Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 11

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Part 11 – The French Maid Finds Satisfaction at Work

Glen sat down next to me in class. He had kept his word and always treated me like an equal and with respect when we were with other people.

During the lecture he passed me a note saying that he needed my maid services that night. I was filled with jealousy when I read that he had two friends from his high school visiting. His note continued to state that he had relationships with both of them in the past and wanted to treat them well because he planned on having a wild night with them.

I agreed to serve him that night. Half an hour before the appointed time I took my textbook and notebook from our class and told Sandy that I was going to a friends to study. She gave me a deep kiss and I left.

When I arrived at Glen’s he told me to get dressed for work. When I came out of his bedroom wearing my lingerie and French maid uniform he motioned for me to approach him. When I came over to him he produced a but plug and asked me if I knew what it was.

I replied, “Yes, but I have never used one before.”

He said, “Shut up!” “I didn’t ask you if you used one before.”

He told me to lean over his sofa and to stick my panty clad ass in the air. I quickly did as he asked and was awarded a few slaps on my right ass cheek. Glen proceeded to lower the black lacy panties down over the garters so that they were resting around my knees. He applied some lube to the but plug and tied a ribbon around its thin part. Next he inserted it into my ass with one shove. It hurt as the flange passed through my sphincter but settled in nicely. It felt so good I couldn’t believe that I had missed out on such an exquisite device all my life! He then took the ribbon and tied it tightly around my hard shaft right below the head ridge. This had the effect of tucking my hard cock backward and between my legs. With that he pulled my panties back up slapping my ass a few more times. He said that under no circumstance was that but plug to leave my ass until my shift was finished! With that he told me to get the place cleaned.

I started collecting dishes and straightening up the place. Glen walked up behind me pinching my ass and making sure that my dick was still tucked between my legs. He said that I was to service him and his guests with whatever they wished. I was to offer them wine on a regular basis. I was also not to enter the bedroom when they were in it, unless called in.

I surprised myself by replying, “Yes Sir!” However after thinking about it I realized how appropriate it was.

I scrubbed the bathtub, toilet and the shower walls. I was in the middle of mopping the floor when the doorbell rang. I went to answer it and two good looking guys burst out laughing when they saw me. I am sure that my cheeks flushed red, as I introduced myself as Beşiktaş Escort Rhonda, Glen’s maid.

The taller one laughed and said, “My, Glen has really moved up the world!”

With that Glen came over and they slapped backs and exchanged deep mouth to mouth kisses.

I thought to myself that I did not know why man to man kissing turned me off as I brought three glasses of Cabernet wine to them.

I handed them the wine and the shorter one asked, “What’s up with that?” Pointing to me.

Glen replied, “Oh, that is just some slut from one of my classes.” “She can’t get enough cock and is willing to degrade herself for the honor of servicing me.”

I was so humiliated that my cock almost pulled the plug from my ass! That’s how hard, the shame I felt, made me.

As I continued mopping the floor and doing the dishes, the varying degrees of hardness would have my cock pulling on the plug. This varied the tightness of the ribbon tied around my shaft and the amount of outward pressure that the plug exerted on my asshole. While finishing the dishes this stimulation became too much for me and I came in my panties. Since Glen and his friend were in the bedroom, I took off my panties and sucked all of the cum from them. What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him I reasoned. I could not believe how satisfying it was to slurp it down! I slid the panties back up over my stockings and garters and felt so fulfilled. Meanwhile my dick had shrunk after the orgasm. This caused it to pull on the ribbon which threatened to pull the plug out of my ass!

While clenching hard on the plug with my ass Glen called from the bedroom. I walked to the bedroom with my ass tightly clenched and opened the door. All three of them were naked on the bed. Glen demanded a wine refill so I walked over and collected the glasses from the dresser tops.

The taller guy said, “Look at how she walks!” “It looks like she is pinching a load!” They all laughed really hard at that.

As I was leaving, I heard Glen tell them, “It is probably a very difficult task for her to be pinching a load after the ass fucking that I gave her the other day!” They all laughed.

I poured wine into new glasses. By now my ass was starting to cramp from the continued clenching. As I walked back to the bedroom with the wine I fought continuously to keep the plug held in place.

As I approached the bed the taller guy said, “The maid is walking even funnier now.” “Maybe she stuffed the wine bottle up her ass!”

Everyone laughed once again and my dick thankfully started growing as a result of this satisfying humiliation. When I left the room I was walking much better now that I did not have to clench my ass so hard!

Since I had finished all the cleaning I sat down and began studying my class work. I could Beşiktaş Escort Bayan hear occasional laughing coming from the bedroom. I felt so deliciously humiliated being left out of their fun. As time went by I heard the bed creaking with plenty of grunts and moans. Suddenly I heard Glen call me.

