Friend of Summer

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The summer I turned 18 was a turning point in my sexual life.

It was August, a month before my birthday, and as hot as it gets in our part of the country. We lived near a large lake, and like many families in our area spent as much of the summer as we could in its cool waters and the shade of the pine forest that surrounded it.

Unlike previous years, we did not rent a cabin at the lake for a week. My mother and father had divorced in the winter just ended, and while the split had been reasonably civil my mother never quite got around to making a reservation.

We weren’t without a place to stay, however. My mother’s friend Maggie, also a divorcee, owned a nice A-Frame right on the water. It was a great place with its own dock and two spare bedrooms, and my mother and I had a standing invitation from Maggie to stay there whenever we wanted. We took to going up on Friday evening and staying through Sunday afternoon. My mother and Maggie would split the time between swimming and sunning, with occasional breaks for gin and tonic and rehashes of their marriages. I would swim, take our boat out to fish, and sharpen my skills at the barbeque pit with what I caught. Despite the fact that I was not yet of age I was allowed a beer or two in the evening. All in all, a pretty good summer; we probably spent more time at the lake than we would have if we had rented our own house.

My mother and Maggie were both attractive women in their late thirties. My mother favored a one-piece bathing suit, but Maggie liked a two-piece. As the summer and her tan progressed Maggie’s suits tended more and more to bikinis. By August she was down to a what appeared to be three small cocktail napkins held together by strings.

At 17 I was just barely not a virgin. My sexual experience consisted of two hand jobs and one really awkward actual copulation, all within the last six months. Like most teenage boys I was in a constant state of low-level prurience with frequent peaks into raging lust. Maggie had rather small breasts, but they were firm, and sometimes I thought I could just make out her nipples through the thin fabric of her top. I would also occasionally catch just a hint of dark pubic hair peeking out of the bottom piece. You can imagine how hard it was to keep from staring openly, and sometimes I had to jump into the lake rather abruptly to hide the tell-tale bulge in my own bathing suit.

My mother worked in a small hardware store, and late each summer they took an inventory to prepare for fall orders. To keep from missing weekend business the store was closed for one week day while the stock was counted and cataloged. In the past this had been done on a Monday, but this year the boss decided to do the job on a Friday. It always took until late night to get the work done, so there was no way that we would be able to get to the lake before Saturday morning. I was sorry to miss even one night at the lake, because as anadolu yakası escort the summer drew to an end and the prospect of another school year loomed ever closer I enjoyed our weekends there more and more. However, I didn’t complain; after all, my mother’s job was feeding us and I was highly in favor of eating.

My mother must have sensed my disappointment, though, and she and Maggie agreed that when Maggie came into town for her weekly grocery trip that Friday I would ride back up to her cabin with her. My mother would join us on Saturday, and because her boss had given her the Monday off as compensation for messing up her weekend plans we would actually spend more time at the lake than usual.

So around 1:00 that Friday afternoon I met Maggie at the supermarket, helped her load the groceries into the car, and we set out for the lake. On the way up we chatted about the coming school year and my plans for college. Maggie was her usual friendly self, and I felt happy and relaxed. It was actually sort of cool being here without my mother; kind of a grown up, out on my own feeling.

When we arrived at the cabin we took the groceries in, put them away, and then got into our bathing suits. As usual Maggie put on a skimpy two piece, a bright yellow one that went well with her golden tan. We spent the afternoon swimming, and as the day darkened to evening I fired up the barbecue and grilled the steaks that Maggie had bought. We took them inside and ate in the big central room sitting at the big picture window, watching lights as they came on across the lake and the moon rising behind the tall pines.

After dinner and cleanup we went back to the great room. We turned on the TV, but nothing was particularly interesting, and we went back to chatting.

“So tell me, who are you seeing now? Is it still Grace?” Maggie asked.

I didn’t quite blush; Grace had been my companion in clumsy intercourse. “No, not any more,” I said. “She’s in Montana at some kind of riding camp. We sort of agreed to split up for the summer and see what happens when school starts.”

“Aww, too bad for you,” said Maggie. “Stuck all summer with two old hags and no young thing to cheer you up.”

This time I did blush, at least a bit. I wondered if Maggie had spotted me checking her out. “Oh, no,” I blurted out. “I mean, it’s OK. I mean, you’re not a hag or anything.” Really suave, 007, I thought. I glanced at Maggie to see if she was offended, but she just looked normal.

“Well, cheer up,” she said. “Soon enough you’ll be back with your friends and you guys can pick up where you left off.”

Now my face was really blazing. Pick up where we left off? She couldn’t know, could she?

Then Maggie laughed. “You should see your face!” she chuckled, not meanly. “I think I just hit a nerve. OK, no more quizzing about your love life. I suspect you handle that just ataşehir escort fine without my help. What do you say to a game of Hearts?”

I was glad for the distraction. Maggie got out the cards and we began to play. She was sipping wine, and I had my usual beer. It was my third for the night, more than I usually drank. But Maggie didn’t seem to care, and I found that the gentle buzz soon helped me forget my embarrassment.

