Doctor, Doctor Ch. 02

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All – this story took a turn I didn’t quite expect as I was writing it. Please let me know in feedback or comments where you’d like to see it go. I appreciate all constructive comments and suggestions.

Hope you all enjoy Chapter 2!


It felt like Wednesday took a while to arrive. We both worked, and Cece got to my house about 530. She gave me a big smile, and went upstairs to shower and change. We’d been together long enough at this point that we kept stuff at both houses – I’d cleared out a nightstand and closet space for her, and she’d done the same. So it was easy for her to shower, change, and for us to eat – I grilled steak while she showered.

And as we were eating, we talked about our coming meeting with… come to think of it, we didn’t even know her name. The idea was that we’d meet for a drink at the hotel bar and then, if everyone felt comfortable, move upstairs to a room where the woman would watch Cece and I fuck madly. We both hoped it would work.

“So… what ‘rules’ do you want to have in place?” I started.

Cece drank some water. “Y’know, I don’t know that I like having ‘rules.’ I’d like to just let it play out. Do you mean if she changes her mind and wants to join?”

I nodded. “Exactly. I don’t think we need any guidelines if she just watches.”

Cece nodded. “Yep, I think that’s right. Well, I’d say let’s just go with the flow. If it turns out to be a free-for-all threesome, let’s just run with it. If you get uncomfortable with anything let me know. And vice-versa.”

“That sounds reasonable enough. Just worth figuring out ahead of time.”

She nodded, and then chuckled. “You know who would be green with envy?”

I thought for a second. “Mags?”

She nodded. “She’d be pissed if anything happens and she wasn’t invited.”

“Co-worker. And mentor. That could get dicey very quickly.”

Cece nodded. “Oh, I know. She’s really happy for us. But she’s still a little jealous.”

“Well, hope she meets someone nice.” And I meant it – I’d gotten to know her a little bit from the various social events we’d been to for Cece’s work. She was a very attractive woman and a nice person to boot. And if I’d met her I’d certainly have asked her out. But the universe works in strange ways, and had apparently decided to put Cece and me together.

“Yeah, me too,” Cece said. “So – this is a little out of left field, but if there’s a function that I can’t go to because I’m working, would you go with her?”

I looked at her a little sideways. “Is this a trick question?”

She laughed and shook her head. “No, not at all. Not like I could get jealous, right, if I’m the one suggesting it.”

“Well, pardon the cliché, but if it’d make you happy, then sure.”

I hadn’t realized that Cece had tensed up a little bit asking, and now relaxed.

“You would? Thank you – it would make me happy – she’s had a rough year.”

I dimly saw the falling log. “You’ve got something in mind, don’t you?”

She grinned. “Well, maybe. I’m trying to foist off my shift that night, but nobody is biting yet. I haven’t mentioned it to her, either – if you’d said ‘hell no’ or similar that’d be it.”

“OK, this is really going to be cliché, but I love you too much to do anything dumb.”

She laughed again and kissed me. “I know. And I feel the same. If you change your mind just let me know.”

And so we finished our discussion and dinner, brushed our teeth, changed into our ‘going out’ clothes, and headed out. It was kind of funny – Cece’s going out outfits had gotten more and more revealing the longer we’d been together. So tonight she was wearing a snug and moderately low cut top that hinted at her cleavage and gave anyone who looked a good idea that her boobs would be quite spectacular – as indeed they are. And a pair of tight jeans with no panties, although she’d brought a pair with her.

“Well, if it goes well, I’d rather be leaking into a pair of panties than my jeans,” had been her explanation, which made perfect sense.

So we got to the bar a little early, and before long a woman walked in who looked a lot like the pictures she’d sent – even if we hadn’t traded face pictures. Cece nudged me – “That’s her” – and waved. The woman saw, smiled, and walked over as we stood to greet her.

“Hi! I’m Cece. This is Bob. Nice to meet you!”

The woman chuckled. “We never did names, did we? I’m Dawn. Nice to meet you!”

We sat down and chatted, ordering a set of drinks and an appetizer when the waitress came over. We sipped our drinks and nibbled, and Dawn finally broke the ice.

“You two make a beautiful couple. How’d you decide to put your ad up?”

“Thanks! We’ve been… exploring and being watched was something that turns both of us on,” Cece said. “So when I asked how do you meet someone, Bob said post an ad. And rather than wait, I did it right then. How about you?”

