Linda – “Before”

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Special thanks to the Literotica member for editing assistance and excellent creative input. Thanks to the efforts of merrySM, new colors have appeared in this story.


Linda finished the usual household chores and peeked at her husband. Tonight did not promise anything unexpected. Having settled down in an armchair in front of the TV in anticipation of a football match of a favorite team, her husband was flipping through a magazine but did not show any real interest in it. It had become a sad tradition that in their intercourse the topics for mutual communication had long disappeared and, like today, they could not utter a word to each other.

Dinner, everyone is involved in their own affairs, shower, bedroom, sleep – it’s a standard and comprehensive list in everyday family life. At first, this caused Linda to protest, but then she put up with the situation. In principle, the nature of her husband did not cause much trouble, the financial condition of the family was quite acceptable, the children created their own families, she did not see any reason for jealousy, and his inattention to her as a woman was not news, even in his youth he was not temperamentally macho. In any case, the surrounding people considered their family ideal and this halo suited her well.

Amiable of temperament and energetic Linda was able to adapt to the slow and sleepy flow of time in their family. She looked incomparably younger than her 59 years of small 5’2″ height, chest of 32C and wide rounded thighs. Men enviably paid attention to this graceful red-haired woman, wherever she appeared. This attention and these views, the significance of which was often quite frank, were certainly flattering to her, especially when she caught them on her lush buttocks or breasts. Moreover, there were moments in her life when her eyes eloquently encouraged ‘the chosen one’ to show determination and then the flame of mutual passion swept away everything in its path.

It didn’t matter where the chains of inhibitions would fall to the floor with her clothes — in a fashionable hotel, in a random roadside motel, or in her fan’s own apartments, as it was a couple of times. But in any case, there was always a rule that she never violated, she always controlled the situation and caution always caused her adventures to occur away from home, and where there was no place for the casual witness. That’s why, the banner of her virtues fluttered high, and for everybody, – she was the benchmark of a caring mother and faithful wife.

And today, just making sure she was safe, she went into her room and turned on the computer. She protected this secret from everyone especially carefully, and her husband should not even know whose email she was reading on the monitor screen and which images the strong password protects. Linda went through the usual identification and a header appeared on the literary site about interracial sex.

Some time ago, she registered here under a nondescript nickname, posted a fairly frank portfolio of her desires, and now kept confidential correspondence with like-minded people who responded to her call in which she felt an inner closeness. Sometimes she allowed herself to put on her own fantasies in the form of stories that were published on the same site, and after each such attempt, the flow of letters from random readers convinced her that she was not alone in secret desires.

She had long ago learned to distinguish cheap directed videos from the few real scenes of interracial sex found on the Internet. And in a pack of photographs of naked men, caucasion men have no chance of being seen by her. And today, she looked at the new photographs in the mail and the hot excitement made her heart stop – the black roosters shamelessly displayed to her, the heavy scrotum hiding the seed-filled sacs, these shiny bodies shining with coal, dotted with small rings of pubic hair, and theirs words…shameless sentences and depraved sex… a stream of sweet poison in a stream of filthy, rudeness and outright.

Linda could not explain to herself why this interest had awakened in her, and this growing desire in her to be involved in sexual relations with black men. On the one hand, a woman of amiable temperament who is unsatisfied with sexuality will certainly strive to quench that thirst. But why in her fantasies the image of a sexual partner has long been associated only with a strong black male? Why in the rough animal sex video of these black stallions with her white sisters, she mentally takes the place of these white women and enjoys the thrill of thrills?

No, something Linda could explain. Yes, for many years without full-fledged sex. Yes, she always put a pillow under the buttocks in bed with her husband, and these photos with huge black phalluses gave hope to feel once how her vagina will be filled to the very bottom without these tricks in bed. Of course, this erotic combination of white and black colors and the picture Betturkey before the eyes, where her mature breasts lie on a black palm. Yes, to experience the pleasure of fear and lust at the same time – something that can be experienced only with a foreign man. Many, many others …

But, absolutely by chance, she suddenly found herself another reason. It was a cruel truth that a woman’s sexual enjoyment can be accompanied by the secret of her fall from the top of the social ladder fenced with moral principles – to the very bottom of the abyss where depravity reigns and animal instincts win.

Last thought visited her with French erotic literature. In the book of Emile Zola, she met an episode that brought her a lot of emotions. Again and again, Linda reread this story and vividly experienced the events described. She felt herself a participant in the drama in the maelstrom of the described emotions and feelings. And in the end – it was swallowed up by the same whirlpool of pleasure in the epilogue.

The character of the book, a rich beautiful woman from the elite of society leads a life filled with fun and sex. But one day she finds herself in a situation where she is raped. She is raped by a huge rough bull, whose skin is black from coal dust, large drops of sweat flows down his chest and drops on her face. He rapes her in a hot squalid room on a pile of dirty rags. His huge cock destroys all the obstacles in her tender vagina and this cascade of terrible circumstances unexpectedly makes her experience a fantastic orgasm and meekly accept his sperm.

