Insatiable Rob , Eric Ch. 10

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We were talking over a few beers, out in the garden. Jay was particularly interested in marriage and relationships.

Eric went to great lengths to keep things light, “Well, Rob’s been around…he doesn’t say much, but I know he’s been married for 15 years and had long-term relationships with a few different couples…and now Rob and I are the couple in the threesome…with you. And, of course, there’s our fuck-buddy, Laura.”

Jay grinned, “Yeah…I’m still waiting for details there.”

“Yer gonna keep waiting.”

He looks back at me, “Lucky bastard…what makes that happen for ya? I don’t think Karen would ever be comfortable with that shit.”

“You know…I don’t know that…luck…I’m…horny as fuck…maybe confidence…I’m confident with life and sexuality…don’t know?”

Eric, “Well, I know that dick opens a few doors! It fuckin’ has a way with me! I’d bend over for that thing any time.”

I smile, “You’re a cock-slut…I love that about you, Eric.” I got more serious, “We respect each other, help each other…and satisfy each other…same with Tina.”

Eric asked, “Where is she, this week?”

“She’s still out of town at the conference. She’ll be back on Saturday…it’s been four days.”

Knowing that likely meant wild sex, Eric and I smile at one another. “Four days without Tina or me…dude! We need to take care of some things! That’s it, let us give you some attention…it’ll help you unwind. Dude, you need to sit down and kick back…lets go into the Library.”

On the way inside, I said, “Jay, once Eric’s wants to do something, look out and get out of the way!”

Jay was distracted and looking around, “Fuck, this’s really a library…sweet!”

“If Tina were here, I’d tease her about being the hot librarian.”

Eric was more focused, “I can be the hot librarian…let’s just get these pants down…and get you taken care of.” Jay caught up and they both rubbed their hands over my body, moving quickly to pull out the belt. They unzipped the jeans and tugged them down to my ankles so I could step out. I was hard as shit and it stood vertical, arching up over my groin…the swollen purple cockhead swayed over my belly.

Eric and Jay gazed over the swollen flesh. Showing hunger, lust…and desire in their eyes, they brushed their fingertips over the warm shaft…they held it, stroked it and shared it. Licking side by side, their tongues glided up and down, from my balls to the tip and back again. They licked the cock together…they licked my balls together…then they took turns, with Eric doing the cock while Jay did the balls…then switching. While Jay sucking at the balls, he let them fall from his mouth and watched their weight stretch the sack…then he grabbed the other between his lips.

Eric looked up, “Shit…four days! We really need to suck this thing! Jay…you?”

“Fuck yeah, dude, but he’s your boyfriend, you go first.”

An anxious smile crossed Eric’s face; he loved that idea. With Eric rubbing the erection over his face, Jay felt his need…his cravings, too. It was so hot and hard, and I felt it pulsing against his face.

Eric licked his lips, opened his mouth wide and closed his lips around the bulbous head. Jay didn’t say a word, at first; he just reached over to help. He put his hand around the shaft and began stroking, up and down. Gripping at its girth to feel the size…and the weight, “Fuck that feels awesome! Eric’s right, this thing’s amazing.”

As Eric devoured the tip, Jay stroked the shaft and buried his hand in my pubes. Greedy for pleasure, I moaned, pressed down on Eric and fucked into his mouth. Eric went deep enough to displace his hand, but I saw Jay’s dick standing straight, “Jay, I think you’re enjoying this every bit as much as I am!”

“Fuck yeah!”

Eric stroked for a few minutes, milking a bead of sex from the slit. He pointed the head in Jay’s direction, “Jay, you ready?” As if a fantasy was realized, he leaned in and planted a kiss on the big cockhead. He worked his lips over the head, as if he was making out; hints of precum glistened on his lips. With two eager mouths, my dick was wet and shiny…I was enjoying this beyond measure.

He then took it between his lips and into his mouth. The girth stretched his lips and he put his hands over my thighs to support himself. Eric pushed me to the edge and now Jay’s steady rhythm, up and down, was driving me insane. Eric dragged his tongue over my chest, teasing my nipples, then over by belly till he found himself face to face, with Jay. He really loved seeing Jay’s face stuffed with his boyfriend. He sat back and started stroking wildly…watching Jay take his turn, “Fuck this’s hot…watchin’ my man getting a blowjob from a straight man.” He teased a little, “Jay, you are you still straight?”

As if to answer Eric, he pumped his face down hard to satisfy his hunger. I reached down and pushed his face lower, poking his throat and gagging him. The sensation of my hand over his head, made him want it more…it made him try even harder.

