Cheerleader Tale Ch. 01: Settling In

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Authors Note —

Please note that this is Adult Erotic Fiction, so should only be read by those who qualify!

I was intrigued by the idea of basing a story around journal entries, and although this is hardly a new idea, I thought that I’d give it a try.

So, here we are – the trials and tribulations of a rather naive, but determined young woman, just starting University and keen to experience life… oh, and to continue the family tradition of making the Football Cheerleader’s team!

Constructive comments and scores are always welcome, but regardless, I sincerely hope that you enjoy …

Dear Diary… or whatever this is!

I promised myself that when I started at MidCounty University, I’d faithfully keep a journal to remind me in future years what my new life was like. Well, I guess this is it! My new life?! Well, I certainly hope so, because a new start is exactly what I’m looking for!

So, maybe I ought to introduce myself, goodness knows who might be reading this some day!

My name is Susan Meyer, and I’m here at MidCounty to study Classical /Modern English Literature. I’m not absolutely sure how I got into this from my modest, rural farming background, but I love reading (almost anything) and my school teachers always used to rate my essays! Anyway, having surprised practically everyone with my school grades…here I am!!

Maybe I ought to describe myself as well…do people really do that in journals?? Oh well, I guess that I will anyway! I’m nineteen years old, about average height (5’8 – but going on an extra inch if I’m on my toes and pulling my shoulders back!) Not that I’m vain or anything! I have light brown hair that curls just below my shoulders, a bright happy face (says my mum!), hazel eyes and…well, a medium build I suppose. Not too fat, not too thin, but pretty well toned and fit because I’m a keen athlete! My school year master, Mr Avery, used to call me ‘Miss Average’ for a whole variety of reasons (not all good!), which although vaguely accurate isn’t entirely fair. Well, at least I don’t think so, but I did used to hate him and maybe he knew! Anyway, another reason for a new start!

You’ll note that it’s now Thursday morning of my first week on campus, so I’ve got a bit of catching up to do already!

My mum and older sister brought me down last Sunday, and helped me get settled into my ‘Freshers’ dorm. It’s three stories, females only (which got a raised eyebrow from both my companions!) and I was put on the top floor, and at the end of a long corridor. Talk about ‘out on a limb’! Are they trying to tell me something already?!

It took us nearly five hours to drive down from our small, remote farm in the middle of NOWHERE (I emphasise it because it really is!). Miles from anywhere, just a few other small farming communities and practically no social life – something that I’m hoping to address as quickly as possible now that I’m banged up with a few hundred other young people of my own age. That’s practically as many people as I’ve met in my whole life! Have I mentioned that I’m looking forward to a new start?

Anyway, after I’d registered and gotten my room key, we’d unloaded all my gear from our ancient farm Ute (I’m still rather surprised that it made it this far!) and just threw it into my rather sparse accommodation. Then we tried the on-site cafe for some drinks and a quick snack before it was time for my family to hit the road and head back to the ‘Middle of NOWHERE’ again!

Were there any tears? Certainly not from my mom, who’s generally regarded locally as ‘hard as nails’ – she has to be really after raising two daughters and a brother after my pa died in an accident when I was just five.

I’ve never admitted it to her, but I’m full of respect for her. I’m not sure that it’s love, because she’s never been the emotional type and I can’t remember the last time I got a hug, but it’s something I suppose. Whatever… I held it together until they’d re-embarked in the Ute. I’m sure that my big sister was wiping away a tear when she got in, but I managed to uphold family tradition and keep my feelings in check until they’d disappeared from sight. Then I sat down on a nearby bench, put my head in my hands and cried! Me, tears…really?!!

Maybe it was just the tension of the journey draining away, maybe my adrenalin had dropped suddenly, maybe it was the realisation that my old life had just disappeared along with my kin. Maybe…maybe it really was love after all?!

God, but this new start to life of mine had better be good. Really Good!!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, life after mum and big sister!

I’d only been back in my new, quite small world, for about an hour before I met my new neighbour. She’s a tall, slim blonde called Samantha (‘Sam ‘ to her friends which now includes me!!!). She’s an effervescent, impulsive sort of character and just knocked, shouted out a cheery ‘Hello!” and burst right in…catching me red-handed,…literally!

