Hot, Hot Tub!

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Hot-Hot Tub!

Jane and James were away from home for the first time in years. The kids were at the grandparents and they had been booked into a hotel as an anniversary gift.

It was a fairly good quality hotel, close to the sea and almost empty. The room was clean and functional and seemed totally normal until they found the hot tub.

“Oh. My. God!” laughed Jane as she opened the bathroom door and saw instead of a bath or wet room, a large hot tub sat against the wall on the cold tiled floor.

“Bloody tacky. I suppose this is their idea of romantic?” suggested James.

Jane shook her head and moved back into the bedroom, carrying with her the glass of gin and tonic she had made from the mini-bar.

“Might be nice to relax in, I suppose?” she laughed and continued to dress for dinner while James fiddled with the controls of the tub.

“It’s not working,” he muttered, twisting the taps back and forth.

“Leave it!” said Jane. “Get dressed. I want my dinner cooked for me tonight!” She struggled into a V-neck buttoned top that showed off far more cleavage than she usually did. James tried a sneaky grab of her lovely boobs but was batted away. “Dressed! Now!”

Down in the bar, the couple bought drinks from the rather camp barman and sat in a booth with a table. There was only one other couple in the bar, an older pair who didn’t speak to each other at all. They soon left money on the table and shuffled off, the older man briefly nodding a hello to Jane as they passed. He also seemed to notice her impressive cleavage.

“You’ve pulled!” hissed James over the top of his glass.

Jane flicked him the finger and drank too, then quickly hid the gesture as the barman suddenly appeared.

“Well, I was going to ask if you were ready to order but…” he smirked and pretending he was insulted.

They all laughed and Jane coloured slightly red with embarrassment. “It was for my husband! He’s a dick!” laughed Jane.

The barman smiled and put a mock protective hand on James’ shoulder. “Oh! How rude! You can’t speak to your loving husband like that!”

James shot Jane a puzzled look. This was far too familiar a gesture. Jane was enjoying the awkwardness of the situation as the hand remained where it was.

“Poor man! You come to the bar if you need rescuing or when you know what you want to eat. Just me on tonight as we are hardly full. I’m Toby.” The barman wandered back to the bar as the couple smiled uncomfortably.

“I think it’s you that’s pulled!” whispered Jane and drank more of her gin and tonic.

James mouthed, “Piss off!” and then began to look through the menu. “Bit weird.”

“He’s obviously gay. Don’t worry. I won’t let him suck your cock,” Jane whispered and picked up her menu too. “Unless you want him too…” she added with a smirk.

James shot her a warning frown and looked around nervously, which made her laugh even more. The gin was working its way into her system very quickly which could go either way.

“You ready to order?” he asked quickly.

“I mean if you still have those ideas…” Jane carried on relentless.

James grimaced. He wished he’d never told her about his bi-curious thoughts during sex talk- but it was too late now. “Pity there’s no waitress then!” he fired back.

Jane just put out her tongue and sneered at the reference to her own fantasies. “Just get us both the pizza I think. I am not overly hungry. Oh, and another drink.”

James moved out of his seat and ignored Jane’s raised eyebrows in the direction of Toby. She could be a cheeky pain in the ass, but it was all good fun.

At the bar, Toby was texting but stopped as James approached. He smiled genuinely and punched a few buttons on the till to begin the order. “And what can I get for you?” he asked.

“New wife?” James shot back quickly. They both laughed and James cast a look over his shoulder at Jane. She was raising her eyebrows and smiling which Toby took to be mock suspicion of the chat, but James knew it was far more suggestive than that. James grimaced and felt himself slightly blushing despite himself.

“Aw, she seems lovely.” cooed Toby.

“Well the old pervert who just left thought so; stared right down her top” James blurted. “Two pizzas. Margaritas. And same drinks please.”

Toby repeated the order but giggled at the end. “Poor old fella. Who would notice that very, very, low cut top?” Toby made a comical shifty expression.

James laughed but was confused. Toby was quite effeminate but had made a sleazy reference to his wife’s chest. James wasn’t sure what to make of it. Toby was younger than the couple by possibly ten years, clean shaven and slim. He was very neat and had a strong flowery aftershave smell about him.

“No offense meant,” the waiter quickly offered, mistaking James look for being affronted. “I’ll bring the drinks over in a bit.”

When James returned to his seat Jane was on her phone to a friend. She finished and drained her glass. “Got his number then?”

