Me Mom and Mel 2

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Me Mom and Mel 2
My mobile vibrated. I stopped pedalling and pulled off the road. Reached in to the pouch on the back of my cycling shirt and opened the message form mom. A small pic came on the screen I clicked on it and it showed a woman’s butthole being fucked by a dildo. Underneath a message ” Unfortunately nothing beats the real thing! Where are you?”

It was Mel. I replied ” On Hobsonville Road by the lights home in twenty minutes”. Instantly came reply “Meet me at Hobsonville Point walkway Please”

I turned around and road down the hill as fast as I could, past the high school, down to the old aircraft hangars. Parked the bike left my helmet and shoes and set off along the walkway. I found Mel wearing white knee high socks a tartan miniskirt and a school blazer. Her hair was in a ponytail. She wore retro horn rimmed reading glasses. My cock was getting hard. Fast! The bike pants could not contain it, the swollen head poking out the waist line.

Traffic could be heard going across the Greenhithe bridge expansion gaps.

“I need your cock. I can’t stop thinking about what happened on my birthday. My lover just can’t match you. ” Mel lift her skirt to show her swollen moist pussy.

Truth be told I hadn’t had a chance to think. Mom walked around the house naked when she was home. Every night when I got home she would be dressed like a MILF in my magazines, a stewardess, a maid, a cleaner, a business woman, a teacher, a nurse, the list went on. The first night as a stewardess she seduced me telling me what to do, when to do it. Five nights later the student dominated the teacher, I was a badass student, spanking the teacher, dominating her, roughly groping and manhandling her body as fucked canlı bahis şirketleri her mouth, cunt, and butthole. That night I tied her up with the computer cables lying around in her office and left her in the utility room. My little half sister now lives with her father.

The next day I drove her BMW coupe to school and received a lot of attention from the girls in their final year. The bright red M3 was like a magnet for the cool sexy chicks at school. I now had teen and mature pussy on tap. To get a rest I had resumed my cycling.

Now Mel wanted more young cock. She wasn’t looking at my face her eyes were focused on my cock. The big cock that had been in her mouth pussy and asshole. She was addicted.

” Put your hands on the hand rail and look up at those builders working on the house” I ordered.

“What here?” Mel looking panicked.

“Yeah. Mel you want this big cock ” I pulled my shorts down to mid thigh.

“Mmmmm” Mel hesitated. I stepped forward closing the space between us and kissed her firmly on the lips. I grabbed her by the waist turned her round to face the builders on top of the hill. The guy on the roof doing the trusses stopped as I pulled her blouse open freeing her tits. My cock slid between her legs as her pussy juices leaked out of her cunt. Her hand reached between my legs and guided the head to her cunt.

“OH FUCK. FUCK. FUCKING HELL YOUR BIG” she shouted. Now all the builders had stopped and watched us fucking. Silently at first.

“FILL MY CUNT WITH YOUR BIG HARD PRICK!” She shouted more encouragement. The builders became vocal. Fuck the horny slut. Catcalling. Wolf whistles.

I groped her tits and pounded her hard and fast. Horns blared from canlı kaçak iddaa the bridge. An old couple stood respectfully in silence watching a young man fuck a horny mature slut dressed as a schoolgirl.

All the spectators interaction had her coming all over my cock and her juices leaked on to my shorts. I pulled out of her wet cunt, grabbed her ponytail and guided mouth to my cock.

“Suck me off slut” i commanded. My hand behind her head as I held my shaft pointed at her mouth.

“No” she whimpered weakly. I slapped her face.

“Open your mouth” I raged. “Bitch” I pushed to the ground and proceeded to spank her butt firmly. The old man turned and whispered to his wife. She put her hand in his pants and pulled out a hard cock which she started stroking.

I put my hand firmly on Mel’s cunt and spanked her protruding clit hard. Once. Twice. Third time she started crying.

“You have a big cock ” said the old lady. “If she’s not gonna suck it, can I?” She had left her husband and asked if i would sit on the bench. I complied. She sat beside me then lowered her open mouth on to my flagpole. Fuck this woman was talented. My eyes rolled back in my head as she pleasured my cock. Her husband was using his walking stick on Mel’s butt and leaving red welts. She tried to move away but he kept up his assault on her butt. Her sobs and screams of pain were mixed with the old man telling the slut he was a retired headmaster and he could do this all day.

I smiled watching this spectacle and having my cock sucked by a woman old enough to be my grandmother. My nuts tightened and i told her i was going to cum. She responded by taking more of my cock down her throat and swallowing all my cum. She canlı kaçak bahis sat up, arose to standing wiped her mouth, walked over to her husband and they carried on with their walk.

The builders resumed working as if nothing happened. I stood, pulled up my pants, and walked off back to my bike to go home. Leaving Mel with a red ass and no buttons on her blouse.

I walked in to the kitchen mom was dressed in a bedsheet styled like a toga. A bare breast exposed. Her freshly pierced nipples with stainless steel studs fitted.

“You are late”

“I caught up with Grandpa today. He was out for a walk with Jenny. ” I informed mom. She looked horrified.

“He… He isn’t coming here? ” she pleaded.

“No. He disciplined Mel today” a look of relief crossed her face.

She had a bunch of table g****s. The fruit big dark and juicy. She put one in my mouth. Yum.

“Bend over and spread your legs”

Mom followed instruction easily now. Grandpa had taught me how to keep mom in line. I took the bunch of g****s and inserted them one by one in her pussy.

“I’m going for a shower.” She followed me and stood in the bathroom holding my towel while I showered.

“Did you sell a house today ?”

I lathered my muscular lean body and cleaned my cock. Rinsed and hopped out.

“Yes the old house on Herald Island. Two new listings apartments at West Harbour Marina.” She replied proudly.

“What the cheap place. ” I stepped out of the shower my cock rock hard. I indicated to the floor she got on her hands and knees the g****s had fallen out of her loose pussy.

“Eat them” she went to pick them up . “No ” I slapped her butt. She crawled around eating them off the floor.

“DING. DONG” the front door bell rang.

“Go answer the door” I ordered. My mom walked to the front door in her toga. Opening the door she finds Mel naked and broken. Crying. Cum all over her body. A cardboard tag on her wrist ” If found return to Master ….

A big black Dodge Ram Ute with two builders drives off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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