God, I’m Wet!

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I’m hot, I’m sweaty, and I’m horney…or is that horny? It’s 3:15 in the morning and I’m sitting on the side of my bed wondering, what the heck am I doing here all alone. I’m nuts, just plain nuts! I look at my phone… god… he has to get up for work in two hours, should I be selfish and wake him? Or let him sleep.

We just hung up the phone a couple hours ago, after talking three hours and Cybering for another hour and a half. He had me screaming, panting, begging, cumming…over and over again. And now look at me, flushed, nipples rock hard, pussy wet, and not just from earlier excretions either. I reach down and run a finger along my wet swollen outer lips and bring the wet digit to my slightly parted mouth. Mmmmmmmm; I love my taste, and my smell. What has that man done to me?

Six months ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of even attempting to taste myself, now not only do I do it every chance I get… I revel in it! I think I will wake him! This is all his doing, he told me not to go wash after cumming so hard for him, to lie there and think about it, well shoot, that’s about all I’ve been able to do since I hung up that darn phone. Now I’m wet, excited and needing more…. It’s his entire fault… he shouldn’t make me do these things; he knows how imaginative my brain gets.

Mind made up and lame justifications in tow I pick up the phone. He answers on the first ring…. I don’t even get a “hello,” just a “What took you so long?” I can’t help but laugh, should’ a known, my lover knows me way to well. I growl.

“Shut up and fuck me…. God, I’m WET!” He moans… replies…

“Get your vibe, get it right now, lay down, spread your legs, turn it on high and place it right matadorbet down on your clit.” Of course I do as he asks, not cause I have to, but because I WANT to. And oh yeah, oh fuckin’ A yeah…. It feels GOOD! Almost to goddamn good. I gasp, moan, and shudder, I feel like I have raw nerves getting shocked as my legs jerk and my hips buck from the sensations rolling through me.

“Leave it there!” he shouts.

“Don’t take it off until I tell you, and you better not cum without permission either!” I inhale and shut my eyes, feeling the orgasm already gathering strength; this is going to be fast. I know it, and he knows it.

“Close your legs and hold the vibe with your thighs babe, lick your fingers and get those nips good for me.” I don’t think twice, I do as I’m told.

Concentrating on his voice, and the buzzing between my legs, I lick my fingers noisily and pinch my nipples hard rolling them between thumb and fore and middle fingers. Oh this feels fantastic, and shoots straight to my clit, adding to my almost torment. I roll to my side. The panting has started now. I can’t help it; self-expression with him comes so naturally that I feel totally free to do whatever my pleasure dictates at the time.

“Ohhhhhhh,” I moan, my climax so close I can feel the shock waves starting up my spine.

He hears it of course, and it takes him repeating it twice before I can actually hear him, because I’m concentrating so hard on the feelings in my neither region.

“Eve! Eve! Don’t you dare! Take it off…. Take the vibe off… NOW!” I groan, so close the spasms are already shaking my legs, and I know just 2 more seconds and I’m there… Screaming in matadorbet giriş frustration I fling the vibrator aside, gasping, moaning, wanting to strangle my lover.

“You FUCK!” I scream into the receiver, frustration warring with respect, love, devotion, and trust. I know he will make this fantastic for me. He laughs…. Knowing… knowing exactly what he’s doing to me. I lay there for over a full minute getting myself under control. He stays silent, waiting for my breathing to quiet to the point he knows I’ve got it together again.

“Love me?” he whispers, almost purrs in my ear. I grunt… but he knows I do… he knows me inside and out.

“Now,” He continues…

“Get the vibe, and rub it on your nipples, ten seconds each one, till I tell you otherwise.” Still wet and throbbing, needing, needing so damn bad to finish myself I eagerly do as he asks.

My nipples are almost as sensitive as my clit; they’re a bit larger then the norm, so I figure that’s why they’ve always been so responsive and touchy. Going from one to the other, back and forth for I don’t know how long makes me almost delirious. I want to touch myself so bad I’m almost sobbing with it.

“Wanna cum baby?” He asks, in a silken voice…

“Yessssssssssss….” I moan back, so lost in sensation and want that I’m pass the point of knowing exactly what the hell I’m doing. I’m just following his voice at this point.

“You sure?” he purrs. I can’t even talk now, I’m going from nipple to nipple, and they’re swollen past the hurting stage. I just issue a mangled moan.

“Okay lover,” he tells me.

“Get that vibe on that clit and cum for me!” I have it down there in a heartbeat, thighs wide open clit exposed, and the first vibration against me has me gritting my teeth, my hips raising way off the bed, and air knocked out of my lungs. Seconds later I’m cumming. Hard. Explosive. I screech like a banshee. Through my own noise I hear him screaming.

“Leave it… Leave it on Eve… stretch it out… ride it… come on baby…” So I do, and I feel like I’ve stuck my finger in an electrical outlet. Currents are running through my legs, arms, belly, I know I look like I’m receiving electric shock, flopping this way and that, just caught in the throes of it. I scream louder. Louder… Louder… My neighbors are going to love this…. I think my response scares him a little.

“Take it off baby… get it off!!”…. I hear him and just drop it, rolling to my side, loosing the phone receiver, everything, just wrapping my arms around my waist and rocking, trying to get myself back. After a minute or two I roll back over patting the bed in the dark, and finally finding the phone, bring it to my ear. He’s quiet. I breathe, not talking. Finally I hear, in a very soft concerned voice.

“You alright?”

“Yes,” I whisper back, shaken but fine.

“Wow,” is all he says. And I know exactly what he means. I curl up on my side; my voice has a real sleepy edge to it. I’ve come down now and the night is catching up to me.

“Thank you baby….” I can barely get it out past my tiredness.

“No need to thank me lover”, he replies, and I can hear the contentment in his voice. He’s pleased me, very much so, and we both know it. I’m drifting. Sleeps closing in on me… my eyes close.

“Hang up the phone love….” I barely hear him, but I’m still aware enough to reach over and get the phone in the cradle. I’m asleep before I can even turn back over, and the last thought in my mind as I go oblivious is….

Tomorrow his butt’s mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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