When I walked into the room I was greeted by the site of all three of them naked on the bed. Glen was fucking the taller guy, who was on all four, in the ass! The shorter guy was lying under his friend and they were kissing with gusto.

Glen now said, “I am going to cum soon and when I do, I need for you to first clean my dick and then clean his dirty ass.” “Keep in mind that he did not did not get an enema like you did, so be ready for it!”

I replied, “Yes sir and curtsied.”

Soon Glen began grunting and with a few big thrusts he came deeply in the guy’s bowels. I waited, like a bitch in heat. My knees were on the carpeted floor and I was resting my upper body on the bed, getting a close look at the action. Glen hugged the guys back for a few second and pulled out. He immediately offered me his cock.

I looked at it closely and inhaled. There was only a very little bit of cum on the head. There was some fecal matter trapped in the crease behind the head where it meets with the shaft. I could easily smell the lube and fecal matter. I did not like thinking of it as shit.

I was scared and excited at the same time. All three of the guys were looking at me and the suspense built. I thought of running out but the shame was too great. Closing my eyes, I took Glens shaft into my mouth. Unfortunately I could not taste much semen on it. The sweet tasting lube was the dominant flavor. However it quickly disappeared for it came off easily.

I had to work on the shaft with my tongue in order to get the fecal matter off. I was disgusted with myself, and the humiliation burned deeply inside.

I could easily taste the fecal matter now. The small chunks were being dislodged. The fact that I had to work at it to clean them off intensified their flavor. Kind of like licking an ice cream cone, I thought. I was surprised that they tasted so bland. Nowhere near as bad as the their smell.

The guys started making a ruckus on the bed. The taller one yelled,”I can’t believe she just did that!”

The shorter one stated, “That is one sick bitch that you got serving us! I would never do something like that and I am usually the bottom.”

Glen answered, “I myself wasn’t sure she was going to do that.” I’m proud of her though. Now let’s see what she does with your ass!”

The taller guy went back to kissing his friend and moved his ass over to my face. The whole insides of the cheeks were coated in lube and I began the task of cleaning it up. I liked the taste Escort Beşiktaş of the lube least. Even though it was sweet in flavor it had a synthetic taste to it.

After the cheeks were cleaned I started licking the “shutter” with my pointed tongue. Glen sat down and ordered, “Get on with it! Suck it all out. I don’t want any of that mess dripping on my covers.”

At Glen’s orders I created a seal around this guy’s ass hole with my tongue and started sucking. Nothing came out, so I stuck my tongue inside and sucked hard after taking it out. I repeated the process and started getting some ass tasting cum.

The guy must have loved what I was doing because he started moaning and lifted himself up and away from the shorter guy that he had been kissing. He was now totally upright kneeling on his knees on the bed. I was kneeling on my knees on the floor with my elbows on the mattress. I now grabbed the guy by his hips and pulled his ass down a little bit onto my face. I could hear him fart in my mouth and the cum started bubbling and spraying out into my mouth.

This cum was very different from all the other loads I had ingested. It had a very earthy bitter taste to it. But yet, it did not revolt me. I swished it around in my mouth some and swallowed it down making a show of it. The guys were in awe and probably totally disgusted too.

The taller guy now said, “Wait, I got more!”

I resealed my lips to his shithole, working my tongue in and out while sucking hard. I was rewarded with a little additional slime – but then he came! I felt his ass clench and with it came a tiny turd! It was probably about the size of a marble. I debated whether to chew it or just swallow it down whole like a pill. Reason did not prevail and I crushed it between my molars! I was flooded by a bitter taste and almost gagged. It took all I had to calm my stomach and swallow.

When I had swallowed it down I could still taste it stuck in my teeth and gums. I tried to remove as much of the shit as possible with my tongue and swallow it down. My salvation was that the guy had spurted all over his friend’s stomach and chest. I went for it sucking it up off of his skin. This semen is what helped me get rid of the shitty taste that I had in my mouth. No pun intended!

I kept the knowledge of this turd to myself and felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction at having ingested it.

The room was quiet for a few moments and then Glen commanded, “Get out of here! You disgust me you filthy slut!”

As I got up and turned around, Glen kicked me in the ass. As perverse as it was it was just what I needed. It lodged the but plug further into my bowels causing the ribbon to pull on my cockhead. I knew that Glen did it in order to please my need for degradation. And degraded I was, so degraded that I let loose and came in my panties!

All three of them laughed as I left. Once again I slid my panties down over my garter straps and stockings in order to suck my cum out of the lacy material. I was content and wondered what else would unfold as the evening progressed.

To be continued . . .

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