Girlie Girl, Office Cunt

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I stretched out in my big bed, fluffed my pillows and lay into them on my back. I so enjoy my bedroom and the energy that remains after fucking all night long. I love the scents that linger, and the taste of cum still on my lips. I played with my nipples, making them hard, and I lifted my right tittie to my lips and sucked. Yes, there was cum on my titties, too. Dried, true – but yummy!

I heard a slight rap on my front door, announcing someone’s entry. Oh, joy! More fucking!

Kenneth appeared at my bedroom door, a wide smile on his face.

“Hello, my Precious Fuck, my Sweet Cunt! I’ve missed you so much. I hope you don’t mind that I did not call ahead.”

I patted the bed and crooked my index finger. “I would love to have you in my bed this morning, but I haven’t had a shower, yet, Kenneth. I still have cum on me from last night’s party. But, will you come and lie with me for a bit?”

“Oh, Girlie Girl!” he said, moving swiftly across the room, and stretching out next to me. He kissed my mouth softly, then with increased pressure, finally inserting his tongue and letting me suck. I felt his hands slide across the top of the blankets. I heard his feet hit the floor, and, without removing his lips from mine, he half-stood and pulled the blankets off my body…and stretched out again next to me.

“I need and want to feel your body, Girlie Girl. You are my very, very naughty girl, and I love everything about you!”

His lips traveled down my neck while he fingered my cunt, and he buried his face between my big titties. He kissed and sucked my right nipple, knowing it is connected directly to my wet and swollen clit. I moaned and writhed beneath his expert touch.

“Really, Kenneth,” I interrupted. “You know I like to be fresh for you when we fuck. Let me get into the shower and come back squeaky clean. I’ll be just a few minutes.”

“Girlie Girl, a few minutes is all I have,” he replied. “Lots of things happening at the office today…which is why I stopped by. Much as I’d love to wait for you and fuck you all day, I have to get going.”

I sighed. I delight in Kenneth’s visits. They are few and far between. Because of his work. Because of his obligations. Because of…well, his family. I don’t want him to change anything for me, because I am not ready to make a commitment to anyone. But of all the men who come by my apartment to play and enjoy me and all that I share, Kenneth is my favorite, and I enjoy spending time with him more than anyone else. More is the only quantity I know when I want Kenneth. His cock is so very thick and firm, and fits my cunt perfectly. He is an expert fucker, and he tongue-fucks Precious like she was created especially for him. When he leaves me after a session of heavy petting and fabulous fucking, I daydream about him, wishing he would return.

So I did what comes naturally to me. I unzipped his fly and sucked his cock until he came in my mouth. When I was finished, I lay my head on his chest and felt tuzla eve gelen escort his arms encircle me.

He ran his fingers across the top of my head several times. “Girlie Girl, I came to see you because we’re having a huge change at the office. Even though we’re only a small leg of the company, I’ve been given carte blanche to increase morale – no holds barred. We have had such a high rate of employee turnover in the last six months, I have been told to do whatever it takes to encourage the men to stay and not seek employment elsewhere.”

I looked into his eyes. “I don’t understand,” I said softly. “What does that have to do with me?”

A smile spread across his face. “I want you to come to work for me – just for two weeks, or maybe a month, Girlie Girl. I want you to be my OC – my Office Cunt. You will be in charge of the other women, teaching them by the example you set. If they do not want to stay after they learn what will be expected of them from this point on…well…” His voice trailed off.

“You’re going to put sex back in the office! How wonderful! What a fabulous idea! Oh, Kenneth…and you thought of me – your naughty Girlie Girl!” I threw my arms around his neck and covered his face with kisses.

“Now, understand, my Precious Fuck. You will be compensated very well. Plus, every time I call you into my office to suck my cock or to let me fuck you Girlie Girl style…or, for whatever reason, you will get a bonus.”

“And what do I wear, Kenneth? You know I cannot tolerate a lot of clothes and stuffy office attire. Ugh! That’s just not me.”

“Please, Girlie Girl. Wear what you like. Bring all your costumes. I am not hiring you to change YOU – I am hiring you to change US! I want you to be all of who you are, every day, right in front of our eyes.” You will have your own bathroom with a lock on the door, and a closet to hang all of your things. I would like to see you change into several outfits each a day.

I jumped off the bed and clapped my hands, my big titties bouncing with joy. This would be such fun! I get to play all day, every day, with a huge audience of employees and vendors – PLUS, Kenneth will fuck me several times each day! Wow! Girlie Girl’s dream come true!

“You’re absolutely certain I will have no trouble with the women. They may not take to being instructed by me. You have had them working for you for so long, Sweetie.”

“I had an office meeting yesterday and told them you were coming. I told them to be prepared for anything and everything.”

My eyebrow shot up.

” Uh, I was fairly certain you would say, ‘Yes’. I hope you don’t mind.”

I shook my head.

“I also told them the changes you bring are mandatory, Girlie Girl. It’s your way or the highway. Their choice.”

I clapped my hands again and kissed his mouth. I pulled his arms around me and he held on to my bare ass, stroking and playing.

“If we don’t stop right now, Girlie Girl, I will tuzla otele gelen escort have to fuck your cunt after all! My cock is getting stiff again! And I must get back to work!”

