In the Army

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Hello, everyone. One more story on gorgeous hunky gay guys.


Lieutenant Rafe Firehawk arose from his cot where he had been writing a letter. It was time to go check on the disposition of his men. His Captain had told him there would be an announcement tonight that he was to pass on, so he wanted to be there early.

He pulled his boots on and headed out of the officers’ barracks. As he walked he reflected on how nice it was to actually be in a barracks for once, rather than camped out on the field. This time their battalion had gotten here first, and so they had priority on the barracks.

He went inside the front room of the soldiers’ barracks, and found his four sergeants playing cards there. They started to get up, but he waved them back down. “At ease, boys. How’re the men?”

His senior Sergeant, Sergeant Graham Warwick, spoke, smiling. “They’re doing fine, sir, but hoping to get out in the town.” Graham had been his best friend from childhood and just about managed to show Rafe some respect in front of the others. Rafe returned the grin.

“Captain’s on his way. I get the feeling he’s on the way to give them some leave, actually.”

Graham nodded. “Sounds good, sir. I must say I could use some myself.”

“We all could, Sergeant.”

“Pardon me for saying so, but will you be taking any, Lieutenant?”

Rafe shook his head ruefully. “I’m afraid not, Sergeant. No doubt the Captain will have work for me.” Just then he noticed the Captain coming in, and said, “Officer in house!”

The five men rose and turned and snapped out sharp salutes. The Captain returned it, and said, “At ease, men.”

Captain Julian Tiberius was a man to be reckoned with. No one, not even Rafe, knew much about his past – he was a career soldier and most of the people in the room had joined up because of the war. But he was a powerful warrior and a brilliant tactician. He had promise in the ranks.

He was a big man, but moved with a surprising grace. Long blond hair and a jaw to crack iron completed the look, but he smiled easily and was a very good leader. He was probably ten years older than Rafe, and showed a distinct fondness for his first lieutenant – Rafe had served under him since the beginning of the war, starting out as a private.

Rafe on the other hand was dark-haired and dark-eyed, but not much smaller. He had been raised on a farm after all, or more correctly, a vineyard. The man that had been almost grown before the war had had the finishing polish put on him by the constant fighting and marching everywhere. He was twenty-five years old and no longer an innocent farm boy. Every day he realized more and more that the world was an incredibly large place.

“All right, men. Carry on.” The Captain gestured to Rafe and they stepped just outside.

“I think you know why I’m here, Rafe. We’re in town and the town guards can do the guarding for a night. Let the men have a night of leave. But listen – I want civilized, decent men out there, and you pass that on.”

“Yes, sir.”

“As for you, Rafe, I don’t think I can let you go. We have some work to do. I want you to report to my room tonight, at say, 10 PM. I need to go over the new troop roster with you.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll be there, sir.”

“Right. Carry on.” And the Captain was gone.

Truth be told, Rafe didn’t mind. He took his responsibilities very seriously and he knew Graham and his other sergeants would keep the boys in line.

He had hoped for a little alone time with Graham, though. Graham and he had not only been childhood friends, they had shared everything with each other – money, food, entertainment, and most of all women. And there had definitely been times where they hadn’t even bothered with the women. After all, it was a farm and available willing women were sometimes in short supply. As a result they were very close indeed.

Oh well.

Lieutenant Firehawk went back inside and relayed the orders to the Sergeant. “You’re going to have to make it clear they must get in on time. Anyone who doesn’t will be on PT, right? And I don’t want to hear of anyone bothering the townsfolk.”

Graham nodded. “No problem, Ell Tee,” he said, in his affectionate, insolent manner, and sauntered back in. “Oi! You men! You’ve got some leave but I want you to hear this from me before you go. If I hear one of you sodding idiots causing trouble out there it’s me you have to deal with!”

Rafe listened to his berating them for a minute or two longer, then, grinning, returned to his own barracks. Graham had fit right into the role of sergeant and obviously loved it.

It was gone 8 PM now, so he took a long bath – ah, the pleasures of a bunkhouse – then finished his letter, before nodding to the other three lieutenants in his battalion and heading out.

He found the Captain’s quarters easily enough; it wasn’t far from his room but a little more segregated. He knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Rafe stepped inside and shut the door behind him. “It’s me, sir.”

“Ah, Rafe. Come Etiler Escort on in. Have a seat. I’m just finishing up on this correspondence.”

