Garden Party

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The heat was oppressive. Delilah fanned herself with her hat for a moment before getting up from her knees to go turn on the hose. What did you expect from a gardening business in August in southern Georgia, she asked herself. Turning on the spigot, she dragged the hose back towards the flower bed she’d just planted. She stood for a moment, surveying, nodding in approval. It looked bright and cheerful, which was the client’s request.

“Well, now,” a male voice drawled, “You’re too pretty to be doing so much work.”

She turned, startled, and saw a man leaning against the porch rail. Owner’s husband, she thought first. Nah, too young, she corrected herself. He was hot, though. He had dark hair, on the long side, with a curl on his neck that made her sweat. His body was tight, athletic, but not heavily muscled. He wore a tee and jeans, old, worn…God, she was staring. Delilah blushed furiously, searching for something to say to excuse her behavior.

“Too much sun,” he announced, hopping the rail to the ground and striding towards her. The fluid movement stole whatever response she might have managed. The intent look on his face, the way his long legs ate up the ground had her backing up. Even as he reached her, she took a step back and stepped on her spade. She teetered, gasping in surprise and unconsciously raised the hose – and drenched the front of his shirt.

“Oh, God, I’m so sorry,” she babbled, even more embarrassed. Not only had she stared at what had to be the owner’s son, but she’d gotten him all wet. His green eyes narrowed a moment, then he moved too fast for her to counter.

“That’s a great idea,” he chuckled, grabbing for the hose. He managed to drench the front of her before Delilah grabbed back and a tug-of-hose ensued. It ended with both of them dripping, laughing like loons, her tee and shorts clinging to her body, his jeans dragging with water.

“Who are you?” she finally managed, a little out of breath. She watched him bunch and wring the bottom of his tee (and did he have abs!) before he answered.

“Alex,” he answered, “Aunt Kate owns the house. I’m visiting for the week.” She saw the look in his eyes as they swept over her and blushed. “More importantly, who are you?”

“Delilah,” she murmured, blushing again. He was probably still in college, two or more years younger than her, and had women gathering like flies on honey. To her body, however, age didn’t matter and she felt her belly tighten with excitement. The honey thought brought to mind licking and she blushed even deeper.

He nodded. “I can see that,” he answered with a cocky grin, “You could tame a wild man…or maybe get a little wild with him…” She looked up in surprise and saw how his eyes had darkened, how intent they were on her.

“I…” she stepped back, tripped on the hose and would have fallen if he hadn’t caught her arm. He stepped closer and she could feel the heat coming off his body. “I’m just here to plant the flowers…”

“Sure. And they’re pretty,” tuzla eve gelen escort he grinned again, stepping one more step, his body now brushing hers, “But not as pretty as you…” Spring break was turning out to be more interesting than anticipated.

She was caught by his stare, the invitation, the heat of her own body, the nearness of his. She tried to collect her thoughts. “That’s an old line,” she managed. And, delivered with that southern charm, it still made her melt. It made her forget she was wearing damp grubby clothes and probably had dirt on her face. She brushed a hand over her nose, just in case.

“How about this, then? I’d love to get you naked in the mud and do some planting of my own,” he drawled, his eyes heating, the hand on her arm firming. Her eyes unconsciously dropped and the bulge in his jeans made her mouth dry.

She managed a breath – he was close and hot and she could picture it – and her body ached for him. “More original, but unlikely.” Owner’s nephew, job site, she kept reminding herself. But, God, it had been months and the thought of being fucked out here in the sunshine by this hot guy had her ready to squirm.

“Delilah,” her name was said with amusement, “If not here, than inside? Or do I have to do the whole dinner and a movie deal?” He actually wanted to have sex with her. She felt her heart race, her belly quiver. And outside. She could see in his eyes that he’d felt her shiver and knew he’d won.

“I knew it,” he grinned, pulling her flush against his body, “Delilah’s got a wild side…” She hesitated a moment to long and he kissed her, hot and hard. She felt her knees go weak and leaned into him as his mouth possessed hers. It had been too long, she thought, wrapping her arms around his neck as she gave in eagerly. Moments later, his hands were on her, tugging away her wet shirt and cupping her bare breasts, his thumbs stroking her aching nipples.

“Damn, I love a woman without a bra,” he groaned, lowering his head, suckling one nipple into his hot mouth. Her head fell back on a moan. He glanced up with a quick grin, then took her down to the grass.

The hose had stayed on, so there was mud. And, in seconds, he’d tugged away her shorts, panties, so she was naked. She writhed, moaning and panting, as his hands and mouth streaked over her, from her tight, aching breasts down to the swollen wet center of her, as he parted her thighs, fastened his mouth over her pussy and sucked like an animal, grunting, slurping.

She was sweaty, salty, earthy, then, as he found her center and tasted her, sweeter than honey. Greedy, he focused there, thrusting his tongue against her quivering hole, sucking her swollen flesh. He’d never had sex outside like this, the sun beating hot on his back, the smell of dirt mixing with the scent of woman. More, he thought, I want more.

Delilah bucked, panting, as his mouth plundered, as her body tightened and heated until she couldn’t stand the pressure. tuzla otele gelen escort “Please…” she sobbed, bowing up. Her hands slapped the ground, fisted in the wet grass, slipped on the mud as she twisted in pleasure. One deep suck and she was flying free, her body shuddering and trembling as she came hard.

