The Doc Exam

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The Doc Exam
Your friends have told you about Doctor Dan, they usually laugh or blush as they say “he’s got unusual methods, but he’s a really good OB/GYN doctor.” So, it was time for your yearly woman’s exam, so you called and made an appointment. You were instructed to drink a 16 oz. glass of water 2 hours before you arrived, and try not to void in between.

As you arrived at his office, I greeted you saying “Hello Alissa, I am Doctor Dan” and I take you to the exam room and told you to disrobe. A few moments later, a knock on the door and Doctor Dan enters. I say “Hello again Alissa, nice of you to come. Are you uncomfortable, can you hold your pee just a bit longer?” And you replied “Yes..but not much longer”

“Hop onto the table, and sit there as I examine you” I stated, so you sat on the table and I touched your neck and down under your arms, feeling your lymph system, them I spread your legs a bit and with my bare hands continued to examine and feel the area from your pussy to the outer reaches of your groin. Every so often I would touch your pussy and you could feel your pussy starting to engorge, the lips were filling with blood as you were getting excited.. I asked you to drink one more glass of water for me

“I prefer not to use gloves on external exams” I said as I lifted your right breast and look closely, and kneaded and pressed, feeling for lumps. “Are you lactating?” I asked, and you said “No”

so I began squeezing your right breast, from chest to nipple , “I am seeing if any milk or fluids will release from your milk ducts as a way to see your over-all breast health.”

I continued to squeeze with both hands, milking the breast, squeezing kind of hard towards the nipple. Then I squeezed the areola and nipple looking for liquid, I was squeezing hard. “Am I hurting you?” I asked,

“No, I am OK” you replied, and I knew that you were a woman who enjoyed her tits milked like a cow. I went to the next breast and repeated the same procedure, your pussy was really wet now. You did not know what the doctor had in store, but this was WAY different, and it excited you.

I reached over to the table for a pair of forceps, with the rounded tips with a hole in them, and I clamped bet siteleri one on to each nipple, with any fanfare, and told you to lie back on the table, as you lie back, your breasts slid to the side and you had forceps hanging in the air on each nipple, giving you pain, but an exciting pain that you wanted to end….but not quite yet. I pulled out the stirrups and helped you pull forward, your legs in stirrups, and your ass hanging over the edge of the table.

I gathered a tray of tools, washed my hands and put on gloves, and pushed the stirrups wide apart and adjusted the light where I could see well. As I parted your labia majora, I looked at your clitoris, pulling back on the hood to see it’s size and appearance. I grabbed the hood and jerked it back and forth on your clit like a man jerk his cock with his foreskin. “I am checking your clitoral functions, there may be some discomfort,” I say. You are not at all discomforted, it feels good to have your clit touched like this. Then I pull back on the hood, examining the now erect clitoris , pushing it this way and that way, your small pink pearl all wet and shiny. Then I let the hood slide back and with thumb and forefinger I squeeze your clit, looking for your reaction.

Your sudden intake of breath, instead of a yelp of pain – pushes me to pinch your clit hard, very hard, and I hear a moan…a moan of pain/pleasure perhaps, and continue to squeeze, release then squeeze again, before I release the clit, and grab a speculum. I slip two fingers into your pussy, not very easily, so I use lube, and just slip the speculum in side, and as I tighten the screw, which would allow me a better look. So I remove the forceps from your nipples to get the blood flowing again. I turn and I adjust the light and when I have you open to my view, I look at your vaginal tissue. I look at the coloring, the texture and press forward to your cervix. I touch the round, walnut of your cervix, touching the dimple in the center.

“This may sting a bit,” I say “ but the cervix needs to open and close. Semen in, menstrual blood out, the only time it should be plugged is during pregnancy” I take a slender, maybe 3-4 mm sound and press it into the dimple pinbahis giriş of your cervix. I twist it, and lightly apply pressure as your cervix accepts my sterile sound. I withdraw and put a bit more K-Y on the sound, and this time it slips right in a good inch and a half. I slide it in and out of you and I watch your body tense, and your breath get short. “Is this hurting too much?” I say……”Uh uh” or something came from your shaking head and with out warning a big stream of piss comes out of your bladder, as your cervix is pulsing with your orgasm. “I’m so sorry” you say, “I am so full”

‘It is quite natural, I will let you void shortly, do not fret“ and I grab a towel and wipe you off, then my lab coat which now has pee stains on it. I remove the sound from your cervix, and I examine your pee hole. I see that either you were born with a very large urethra, or you have done some play here before. So I take a glass pipette, about 9-10mm in diameter, and with a 4mm internal opening, and I place a glass basin beneath you for leakage.

I use a bit of K-Y jelly on the tip of the pipette, and tell you to be still, this is glass. So with one hand, my thumb and forefinger hold your urethra from moving, as I slide the pipette into your pee hole, after a couple of inches, maybe more I feel the sphincter of your bladder, and with a finger over the end the pipette, I feel the pipette slide into your bladder and the pipette fill with slightly yellowish liquid., I had hoped you drank all the water so your pee was not strong yellow, and was a copious amount in your bladder.

“Some say my methods are unconventional” I remark, “but I like to see the clarity of your urine, the force of your void, and lastly..the taste will tell me if there is something amiss., let’s begin shall we??” You are baffled, but you never thought that a visit to the doctor would involve so many of the things you love or have had thought about. I tell you to let go and relax, and I position the basin and take my finger off the pipette and a fine stream of urine pours forth out of the pipette in an arc. The release on your bladder is great, then I put my finger on the pipette and stop the flow. online bahis I put the basin of urine down and I bend over and position my mouth over the pipette and let go, my lips circle the pipette as I quickly swallow the urine flowing out. When it stop flowing, I suck the bladder dry, your dilute urine was just right for me, not strong, nor was it water.

I slide the pipette back and forth in your urethra, and realize you are flushing and stiffening again…so I do what is natural and keep it up until you cum yet again…I can see your cervix doing pushups, your vaginal are dripping with ejaculate. I conclude that your vaginal health is quite good, and remove the pipette from your urethra, and insert an electric tooth brush that has had the bristles removed and turn it on. As I slide it in and out, pressing past your sphincter, into you bladder your fingers rush to your clit, your ass lifts off the exam table and the sounds from your mouth betray a powerful orgasm, your body is convulsing in waves, no longer is your hand on your clit. So with this forced orgasm I am ready to remove the electric tooth brush, and take the speculum out of you.

“Nearly done, one more thing” I say. I noticed that your anus looked like it had been used for sex, it did not look quite as tiny as some I have seen. So, with a lubed finger, I enter your ass looking for signs of hemorrhoids. I find none, but I find that I with a bit of poking I can slip in a second finger without any fuss from you, so I grab an anal speculum, and insert it in your anus. I slowly turn the screw, and watch as you are able to open up quite well. So well, that I position myself in front and push my chubby, half hard dick between the speculum and piss a bladder full of hot, steaming piss in your ass. I remove the speculum and let your piss enema empty into the basin. I grab a wash rag and wash you clean, towel you dry, empty the basin, remove your feet from the stirrups, and help you to sit up. I give you a clean towel to wipe the sweat off.

“Well you are fit as a fiddle, I am pleased to say, feel free to make an appointment for another exam”

“How often should I get an exam, doctor?”

“Well Alissa, at least once a year, but depending upon the level of concern, more often. I have patients that insist on seeing me every month or so. One, insists I see her once a week! You decide. Oh, and feel free to use the bathroom and freshen up before you leave. Thank you”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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