I’d anadolu yakası escort been in the middle of packing my clothes away into the limited drawer space, and had quickly filled one with my underwear and was about to secrete my special item underneath the panties pile. It was wrapped in its usual soft, bright red muslin bag. It was in my hand when Sam burst in and gave me a fright, so I dropped it onto the bed and, naturally, the ‘Silver Rocket’ slid out!

“Whoa…now that looks like an interesting item!” she’d gushed, quickly stepping forward to pick up my metallic, deluxe vibrator and running her fingers over its ribbed surface. Not an ounce of embarrassment anywhere except all over my face, which I’m sure had gone a bright, bright red! Watching her fingers lovingly caress its sleek lines didn’t help either. It really is my one truly extravagant possession and I swear that it’s blissful, multifunctional activities are the only things that’s kept me sane over the last couple of sex-restricted years!

“Wow… this does feel good” she’d said , smiling at my frozen reaction, before adding impishly, “I’ve got a couple of my own next door… we’re going to have to compare them sometime soon!!”

After that kind of introduction it was hard to stay formal! So we soon got into friendly, girly chatter that passed time quickly. After a while she dragged me out into the corridor, and we burst into the rooms opposite to introduce ourselves to our other ‘end corridor’ soul-mates. Needless to say neither Patricia (Trish) nor Andrea (Andy) were caught with vibrators in their hands! With Sam in the lead, we’ve actually all become pretty close in such a short space of time though, and we’ve spent a lot of time together, meeting up for drinks and food when we can. I’ll confess that I was a bit worried about making friends before I got here, but with Sam taking the initiative, it’s been no problem so far! In fact, after a late night vodka session in Sam’s room, we’ve even given ourselves a name…’The Dead End Gals’!… cool or what?!

The first few days in Uni have gone really quickly! It’s been a never-ending round of ‘intro sessions’ – from exploring the vast Library (which I love already!), to a fantastic, head-banging Students Union lunchtime disco, to various University clubs which I’m thinking of joining (but I’m going to have to wait until later today for the Football Cheerleaders sign-up!). We’ve also had a couple of English Faculty sessions to introduce fellow students and the teaching staff. They seem like a nice bunch, but I haven’t got to know them properly yet. There was one distinctly surprising happening though when one of the second year students who was acting as a waitress at a ‘tea event’ saw me looking at a rather dishy looking lecturer (called Auberon!)and whispered a warning in my ear… ‘watch out for that one, he’s dangerous!’ I wanted to know more, but when I’d turned round she’d gone. I mean, weird or what??!

Anyway, onto the main event!

There have been posters up all week about a Dorm Disco that was taking place Wednesday night in conjunction with the boys dorm next door. It was labelled ‘Not To Be Missed!!’ and the ‘Dead End Gals’ had no intention of any such thing!

Looking back, I can’t believe how excited I’d got at the thought of mixing with a bunch of equally inexperienced young men! You’ll be aware from the above that my sexual experiences to date have been somewhat limited. I’m certainly not a virgin… but pretty close! Suffice to say that ‘fumbling’ and ‘unsatisfactory’ are fair descriptions of my sex life so far. In fact, and somewhat sadly, it’s also true to say that my delicious ‘Silver Rocket’ has been my best sexual experience to date!

So, and this a secret (just between the two of us!), this is an important part of my ‘new life’ aspirations… good sex! It’s not like I’m totally slutty or a ‘nympho’ or anything, but it’s fair to say that I’d pretty much made up my mind early on that the dance floor would have had to be full of absolute dorks for me not to invite somebody back to my room!

If only I’d known…now, just let me get this straight in my mind…

* * * * *

Anticipation and Dressing Up

Wednesday afternoon had positively flown by for Susan, and the sense of anticipation had been building remorselessly. All the girls had agreed to meet in Sam’s room before they went down to the dance though, the blonde ‘gang leader’ having promised to have a bottle of something for them to share before they went down!

