Home Alone Ch. 02

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God, I had never cum so hard before, it took me a few minutes to get my breath back. I couldn’t believe how good I felt. I couldn’t wait to watch more of the DVD. I thought I would get myself a bit more comfortable before resuming the viewing. I had a quick shower just to refresh myself. I did find it hard resisting paying with myself, but I knew it would be worth waiting for. I didn’t bother putting any clothes on, I didn’t think it would be worth it, I just wrapped myself up in my dressing gown.

I took the remainder of the wine up to our bedroom, I turned on the TV and inserted the disc into the player, skipped through the film that I had just watched and settled down to continue watching the rest of the film.

I lay on the bed and pressed play on the remote. The next chapter started with the same woman out shopping for clothes, more especially underwear. She went into, what appear to be an exclusive lingerie store and started browsing through the racks. Having picked out a few items she went and asked if she could try some on. The shop assistant, a dark haired woman, then showed her to the changing rooms.

She entered the cubicle and undressed, this immediately started my heart racing, I had never felt like this before looking at another woman naked, sure I had fantasised about other women before, I think all women do, but I had never felt like this before. tuzla escort

She tried on a couple of the outfits but couldn’t make her mind up so called for the assistant for some advice. The assistant walked in and found her wearing a matching pair of red bra and panties with lace trim. The woman explained that she wanted to surprise a friend and wanted something special but couldn’t decide. The shop assistant said she had just the thing that would suit her, took a note of her size and left the cubicle.

I was now lying on my bed wrapped in my dressing gown, still very turned on. I could feel myself getting wet but resisted the temptation of doing something about it as I wanted to watch more of the DVD.

The shop assistant returned with a matching set of bra, panties with stockings and suspenders. The assistant then left to allow the woman to change. The woman changed into the new set of underwear but was having problems with the stockings and suspenders, after struggling for a few minutes she asked the assistant for some help. The shop assistant re-enters the cubicle and asks the woman to stand in the middle of cubicle. She then kneels on the floor and starts to sort out the stockings and suspenders all that was wrong was that they were twisted. She starts to smooth the stockings up her legs and untwists the straps from the suspenders but all the time pendik escort she seems to be spending a bit too much time adjusting. The woman is now starting to react to the extra attention she is receiving. The shop assistant knows exactly what she is doing, finishes adjusting the underwear taps her on the bottom and tells her that no-one could resist her looking like that. The woman takes a look in the mirror and agrees with the sales assistant.

By now the urge to play with myself had become too much, I undid the belt holding the gon together and threw it open. I then started to massage my breasts, this turned me on even more, it felt as if my pussy was actually dripping.

On screen the sales assistant has stood up and with that the woman turned around, their eyes met for a brief second before the woman bent forward to kiss the sales assistant, briefly at first, then when there was no resistance with more passion.

I couldn’t believe how this made me feel, I wanted to be there with them.

The sales assistant, on not getting rebuked from the woman, then kissed her with more passion, the woman tentatively kissed back then after backing away slightly with more aggression, like she did with her partner, her tongue exploring the other woman’s mouth.

I now had one hand playing with my nipples, pinching and squeezing them, whilst my other hand aydınlı escort was gently rubbing my mound.

On screen the two women were now in a full clinch and kissing passionately. Normally this I wouldn’t have found this erotic at all but this time, on my own, it was incredibly arousing. The woman was now sat on the bench in the changing room whilst the sales assistant was kneeling on the floor. The woman’s legs were open and she was clearly aroused. The assistant moved closer and started to rub the woman’s pussy, the woman’s head was thrown back and shear lust was visible in her face. As the assistant kept rubbing she kept inserting a finger into the woman.

My own pussy was now extremely wet and requiring attention; unfortunately there was only myself to deal with it. My fingers were rubbing up and down my pussy, all the time it was getting wetter and wetter. I now following the lead of the woman in the DVD was pushing a finger into my own pussy, god it slipped in so easily.

On the screen the assistant had a couple of fingers in the woman and they were being worked in and out, at the same time the woman had her own hand rubbing her own clit, as I was. You could see on the screen that she was very wet. The assistant then very slowly and deliberately moved her head forward extended her tongue and slowly licked up the full length of the woman’s pussy.

With that my own pussy felt like it exploded, my thighs were wet with cum as was the bed, I couldn’t remember a time when I had cum so hard as that. I wanted that woman’s tongue in my pussy.

And the night was still young………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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