Alright, Fredrick. You’ll probably accuse me of bein’ a racist cause I shortened your name.”
“Come on, Woodtick. You said we could have a real conversation.”
“Fair enough.”

The sat on the patio furniture. Each cracked open a can of beer.

“I ain’t mean to call you a faggit. I was just worked up,” the father of two shared.
“It’s cool. I’m not mad.”
“I don’t hate y’all or nothin’. I just don’t want y’all puttin’ all your lifestyle in my face.”
“How are we doing that?”
“I mean y’all walk around holdin’ hands now. On every TV show.”
“How does that affect you personally?”
“I just don’t wanna see it!”
“So anything that isn’t just like you should be censured.”
“Now, I ain’t say all that. Y’all liberals always tryin’ to put words in our mouths.”
“Not true, Woodtick. I’m just trying to clarify.”
“What I mean is this. I’m a straight White man and it’s like I don’t fit in America no more.”

Fredrick thought for a moment. “I can see how you might say that. Have you considered that other people want to have the same privileges according to what you have?”
“What privileges,” protested Woodtick.
“Like earlier. You said you were a cop and that I should just have fallen back. Or how you referred to me with a derogatory term.”
“You were threatenin’ me.”
“Was I? Was my tone or body language aggressive? Honestly?”
“Maybe not.”

They drank more canlı kaçak iddaa beer and continued talking.

“Can I show you somethin’ in the house,” asked Woodtick tossing another can.
“This is my den.”
“Okay,” Fredrick took in the confederate theme. “What are you showing me.”
“I’m not a racist, but I want to celebrate the heritage of my people.”
“I don’t understand.”
“I had ancestors that fought for the South. They didn’t own no slaves, but they fought for their home.”
“I get that you want to honor them. That flag represents the oppression of my race to me. Can you even understand that a little.”
“I guess. I don’t want you to have nothin’ in life. I just don’t wanna lose everything I have.”
“You don’t have to lose anything. Life is not a zero sum game. It just requires us to all be understanding.”
“You think?”
“I’m sure there are some things we both agree on.”
“Like what?”
“I don’t think it’s cool for the government to interfere in my personal life.”
“I don’t either.”
“But telling people who they can and cannot marry is definitely personal intrusion.”
“You might have a point. I’m gettin’ another beer. You want one?”

Woodtick returned.

“Where are your wife and k**s,” Fredrick quizzed.
“Oh, my wife and mother-in-law took the girls to a pageant.”
“Oh you got toddlers and tiaras going on here.”
“Somethin’ like that.”
“That’s awesome!”

“I guess. I envy folks like you,” the law enforcement officer opined.
“How so,” checked Fredrick.
“You’re living your life like you want to without people caring.”
“Well, you seemed to care an awful lot earlier.”
“That ain’t what I mean. I mean that you can be someone and if you want another man you can have him.”
“That’s not exactly how it works. But okay.”
“Well, do you think I’m a good lookin’ guy.”
“Honestly, yeah! You’re what about six-one, kinda burly, trimmed beard, stout?”
“Six-one-and-a-half,” chuckled Woodtick.
“I think you’re good lookin’ too. Nice ass. Nice smile. But you’re a dude.”
“Thanks I think!”
“I’m serious. I wanna fuck you like a girl!”

Woodtick stepped to Fredrick and planted a kiss on his full lips. “You’re soft. So soft,” he breathed.
“Yes, I am,” the educator replied.
“And your ass is perfect. It ain’t too big and it ain’t too little.”
“Thank you!”
“You got my cock hard as a rock.”
Fredrick grabbed at it. “Can I suck it.”

Fredrick got on his knees.

Woodtick unbuckled his Cody James medium-wash relaxed fit jeans with contrast stitching on the back pockets. He pulled them down along with his boxers.

Fredrick took the seven-three-quarter-inch canlı kaçak bahis prick with the mushroom head into his mouth. He sucked it gingerly to start and picked up the pace.

“Oh, shit,” groaned Woodtick. “Suck that cock! Feels so good!”

Woodtick nutted almost instantly spray painting pretty Black boy’s face. “Aww, shit!”
“Did you like it?”
“Bet blow job I ever had. I still wanna fuck you. I’ll be hard again in a few.”

Woodtick fetched another cold one. He had wrestled himself out of western style jeans and cowboy boots. He drank up as the guest played with his cock and balls. “Ooh wee,” he grinned. He was stiff as a board again. “Bend that ass over!”

Fredrick presented his bubble booty by kneeling over the couch that sat underneath a framed Confederate flag.

Woodtick spanked the bottom. “Looks mighty good!”
“Fuck me, Woodtick,” begged Fredrick.
“Mmmmmm,” the White man pushed inside the brown hole.
“Owwwww! Yesssss,” winced the submissive. “Give it to me daddy!”
“You’re so tight!”

The went at it humping like rabbits in the doggystyle position.

“Fuck my boipussy,” instructed Fredrik.
“Yeah! You like this big White cock in your boipussy?”
“Yes, sir! I love that big White dick in my Black faggot ass!”
“Oh yeah! You’re a Black faggit?”
“Yes, I am!”
“Pretty ass Black faggit! Look at my White cock in them pretty brown cheeks!”

The moved around so that Woodtick was now sitting on the couch. Fredrick sat on his lap with his back to the man. Woodtick wrapped his hands around the slim waist. Fredrick bounced.

“Oh, shit! You’re a hot li’l Black faggit,” Woodtick hollered.
“Fuck me, cowboy,” called out Fredrick. “Fuck my ass with the big dick!”
“You like this cowboy dick, faggit?”
“Yes I do!”
“Take it like a good li’t bitch then!”

Woodtick nibbled on Fredrick’s neck.

Fredrick screamed. “We’re making America great now!”
“Hell yeah,” Woodtick agreed.

The brute took Fredrick to the oak desk. He set the punk on the edge of it. Fredrick scooted up exposing his ass and placing his legs on Woodtick’s shoulders. The sissy wrapped his arms around the social conservative’s neck for balance. Woodtick grabbed the jiggly butt. Woodtick hammered.

“Oh fuck my sissy cunt, daddy,” whined Fredrick.
“Yeah baby! Take my cowboy cock,” ordered Woodtick.
“What would you ancestors say if they knew you were fucking a Black bitch boi in front of all the Civil War shit?”
“Oh fuck! They’d lose their goddamn minds,” chuckled Woodtick still pounding.
“I know! What would they say?”
“They ask me why I was fuckin’ a nigger!”
“Tell ‘em nigger boipussy is the best!”
“It is! Nigger faggit boipussy!”
“Yes, sir!”

With that Woodtick could no longer control himself. His dick erupted like never before.

Fredrick drove home later wondering what had come over him.

Woodtick lay in bed jerking his cock thinking about doing it all over again.

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