“Piss off!” hissed James. ankara duşta veren escortlar “He might not be gay anyway. He certainly noticed your top for a start.”

She laughed and rolled her eyes. “Bull! He doesn’t like tits, he’s just pretending because he can tell he freaked you out.”

James thought for a while. It was possible. He knew he had an aggressive face when frowning so could have given off bad vibes.

Jane could see him thinking and it amused her. She had finished her second drink of the night very quickly and it was showing. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Toby approaching with the new drinks. With a mischievous smirk she reached across her top and swiftly popped open the top button. The V-neck fell open ever so slightly more and gave a much better view of her pale breasts.

“What are you…” began James quickly.

“Let’s see if he looks then?” whispered Jane as the slim waiter rounded the table and carefully placed the drinks down.

Toby pushed a dripping wet glass of coke towards James. “Coke for you and gin and tonic for…er, you.” His eyes glanced for just a moment too long at Jane’s chest before he quickly looked away.

Jane then pretended to notice her button. “Oh Hell!” she hissed and buttoned it hastily. “Bloody thing!”

“Not to worry,” smiled Toby. “Didn’t see a thing…” he protested with mock sincerity before walking back to the bar once more.

Jane was biting her lip and trying not to crack up with her eyebrows raised high. “Oh. My. God!” she mouthed. “He had a right look!”

“I know, “replied James. “Told you. Not gay!”

Jane looked at James suspiciously. She knew that look, so shuffled around the booth to sit right next to her husband. Her hand reached across his thigh and felt under the table to the semi-erection that had formed in his trousers.

“Haha! You liked that! Pervert!” Jane giggled. “You liked him looking at my tits.”

James shrugged. He couldn’t deny the bulge in his groin so drank heavily from his drink and remained silent.

The pizza soon arrived without much chat and the couple ate quickly while talking about other things. When the drinks were emptied Jane offered to go and get some new ones. James was amused to see her wobble slightly as she got up and moved to the bar. Once there, she was soon giggling with Toby and chatting like they were old friends. When she pointed down to the drinks on a lower shelf of the fridge behind the bar, James noticed Toby glance at her tits once again. James’ cock swelled slightly but the moment passed quickly and Jane was back with the drinks.

“Might even be straight. He mentioned a girl he dated,” she sighed. “Oh well. There’s goes your chance to get sucked off by a guy tonight…” She pretended to wipe away a tear.

“Oi! Shush it!” James looked quickly at Toby and was worried he’d heard Jane in her drunk state. Toby just smiled back, which made things none the clearer.

“Anyway,” began James. “Time we drank up and tried that hot tub. It’s ten already.” He needed to get her away before she really embarrassed him.

“Jesus! Ten?” cried Jane and began drinking in gulps.

They were soon done and the couple left the money on the table, with a generous tip. They were making their way out the bar when Toby shouted, “Thank you! See you tomorrow. Any problems- I am here until 12.”

Jane blew him a kiss but James kept on walking quickly.

Back in the room, James couldn’t wait to undress Jane. She laughed all the way through it, especially when James pulled off her top and began licking all around her exposed boobs.

“Mmmm.” she moaned, “You’ve been dying to do that all night!”

“I’m not the only one apparently!” James replied.

Jane gave him a mock slap on the arm. “And you got off on that, so don’t moan. You’d like the barman to suck my tits, you would.”

From between her breasts James groaned, “Maybe I would…” and felt his cock hardening suddenly with the admission. He swiftly unbuckled his pants and let his cock spring out and push hard into Jane’s leg. “Would you want him to?”

Jane encircled her fingers around the erection and rubbed it.

“I think that would be nice…” she sighed and wriggled out of the rest of her clothes as James pulled off his own. They climbed onto the bed and a slight touch between her legs let James see how aroused Jane was. He pulled her vibrator out of the open suitcase nearby and inserted it into her. She gasped as it slid in easily and began to buzz away inside and out. James positioned himself near her mouth as was their favourite position and she happily took him in.

“Thinking about two cocks?” James asked.

Jane mumbled a yes from her full mouth and winced with pleasure as the vibrator did its work. They’d discussed threesomes before, many times, but knew they’d never find the right person. They’d never ever talked about real people, so it surprised James when Jane moaned, “You and Toby. Both your cocks… Mmmm.”

James felt his cock harden again elvankent fetiş yapan escortlar and pulled it from his wife’s wet mouth, worried the burst of arousal might make him want to cum. He continued fucking her with the vibrator, his cock feeling like it might explode, his heart beating hard in his chest. They were both so turned on by the fantasy third person and he wanted to push it further and make it more real.

