The Family Business – Chapter 1

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The Family Business – Chapter 1
Jo waited five minutes for her mother to get well clear of home and nipped out the patio door from her bedroom. Almost simultaneously the patio door in the next door flat opened and out popped Barbara. Both were in just the tee-shirts they slept in. They moved towards the others flat but stopped in the middle for a relaxed languid kiss and to grope each other’s fanny.

“We better stop or we will get complaints” said Jo to which Barbara responded with a giggle. They continued on their way to meet up, each with the other sister.

Jo and Pam kissed each other whilst easing up the others tee-shirt. They stopped long enough to get the garment over their heads before climbing into the narrow bed for a thoroughly satisfying session of Sapphic love making as they did every night. Barbara and Fliss mirrored their sisters action. The two sets of twins could had so much fun when their Mums were away

Jess and her friend and neighbour Lyn had arrived at work for the night shift, when the manager called a number of them into the conference room. This sounds ominous she thought and it was there were cut-backs and they were being let go. Both women had been there long enough to get a small amount of redundancy pay but since both women had teenage girls to look after they were roundly stuffed.

Jess and Lyn made there way back to the block of flats converted from a Victorian mansion, in which they had adjacent ground floor flats. As they went, they discussing what they could do, which was frankly limited. Their lives and familys were so similar. Both had got pregnant when young, both had twin girls. They had met at the ante-natal clinic and become friends. Lyn had no family to speak off being the daughter of a single mother who had died young from abusing anything that could be abused. Jess on the other hand came from a fairly prosperous home but had been kicked out as a disgrace to the family when she was only f******n when she got pregnant. Lyn was slightly older at sixteen.

Now at thirty-two and thirty-four respectively they had four adult girls between them who were as close friends as their mothers.

If the mothers had only known it the girls were even closer because this evening as with every evening Barbara was in bed with Fliss and in the next-door flat Pam was in bed with Jo. It could have been Jo with Barbara rather than Fliss but you get the idea. Both set of twins were making out with the other pair. Not that they weren’t into boys but their next-door neighbours were so much more accessible.

The night of fun had just begun. With their Mums ignorant keeping any toys wasn’t a good idea so all was done with hands and tongues. Even though they were only just over eighteen they were pretty good at pleasuring each other.
Fliss had her mouth buried deep in Barbara’s pussy and was doing a fine job of eating her. Barbara was lying back playing with her boobs and enjoying the attention when she heard voices. Their road was pretty quiet even though it was in London so the voices carried in the warm May night.

“Shit that’s our mothers back quick get across to your bedroom and get my sister back here quick. Fliss looked up unhappy to be interrupted at her pussy munching but she two heard the voices. Leaping up she grabbed her long tee-shirt and legged it through the open patio doors to her own bedroom.
Pam and Jo were lying side by side kissing and fondling and very much involved in each other they also looked more than half asleep.

“Quick our mums are back, get home quick.” A key could be heard in the lock and it disturbed the two girls reverie. But the layout of the flat worked in their favour and in the end neither mother was any the wiser.

“The next morning the bad news was passed on in both kitchens. All the girls were too old to add to their mothers c***d support but could not get a job in depressed financial climate other than occasional zero hours work in café’s and burger restaurants. The financial situation was pretty grim for both families. Add to this for the girls that their sex life was totally screwed, pun intended.

A week later a rather intriguing letter arrived for Jess. It was in a good quality envelope and had a return address of a firm of City solicitors. On opening it Jess found that it said that they wished to meet with her on a matter of some importance that was to her financial advantage. It was signed by a senior associate. Jess knew enough that this probably meant she had been left money in a will and it couldn’t be just a small cash bequest or they would have sent a cheque.

It was clearly of some importance as the senior associate agreed to see her that afternoon. So, looking as formal as she could in a skirt and blouse Jess took a trip to Fetter Lane in the City of London. Shown in to a comfortable office and offered a coffee Jess was getting nervous.

“I expect you are curious as to why we were a trifle coy in our letter. However, this news is best imparted face to face, as you will soon appreciate. This is a trifle delicate but do I gather you were not on the best of terms with your father?”
“Well if you consider he threw me out at f******n when one of his mates got me pregnant, bahis siteleri then no.”