I turned my lips down in a pout, then put my finger in his mouth and licked the corners of his smile. “Just one little Girlie Girl fuck, pretty please, Kenneth. I want to feel you shoot inside of me, while your hands play with my ass.”

Kenneth kissed my mouth, turned me around and bent me over my bed. His cock was ready and dripping, and he slipped it in my wet and swollen, very ready cunt. He fucked and fucked, like it was our very first time together, playing with my asshole and stroking my cheeks. We came at the same time and he fell on top of me, so spent.

“You see why I want you at the office, my Precious Cunt! You are the very best. If I cannot resist you, I know the men in the field and in the warehouse – as well as the office staff – will fall in line very quickly. Just use that same magic on everyone!”

I entertained men the rest of the morning and afternoon as they called and set appointments to see me, or just dropped in. I felt very fortunate to have found my niche in this world, doing what I truly love, and making a fine living at it. I let all of them know I would be out of commission during the daylight hours for the next two weeks or so, and reminded each of them that I still love being fucked in my sleep – “So, please, be sure to come ’round whenever you can!”

The next morning, after my shower, and after styling my hair and applying my makeup, I laid out five of my favorite costumes to take into work. And what did I choose to wear for my latest entry into the construction corporate world? An open tittie bra, black lace crotchless panties with garters, black lace stockings, and a very sheer white blouse to go with my itsy bitsy skirt. The skirt was so short that the very bottom edge of my ass cheeks were visible. Perfect! I got dressed, put on my sneakers, and bagged my four-inch heels. I would put them on as soon as I arrived at the office.

It was about a 20 minute drive on the freeway. I loved driving with the top down on my Z-4. My hair blew in the breeze, and the other drivers got a fabulous gander at my big titties through my blouse. It was a wonderful day to drive to work!

When I arrived at the office, slipped on my heels, and walked through the door, the front desk receptionist stood up. She took one long look at me, starting with the top of my head, all the way down to my heels. She stood up, came around her desk, and put her hand on my elbow to lead me back to the door.”I’m sorry, Miss. You must have the wrong office.”

I extended my hand and said, breathlessly, “Hi, um…” – and I looked at her nameplate – “Jenny. I am Girlie Girl. And I am here to change your life!”

She let go of my arm, and dropped into the nearest chair. “YOU are Girlie Girl? Do you realize that what you’re wearing is most tuzla sınırsız escort definitely not office attire?”

“Oh, Heavens, yes! And soon you will be dressing just like me, Sweetie! You’re going to love it!”

Jenny got up, walked to her desk, opened a drawer and pulled out her purse. “You can tell Mr. Kenneth that I quit! No notice, no anything, and I don’t care! I’m not putting up with this shit at work!”

“Whoa!” I said, and I extended my arm out, placing my hand on her shoulder. “Your pay is being increased substantially, Jenny! And work is going to be fun from now on. I promise you. And the costume? It’s for morale purposes. Granted, it’s also what I love to wear. See how the silk in my blouse makes my nipples perk up? This keeps me excited and ready all day. I brought more costumes, and you’re about the same size as me. Why not try one on?”

“You don’t understand, Girlie Girl. I am a good woman! I don’t like to do bad things. And…” Jenny quieted down, dropping her head. She sucked in her breath and sighed. “God, I really need this job. I cannot quit another job!

“And you say the pay raise is substantial? Really?”

I nodded. “Very substantial, with bonuses.”

I unbuttoned the top three buttons on my silk blouse, and exposed my big titties. “The first thing I want you to learn, Jenny, is to be comfortable with my titties. You will be fondling them a lot, whenever men come into the office. You will stop whatever you’re doing when that front buzzer sounds and men walk in. I will come in here to talk to you as a pretense, with my main intent to get their attention. And when I bend over to say something to you while you’re at your desk, I want to you unbutton my blouse just like I did now, and either play with my nipples while I talk to you, or suck my titties. Like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Can you do that?”

Jenny nodded slowly, her finger in the corner of her mouth like she wasn’t really sure. She fingered my left nipple while she sucked my right nipple. “Oh, my! They are so perfect and soft. But I don’t have big, luscious titties like yours, Girlie Girl. Just these little things, and she lifted up her sweater to show me. Her bra was structured like armor, covering all of her pectoralis muscles, as well as her breasts.

“Well, the first thing you’re going to do for yourself, Jenny, is order new bras. Sensual, sexy, preferably open, like mine. For now, however, why not just take that monster off and toss it in the trash!”

She reached back to unhook her bra, slipped her arms out of her sweater, and tossed the damn thing into her garbage pail.

I played with her nipples until they were excited, even sucked them until I heard her moan, and when she pulled her sweater back down, her nipples protruded through her sweater.

“Voila!” I said. “That’s the way to show off your titties, Jenny. And your panties, please? I want you to work at your desk for the rest of the day without panties. Just to try it out and see what it feels like, okay?”

Jenny nodded, slipped out of her panties, and the phone rang. As I stepped into the hallway to introduce myself to the other two women in their cubicles, I heard Jenny say, with a real smile on her face, “Good morning! Kelly & Clark Construction. How may I help you?”

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