Susan was pleased that she’d managed to get her name down for the Football Cheerleaders enrolment session at the sports complex the coming Thursday, but less happy at the sight of the number of names already on the list! It was pretty much a ‘must do’ action for her this week given that her mum and big sister, who’d both attended the college previously had made the team, her mother actually being ataşehir escort Team Captain when she’d left! They’d both told her to get on the team ‘or else’! She’d thought that it was in jest, but wasn’t quite so sure when she spotted a quick look and smile between the two women. Her mum had added that it would be ‘Character Building’ and her sister had laughed, saying that ‘It would certainly open your eyes to a few things!’

Mysterious…but challenging, and Susan was always up for a challenge!!

The first hitch in the proceedings had come after she’d eaten, gone up to her room and ransacked her possessions looking for the right things to wear for the evening disco. That was when she realised just how limited her wardrobe was. Stuff that was fine back on the farm just didn’t look like cutting it amongst all the relatively sophisticated young women on campus! In the end she’d gone with her ‘best’ deep lemon party dress and decided to just hope for the best!

So, after using her portable tongs to partially curl her long, light brown hair she’d applied a relatively light face make-up, tinge of light cherry lipstick and then a dab of her best scent, she was ready to go. Well, not quite, as she’d added a couple of more scent dabs on top. If she couldn’t impress the boys with her clothes, she intended to knock them out with her fragrance!

When she tapped on Sam’s door and went in she’d immediately realised that the smart, lemon dress wasn’t quite right! The three other girls were there and drinking already, turned to welcome her, and to a ‘girl’ had raised their eyebrows and drawn in deep breaths.

“You can’t go like that!” gasped Sam, with a horrified expression quickly covering her face! The other two had concurred.

“It’s not that bad…” Susan had said doubtfully. Okay, the hem was sitting more or less on her knee, but it was armless, had wide square neckline that plunged low enough to display hints of her decent cleavage, and it was tight around her bust and waist, highlighting her good figure. But, looking at the other girls, she’d had to admit that she’d be looking a bit dowdy! They were all showing acres of leg, Sam and Trish wearing short mini-skirts and tight tops, Andy with a pair of faded, legless jeans, the frayed ends of which gloriously failed to hide the curves at the bottom of her strong buttocks!

It had been a time for the ‘gang’ to swing action!

Once Sam had announced that she had a portable sewing machine, the three girls had immediately gathered round Susan and moved the hem of her dress up and down her legs, looking for the right new level. Susan had quickly overruled Sam’s suggestion of just a couple of inches below her crotch and the others had turned their noses up at Susan’s suggestion of just raising it an inch or two above her knee. In the end they’d split the difference and Susan had slightly reluctantly agreed to mid-way up her thigh. Still a rise of four or five inches! Susan was positive that she’d be taken for a slut, but in terms of what she was planning for the evening, maybe that would help!

So off the dress came again as Sam got out her mobile haberdashery kit and got on with the modifications, at least allowing Susan, in her plain white bra and bikini panties, time to get in a couple of shots of vodka to get in the mood!

* * * * *
Soaking up the Atmosphere

They were late getting down to the dance, which had been in progress for an hour by the time they’d wandered through the doors. There’d been a minor conflict at the ‘dress fitting’ that had delayed them. Susan couldn’t believe the liberties that Sam had taken! The ‘mid thigh’ hem-line was definitely a few inches higher than she’d remembered agreeing to, and Sam had mischievously decided to lower the plunged neckline a couple of inches at the same time! It meant that her white bra was partially displayed as well as much more of her breast swellings than she was normally used to seeing! By the time that she’d gotten over the shock of seeing herself in the mirror, only partially covered now in the pretty lemon dress, it had been too late to do anything but gulp and follow the rest of the giggling girls downstairs!

Inside the hall it had been bedlam! Seemed like the whole dorm and much of the rest of the college was packed in! At first they’d given up on getting a table, but then Sam had spied one with just a solitary young student nursing a beer. Susan had watched in amazement as Sam had shot straight over and engaged the surprised young man in a close conversation before waving the other three over.

“This is Roger girls,” she’d said as they gathered round, “…I’ve done a deal…he’s supposed to be waiting for some friends, but they’re late, so he’s agreed to let us have the table!”

“On one condition…!” the young man added urgently!