“That’s outrageous treatment of you, however it makes what I have to say less uncomfortable. I am afraid your father is dead. I suspect you didn’t know that he has been ill for some years and it has got progressively worse.”
Privately Jess wished that it had been very painful whilst not normally cruel her father was the exception to her otherwise quite pleasant character. ‘I see‘ was all she said.

“What may come as a surprise is that your father has divided up his film business between you and your mother.”

“Blimey, the old bastard wasn’t very nice even before he kicked me out and made it clear he wanted a son not a daughter. Why is he so generous now?”

“I cannot speculate as to why but if he was dying over an extended period it can change your viewpoint.”

“Not my Dad, I think, but whatever. Is there a catch?”

“You sound deeply suspicious, there are a couple of conditions. Firstly, you and if you want, your c***dren have to fly to his studio in the Bahamas. That will be arranged and paid for by ourselves. The second is a bit odd, in that he wants you to appear in one of the productions. I am afraid that there is no additional information.”

Jess’ suspicion were not dispersed particularly in respect to her appearing in a production but she was skint, totally borasic. For those of you not familiar with Cockney rhyming slang she had no money at all. One thing she checked was that the airline tickets would have an open return so if she didn’t like it, they could return. In the meantime, visiting the Bahamas appealed. Hello it was the exotic Caribbean, boy did it appeal. The best she and the girls had managed so far was an off-season trip to Spain.

The solicitor was a lovely old chap as he had she suspected pushed the extent of his brief by providing an advance cash payment so that she could go out and celebrate with the girls. Inevitably this meant all six of them down the pub where they all got tipsy and Jess ended up snogging this random guy who copped a feel of her boobs. Jess should have been offended but it was so long since she had a date that it had been fun. The girls also got a chance to a kiss with local lads. Pam managed to sneak out the back and on the way to the loo Jess saw that the lad she was with was getting a fondle of her boobs. Good for her she thought being more liberal than her k**s thought. The only one who did not enjoy some flirtation was Lyn who quietly had some drinks and chatted.

Jess was not sure how things would pan out but since they were flying business class, she made sure that the girls had pretty much all their somewhat meagre summer wardrobes. Whilst Jess and her daughters were excited it was also a bit melancholy as they were leaving their friends behind possibly permanently.

“Look if I end up running a prosperous company, I will send for you. Presumably I will be able to afford to just give you a job.” Lyn knew that she meant it and was somewhat mollified. In view of subsequent circumstance this was a deeply ironic statement.

The flight was a luxury that Fliss and Jo had never experienced and Jess barely remembered. They were met in Nassau airport by a rather distinguished gent.

“Hello I am Chris Abbot, I work for your late fathers studio. I started off as script writer for your father and as he got sicker ended up running most of the show. Hopefully you will be better at it than me or your mother. Come along with me we have to go the harbour as we will be going to the island by boat.”

By boat turned out to be a large speed boat, a very swish, large speed boat more than half way to being a yacht. The girls were ecstatic as they felt this was the way to live.

“Wow Mum, this is totally ace. Can we go fast in this?”

“Not in the harbour miss, but once we are out in the open sea, I will crank her up to full speed. We normally go a bit slower to save fuel but you only live once. That is if you agree, Maam. I gather that you’re now the boss.” This was said by a tall local who had a very fit body in every sense of the word.

“I am Clinton by the way Maam I do whatever is necessary particularly if it could do with strength and not too much smarts.”

“Don’t you believe him, he can fix pretty much everything can our Clinton particularly if its mechanical and even a bit of electrics and computers.” Commented Chris

“Oh, computers are easy I just threaten to hit them if they don’t behave.” The girls giggled and Jess whilst trying to look serious as befits the new boss could not help but smile. Jess liked Clinton and for that matter liked looking at Clinton. Jess was wondering what had happened to her mother. Would she be on the island Chris had mentioned her in passing but not said any more. The reality was that the confrontation was not something to be looked forward too.

After a bit over an hour, they headed for a palm clad island and came along side a dock. The dock already had a boat tied up but that was a lot older and somewhat larger.

“That other boat is the Lady Ruth who serves as our general work horse. Work horse, how appropriate thought Jess since the vessel was clearly named after her mother. bedava bahis It was a bitchy thought and probably unfair. When she had last seen her, mother had been a very elegant lady and would now be in her late forties. What really rankled was that whilst Jess’s parent was married when she had been born, they clearly hadn’t been when she was conceived as her mother would have still been u******e if only by a few months.