Rafe took a seat in front of the desk, The room was small, but surprisingly cozy. A fire was burning in the hearth. The room included a small desk and two chairs as well as the Captain’s bed, still narrow but somewhat wider than his own. And of course he had it all to himself – Rafe still shared a four-man room with the others. If Rafe achieved the next promotion he would be given quarters like these, at least when they were available.

But Rafe wasn’t sure if he wanted to be Captain. Look at the responsibility, after all. Under Rafe was A Company – 48 men, including himself. Under the Captain were no less than four such companies, or almost 200 men.

Captain Tiberius finished what he was doing and sealed it up. “All right, Lieutenant. On to the next thing. We’re getting replacements for the men we lost at Pharos Pass. A lot of them are new, though, fresh out of training. I want you and the other lieutenants to make sure they split them up somewhat evenly, dividing the veterans amongst the new ones. Try to make sure all of your corporals are veterans.”

For a while they just discussed troops, deciding whom to move where. They then went to some discussion of the veterans and who to promote to sergeants in the other companies. The other three lieutenants had already given Rafe their recommendations to take to their Captain, and the Captain after looking them over, approved them all.

Afterwards he sat back. “I’m sorry to take you off leave, Rafe. I’m sure you wanted to go, too.”

“It’s all right, sir. There was work to be done.”

He grinned. “You’re a good soldier, Rafe. Care for a drink?”

“Thank you sir. Uh…sure, sir. If you don’t mind.”

“Nonsense. If I minded, why would I ask?” The Captain went to a small cupboard off to the side and opened it. “I brought some of this with me last time we had an opportunity to go into town.” He brought back a graceful bottle and two glasses. “It’s just a merlot, nothing special, but I thought it would be nice for nights we had to work.”

He poured out two glasses and handed one to Rafe. Raising his glass, he said, “To the end of the war.”

“I’ll toast to that, sir!” And Rafe drank. The merlot had a sweet taste to it, and it reminded him of his father’s vines, grown heavy with grapes. He tasted it carefully and rolled it around his tongue, and the Captain noticed.

“That’s right, Rafe, you know something about wines, don’t you?”

“A bit, sir. After all, it is my family business.”

“From the Misty Farms, yes?”

“Yes, sir.”

‘Come a long way from there, haven’t we?”

Rafe had originally joined up as a militiaman from the Farms themselves. His first commander, Duke Barrington, had had no military experience and had taken 80 militiamen up into the mountains against a band of 120 corsair pirates. The Duke had not given them proper training and had not set up defensive positions but had ordered a charge at them, up hill. Out of the 80 militiamen, only 10 had survived. Out of those 10, Rafe, Graham, and one other young man were the only ones that had taken the chance to join up with the military after that. The other seven returned home.

“Yes, we have sir. Sometimes I still feel like a militiaman, though sir – I don’t think that feeling will ever leave me.”

“Ah, but you’re a fine soldier, with promise. And quite good-looking, too.”

Rafe looked at him in surprise. The Captain was looking reflectively into his wine glass.


“Don’t look at me so surprised, Rafe. You know what I’m talking about. I’ve seen you watching me, wondering. Let me ask you a question – you and Graham are a lot closer than you let on, aren’t you? Don’t lie to your Captain.”

Rafe hesitated, stuttered, and took the plunge. “Yes, sir. You’re right, of course. How did you know?”

Captain Tiberius met his eyes. “It takes one to know one, Rafe.” He set his glass down and came around the desk. “Stand up, son.”

“Yes sir.” Rafe stood, setting his own glass down.

The Captain eyed him for a minute; his blue eyes looking into Rafe’s own brown ones.

“I’ve had my eye on you from the start, Rafe. I’ve been waiting for you to get to a rank that was close enough to my own. But you had to earn it, and earn it you did, so don’t worry about that at least.”

He reached out and to Rafe’s surprise, stroked a finger down Rafe’s cheek. “These scars you have prove you’ve earned it.” Rafe shivered.

“All right, Rafe. Let me put it to you straight. You can walk out that door right now. Our work is done. There’s no coercion to anything that happens from now and there’ll be no punishment. But if you stay, we might just enjoy ourselves.”

Rafe took a deep breath. The Captain was not wrong. Rafe had found him very attractive, and had often had fleeting thoughts about him. He had not been with any other man than Graham, though, so he hadn’t any idea of how Escort Etiler to approach him or even if he was interested. But did he want to do this?

He nodded firmly, and stepped out from behind the chair, and walked to the door. He turned and looked at his Captain, who was looking at him impassively. Still watching him, he reached out…and locked the door.

The Captain gave him a half-smile. “Good decision, lieutenant.”