Increasing the tempo of the vibrator thrusts, James whispered, “Do you want me to go get him?”

Jane only moaned softly and twisted on the vibrator as it pulsed against her. She smiled widely at the thought. “Oh yesss…” she laughed, lost in the fantasy.

“Really?” hissed James, “Do you REALLY want me to?”

“Mmmm.., oh yesssss,” gasped Jane, her eyes shut, biting her lip.

With a mischievous grin, James replaced his hand on the sex toy with his wife’s and shuffled off the bed. She continued to move it in and out but looked straight at him. “What you doing?” she panted.

James was pulling on some baggy jogging pants and tee-shirt quickly. “Getting Toby,” he whispered.

She stopped pumping herself and sat up, he lovely boobs falling forward. She was grinning nervously. “You can’t!” she blurted, laughing.

“I can.” He answered, pulling on his shoes over sockless feet. “We’ve wanted to do this for ages.”

“You’re bluffing!” Jane said, her face a picture of both nerves and excitement.

“I’m not. You say you want me to and I’ll go get him!”


“I will. Say it.”

Jane made a wry expression, “You’re so full of shit!” She gave him a smug expression as she knew he was bluffing. “Ok then, you go get him.”

James winked and moved to the door.

“You won’t go.”

“Won’t I?”

“No! You are too worried about how you might feel with another man joining us!”

“No I am not!” James laughed.

“So, go get him then…” Jane teased, becoming more excited by the conversation as it went on.

James smirked, opened the door and walked out into the corridor. As the door closed, her heard her cry, “You won’t doooo it!” followed by a fit of giggles.

He walked towards the lift, his cock still semi-hard in his loose pants. As the lift descended towards the ground floor, the erection began to go down and James began to get a clearer head.

“What am I doing?” he thought. This felt less of a certainty as he got further away from the sexual activity. Dammit, Jane was right! He wouldn’t do it. He decided right then to just go and buy some snacks from the vending machine in the lobby and return to a smug Jane. She’d be unbearable when he returned alone. But who was he trying to kid?

As he stood selecting some crappy chocolate bar, his phone buzzed. It was Jane texting him.

“Full. Of. Shit.” it said. “Mum’s rung. Give me half an hour.”

James sighed. There was no returning to the sex right away and he didn’t want to sit listening to a long chat about people Jane’s mum didn’t like. He noticed the bar was still open so he wandered back in.

Toby immediately greeted him with a smile. “Well, hello. Back so soon? People will talk! What can I get you?”

James smiled weakly, slightly embarrassed at the thoughts he had previously been having about the threesome. “Just a fruit juice or something. The wife is on the phone to her mother…”

Toby laughed and poured the drink. “Oh no! Well, just us boys left then.”

James fished out his wallet to pay but Toby waved it away. “On me. No one’s looking.” James nodded a thank you and drank half the glass immediately. “Thirsty work?” Toby laughed suggestively.

James shook his head ruefully with a smile. “Yes, we’ve been shagging if that’s what you mean?”

Toby raised an eyebrow. “I’d never be so forward to ask. You lucky devil though.”

James tutted. “Actually- she’s the lucky one!” He drank more of the juice as Toby wiped down the bar.

“She is. You are too. You seem a very nice attractive couple.”

James took this as confirmation Toby was indeed bisexual and it must have shown on his face as Toby suddenly looked him straight in the eye. “I can appreciate both teams. Variety is the spice of life and all that.” He came around the bar with his own drink and sat next to James on a stool.

He let his eyes fall to James’ crotch while he drank. James was suddenly very aware that he was only wearing loose jogging pants and the shape of his cock could easily be seen through the material. Strangely, James knew Toby was thinking about his dick but he wasn’t the least bit intimidated. He found Toby remarkably easy to get on with and non-threatening.

“How’s the hot tub?” asked Toby suddenly remembering himself.

“Not working,” sighed James.

“Want me to have a look? It’s probably just a fuse.” Toby asked.

James smiled inwardly. He could get Toby into their room legitimately, with no real sexual suggestions and scare the crap out of Jane. “That would be good.”

“Give me ten minutes and etimesgut iranlı escort I’ll pop back up with you.”

James felt smug. This would be the ultimate wind-up!

Jane almost fell out of bed when Toby followed James into the room. She was still naked under the covers and quickly pulled them higher on reflex, placing yet another g & t on the bedside cabinet.