A young man of some variety of Asian heritage helped Clinton with the bags.

“If I might suggest Pete and Clinton show the girls to the main plantation house and show them their rooms whilst I give you a tour. That will give you a chance to decide what to tell them about the set up here.

The girls were quite happy to go off with Clinton and Pete as they were more than aware that they were stuck on a small island that contained two guys who were really hot. The two men had no trouble at all in carrying the heavy bags and the girls appreciated watching the knotted muscles.

“This way please. How do you want us to address you by the way Miss Felicity and Miss Joanna?”
“You cannot be serious nobody uses our names in full and Miss sounds like we are characters from one of those Victorian novels we had to read at school. Fliss and Jo please. Let’s face it if we are stuck on this island together, we should try and be friends.”

“If I get my way, we will be really good friends.” Jo was not being exactly subtle but the two men gave each other a knowing smile before giving as good as they got in the obvious flirting.

“We can go direct or a slightly longer route by lagoon beach, it’s the prettiest bit of the island and where we do all the swimming both on and off screen.” It was easy to see why no building or anything man made was visible. It was a wilderness paradise. Pure white sand led down to very clear still water. Vibrant tropical fish could be seen in the water.
“So, we can go swimming in this. Is it safe, are there sharks or anything?”

“No sharks or barracuda inside the reef but don’t step on live coral. On the sand you are pretty much fine.”

“Do we have to go up to the house straight away. I can’t wait to swim in that. You’re not embarrassed by seeing naked girls.

The two men fell about laughing at this, it was clearly a really big joke to them. “No Jo, we are definitely not bothered by naked girls, particularly pretty ones. I shouldn’t think your mum will get to this bit for a good while so why not. The bags were stashed under a palm tree and the four of them stripped and ran in the water. The girls tried to act cool, but fun as the tropical water was, even more so as they were skinny dipping with too well-hung men were a real distraction.

Neither girl had seen a fully naked boy before and these two, were not by any stretch boys. They were gorgeous and not a bit shy. They played around for about half an hour before Jo always the brave one stole a kiss off Pete. It was just a peck on the lips but he chased after her and caught her easily. Pete gave her a gentle slap on the arse and the kissed her properly.

“Clinton, I am feeling left out.” Said Fliss.

“We can’t have that can we Miss.” Clinton took her in his arms and gave her a long passionate kiss.
“I think you two will fit in here just fine I hope your Mum is the same. There are going to be a few surprises for her and for that matter you too.”

“Please tell us.”

“That is really not for me to say but I don’t think you will have to wait long. Come on we can dry off on the way up to the big houses. Nobody gets fussed about a but of nudity round here except possibly your Mum.”
“What not even Grandma or isn’t she on the island.”

“Your Gran is on the island but I think she is a little scared of meeting your Mum and wants to choose the time just right.” As they were walking a long the men had their arms around the two girls much to Fliss and Jo’s delight particularly when Pete’s hand brushed her boob.

Then the girls saw the plantation or big house as Clinton had put it. Talk about colonial style mansions. All white painted wood and verandas. The anti-diluvial appearance was somewhat spoiled by a huge satellite dish about two meters across. They had come around the back and could hear the sounds of pots and pans form what was clearly a kitchen.

“That’s my Mum cooking dinner. Don’t worry even though she is Japanese it won’t be raw fish we eat pretty western around here.” The girls saw a petite Japanese woman who didn’t look old enough to have a grown son.

“I have been told to put you two in here for the moment. Your next to each other but your mum is at the other end of the house near to your Gran. Madam thought you would appreciate some privacy not to close under your Ma’s eyes. Considering what happened in the water I think she got it spot on.”

“We didn’t upset you with Jo jumping you like that. We don’t get much chance to talk to hunks like you two. “

“Oh no, we were far from upset, you two are really pretty and friendly young ladies. I would like to do more if you want too, but equally, I don’t want any of us to get in trouble with your Ma. Hold on let me talk to Hanai, that’s Pete’s Mum and she is one cool lady.”

When he bedava bonus came back, he said that Hanai was going to keep a watch and warn them in plenty of time. The kitchen had a good view of both paths up to the house.