“Yes, sir.”

Captain Tiberius walked towards him, across the room, until he was standing right in front of him. He reached out a hand and put it on Rafe’s shoulder. “Good heavens, are you frightened of me?” For the shoulder was trembling a little.

“Not really, sir. Well, perhaps a little.”

The Captain chuckled. “No need to be, Rafe.” He put both his hands on Rafe’s shoulders and gently pushed him back against the door. “I’ll go slow, if that’s what you like.”

He held Rafe at arm’s length and looked him up and down. “My, you are quite a good-looking young boy, aren’t you? All those years on the farm? I’m going to enjoy this.”

Rafe blushed a little but simply said, “Thank you, sir.” The Captain’s eyes met his again, and Rafe found himself pinned to the wall by those ice-blue eyes.

“Ah, Rafe.” And the Captain leaned forward and kissed him. The kiss was gentle but startling as Rafe had never had a man other than Graham kiss him before, and the Captain kissed much, much better than Graham’s clumsy kisses. The Captain obviously had a great deal of experience as his mouth gently covered Rafe’s.

As the Captain’s tongue found its way into his mouth, Rafe felt the Captain running his hands up his chest, and finding his way to his buttons. He began to open each one, after the other, and Rafe felt his fingers caressing his skin.

To his surprise he felt the Captain – he still couldn’t think of him as anything other than his Captain – lean on him, and felt the unmistakable bulge in the Captain’s pants rubbing against his own – and he realized just how turned on he was. He couldn’t resist any longer and put his own arms around the Captain’s neck, and returned the kiss.

The Captain chuckled. Whispering softly, he said, “We’ll have to teach you how to do that better, Rafe. Like this.” And his mouth guided Rafe’s, a little more roughly now, and Rafe followed his example.

By now Rafe’s shirt was open all down the front, and the Captain pulled it up out of his pants and pulled the sides apart. He planted one last kiss on Rafe’s mouth, and began moving down his neck. Rafe felt a hand squeeze his cock through his breeches. “I’m looking forward to seeing this, lieutenant.”

“Whenever you want to, sir.” Rafe gasped as the Captain’s teeth scraped down his neck.

“Whenever I want to is right, soldier.”

Captain Tiberius continued down his body, running his mouth and sometimes his tongue over Rafe’s muscular chest, eliciting little groans of pleasure from him. Rafe thought his cock was like to burst from his pants.

He felt the Captain’s teeth close gently around his right nipple and his hand closed around the back of the Captain’s neck. “Captain…” he said urgently, not sure what he was asking for.

“All in good time, Rafe.”

The warm wet mouth continued down to Rafe’s belly, and licked down the trail of hair on his belly. Rafe felt the Captain kneel. “Not often you get your Captain kneeling to you, is it, Rafe?” he said, undoing the drawstring and Rafe’s waist.

“No, sir.”

The Captain undid his pants, and gently slid them down. Rafe was not wearing anything underneath, for comfort’s sake in the barracks, and his cock came into view, fully erect and throbbing.

“I’m glad to see my ministrations have had effect, lieutenant. Due to your lack of dialogue, I wasn’t really sure.” There was a twinkle in his eye that Rafe knew meant he was joking.

“I’m sorry, sir. I’m just a little overwhelmed.” The Captain listened, nodded, and said, “Well, I’m nowhere near done,” and opened his mouth and engulfed Rafe’s cock in it.

Rafe’s head hit the door as he leaned back. How long had it been since anyone had taken him into their mouth this way? Some weeks, that was for sure. And to think of his own Captain, his superior officer, the man that had brought him up from private, on his knees, with his head bobbing on Rafe’s cock as it was doing even now, was incredibly arousing.

He looked down to see the Captain’s blond head moving back and forth, and felt the warm wetness on his cock. The Captain’s hand slid between his legs and gently fondled him, and began taking even more of his cock down his throat.

Suddenly Rafe felt an iron grip around the base of his cock, and realized the Captain was using his other hand. The Captain began to pump, sucking at the same time, and Rafe realized he was already close to orgasming.

“Sir!” he said, desperately, but the Captain was strong and simply pushed him back against the wall. His hands and his mouth were all combining to make Rafe lose his mind, and it didn’t take Etiler Escort Bayan long at all before Rafe completely lost control and came, right into his Captain’s mouth, spurting forth and moaning and clutching the door.

The Captain did not remove his mouth but swallowed it all, sucking on him gently and holding onto him. He gently sucked him clean, and standing up, kissed Rafe on the mouth again. Rafe tasted his own come and eagerly and obediently licked it off the Captain’s mouth.

