Delivering on Your Promise

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Having just turned 18, Kelli was getting a lot of presents in the mail. The mailman happened to be her neighbor and had known her all her life. He knew her birthday even without the reminder of the mound of packages.

“Here you go, and Happy Birthday Kelli. We’ll bring something over on Sunday. I’m not supposed to tell but Pat hasn’t had a chance to go shopping yet.”

His wife was out of town visiting her mother. Kelli laughed at him for throwing his wife under the bus on the present. They were an old married couple and they grumbled and griped about each other, but hey, they were still married.

He had always been nice to her. His wife was pleasant, but there was nothing special there. For some reason Bob had always taken the time to play with Kelli and listen to her stories. She felt like he was almost her uncle.

“Oh, I nearly forgot this.” Bob said as he was walking away. He turned around with a catalog in his hands. He looked at it and said, “Halloween costumes, huh?”

She grabbed at it saying, “Oh shit.” before she could stop herself. He looked at her in surprise as she covered her mouth with her hand in shock. They both began to laugh.

“My parents would have died if they saw that.” He looked down at it again with a little concern, but she rushed to reassure him.

“It’s not really bad, but you know, they don’t know how Americans do things, or what young people do, or well, anything.” She trailed off but he was nodding. Her parents were old school Indian. The mom still wears sarees, so that gives you some idea how they would feel about this cosplay catalog.

On the cover was a cute girl, maybe Korean?, in this darling Loli outfit. It was pink and white ruffles and lace, the matching parasol, gloves, the whole works. Right below that was a female superhero with a VERY fabric-challenged costume. It looked like any movement at all would expose a nipple or worse, to say nothing of what would happen if you were to actually fight while wearing it.

Because he knew their family so well, he felt like he could do this. “Hmm, why don’t I take a look at this first?” Kelli opened her mouth to object, but he held up a hand to stop her. “If there’s nothing bad, I’ll give it to your tomorrow, and xslot giriş yes, I’ll make sure they don’t see it.”

She was busted one way or the other, so there was no need to fight it. It shouldn’t be that bad and it probably didn’t matter anyway. Even if she liked something in there, there was no way she was going to be able to get them to buy it or let her wear it out of the house.

Kelli took her presents inside and soon forgot about the catalog. She got some pretty cool shit, so it was plenty to keep her occupied for the night. When the doorbell rang the next day, it was a surprise.


It was Bob. “Whoa kiddo, there was some hot stuff in there. Your parents would have shi-, well, they wouldn’t have liked it much.”

Her skin was a very light almond color so it was easy for Bob to see the blush that gave her. He stepped inside the house and closed the door. This wasn’t anything weird for her because he was like one of the family. He motioned toward the couch and she sat close to him.

“Kell, why don’t you show me some of the things you like?” It was a little weird going through the catalog and telling him who the characters were and the story lines to all the anime, hentai, and action movies he wasn’t familiar with, but pretty soon it was comfortable. Their thighs were touching and it wasn’t long before he put his arm around the back of the couch and she settled in against him so they could both look at it.

Yeah, there were a lot more slutty things than she had figured. Well, she had never anticipated showing it to anyone old so she hadn’t given it much thought. Bob joked about how hot some of the girls were and she playfully slapped at his thigh or chest, depending on what she could most easily hit when he made one of his remarks.

He wasn’t wrong though. She was excited by the little bit of looking she did with him sitting right beside her. If she had been alone, Kelli would have been drinking in every detail, memorizing it to fantasize later about wearing it.

She pointed out a few things from time to time that were really cute. Bob looked good-naturedly for quite a while but then he checked xslot his watch and said he needed to go. Since they hadn’t finished the catalog, he asked if he could come back tomorrow for a better look. She told him, “Sure, that would be fun.”

She meant it too. it wasn’t nearly as awkward by the end. He was so cool.


That night when she finally slipped her hand inside her panties, she was thinking about how she would look dressed like Zatanna or Cammy or fuck, getting body painted like SuperGirl or something. Body painting would be so fucking hot.

She was lying there thinking about all the fanboys (and girls), lined up to talk to her at a convention. Then a few of them working up the nerve to ask if she does cam sessions and she tells them some outrageous price and they are all so eager to pay it to see, and hear her talk like a dirty slut, She imagined the guys on cam whipping their cocks furiously while they stared at her smooth soft body. She imagined them cumming in great white sprays all over the place.

And then she came. She came hard. This was like a super orgasm, much harder than they normally hit her. It’s like she was super turned on now, or maybe she wasn’t turned on enough before? Either way it felt damn good.



Bob licked the last of the cum off his fingers. Well, he thought it was the last. There is always a little between the fingers. He had erupted like a teenager tonight. He wiped up one errant drop of cum that had landed on the open catalog. It wouldn’t do to ruin it.

After he caught his breath, he placed his order.


It was in a non-descript warehouse district but it was easy enough to find. He had been thinking about it all morning so he was so glad when lunch time finally got here. He quickly counted the bags and paid, but he didn’t open them. That would come later.


This time Kelli hadn’t forgotten about the catalog. In fact, she had masturbated again this morning thinking about it. The magic happened again. She fucking loved fantasizing about people desiring at her. When the doorbell finally rang, she was there.

Bob looked nearly as excited as Kelli did. If Kelli hadn’t of been so focused on the packages in his arms, she would have noticed the package in his pants. It looked very hard and needy. Bob’s cock was begging him to go home and beat off.

Bob would get to that soon enough. Right now he wanted the hug he was about to get, and he wanted to smell the sweet scent of her shampoo and perfume as she cuddles up against him and looks at the catalog.

They sat down again on the couch and went right to it. Kelli let her hand rest on his thigh from time to time when they talked. Bob gave her a little kiss on the side of her head at one point when she said something cute. Neither of them gave it a thought.

When they turned the last page, they were both disappointed. Kelli remembered the packages he had brought and she asked him about them.

Bob half-turned toward Kelli, and she did the same, so they were facing each other on the couch. It was then when Kelli noticed the boner Bob was sporting. It was then that Bob noticed the rock hard little nipples trying to pop right through Kelli’s thin cotton top.

As strange as it sounds, it was the first time they had thought about the other one enjoying this as much as they did, and they weren’t sure how they felt about that. Bob was the first one to speak.

“I thought about this last night, and there was no way you could have anything like this delivered to the house. I found out where their store was and picked up a few things for you.”

Kelli looked into his eyes. This was the same sweet Bob, good old nice Bob, good old married Bob, that had always been kind to her. “Can I see them?”

Bob looked at his watch. He was almost as aware of when Kelli’s parents came home as Kelli was. It was later than he had hoped.

“I was thinking, um, you’re too big to go trick or treating, but I’ll bet your parents would be ok if you said you were going to a Halloween party on Saturday. That way we’d have all evening…”

Kelli looked at the 3-4 packages over there and bit her lips. She was going to do it, but how do you make your mouth make those sounds? How do you tell nice sweet married Bob, you’ll go to his house while his wife is gone and try on sexy outfits for him?

Turns out it was easy. You just open your mouth and say, “Yes.”

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