Dawn laughed a soft laugh. “Hmmmm… Well, walked in on my college roommate ankara bayan escortlar one time, and instead of running I stayed and watched. Don’t know why – just thought if fascinating. And wow did I get turned on. And that’s just stayed with me. Husband is kind of losing interest, and I’m 39 – in my prime.”

Cece again. “Have you tried taking a lover?”

Dawn laughed her soft laugh. “Oh, I’ve gone out with a couple people, but the men who are married usually freak out and the single ones usually meet someone single. Fun while it lasts!”

“Have you had a chance to watch anyone recently?” I asked, and felt Cece give me an encouraging squeeze on my leg.

Dawn shook her head. “I was supposed to meet another couple a few weeks ago but they broke off before we met. And before that, I met one couple but they decided it would be weird. And in between I’ve gone out with other guys, hoping my husband’s interest would come back.”

Cece jumped in softly. “Has he been to a doctor to check for anything that might… slow him down?”

Dawn shook her head slightly. “Oh, no – he doesn’t think anything is wrong at all, even when we’ve talked about it.”

“Yikes.” This from me. “Sorry to hear!”

We ordered another round, and Dawn leaned in. “So what made you guys want to be watched? And to write back to me? I was surprised – usually it’s like a black hole.”

I started. “We had a let’s say ‘interesting’ beginning, and we’ve kind of rolled with everything. And we’ve started to experiment – we’ve both done some – and being watched was something we both like. So – ad went up, and you were one of the very few real people to answer.”

We were surprisingly through most of our second drink, and Cece took the lead. “What do we think about moving this party upstairs?”

Dawn nodded, her eyes shining. “Let’s go for it… “

I paid the check, and the three of us went upstairs to our room. Cece and I had figured getting a room ahead of time would be worth it – at worst, we’d spend the night there and fuck madly. One less thing to worry about if it worked.

So we got to our room – 1211 – and walked in. We had brought a six-pack of water bottles, and had arranged the room so a chair was next to the edge of the king bed. So we sat on the bed, with Dawn in the chair, and talked through how it’d go. Basically, Cece and I would strip each other and start playing with each other, winding up in bed and fucking. Dawn would be in the chair, and if she wanted to join in she’d reach for Cece and tap her on the shoulder.

So as we finished up setting the ground rules, one by one we went through the bathroom, me going last, and as I went in the bath I realized I was a little nervous. We’d never done anything with or in front of a third person before, and as exciting as it was it was also a little… unnerving. And I was promptly surprised, as I’d never had that feeling when watching or being watched before. Or during anything else sex-related, for that matter. Oh well!

I made my way out, and sat next to Cece on the bed, feeling her reach for me, turn my head to her, and kiss me, and the instant our lips touched my nerves dropped away. I wanted her. I kissed her softly at first, and as she responded we kissed harder and harder. Dawn, for her part, was sitting on the chair, and I caught her mouth open slightly as Cece and I kissed.

Cece felt for my shirt, and lifted it off, breaking our kiss and smiling brightly at me as our mouths came apart briefly. I mouthed, “I love you” to her, and her eyes gleamed as she did the same. And from there, we were off to the races. I lifted her blouse off, revealing her thin satin bra, and felt her hand at my belt, undoing it and then the button on my slacks, her hand obviously grazing my cock, and then the zipper. I pulled her up to stand, and she pushed my slacks down as I reached for the zipper for her skirt – a beautiful long denim print – and felt it float to the floor.

We stood there for a second, soaking in each other, and then I slowly reached around and unclasped her bra, lowering it to the floor and revealing her beautiful breasts and nipples to Dawn. She, in turn, pushed my briefs down, stopping to give my cock a squeeze, and then moved to kneel in front of me, playing with me as she did.

Cece was one of those naturally talented women at pleasuring a man (well, at least me!) with her mouth and hands. She’d made me cum via oral more than probably every other woman I’d been with combined. She started out oh so slowly, just breathing and blowing on me, as her fingers danced delicately over my cock. And then she opened her mouth and slowly moved so her mouth was just covering my tip, not touching at all, just feeling her breathe. And then her tongue came up, just barely touching the bottom of my shaft, then more firmly, and I felt her lips close on me and she started to take more and more of me into her mouth.

Dawn was now literally on the edge of the chair and breathing heavily, and I saw that she’d taken her thin elvankent seksi escortlar sweater off, letting her nipples show through her bra and blouse. Her face was flushed as she watched the master at work, Cece sucking me in and out, from strong to delicate, alternating breath and pressure, from shallow to deep throating me without ever a hint of a gag, feeling her throat, and then coming off of me.