The Captain leaned his forehead against Rafe’s, looking into his eyes with fondness and a great deal of lust. “I take it you liked it, Rafe,” he said, smiling.

Rafe could only nod and gulp. “That’s all right. You’re young yet, and you’ll come back quickly. In the meantime, I’d like to have some of the same, do you mind?”

“Oh, no sir. I’d love to.” And Rafe started to drop to his knees, but the Captain stopped him.

“Not here.” And he led him back to his chair, where the Captain sat, and spread his legs. “Come here, boy.”

Rafe knelt between his legs and moved eagerly up to the offered kiss. The Captain roughly opened his own shirt and yanked it off, and Rafe followed suit, removing his shirt and dropping it on the floor. The kiss was much more urgent now, and he felt the Captain’s teeth, and he bit the Captain’s lip experimentally. Captain chuckled.

“Getting feisty, are we? This is what you want,” and the Captain opened his pants. Out sprang a sizeable cock, jutting out from its nest of silken blond hair – what a difference from Rafe’s own – already erect, and even leaking a little.

Rafe didn’t hesitate, but immediately licked the fluids off the tip, and quickly took it into his mouth. The Captain groaned and leaned back in his chair. Rafe found this unbelievably hot, kneeling at the Captain’s desk, work spread out all over the top, both of them half-dressed, Rafe’s cock still hanging out, and going down on his Captain. He licked and sucked and took the massive cock into his mouth, and did everything he could to please his Captain.

The Captain just sat back and enjoyed it, “That’s it, Rafe,” he murmured. “Do you know how long I’ve been thinking of this? How long I’ve been wondering what your sweet mouth feels like?”

Rafe made a noise in his throat but continued sucking him down. The Captain put his hands on the back of Rafe’s head and began pumping him up and down at his own pace. Rafe simply let go and let him.

Just when Rafe thought the Captain was about to come, the Captain stopped pumping him. Rafe’s mouth was full of the Captain’s cock, and he his nose was pressed into the blond hair. Still he breathed shallowly and waited. Gently the Captain lifted his head off. Looking into Rafe’s eyes, he said, “I want more. Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you ever done that?”

Rafe nodded. “A few times, sir.” He stood, and slid his pants down his legs. He was already erect again, from taking the Captain’s cock in his mouth, and from the wanting.

“Hang on a moment, Rafe. Let me look at you. Turn around.”

Rafe did so. He felt the Captain’s hand across his back, his ass, and across his legs. “All those years of farm work…” He felt the Captain stand, and press his body against Rafe’s. Rafe felt his cock pressing against his ass, and the Captain’s arms roaming over his body. “Very nice,” he sighed.

He kissed Rafe’s ear and stepped around him. With one sweep of his arms, he cleared the desk of papers. “We’ll clean it up later. Bend over the desk, Rafe.”

“Yes, sir.” Obediently he did so. The Captain adjusted him so his waist was against the edge of the desk and his cock pointed into the air under the desk. He heard the Captain kicking away his pants, and then he felt his ass cheeks being spread.

“I’m afraid I don’t have quite the right thing for this, Rafe, but I do have some grease meant for cleaning weapons. I’ve used it before, it will do.”

Rafe felt his asshole being covered with the grease. “All right, Rafe. Are you ready?”

“Please, sir. I want you to do whatever you want to me.”

Groaning, the Captain pressed his cock up against Rafe’s willing asshole and began to press inwards. It had been even longer for this for Rafe, and it took a bit, but slowly the Captain’s cock began to slide in. Rafe felt some discomfort but no real pain, and just gripped the edge of the desk.

It was obvious the Captain was larger than Graham, though, and Rafe moaned as he began to be filled up. The Captain did not hurry, and applied liberal amounts of grease, but still, it was an incredible feeling. It seemed to take forever before he bottomed out in Rafe’s asshole, and Rafe felt his hips press against him.

He felt the Captain’s hand snake around his middle and wrap around his cock and Rafe’s cock jumped a little in his hands. The Captain chuckled. “Still so eager, are we?” And he began to fuck Rafe in earnest. He started slow, as he had the kiss and everything else, but this time he built up quickly and in no time was pounding Rafe against the desk. Their grunts were soft and low, aware that much louder and people would hear them, but their pleasure was exquisite. Rafe’s cock was being pumped mercilessly and the Captain kept up the timing perfectly, and it was incredibly hot to think of being fucked up the ass by his own Captain.

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