He finally pulled off and I stroked Bomonti Escort over the spit-covered flesh…it was hard, swollen and purple at the tip. I poked and thumped at Jay’s cheek. He moaned, “Mmmmm…slap me with it, dude. I need some discipline from that thing. Yea…I wanna watch you…stroke for me…and cum on me. With four days in those balls, I can spread it…and rub it in…it’s so fucking hot to have seed all over!”

I began slowly stroking, up and down, the length, while his eyes focused on the spit-soaked, flesh, in my hand. I worked myself towards orgasm, but when his hand slipped between my legs to insert a finger, I moaned and gave him what he wanted. The huge smile on his face confirmed his desire, as I pumped a spray of thick, white seed over his chest. “Fuck that feels good…gonna cover you…good…uhhh, fuck! Mmmmm…yesssss!” Cum boiled up the shaft, deep from my balls and I moaned as it trailed off and the spasms faded. After rubbing the seed over his chest and down over his belly, I watched him carefully lick each finger clean.

The moment I sprayed Jay, Eric fell back and lost it, too. “Take it Jay…all that hot man…wanna lick it up…all that tasty man…uhhhh…uhhhh…mmmmmm…cummmmming…cummmmmming…yessssss!”

We watched cum squirt up over his belly and Jay was close behind, pounding his way to a finish. Jay watched us both come down from orgasm, but Eric stood up and stroked his softening dick into Jay’s face. I took his lead and did the same…and when we started rubbing and thumping over his face, his tongue went fucking wild.

I said, “Sit up here dude and let me help…over on this side.” When I pushed his hand aside, I looked into his eyes, “Let me do it…it’s my turn to satisfy you…satisfy that beautiful dick!”

When I looked down at his dick, it was vertical and bone-solid. With my hand on his dick, mine just stayed hard…I could almost hear them both throbbing. His hips rolled up to meet my strokes and his head rocked back and forth, spreading deep moans across the room. “Mmmmmm…Rob…that’s it…uhhhh…ahhhh…uhhhh…fuck yer gonna make me…cum, doin’ that!”

You could see he was a swimmer…his chest was defined and firm. I rubbed his chest with the other hand…I groped the tight pec’s, layered with bits of flaky cum. His heavy breathing made the muscles heave forward, pressing into my palm. I was ready to suck his nipples, before he shoved a couple fingers into his ass and pumped deep into the heat. I guess I got sidetracked, “That’s it buddy, get those deep in that ass! That’s it pleasure yourself…you need a dick in there!”

With a confession, he finally found the release he needed. “Fuck…I do…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…I do need dick…fuckkkkk…cummmmmmming!” He shot his load over his belly and he moaned, “Mother fucker! That was fuckin’ good!”

“Got that right!”

We recovered our lukewarm beers and discussed how Jay was thinking he was likely bi.

“We got toys you can borrow…I know Rob’s got some…I’m sure Tina won’t mind.”

“I know, but I got toys…been having Karen fuck me with a vibrator.”

I tried to lighten the mood by joking, “You know we can help you with all that.”

There was a long pause, he got serious and tears formed. “I know…it’d be so easy…wouldn’t it? I don’t want to be gay, but I know I’m not straight. Always told people that…I tried to keep things from my girlfriend and look where I’m at…she’s fucking me in the ass. I’m not straight! Do you guys really think I’m straight?”

Eric said, “Jay, I’m really sorry about what I said earlier…teasing you about your sexuality, but no, I don’t think you’re straight. But what’s it matter? Look…if you’re straight, gay or bi, it doesn’t fucking matter. You’re still Jay and sexuality isn’t going to take Jay away.”

“Hey…we’ve both been in your shoes. I found happiness with bisexuality…and Eric found happiness with being gay.”

Once we finished our beers, we had a few more, grilled out and had dinner. When we weren’t satisfying ourselves, the evening was super laid-back and we talked for a long while. He told us Karen was pressuring him and he didn’t think it was the right time to jump into an engagement. “I mean, she’s been understanding…I love Karen…but is it the right time? I’m still changing and exploring new things here…you know…there are times when all I need is cock! And there’re times when all I can think about is pussy!”

“Yer preaching to the choir, buddy…same here.”


We moved back inside, I started a fire in the fire place and the conversation continued, till Eric and I started messing around a little. He had pulled my boxers to the side and took it out. After that, things went out of control and he started going down on me.

Jay was shucking his clothes off, “Yeah man, get on that dick…fuck this’s hot! Rob, I like staying the night at your place!”

I was getting one of those amazing Eric blowjobs and before he looks up, “Hey bud, you wanna help?” Jay didn’t hesitate Bomonti Escort Bayan and dropped to his knees, alongside Eric; again, they worked together. “Yessssss…yesssssss, that’s nice…real nice…keep it up guys…mmmmm…love it!”

Jay got all serious again, “Fuck, guys! I’m so fucking horny! I really need some help…um…you know…a cock in my ass…you game?”