But I wasn’t drunk, and after a while I began to notice that Maggie was behaving a little oddly. We were sitting cross legged on the floor facing each other as we played, and she seemed to be leaning over more than necessary to lay down her cards. We were both still in our bathing suits, and each time she leaned toward me I got a clear view down into her bikini top. And there was no doubt about it; her nipples were definitely showing through the fabric. She also stayed in that pose a bit longer than she needed to put down her cards. It wasn’t long before I began to feel that familiar push against the front of my suit. I couldn’t dive into the lake, so I kept my hands in my lap as much as I could and hoped Maggie wouldn’t notice.

Except I kind of wanted her to notice. It was exciting to sit there getting an erection with Maggie only inches away, her breasts just barely covered. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them. And then, when I did finally look up, I found that Maggie was watching me with a gentle smile. Well, not exactly gentle – there was a spark in her eyes that I had never seen before.

“It’s OK to look,” she murmured. “I like it when you look. I’ve liked it all summer when you look at me.”

I was too stunned to move. And as I sat there in shocked silence Maggie reached behind her back, and never taking her eyes from mine, untied the strings of her bikini top and let the scanty cups fall away. “Now you can see better,” she said, her voice almost a purr.

Maggie’s beautiful breasts were bare before me. I had never seen anything more exciting. Her tan line stopped just above her areolae, and their enticing dark circles stood out against the untanned skin. I could see her nipples starting to harden, and my own stiffening became almost painful.

Then Maggie reached over and took my right hand. In doing so, the back of her fingers grazed over my erection, and she lingered there for a moment, stroking ever so lightly through my suit. She raised my hand to her left breast and pressed my palm against one delicious little bud.

I was still in a state of shock, but I wasn’t paralyzed, and I began a gentle circular rub, my palm just barely grazing Maggie’s firm nipple. I felt it firming up even more beneath my hand. Maggie sighed and said “That’s right, just like that. That’s just what I want.”

I cupped her right beast with my left hand, and as I massaged and gently tweaked her nipples Maggie continued to encourage me with small sounds ümraniye escort that showed her pleasure. But I don’t know how she could have enjoyed anything as much as I did when she reached down to my lap, slipped her warm hand inside my suit, and began to gently rub my rock-hard penis.

“I want you inside me,” she breathed. “I’ve wanted you for weeks. I’ve waited for our chance, and tonight is it. I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me now.”

Maggie let go of my penis and grasped the sides of my suit. She pulled down gently, and when I raised my hips she slid the suit down my legs and off. My penis sprang out, free and proud. Maggie leaned back on her elbows and raised her own hips slightly, her invitation clear. I slid my fingers under the elastic of her bikini bottom and pulled it down her slender tanned legs, over her lovely feet, and off.

Again her tan line showed clearly. The dark triangle of her pubic hair contrasted sharply with the light unsunned skin. And as I watched Maggie slowly spread her legs, until I could see her inviting cleft, the soft glistening of her moisture.

I came to her, and Maggie gently guided my rigid penis to her waiting vagina. I gasped with pleasure as I entered her, feeling the supersensitive head brush through her hair, slip past her lips, and slide smoothly inside her. I pressed as deeply as I could inside her and waited a delicious moment, then drew back and began to pump.

“No hurry, my dear,” Maggie whispered. “There is no rush at all. Fuck me slowly now.”

I took her direction and slowed down. My penis slid in, and when I was as deep as I could go I felt Maggie’s hips slowly grinding against mine, felt the muscles inside her gripping and releasing me. I pulled partly out, and then back in, and together we found our rhythm. Maggie kept us in sync, now pushing up against me to increase the friction, now twisting delicately side to side to change the sensations.

I don’t know how long we kept it up. I was immersed in sensation, and only gradually became aware that we had speeded up, and that my thrusts had taken on a greater power. And I began to hear the words in Maggie’s quickening breaths. “Yes, oh yes, that’s it, like that, oh yes deep like that, yes, Yes, YES LIKE THAT OHGOD LIKE THAT, YES, DO IT TO ME, DOIT TO ME, DOITOME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!”

And just as I reached my limit she screamed “OHGODNOW! NOW! YESNOW! RIGHT NOW! NOW!” And I began to cum, to shoot seemingly endless streams of hot semen deep inside her. I ground myself against her, pushing more deeply than ever before, felt myself filling her.

And after that briefest of moments that lasts forever I fell against her, spent, my head on her breasts, my lips pressed against one nipple. We stayed that way while our panting slowed to breathing, our heaving chests settled.

After some unknown time, I opened my eyes and looked into Maggie’s face. Her eyes were still closed, and a smile twitched across her lips. She seemed to sense my gaze, because her eyes opened, and she looked at me with an expression of grave satisfaction. Then, without a word, she moved, urged us both upright, and led me as we walked together on slightly unsteady feet to her bedroom.

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