“Hi babe. I brought Toby,” smirked James.

Jane’s face was a picture of confusion. She smiled weakly but was oddly silent. Toby waved with a camp grin and went straight into the bathroom.

Jane’s mouth remained open until she heard Toby shout, “It IS a fuse. Won’t take long.” She sighed visibly and mouthed obscenities at James who was trying not to laugh.

“You sod!” she mouthed and made an exaggerated angry face before whispering, “Right!”

She sat up straighter and let the covers fall away from her chest slightly. Then looking down to her tits, she patted the material further down to expose a lot of bare breast, just covering the nipples. James shrugged as if not bothered, but secretly his cock twinged a bit as the sight of those tits and the thought they may be seen by someone else.

“All done!” said Toby as he walked back in straightening his waistcoat and brushing down his trousers of fluff. He didn’t seem to notice Jane until she spoke to him.

“Aw thanks Toby. I can’t wait to try it out!”

Toby smiled and shrugged and without much embarrassment shamelessly looked at Jane, including her chest. “My pleasure,” he purred. “I started it running for you and it fills up in no time.”

Jane reached over to her side to grab a towel and in the process exposed her entire right breast briefly before awkwardly wrapping the towel around her and struggling out of the heavy covers. “Going to look! You two behave!” She wriggled past both men and disappeared into the steamy bathroom and they soon heard her sigh as she sank into the bubbling waters.

“Mmm! Orgasmic! James offer Toby a thank you drink,” she called.

James poured Toby a drink and they sat down to chat, James on the bed and Toby on a chair by the dressing table. “Jesus. If it’s that good I will have to try it one day!” the barman said.

“You’ve never tried it?” gasped Jane, out of view in the bathroom. “You have to! Oh my God. Just put your feet in or something!”

Toby just laughed and shook his head. “You are not decent in there! Your man would slap me round the head!”

“You can’t see anything- I am covered in bubbles!” protested Jane. “James come and see if I am covered up enough.”

James rolled his eyes and wandered it into the bathroom to find Jane almost submerged with bubbles up to her neck. “She’s as decent as she gets!” grunted James to Toby who he could just see through the bathroom door, sat upon the chair.

“I’ll better stay here to finish my drink I think,” he laughed. “But don’t let me stop you though James.”

Jane gave James a dirty smile and whispered, “Do it!”

James frowned, not sure where this was going.

His wife, out of view of Toby, raised herself out the water to show her pale wet tits dripping with bubbles. James’ cock started to throb. “Come on James, Toby can talk to us through the door,” Jane said loudly while squeezing her tits.

“Don’t mind me. I’ll have to go soon anyway,” called the barman.

James shrugged and began to undress. He was aware that Toby could just see him inside the bathroom but was looking away out of politeness. James caught him sneaking a quick look before just his jogging pants dropped. Pretending he hadn’t noticed, James sank into the hot froth with a sigh.

“So go on then Toby, what’s your story? Married? Girlfriend? Boyfriend?” called Jane, turning round in the tub to talk towards the half closed door. Her wet tits were pressed hard against the tub’s side, her arms resting on its edge. Her feet reached backwards under the water and sandwiched James semi-erect cock between them. She began to rub the feet around under the bubbles. James frowned with pleasure but tried to disguise it as the feet pumped up and down. Unlike Jane, who was hidden by the angle of the door, Toby could actually see James from his seat.

“Single,” shouted Toby with a shrug, “But I have tried both as you may have guessed!”

“Really?” said Jane, “Well you have the best of both worlds I suppose. Do you recommend it?” She turned to give James an evil smile. “Do think all men should try a bit of bi?”

The colour drained from James’ face for a second and he hissed, “Jane!” from beneath a sudden frown.

“Do you think even my James would like a bi blow?” called Jane, her grin wider than ever.

“Oh yes. Everyone should try. But most people are too hung up on stuff. You two seem pretty cool though.” Toby looked thoughtful for a moment as he was considering something carefully. He looked at his watch and then stood up. He confidently moved into the bathroom to sit on the closed toilet with his drink in hand. He briefly glimpsed Jane’s wet bum as before it sank under the water as she turned round to face him. “Ohh! Cheeky!” he laughed. “You look like you are enjoying it James. Is it that good?”

James only nodded as Jane’s left hand had now encircled his cock and was wanking it furiously under water. And you could easily tell. “Uh. Great,” was all he could manage.

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