I pulled her up and off of me, pushing her tiny thong down and off, leaving both of us naked in front of Dawn, and then I was pushing down on the bed, her beautiful nude body inching up to the pillows, and I took one of her feet and sucked hard on her toes, knowing what a turn-on that is for her, starting to kiss my way up her leg, moving inside and outside, finally reaching her golden triangle and her sex, knowing she was already wet, blowing on her firm clit before tonguing it gently and then blowing on it again, feeling her excitement.

Her legs opened wide for me, and I started to slowly tongue her clit and her beautiful flower, her pink folds shining her excitement, and my tongue reached into her, my thumb slowly and lightly circling over her clit, slowly adding pressure to get to what I knew she loved, and then letting a finger slide inside her, coating my finger with her fluids, taking her whole clit into my mouth and gently sucking, then adding a second finger to her pussy, knowing she was about to orgasm. I looked over at Dawn and smiled – her face was flushed and her breathing was so heavy it was almost a pant. She had one hand on one of her breasts, and her other was right next to her groin – and I instinctively knew she was soaked herself.

Cece’s first orgasm claimed her as I sucked her clit into my mouth and played with my two fingers inside her, crying out “fuck yes!” and squirming as my mouth let go of her clit. Her whole body shook, her breasts vibrating as she came. I let my fingers slip out of her and started to kiss my way up her lithe body, stopping to suck and nibble on her beautiful boobs and nipples, up her neck, to her ear, which I knew she loved, and then, finally, to her lips, kissing her softly.

She took a few minutes to come down, and I think it took Dawn almost as long to catch her breath. We made eye contact and both of us smiled, right as Cece came back.

“Ohmygod… that was intense,” Cece said, basically to the room. She turned to me, that little shy smile on her face. “Wow. Thank you… “

“Of course! I aim to please!”

“You hit that one on the nose,” she said, fingering my cock as she glanced over to Dawn, who smiled at her.

“Mmmmm… that feels good… ” I said, as she circled and squeezed my cock in her hand, feeling her move, moving on top of me, straddling me, her hand guiding me to her drenched sex, slowly settling on me, moaning softly as I entered her, and she just kept going down, taking all of me into her petite frame, coming to rest with me buried to the hilt in her slippery velvet sheath, and then just resting there, eyes closed, a blissful smile on her face.

Dawn, for her part, started to breathe heavily again as Cece mounted me and started to rock back and forth. She still had one hand on her breast, the other on her groin, trying to touch herself through her jeans and not having much luck. So as Cece rode me, eyes closed in bliss, I caught Dawn’s eye and pantomimed her undoing the button and zipper to her jeans, seeing a slightly surprised look on her face, and so I nodded for emphasis before turning back to play with Cece’s beautiful body, playing with her boobs and nipples the way I knew she liked.

We both heard a zipper, and turned to see that Dawn had taken my suggestion and undone her jeans, and pushed them partway down, giving her access to her sex. Cece gave her a quick encouraging smile, and went back to slowly riding me, starting to move up and down, side to side, and front to back, knowing I wouldn’t be able to hold myself back very long. I heard Dawn panting as she watched Cece ride me, and I heard Dawn gasp as her fingers found her own clit and started to play.

I think we all found the same rhythm – easy for Cece and me – and Cece drove me inexorably to orgasm, occasionally bending down to kiss me and to let her boobs rub my chest, and I heard her whisper “I want you to cum in me so hard… “

That was going to be easy – I could hear Dawn playing with herself, and could feel Cece’s pussy clamping down on me as she rode me, and I just lost it. I thrust my hips up into her, crying out, and I exploded into her, even harder than usual, sending rope after white rope of hot, sticky semen deep into her highly fertile womb. My hands mashed down on her hips and thighs, trying to get just a little deeper, and then she was settling on me, impaled on my still rock-hard cock, trying not to let any of my cum escape, and we heard a deep groan from the chair as Dawn joined us in orgasm, her face flushed, a bead of sweat on her forehead.

Probably no surprise that Cece recovered bayan etimesgut escort first. I was completely knocked out – I’d cum as hard as I think I ever did, or could, for that matter. And Dawn, I think, was a little surprised that she’d cum in front of us, even if watching – both ways – was the point. As Cece slid off of me, a trickle of white semen followed my cock out of her, and she reflexively pulled her legs up to her chest to keep as much of me inside as she could. As for me, I needed a minute. More than that, actually.

