Bound For Fun

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Bound For Fun
This is a true story but goes back some years now. My husband never stopped surprising me in bed and there, well I was his happy sidekick. Not that they were used often but we kept Velcro restraints tied to our iron bed. This night he added a blindfold saying he needed a bit of light, without question I went along.

There naked on the bed bound and blindfolded he whispered in my ear that doing so wasn’t to keep me here but to give me full innocence to what was about to happen. I must say I was primed at that point and my mind racing. Sight taken my senses sharpened, the slight breeze from the fan above causing every tiny hair on my body to stand on end in anticipation.

It was his warm mouth to one of my nipples, it quickly jumped to attention. It’s sister got her do shortly thereafter leaving both as stone and stretching the skin around them. Next came a dull pinch as he placed each in a clamp, I’ve seen such but never experienced it until that point. In itself I have not much to confess but when he pulled at the tiny chain that connected them, illegal bahis that was another story.

Next he went down on me, another common practice but afterwards a new sensation, a bit chilly one at that surrounding my pussy. The sound of wisk went with each time I felt a pull and my box until he pumped it up so much that it filled the cup that stood over it. With another yank of the chain I added my first climax to the already crowded cup.

Next back to the top and my imprisoned nipples. First set free then the now familiar feel of chili cups placed on them. Not the breasts in total, just the nipples them selves. They pulled and stretched until no more space could be found. I could feel their weight which added to the sensation. Leaving a patch of kissed down my body the next linked to the last I felt his warm breath upon my thigh as he broke the seal of the cup above. The cool night air rushed to it, though tied I could tell there was a difference down there, I pulled at my restraints but with no luck of breaking their hold.

His familiar illegal bahis siteleri mouth didn’t feel so, everything was magnified somehow. It took very few laps of his tongue to cause my second climax of the evening, one he savored feverishly. I could feel him parting my swollen pussy lips, this time capturing my clit alone. I came as it slipped half way up the cylinder, my juices being drawn in the pump bulb.

He let that set and cook returning to my breasts. Freeing one and taking advantage of it, then holding it to within reach of my hunger mouth and he freed and sucked up the other. Not normally one to cum to such I found my hips unable to hold still as yet another wonderful orgasm shook throughout my body. At this point he freed one of my hands, it quickly went to my nipples that were in proportions unknown before. I continued to feast upon myself until concentration was broken away.

You see my husband took the opportunity to slip a small metal vibrator in me. That in itself wasn’t the cause but when it accidentally touched the canlı bahis siteleri glass cylinder surrounding my swelled clit. We both knew at the same time we struck gold Eureka! He laughed watching dance on the bed as if a thousand fire ants were on my body, unable to stop orgasms 4,5 and six took place yet the best was still to come.

Finally he let off the suction, a steady pull free my clit from capture. Still blinded but aware I could tell his lips were sliding down my clit like a tiny cock. This was impossible as for if anything my clit sadly is understated at best. But I swear I could feel the travel. I rewarded his efforts with a sticky offering which afterwards he finally freed my other hand. It went directly to my pussy finding my clit beyond my outer lips for their first time. Joyfully I stroked it like a tiny cock cumming yet again. With the score so lopsided I took my husbands cock in my mouth, it was wonderful and at new heights itself. I selfishly used one of my hands upon myself as the other aided in finding him the promise land.

In fear it’s not good for you they don’t come out often but when they do I’m still excited to make use of them. Each time my mind goes back to that first time with my husband. We had very many special nights but that one is always fun to recall, I hope you enjoyed it also.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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