In torn linen she returns home. She feels shame and fear, the smell of sweat and sperm pursues her. She bathes in the bath, all the pictures of the incident merge together, and she suddenly experiences horror, which transforms into an animal desire to have sex again with this male… her hand slips into the lower abdomen and she starts masturbating…

The footsteps behind the door informed that her husband was going to sleep and from the world of dreams she returned to reality. Turning off the monitor screen, she went into the shower, and then rubbed a refreshing night cream into the skin while standing naked by the mirror. Yes, years had taken their toll, sagging breasts spoke about children fed by milk, and stretch marks under the skin on the stomach and full hips reminded of a failed visit to a cosmetologist. Only still wasp waist and mischievous bush of sparse pubic hair inspired hope that all is not lost.

The last thought brought her back to the computer, and before she turned it off, she noticed a new letter in the electronic email. This letter was written by a reader who presented her with compliments for the last story and gave some very useful tips. Mechanically, she opened the author’s profile and in the questionnaire of a reader who introduced herself as a woman, her eyes focused on information about the place of residence and interests – Florida … BDSM …

Florida,.. Lying in bed, Linda mentally returned 10-12 years ago. There was a period in her life when she and her husband often came to Miami. The husband was engaged in his business, and she lay on the ocean beach all day, shopping in fashion stores or otherwise entertaining her in this paradise.

* * *

Then she was 45-47 years old. When not far from the hotel she found a wine shop, on the walls of which unexpectedly there were paintings, the artist of which offered them to visitors for sale. The owner of the store, it’s only seller and artist of the pictures, was the same person – a friendly black man, 55-60 years old. Good wine, favorite liqueur and unusual atmosphere soon made her a regular at this cozy place.

It is not surprising that she often lingered here for a long time and its owner soon became a pleasant interlocutor (Nadia or conversationalist) and their communication with her turned into a pleasant ritual against the background of the monotonous flow of holidays. His hobby gave birth to sketches on sheets of paper, usually made in pencil and certainly deserved attention. But this was not the only reason Linda appeared in a small store.

The unerring instinct of a mature woman in time suggested to her that her new acquaintance treated her more emotionally than an everyday client deserves. More than once she caught flashes in his eyes as a reaction to a blouse carelessly fastened on her chest, going out the door – she felt the hot touch of his gaze on her thighs and buttocks, and these seemingly “random” touch of his hand on her shoulders when they stood near the next picture.

Linda was sincere – the thought of sexual intimacy with an African-American had never been born in her mind. Someone would not believe, but seeing these men around her every day and often noticing their attention, she never felt the desire to develop casual relationships. This time it was different. She felt like the web Betturkey Giriş of a man’s unconcealed desire slowly envelops her body and she caught herself thinking that she was pleased to see something more than a little flirting in a new friend.

She flirted, accepted compliments, often let him have enough free jokes and was in no hurry to fight back when the “random” touches of his hands made her thighs shudder or when, in an involuntary movement, his black palm slipped around the roundness of her breasts. It was like a dangerous game, but she did not want to stop it. She was worried about his persistent offers to visit his home under the pretext of seeing the art workshop. She refused this each time, but each successive failure was more difficult for her than the previous one.

Excitement, and fearlessness awakened in her brought her closer to a dangerous point. But at the last moment, the realization of what should happen and the uncertainty of further events – each time gave her a chance not to fall. That is how she now explained to herself her condition many years ago. But then, then it was a stream in which her mind obeyed only instinct.

Once a heavy tropical rain caught her at the entrance to this cozy shop. It was fun and jokes about her luck really turned out to be in the right place – water from the sky flowed for at least an hour, and watching the rain from the inside is definitely better than being on the street at this moment. A few days later she visited the store again. It happened on the eve of her departure from the United States. Now, many years later, she allowed herself to admit that that day she had come to hear the last offer to visit the art workshop.

Out loud, she still resisted this idea, but from the inside she felt powerless to say “NO” again. And when at the door she again heard the urgent request and saw those eyes that covered her with a flame, – a hot wave swept over her body and her lips quietly uttered the word “YES”. She promised to call in the morning and agree on a place where she would get into her black friend’s car. Inspired by agreement and exuding a storm of emotions and joy, he opened the door for her and with words about the prize for her – he stretched a piece of white cardboard.

It was luck that she unfolded this piece of cardboard in the hotel room when her husband was not around. In the figure, she unmistakably recognized her and the black man already familiar with her. In the story they stood in the rain near the windows of a familiar wine shop, she smiled and held the collar of her wet blouse with her hands, while her companion was showing something with her hand on the opposite side of the street.

Drenched clothes covered their bodies tightly and it was this nuance of the picture that made her heart respond with loud beats of excitement. The artist’s pencil shamelessly exposed her full white breasts without a bra and her dark nipples, the tops of which wrinkled under raindrops from thin fabric under a white blouse. Even her mole was clearly visible under her left breast, (a mole he could not see before!). The man in the picture was saying something, but Linda’s eyes froze on his clothes. Like her, he was wet in the rain and dark white trousers showed his body no less eloquently than her dress. A large and powerful phallus emerged under the wet cloth and taking the beginning from the recognizable bulge – slipped away with a wide and well-defined shaft towards the adjacent companion.