“Now young Miss what do you want to do with me. “

“Anything other than being inside me. I want to choose when I lose my virginity and don’t quite have the nerve for anal yet.”

“That gives us a lot to try. Have you had your pussy eaten?”

“Oh yes and I love it I had a girlfriend back in England. But could I have a play with your cock I have never got to do a proper blow job only a little taste.”

Clinton guided the young girl through giving him a blow job whilst gently caressing her breasts. As Fliss got into it she moved over on top of Clinton so he could eat her pussy. The experience was different from her tristes with her girl friends as Clinton’s mouth and tongue were so much bigger. Fliss had a wonderful climax but didn’t stop giving her blow job. The reward was a massive stream of cum in her mouth. Fliss knew about swallowing and tried to do so but most of it poured out of her mouth and ran down to her breasts.

“Heavens girl unless you have been practising that was pretty damn good but let’s get you into a shower before your Mum comes back. They showered together and were pretty much finished when the warning of maternal approach was received. Clinton pulled on the shorts and top and slipped off to the kitchen.

Jo meantime was having a fine time with Pete and not being a virgin and like both of them on the pill had no objection to being masterfully screwed. It had started off with her giving her new lover a blow job but once he was nice and wet, he gave her pussy some expert attention. Having got her suitably excited he took her doggie style. Until first she and then he had cum. They were just getting their breath back when the warning came from the kitchen. Pete had to leave her to shower alone.

Both girls knew that having a long shower was quite reasonable so once they had finished, they went through their cases for a pretty dress to wear that evening. Both separately decided that whilst they had to wear knickers they could get away without a bra.

They went through to the drawing room which had earlier been pointed out to them. There mother was sitting in an armchair with a blank look on her face. Opposite was an older lady in a maxi dress. From the similarity with their Mum they guessed this must be the grandmother they had never met.
“Joanna, Felicity this lady is your grandmother. Greet her as you see fit.” Jess’ tone of voice was flat and neutral. Both girls realised this was hard for everyone present.

Fliss for once took the lead. “What would you like us to call you Grandmother. Gran, Granny, Grandmother, I don’t know what”

“Oh, heavens I don’t know. Since we are meeting for the first time as adults those choices seem ridiculous. How about just use my name Ruth. Oh, my c***dren I am so sorry for everything and when your mother explains for what goes on here. Damn your bastard of a grandfather, I thought I had outsmarted the evil old rat.”

The girls looked very confused indeed. There mother saw the look on their faces and told them to sit down and she would explain what she had seen and done since they arrived.

“After you two left with those hunks and yes, I did notice that they were hot as well. Chris Abbot took me off to see the film production facility. Apparently, they film the outside shots all over the island and some of the inside ones in this house but they also have a small studio area where they have a film stage and editing equipment.

They were doing a take whilst I was there, I couldn’t see what was going on straight away but did immediately notice the make-up girl. A very pretty elfin looking creature who was topless which was a bit bizarre. Then I got to see the action and realised it was two girls having sex in a sixty-nine position. The second cameraman was getting a close up of the action so to speak. It was blindingly obvious that this wasn’t a steamy sex scene from an ordinary film but they were filing a porno movie.

That it’s the family business run by your grandfather. making hundreds of porn films and the hypocritical old cunt throws me out for getting pregnant. The worst thing is that I cannot just shrug my shoulders and take a cut of the profits I have to be in at least one of the blasted films myself. Even worse still is that I know I am going to do it as we desperately need the money. At least I get to decide what film and with whom. Our two hunky friends are some of the permanent actors so that is a bonus. Oh god what am I saying I just admitted to my daughters I am look forward to being filmed screwing.”

“Mum we are not little girls, we are adults and have the same needs as you. Fliss and I can quite appreciate you wanting to have sex with Pete or Clinton they are really very tasty. Who is likely to recognise you that we know? The answer is nobody. The only person that it would bother is Lyn and I cannot see her watching porno.”

“Practical as ever Jo. There is also one thing more thing about the film they were shooting, the icing on the cake. When the shot was finished the two women separated and the one underneath was your grandmother.” Their Grandmother put her head in her hands and started shaking as if overcome by grief however a very careful observer would have spotted that she was laughing.

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