We all finally came back to consciousness or coherence. Dawn was the first to speak. “Ohmygod guys. That was so fucking hot… ” She looked down at her groin. “You guys were so hot you made me cum.”

Cece gave her soft liquid laugh. “Oh, I think we all had a part – it was super hot knowing you were watching Bob tongue me to orgasm. Wow. And there is nothing better than feeling him cum… “

“Yep, we might have helped a little, but I think you helped us even more,” I said, thinking of how hot it had been to feel Cece riding me and to hear Dawn fingering herself to orgasm.

Dawn chuckled a little. “That might have the most intense orgasm I’ve given myself.” She glanced at the clock, and her eyes widened. “Wow. I had no idea it was so late.” She was right – it was 11:30.

Cece piped up. “Would you like to stay? It’s a king bed – we can make you a space.” I wasn’t surprised, but kinda figured what Dawn’s answer would be.

“Thanks – maybe next time? Don’t want the hubby getting too curious,” she explained.

“You bet!” Cece said enthusiastically. “Email still good?”

Dawn nodded. “Wow, that was… even more than I hoped. And that’s saying something. Email me – I’d lovelovelove to do that again!”

So Dawn got up and zipped up her jeans, but not before we got a look at her clit, which looked large and engorged. I made a mental bet that she’d look fucking hot in yoga pants. We got off the bed and both hugged her, and I brushed the top of her head with my lips. With a final group hug, Dawn headed out.

And as soon as the door was closed, Cece turned to me, her eyes shining. “OK, we have GOT to do that again. I was so turned on being watched I didn’t want her to leave. I’m surprised I didn’t squirt.”

I smiled a big smile at her. “Yes we do! That was way more fun than I thought. Could you tell I was a little nervous at the beginning?”

Cece laughed a little. “Yeah, me too. But that pretty much vanished as soon as we kissed.”

“Yeah, for me too. Every time I kiss you I want you that much more.”

Cece smiled. “I know exactly what you mean. Come on – let’s get back to bed. So we made it back to bed, and spent pretty much the entire night fucking. There was a rawness, an animalistic quality, to our coupling that night, and we both woke up sore and chafed the next morning. That didn’t stop us from coupling one last time, oh so gently, and when we came it was like a smoldering fire, long, slow, and incredibly sweet. And when I withdrew, I could see both our pubic bones bruised, and her pussy gaping open, a white stream of semen trying to escape before she pulled her legs up, laughing a little as she did.

“You’d think I’d know better – this doesn’t make it more likely to get pregnant… but… I do it anyway. It’s like my body wants you to get me pregnant.”

I chuckled. “Yeah, mine too, if the amount of cum you make me produce is any indication. Not to mention the fact that I want you all the time… “

“How would you feel if I got pregnant? Because we’re definitely playing the odds.”

I smiled at her. “I’d celebrate. You?”

She smiled back. “I would too. Speaking of, are you ready to meet my parents?”

I laughed. “I think the real question is if they’re ready to meet me. Not too far apart age-wise, and I suspect they may wish you’d met a younger guy.”

“Nah, they’re happy I’m happy. But would you? Maybe go over New Year’s?”

“You bet. Want to make it a twofer and meet mine? They’re all in Florida… “

Cece’s eyes widened slightly. “I knew that, and somehow didn’t put that together. Yeah, definitely.”

So we put a trip together over New Year’s, when it was easy for her to take time – as the department chief, she put it in as vacation. For my part, I just made sure I didn’t agree to any DC meetings. And both sets of parents were thrilled.

We had a lot to do beforehand – Thanksgiving, which we did with Mags and some other close work friends (it was my son’s year to be with his mom), holiday parties, etc. Thanksgiving was a lot of fun – Mags and I were the oldest, most everyone else was in their 30s, and we had a little fun with generation jokes. I could understand why Cece would be so… caring about her.

Christmas was also fun – my son was with me (he was a fourth year at CU) and he’d obviously met Cece before. So I made a roast of filet mignon, my son made mashed potatoes, and Cece bustled around with carrots and sides, etc. It was a great day and night – my son had a room in the basement, and excused himself around 10.

We turned in not long after that, and I think we had silently communicated that it was a night for long, slow, sweet lovemaking. We were a lot quieter than normal, and I think we exchanged more “I love you” than we usually did.

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