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About 10 years into my marriage, my wife Lisa and I decided to avoid the pitfalls and affairs that most couples fall into with being bored and decided to open our relationship to experiment together. At first we had a comic series of missteps, failed foursomes and random encounters until we finally hooked up with David. It wasn’t supposed to be a threesome… his date got cold feet, took off early and left the three of us horny and desperate for something to finally happen.

At first, we were like characters in a bad porn movie. The guys were conspicuous about avoiding any body contact lest we fall prey to any hint of being remotely gay. Luckily we all liked each other and over time, it evolved into something almost polyamorous. He was over more often than not. My wife slept between us and grew used to having both of us on demand. No one got much sleep. As the weeks and months went by, our inhibitions dropped off and we grew excited to push our limits.

One night, my wife noticed me staring at her as she sucked his cock. It was mesmerizing for me to watch… especially when she locked eyes with me and seemed to revel in how hot and nasty she looked. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and offered it to me… probably as a tease but I took her offer to heart and started sucking him with her. I don’t recall which ankara duşta veren escortlar of the three of us loved it more but it was obvious that it was a major milestone out of the way.

After that, nothing was off limits to try.

With time, we fell into patterns… just like any other couple we wound up doing what felt good for us. I had no idea what we were doing at the time but in retrospect, I can see now that I was a sub. I loved to suck Davids cock to get him hard. Go down on my wife to get her wet. Take an extraordinary amount of pride as I inserted his cock into her pussy and stuck around to rim the two of them as they fucked. To see his semen pouring out of her was my trigger to cum… usually on both of their faces as they returned my favors by sucking my cock together. Something really sweet about collapsing in a heap together, glued together by sweat and spit and semen.

One weekend, Lisa and I started early on a Friday night and kept going into Saturday morning. David showed up around noon raring to go but by that point I’d lost count of many orgasms we’d had and I was a spent, sweaty mess. My wife gave me a look that told me now that David was here, she wanted to go again but I was convinced I had nothing left. I told them to go ahead without me. She said she felt bad about leaving ankara fetiş yapan escortlar me out of things… our prime directive had always been to do things together.

Almost as an afterthought I told her to get on top of me in a 69. I’d do my best even as I thought I couldn’t cum anymore.

It worked shockingly well. Even though my cock was down for the count in an odd way it freed me in ways I’d never imagined. From inches away I could look at his cock stroking in and out of my wife’s pussy and be amazed at how beautiful it looked. That thin membrane of skin making an airtight seal around the base of his cock… you never see that in porn because the action moves way too fast but you can’t unsee it when you finally do.

For most of the time, the two of them were on top of me. Fucking, sucking and dripping their body fluids onto me. I was deliriously happy to help anyway I could. I know my wife’s body really well. I think I even got bonus points by giving her an orgasm by vibrating my lips around her cum covered clit even as David was taking a break.

As their happy, living, breathing mattress and sex toy, I had no limits to how long I could suck his cock or help them get it on. I started to notice that I was enveloped in this warm, whole body, blissful glow. Not a care in the world ankara iranlı escort and happy to be exactly where I was at the moment. In modern kink terminology I guess I was in subspace. Sated as I was, seeing my wife… hot, sweaty and oozing cum from every orifice was literally a wet dream come true.

By the time Sunday rolled around we were in full rut. I’d recovered enough to be fucking again but my now it was my wife who’d had enough. She was sore and aching but was still game for more. She mentioned something about a shower but the two of us begged her not to. She was completely cum covered. Neither of us had ever seen anything like it. Just looking at her like that and knowing that she still wanted more was incredibly arousing.

Almost absentmindedly, the three of us started to masturbate (damn I miss being in my 20s!). My wife asked/told/ordered David to suck my cock. I wrapped my arm around her as she nuzzled her head into my shoulder, still rubbing her pussy as she watched Davids full lips wrapped around my dick.

“How’s it feel being our whore?” I had to ask. Something about the potential of my wife to be open to being fucked by us at any time was almost as exciting as actually doing it. And isn’t that what a whore is? Someone who’s free and sweet, engaging and generous enough to earn the title?

“I think I love it… how’s it being a sex slave?” I had to laugh at that. Maybe there weren’t words for what we were doing back then but as a “slave” I was doing exactly what I’d always wanted to do.

I was licking the cum off her lips as my cock erupted one last time into David’s mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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