Needless to say, what emotions Linda experienced looking at this drawing. It was a cascade of sensations – starting with indignation and resentment and ending with treacherous approaching arousal. For some time she tried to calm down and when she succeeded, she began to more closely consider the gift received. Here, another surprise awaited her, and her heart again responded with pounding to the chest. At first she did not see this, but now it didn’t escape her attention that the window behind them reflected the silhouettes of a white woman and a black man. And there were not only silhouettes. The black palm of a man predatorily embraced the luxurious roundness of one of the buttocks and strong fingers squeezed completely mature flesh just below a thin strip of tiny panties.

She kept this drawing for a long time, hiding it from her husband. But the burden of fear of being exposed once won. And once this piece of cardboard turned into a mound of finely torn paper, which she then often regretted. The purpose of her visit to an art workshop, in which she was embarrassed to admit to herself, was too frankly exposed in this drawing. Maybe that is why she desperately fought her desires the next morning, and unfortunately she was able to win, she did not call him and did not get into his car. A year later, she again arrived in Florida and on the same day, barely settled in a hotel, went to a familiar street. Alas, the wine shop was no longer there.

* * *

Memories kept her awake. Florida banged on her temples, and Linda again moved her thoughts to Miami, where another similar situation found her.

Each time they arrived in Miami, she and her husband stayed at the same hotel on the ocean. Luxurious courtyard with numerous palm trees and fountains, open terraces along the rooms where you can sit in the evening admiring the ocean, friendly staff and cleanliness, home comfort and a good restaurant – what else does a traveler need? This hotel had a little nuance.

An extension to the building on the right overlooked concrete autoparking. Therefore, the cost of living there was disproportionately lower, and it was used by students, noisy Spaniards, and sometimes African American families with children. The extension had the status of a motel, the entrance to these rooms was located on the parking side, and its inhabitants did not have a pass to the hotel’s courtyard and its beach. Perhaps this is an accident, but in the corridors of the hotel and on the beach, Linda never met black guests.

During the next visit, she and her husband occupied a room on the second floor. And it was a surprise for her to meet on the terrace a black young man, whose door was adjacent to their room. The young man looked 32-35 years old, at least 6’2 “in height, and with a muscular strong body that immediately attracted the attention of the small woman. Linda could not guess the nature of his occupation, most likely he spent his vacation time here. Otherwise it was difficult to explain why she saw him all day long on the beach or on the tennis court, where he clearly enjoyed the companionship of young girls. Subsequently, it turned out that she was right and it was a five-day rest that he allowed himself as a weekend from Friday to Tuesday.

Yes, Linda immediately felt mutual attraction on his part. At first, she was embarrassed by this huge difference in their age, and the more so the picture of them, she smiled when he happened to be near and her head did not even reach his chest. But this discomfort quickly dissipated. It was a completely different situation than two years ago, when her prolonged flirting left only a disappointment and ambiguous drawing in memory. At first, it mixed two feelings – motherly affection for this good-natured giant and the sensuality of a woman deprived of sexual attention.

However, after two days only the second was left. Despite her fears, this young man showed absolute correctness and tact for prying eyes. But it was a flurry of emotions when the opportunity arose not to avert the eyes of a woman. She never met him when her husband was nearby and he never paid attention to others when their lounge chairs were on the beach. But every morning her favorite spot on the beach was booked in advance and streams of compliments caressed her hearing as sincerely as his eyes glided across her body.

Literally on the second day, their first formal words were forgotten when they met, and an invisible union was established between them in which the man sought her position, and the woman gently and coquettishly escaped the traps in front of her, but left every time hope of being caught off guard. And in response to his undisguised desire for intimacy, she instinctively kept away this moment, simultaneously provoking him to new attempts. And when she swam in the ocean next to him, no one on the beach could guess what his hand exposed under the water made her overcome this obstacle and the wide palm slid along her body starting from the chest and ending the way on her lap. And when Linda faced the open ocean and met a traveling wave, it was unrealistic that this wave snatched one of her breasts from her swimsuit, and she could not cope with the elimination of this problem for a long time. Again, this was a game, but it was a game in which everyone knew what its outcome should be.

Yes, Linda was really passionate about this young man and the passion of a woman burned in her. Women who are able to surrender to the will of the winner. She was aware of the irresponsibility of their own actions, but the desire to replace the fleeting touch of the lips with passionate and greedy kisses completely destroyed the shaky line between ‘I want’ and ‘forbidden’. And only her obsessive habit of protecting oneself from any accidents and troubles kept her from the last step every time.

In these first days of arrival, her husband was completely unpredictable and was constantly somewhere nearby. And with each passing hour, approaching the time of her parting with an unexpected admirer, her irritation splashed out in quarrels with an uncomprehending reason to her husband. That is why, on Monday evening, she provoked a quarrel and refused to go to a nightclub, where they had often been before. Her plans nearly collapsed when her husband began to hesitate in his decision to leave her at the hotel alone, but she saved the situation once more by spurring him on with another portion of reproaches. After his departure, she waited another hour out of caution, not daring to leave the room. And just making sure that the unexpected does not happen, she went to the terrace and sat in a chair.

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