“I’ll get a dildo!”

“No dildo…I want cock!”

“You sure?”

“We’re willing, but make sure it’s what you want, man.” Eric was already off and running for lube and I continued, “You know, you don’t have to prove anything to us.”

“I know, Rob…just take it easy on me…been thinking about this all so much…you two are perfect for me. And I have to thank both of you…I can’t tell you how much this means to me…I mean all that you’ve done for me. And now tonight!”

I waved my hand and said, “It’s all good. We’re puttin’ you in charge…whatever you want…it’s your call?”

He looks at Eric, “Roomie? You wanna? Yer a little thinner…perfect for my first time…ya know…maybe get me ready for Rob?”

He put his hand over his shoulder, “Jay…you’ll do fine with both…but do I like being perfect for a first time! Eric being Eric, he smiled, “I might get a t-shirt that says perfect for a first time.”

Jay chuckled, “Here, let me rub some on ya?” Jay took the bottle and started smearing it over Eric’s dick. “Fuck this’s gonna feel good…but take it easy back there, dude.” He reached behind and pushed some into his pucker.

“You ready for this…ya sure?”

“More than sure…put it in…fuck me!”

When he felt Eric rub the dick through his crack, he moaned, but when he felt it push at the entrance, he begged, “Yes, fuck it…put it in me…take that ass…its yours tonight…fuck me!”

He pushed it past the bud and Jay’s whole body jumped forward. Pain and pleasure shot through his body, but with just very tip inside, Eric took his time and stopped there. “That’s it, bud…feeling good…okay?”

“Yeah! It feels…good…better’n some fucking dildo!”

Eric took it slow, inching deeper into the hot core. “Mmmmm, just relax…relax that muscle…just think about how good it feels…I won’t hurt you…promise.”

With my dick in hand, I was watching the whole thing unfold, “Buddy, we know this’s a big thing…relax and enjoy that beautiful cock…you can handle it! It’s the same cock you had between your lips…you know. It felt so good in your mouth…it has to feel good in that ass!”

Eric took a deep breath and gradually pushed the whole thing inside. Sharing the warmth of their bodies, Eric rest himself over Jay’s back and paused to let him feel the pulsing flesh, buried inside. It didn’t take long before he was pumping, long and hard, and Jay’s body was lurching forward with the thrusts. It was no surprise, when his hands grabbed for Eric’s hips, and pulled them tighter against his backside…he really wanted all that dick inside…as deep as it could go.

“Eric, that’s it, fuck me…mmmmmm…fuck! Uhhhh…uhhhh…keep…that…up…fuck, that’s a nice dick…perfect…perfect for…uhhhh…uhhhh…first time! My…uhhhh…uhhhh…first time!”

“Fuck Jay…damn…uhhhh…uhhhh…so tight…doin’ good with yer first cock!”

While they went at it, I enjoyed every moan… and every move. Eric looked over at me, while I was stroking my dick, “Jay…buddy…yer doin’ good…real good…Rob’s likin’ it, too…look at that beefy dick…fuck!

As Eric sprayed up his ass, Jay moaned and kept pressing his ass tight against him…as if he wanted to seal the seed inside. “Fuckkk! Yer ass’s…fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…makin’ me cum…fuck! Cummmming! Cummmmmming!” Grunting and moaning, Eric pumped hard…and fucked till his orgasm passed.

When he pulled out, “I think he’s ready, sweetie…ready for your turn?”

I rubbed a hand across Jay’s back, “You still okay, buddy? Up for this…up for another?”

He was slow to answer, “Yeah…sorry…fuck that felt good…never had cum inside like that!”

“Want more?”

He grinned, “You bet…I wanna feel that thing in me! Eric got me warmed up, but take it slow.” Again, he looked back at me and smiled, “I do want more…I need that dick! Fuck me, Rob!”

When I looked down over his ass, he adjusted his feet and spread his legs a little; he was getting ready for me but it gave me an amazing view. It was firm, muscular, perfectly rounded and prone…ready for the taking. I pushed myself up through his crack a few times, “Dude, feel that big thing, slidin’ through yer ass?”

“Yeah…fuckin’ put it in!”

Reassuring him, “I’ll take it easy…gonna make ya feel good.” When the tip punched through his muscle, he jumped a little, but after that it was all good. What I felt inside was amazing…it was tight…and super-hot! Pushing through my boyfriend’s seed, Jay could feel every inch of my cock, as it worked deeper. I went slow but kept pushing until I was all the way in…deep in his ass.