“Oh yeah, ” Sam said sweetly to the other three , “…we have to dance with him all night…”

Well, that didn’t ümraniye escort sound so bad thought Susan, giving him the quick once over. Medium build, mop of light brown hair like hers, deep brown eyes behind some awfully thick rimmed glasses and wearing faded jeans and a black Guns ‘n Roses tee shirt.

“So who do you want first?” laughed Sam, expecting to be the choice no doubt. But he’d surprised them all by getting up and taking Susan’s hand as he pulled her towards the dance floor, “You look nice…what’s your name?”

“Bloody hell,” Susan had heard the exasperated Sam gasp as they departed, “I did too good a damned job on that dress after all!!”

Dancing with their new ‘gang member’ was fun! Despite his rather nerdy appearance, he was a good mover and they even managed a shouted conversion amidst the loud disco beat. He was a Chemistry student and, when quizzed about his missing friends, he told her that they had probably stayed in the library, not being the party types. She’d sympathised, but before she could take it any further a distinctly flashy young man in an incongruous flowery waist-coat pushed his way in. She’d quickly given him a cold shoulder, but by then Roger had retreated back towards their table, where he’d hooked up with Trish for another dancing session.

They’d smiled as they passed and Susan was wondering if she should have persevered with him, but in the end shrugged her shoulders, sat down with Andy and scanned the rest of the gyrating boys looking for a beddable partner!

Eventually, a rather good looking young man with an unusual short, dark hairstyle caught her eye, and when she returned his look after he glanced her way, he came over and asked her to dance.

She’d decided instantly that he was the one!

A few inches taller, just the right height! Lean and wiry, but not gangly. Dark, soulful eyes in the middle of an angular face that just screamed character! Perfect!!

They’d danced together and talked easily for a few minutes, finding out that he was called Pete, before a slower number had allowed him to take her in strong arms, and before much longer they were still hanging onto each other but now their hands were roaming over each other’s supple bodies and she’d lifted her head up to let him kiss her… passionately!

She’d been breathing hard as his hands finally found her bosom and quickly began to massage her breasts through the thin dress, setting off a wonderful surge of warm feelings through her entire body and culminating in a powerful response down between her legs! She pressed her body harder into him, rubbing her pussy up against his thigh in tune with the music. The electric contact of their young bodies combined with her previous sense of arousal and anticipation had soon sent her wild with desire, so she wasted no further time on pleasantries.

“You need to come up to my room,” she’d whispered huskily into his ear.

Strangely, he’d paused for a few minutes before responding and she was having a sudden panic that she’d been too pushy, but then his whispered response combined with another deep kiss quickly set her nerves at rest.

“You’re right…I need to come up to your room!”

* * * * *

Romeo One

Wasting no time, she’d almost dragged him off the dance floor and guided him, in between more bouts of kissing, to the door. She’d caught the eye of Sam who was seated at their table with Andy, and seen that she’d been spotted leaving. Sam had grinned knowingly and gave her a thumbs up!

They’d been kissing and snogging all the way up to her bedroom door, hands all over each other and sending her arousal levels rocketing even higher. Was that possible she thought giddily! No time for conversation, just time for her to greedily imagine how good it was going to feel to have a man inside her instead of her trusty Silver Rocket!

They’d tumbled, still locked together, inside her room and he’d twisted her round to press her up against the door as his wandering hands raked all over her body. He’d quickly found the zip at the back of her dress and dragged it down, letting his hand wander delightfully over her naked back before finding her bra fastening and fumbling it open. She’d gasped into his ear as she’d felt the hand slide around her, under the loosened bra and positively cried out in ecstasy as it slipped over her warm, tingling breast, cupping it first and then using his fingers to capture her erect nipple!

When other hand dropped down between her legs and slid up her bare thigh, high inside her skirt the sense of anticipation as she waited for it to rub up against her pussy was totally overpowering and all she could do was hang onto his shoulders and moan as the questing fingers finally made contact with her panties! Her heart was already racing, but the sudden burst of intense pleasure as he ran his fingers over her engorged sex totally overwhelmed her. Her legs had gone weak as she hung onto his shoulders for dear life!

She’d quickly decided that she was ready for him. She’d almost felt the juices gushing out of her throbbing vagina, so she’d pulled him backwards with her onto the bed and, as they bounced down together, finally let her hand dive between them to unzip him and release his pent up erection!

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