Maggie’s Boyfriend

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Maggie’s Boyfriend
“Remember the sixties? Well, I do. Great fun back then and my main stoner buddy was John Brockton or Johnny B. as we called him. Horniest guy I knew back then but he couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse. Just his luck I guess. anyway, he graduated college and became a Phd which resulted in three marriages…if you have money you can get laid! He finally stuck with a woman he met in New England and they settled down.

But he had a daughter with one of his wives and she took after her old man. Married a loser at 17 and got involved with substance abuse. She bounced around for a few years and then gave up drinking and got her life in order. Still, it was a bit of a surprise when I got a message that she was moving back to northern California and was looking for help finding a room. Rents are outrageous in the Bay area and I eventually decided to rent a room in my house to her. Our schedules didn’t coincide so we would rarely see each other and I figured I could help my old friend out by looking after his daughter.

I was kind of shocked when I saw Maggie all grown up. I hadn’t seen her in many years and now, my god! She was a dead ringer for her dad! Very feminine of course but her facial features were very similar. Shiny dark hair and sparkling blue eyes, she was very pleasant to look at, that’s for sure. Just twenty years old, she was waiting tables at a well known San Francisco restaurant and making good money.

She also met her share of young men and, from time to time, they would pick her up for dates at my house. I did my best not to act like her father but on more than one occasion I heard her headboard bumping against the wall as she entertained a suitor in her bedroom late at night.

Then she met Dan. It seemed like they were having a whirlwind romance and seeing a lot of each other, like every day. I eventually asked Maggie about her new beau. It was a sunny Sunday morning and neither of us had any commitments for the day.

“Well, I really like him…” she admitted, “But he is pushing me for sex and, well, we don’t really know each other that well yet.” I found myself thinking “You see the guy every day but don’t know him that well?”

“You have the right to take your time Maggie.” I reminded her. I well understood the urgency that hormones bestows upon young people but still, you can get in trouble moving too fast.

“I know but then I get this Snapchat…” She showed me her phone. The message said: “Send nudes.”

Honestly! I know I’m old school these days but, wow! In my day you really had to work hard to get anywhere with a woman and now you just say: Send Nudes! And they respond? Sheesh! Maggie explained that “All the girls do it” which made little sense to me but, again, I’m old.

“So now you just send nude photos to this guy?” Maggie raised her eyes towards heaven and said, “Oh, I guess so.”

“Selfies?” I wondered.

“They don’t have to be Playboy quality, he just wants to see…what I have.” She replied smiling.

“Showing…everything?” I couldn’t help but ask. She shook her head as though I just didn’t understand. “Everything is what he wants to see.”

I took a few moments before responding. “Maggie if you really like this guy maybe you should canlı bahis siteleri hold a little bit back. You know…keep him interested. Make him invest something of himself in you and your relationship instead of just doing what ‘all the girls do.’ Make him earn it.”

Maggie gave me a big smile right about then. “Ok Ansel Adams…go to it!” She tossed me her phone.

Well, that wasn’t what I was expecting and after a couple of “Are you sures?” I accepted my responsibility in this matter. Maggie was wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts and a Grateful Dead tee shirt. I told her to start by taking off her shorts which she immediately did. Hmmm! Nice white panties! “Where are your sunglasses?” I asked. Maggie retrieved them and I posed her on the sofa casually looking off to one side, her legs slightly apart and the crotch of her panties showing. “Okay, now take off your shirt and crawl up on the sofa cushions facing the window.” The sunlight pouring in highlighted her features and I had her rest her cupcake sized tits on the back of the sofa.

Yes, I was getting hard. My good buddy’s tight little daughter had now bared her cute little tits to me and allowed me to photograph her! Her ass was doing a wonderful job of filling out those white panties and her casual mood as she posed was exciting to me. I asked her to sit comfortably on the sofa arm and let one leg fall to the floor with the other laying on the cushions. I could tell Maggie had shaved her pussy because her natural coloring would mean her pubic hair would be black and there was no black showing.

“Pull your panties up tight Maggie,” I smiled, “Let him see the shape of your…of your…”

“Of my pussy.” She finished my sentence. She demurely smiled at me again. Yes, my cock jumped when she said “Pussy.” Then Maggie simply pulled her panties up tight and the outline of her sex was clearly visible. The soft smooth skin of her loins turned to a saucy pink color as now, only the vertical division of her pussy was hidden from view. Above, her sweet little tits were on display. Her nipples, a pastel pink color, had hardened, signaling to me her active state of arousal.Click…Click, I got that one.

Knowing we were treading on thin ice now, I suggested another pose to Maggie. “Listen honey, could you take your panties off now…we aren’t going to show it to him but take them off and d**** them over your…your pussy.” It was a little easier now since she’d already said “pussy.” I got another cute smile from my buddy’s daughter. She turned her back and removed her panties, then turned around holding the skimpy underwear over her pussy.

“Very nice,” I complemented her, “Now, how about you sit on the easy chair and d**** your legs over the arms…just cover your pussy with your panties…that’s it, now look off to one side like you don’t think anyone is looking.”

Maggie was warming to the task now. She assumed the pose and I got a couple more great shots of her teasing her new found boyfriend. “Okay, now put your panties back on and…wait, do you have any other…uh…smaller panties?”

“Oh, maybe…” Maggie went into her room and emerged a minute later with a tiny g- string, also white with lace around canlı casino the leg bands and just a tiny white ribbon in back.