I pulled out and pushed Escort Bomonti back in, pumping slowly, over and over, until I felt him pushing back. I nearly stopped rolling myself forward, and let him take over. He was fucking himself on my dick…and doing a damn good job with it. Oblivious that he was driving it deep into his ass and doin’ most of the work, he moaned, “Fuck me…fuck me, Rob…fuck me hard…fuckin’ cum inside of me…I want your cum, too!” Letting me know it felt good, his moans shrouded me with pleasure…and focus. “Mmmmmm…that…fuckin’…dick…feels so good…fuck me…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…mmmmmm…yessssss…that’s it!”

Eric said, “You like that don’t you, sweetie? He’s got a nice ass…sweet ass!”

“Yeah! Fuck dude! Ahhhhh…it’s so fucking tight…uhhhh…uhhhh…its fuckin’ amazing!”

I had hold of his hips and humped into him, for a good long time. “Fuck! That dick feels…uhhhh…uhhhh…feels so good…Eric’s…lucky!”

Now fucking harder and faster, I watched Eric smile, “I know…I am lucky.” That sent me over the edge and I exploded inside his ass, shooting a steamy load up into his belly. Jay screamed, “Keep fucking me…uhhhh…please…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me till I cummmmm…gonna cum!”

Fucking into the creampie, “Not stoppin’ till ya shoot, dude…shoot for me…take that dick up yer ass! That’s it…fuck me with that ass! Ride that dick…ride it hard!”

His cock was flopping wildly and I gave it, maybe, 5 or 6 strokes before he screamed and shot his load all over the couch. When I pulled from his ass, I stroked out the final pearlescent beads. Perched at the very tip, those last drops were sucked through Jay’s lips, when he turned to kiss my cock. Completely exhausted from fucking, we laid there, in the front of the fireplace, for a while. Jay just grinned and shook his head. “Fuckin’ did it…that was sweet…I’ve said this before, you fuckers can help me anytime…anytime you want!”

When we finally got up, Jay looked down, “Sorry about the couch, dude.”

“It’ll be fine…no worries.”

We all showered and I found boxers and t-shirt for Jay…Eric already had some clothes at the house. We finished the evening in front of the fire and then found our way to bed


I woke up at my usual time, with Eric in the middle, next to me. I guess we always have the same position in bed, Eric’s always on my right. They were still asleep when I came back with my coffee. I snuggled back under the covers and sipped from the cup, just gazing at the two beautiful men in bed.

Jay woke first…and when he came around, I whispered, “Eric’s asleep…you want coffee?”

He pointed at his wood, “Yea, but I got a fierce need for something else.”

I nodded, “Got a cure right here,” and gently pulled back the covers and pointed at Eric’s crotch.

I carefully pulled it out and wrapped my lips around it. With two mouths on his cock, it wasn’t long before he was awake and ready for more. He sat up and smiled, “Nice way to wake up…with two men…even better, two men sucking my dick!”

I looked at him, “Twins again! I thought the very same thing when I woke up.”

Jay and I sat on each side of Eric and the three of us stroked. Hungrily watching one another, Jay and I were both captivated, as Eric worked his fist, up and down.

Eric’s gaze bounced between Jay, thrusting his dick through his hand, and the swollen flesh in my hand. Gripping my erection and thrusting my hips, I was more than happy to perform for my boyfriend and our new fuck-buddy.

Eric put a hand over mine and then Jay’s…we let him take over. It feels so good to have somebody jacking and stroking your morning wood. He stroked both for a while, before leaning over and taking mine, in his mouth. I groaned when I felt his tongue swirling over the head. Jay jacked on his cock, while his other hand reached over to run his fingers through Eric’s sandy, cropped hair. As Eric took me deeper, I watched Jay gently press the back of his head, pushing his mouth down further. Thrusting into his lips, “I know this’s what ya need for breakfast…mmmmm…feels so fucking good…uhhhh…uhhhh…take it, sweetie…take it all…that’s it…mmmm…yessssss!”

It wasn’t long before I threw my head back, my body was convulsing and I sprayed into his mouth. With cum seeping from his lips, the sight of my cock pulsing a load into his mouth, was so fucking hot! Once I finished, he fell back onto the pillow to savor his mans’ seed…swallowing every drop…he stroked wildly towards release.

Again, looking, back and forth at the hot men in my bed, brought an amazing rush of satisfaction. My orgasm couldn’t be any more perfect, but having two guys…two beautifully hung guys, jacking themselves to release in bed, was amazing. Eric and I would do anything for each other and Jay was, for that moment, a very willing fuck-buddy. It felt good to be in this place and I marveled over their bodies…tight…muscular…and smokin’ hot. I looked at Jay and his beautiful cock…then to Eric…he’s so fucking hot, with that tight body and that gorgeous, hard flesh! He followed my eyes and decided to show off, by smacking it against his stomach. It was rock-hard and made a sexy thump. They were both moaning, rolling their bodies and humping swollen cock through their fists.

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