Now, was all he could think as he stripped away his tee, struggled out of his wet jeans. She lay naked and spent beneath him, her golden skin flushed, damp, streaked here and there with mud and grass. He imagined Eve in the Garden after their eyes were opened. God, he wanted her now.

His hands grasped her hips, his knees nudging her legs apart. Her eyes were half-closed, the blue dark and stormy as she looked up at him, her lips in a small smile. Now. She almost screamed when he plunged into her, his thick cock stretching her wide, invading her with hot, throbbing flesh. He groaned, humping his hips against hers to work his final inch inside her, to stuff her pussy full. She was tight, searing hot, and perfect as he drew back a moment, then thrust deep again. His hands fisted in the muddy grass beside hers as he began to move.

Yes, she moaned, his cock ramming into her. It was so primal, the grunts, the slap of flesh on flesh, the slurp of sex, the smell of dirt, the feel of hot summer sun. She’d never imagined…God, she moaned again, managing to grab his arm with one hand as he increased his thrusting. One of his legs lifted hers, spread her wider, opened her to allow him to thrust at a new angle. Her moans changed to animal cries as he bent over her, thrusting.

He’d been right, he thought through the haze of lust and pleasure, his hips moving like pistons as he fucked her. He’d seen her kneeling in the grass and known he’d enjoy her. Her body was lithe, hot, incredible. She was passionate, even now begging him for more. He felt his balls clench as he managed to grab her hips, to tilt her up and hammer down into her deepest core.

Her legs wrapped his hips, her body curled so he almost squatted above her, but his rhythm never slowed. The angle brought him to that secret spot, an endless stroking against her hidden nerve endings, driving her mad with need. She sobbed out a plea for more, clung to him, as he panted above her.

Alex thought he was swelling or maybe she was tightening – neither knew or cared. All he knew was he had to drive harder to bury himself, that he felt more and more friction with each stroke. He needed to thrust faster; she arched her hips to take more. Then…

They came together, crying out, convulsing, as his cock erupted deep inside her body. Waves of release swept through them, his seed spurting again and again, her inner muscles milking every drop with greedy spasms. Hands grasped and clung. Mouths fused, the heat passing from one to the other and back. Bucking, straining, they paused…and collapsed in a wet muddy heap.

What had she done, she thought, staring up at the tuzla sınırsız escort blue sky, her body still vibrating from wild sex. But, God, he’d felt so good.

When could he do it again, he thought, nuzzling her neck, licking and nibbling her bare skin, feeling the hot sun on his bare ass, his body more energized then spent.

“I can’t…I’ve got to…,” she managed to squeeze out from under him, stunned, a bit embarrassed. Sex, in a yard, on the job, with a stranger….she started to crawl towards her clothes.

Alex saw that tight little ass, pink and a little muddy, and grinned. “Not so fast, lady,” he growled, reaching for her. He caught her hip and, even as she reared up and turned, he was covering her, mounting her.

“What? I need to…” It dissolved on a moan as he slid his cock, hardened again, deep into her wet pussy. She was soft and sensitive and came almost instantly as he began to thrust into her from behind, groaning in pleasure.

It was even more incredible…he groaned at the delicious sensations. Her pussy rippled around his cock every time he filled her. She was so slick, the thrusting was effortless and the slurp of fucking her only adding to the experience. She was under him like a dog – his bitch in heat – and he felt himself swell more with the image. “More,” he growled, his cock plunging eagerly, “I want more.”

She couldn’t believe – he was relentless, in and out, in and out, the stroking sending shocks through her system. She rocked back against him, urging him faster, panting and groaning. Her fingers tore at the grass as she closed her eyes, tilting her hips to guide him to that tender spot. His fingers dug into her hips as he drove as hard and as deep as he could and struck gold.

She clamped tight around him with a cry. He exploded with a roar. She shuddered with the rush of wet heat. He emptied his seed into her in a flood. They slowly parted on a sigh and lay, naked and sated, in the sunny grass. Then they looked up to find an audience of one, an older man leaning against the side of the house.

“Hey, Uncle Trent,” Alex managed with a cocky grin, “Want to play along?” Delilah fumbled for her clothes as Alex rolled up to sit indian-style on the grass, completely naked, but grinning anyway. She was embarrassed to be caught, terrified it would effect the job and the payment she needed to make her mortgage, stunned her own willing participation but surprisingly not ashamed.

“You two better come inside and get cleaned up before Katie gets home,” the older man said with a sigh, but the edge of a laugh in his voice. He climbed the stairs to the deck and disappeared inside.

Alex got to his feet, offering a hand to Delilah. “Want to share a shower, pretty lady?” he laughed.

“You can’t be serious,” she hesitated, looking at the mud on her wet skin, looking at her damp dirty clothes. A shower would be a good idea. She glanced over at him, saw his cock was already responding. “God, you’re an animal,” she said. Alex grinned again.

“And you love it,” he laughed. He picked up the hose and held it over his head, dowsing himself with water. He cocked his head at her and gave her a raised brow. With a smile of her own, she stepped forward and slid her body over his, the water spilling over their nakedness as she kissed him. “See…Delilah the Wild,” he murmured.

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