I gasped and then managed to sputter “Oh, that’ll be fine. Now, on your belly on the sofa…just like that Maggie yeah, now turn your head to one side and smile.” Maggie assumed the pose and her rear cheeks were prominently displayed with only that little white ribbon “covering” her asshole. Her eyes were sparkling and her face was the highlight of the photo. She was really a good looking girl.

“Tell you what now…take off your panties and just do that same pose but hold up your panties as if to say ‘Look, I took off my panties for you!'”

Well, Maggie did exactly that. She stood up and removed her panties displaying her hairless young pussy to me as she moved back onto the sofa and posed as I’d requested. Her completely naked body was on display with her little white panties dangling in her hand.

“There!” I announced triumphantly. “Now those are going to make, what’s his name again? Dan? That’s gonna get him interested big time!”

Maggie smiled up at me and then calmly replied: “Matt…I might like to have you take a few photos on your phone now.”

I wasn’t expecting that. “Um…what kind of photos?” was all I could think of to say. Maggie had obviously noticed my hardened penis tenting out the front of my pajamas. She climbed off of the sofa, completely nude and knelt before me. “How about a picture of me holding your cock? You know, as though I was about to suck your cock!”

With trembling hands I grabbed my phone and watched in awe as my sweet little housemate took hold of my cock and then lifted her eyes up to meet mine, her tongue wetting her lips for the lewd act she was about to perform. And then she did! Maggie parted her lips and quietly took my big stiff penis into her mouth and began to softly suck! Her eyes continued to bore into mine as she pleasured me there, kneeling on the living room carpet. I closed my eyes and began to gently thrust forward, attempting to shove as much cock as possible into her sweet young mouth. She moaned a little complaint but never tried to dislodge my prick from her mouth. I loved the sight of her little tits jiggling in time with her lewd cocksucking as I continued to feed all of my penis into her mouth. Maggie seemed to know a bit about oral sex because it was quite pleasurable when she swirled her tongue all over my shaft and sucked harder and harder. This went on for a few minutes until Maggie moved her mouth off of my cock and said “How about a couple of rear shots Matt? We didn’t get any of those. Don’t you like my ass?”

With that, Maggie moved onto the carpet on all fours. She looked back at me waiting for me to shoot the photo.

“Um…Maggie, this might sound odd but, well, could you put your panties back on?”

I got a “You are so weird!” look but Maggie moved to comply. When she got to her feet, she held up her tiny panties and looked at me expressionless, her glorious young pussy, completely hairless on display. Her tight pink lips just showed as a vertical line diving down between her thighs. What a spectacular young beauty! She put her panties on and then returned to the carpet, her kaçak casino fleshy rear cheeks bisected by the little white ribbon of her panties. Her puckered pink asshole was easily visible now too! Maggie’s bare pussy was craving attention and pouted just below. I took a moment to admire her anal dimple. Just look at that! A simple pink ring with dark beige skin surrounding it before the alabaster skin of her butt cheeks took over. I wanted all of her! All of her!

Yes, I took a couple of obligatory pictures but then, unable to help myself, I pulled off my pajama bottoms and moved up directly behind Maggie and fondled my prick to make sure it was good and hard. It was. Maggie glanced back at me and seemed only mildly surprised to see me approaching her with obvious intentions. Her pussy was glistening with her natural feminine lubrication and I gasped when I felt the slippery heat of her aroused pussy lips.

No, I didn’t ask. I just touched my bloated cock head to Maggie’s bare pussy and she slid subserviently back at me, forcing my penis into her excited cunt! I shoved hard and all of my overstimulated cock slid into her tight little pussy! It was so sweet, fucking this adorable young woman after taking lewd pictures of her asshole and pussy. She began to moan as I picked up speed, relentlessly fucking her right to her feminine core. I gave her long sweet strokes and I could sense her pleasure increasing as the sound of my balls slapping into her pussy lips filled the room. Maggie had moved the little string out of the way to allow me to fuck her and it was really exciting to be fucking her with her panties still on. Then, my eyes returned to Maggie’s most personal spot: Her tight little asshole! I rubbed my forefinger all over her pussy and then moved it up to her rear hole. I slowly slipped it in with Maggie moaning “No…No!” I ignored her complaints and pushed my finger slowly into her tight asshole!

“No Matt!” She wailed, “I don’t do that!”

“You don’t do what?” I teased back.

“I…I don’t let anyone fuck my asshole! I’m saving that for my…my husband.”

“So, what should I do Maggie? I’m ready to cum but I need more…”

Maggie looked back at me and gasped “Oh, fuck me real hard and then cum in my panties!”

The little minx had figured me out! I began to give her the pile driving strokes she’d requested and redoubled my efforts to get her off. Maggie was moaning and cooing in pleasure as my prick brought her to the brink of orgasm and then I felt her stiffen and gasp! “Ahhh! Oh that’s it Matt! Now stick your finger in my asshole and cum in my panties!”

I pushed my finger right into her puckered little hole and jerked my penis from her hairless young pussy and then I began to ejaculate into her tiny white panties. Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! I shot all I had onto Maggie’s tight asshole, pussy and panties as she accepted my offering with gratitude.

The two of us collapsed onto the sofa and I couldn’t help but think of her dad, my old friend. He was as horny as anyone I every knew but couldn’t get laid to save his life. His daughter was similarly horny but…but she is a girl!

“I hope you appreciate I let you do that.” She looked at me with her lower lip stuck out.

“Do what?” I asked playing along.

I let you stick your finger in my little asshole and cum all over my panties! She smiled. “Oh and you took dirty pictures of my bare pussy too.”

“It was a lot of fun too Maggie.” I shot back. “A lot of fun!”

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