Midwinter Weekend Pt. 02

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*****Edited by Gustavca

The night in the plane made some things very plain. There were not going to be any awkward moments so long after Midsummer, none of us regretted anything, we had all grown and sexually matured since and were essentially even more open than we had been. In Iceland, during Midwinter, we were all going to reap what we had sown during the last few months.

These realizations explain why, right now, on this sunny Saturday morning, I’m sitting in a five-star suite with 5 individual rooms, complete with a glorious view, completely at peace with what I was about to do. On my left, stunningly visible through the floor to ceiling windows that run from one wall all the way across to the other wall, stand some of Iceland’s wonderful mountains, hot springs and skylines. But that’s not why the view is glorious. Right in front of me, sitting in a chair next to the fireplace, Rinette just removed her towel and sits gloriously naked, winking at me.

This may require some extra explanation. First though, there’s the question of why Eleanor and I didn’t get to spend the morning together. The answer: skiing was just about the only thing that would make all the others in our group get up early. It wasn’t all pretty. Most of them looked like they had spent the night in a gutter instead of a 5-star Icelandic resort. So very early this morning, despite the few hours of good sleep, nearly everybody left to hit the ski slopes. I say nearly because I didn’t go. I hate skiing. Funnily enough, Hope doesn’t like skiing either. When they all left, the jokes were barely veiled. Hope was only half-awake, standing like a Celtic goddess in her green tank top and panties, her hair looking like a wild firestorm around her head. Rinette, anxious to get to the slopes, said, “I wonder who’s going to be more exhausted by the end of the day us, or these two.”

We all laughed. The attraction between Hope and me last Midsummer had been the spark that lit the entire sexual weekend and changed everything between all of us. Nella even joined in the banter. We had talked about what could happen during this midwinter weekend. In the end we agreed that, essentially, anything could happen. So there was really no question that as soon as Hope and I were going to be alone, we were going to rip off what little clothing we had on.

Surprisingly, though, nothing of the sort happened. It became quickly obvious Hope wasn’t in the mood to rip anyone’s clothes. She simply stood there by the table, her back to me, looking outside. Although my blood was pulsing in my veins, I realized that something was off. Trying my best to ignore the curves of her hips, ass, belly and the sides of her breasts, I walked to her.

As soon as I touched her shoulder she turned around, buried her face in my shoulder and started crying softly. A few minutes later we were sitting down next to the fire, her body securely hidden in the robe I fetched for her.

“I’m not cold, Will.” she said when I gave it to her.

“I know, I replied, it’s not for you…” More than a little of her passion flared in her eyes when she understood why I brought the robe.

For the next hour or so, we talked about an incident that had ripped her family apart a few weeks ago. One of her uncles had been revealed as a pedophile. Hope and Connor were not even supposed to come to Iceland because of very important Christmas traditions. “This year nobody really feels like celebrating what’s obviously a children’s holiday…,” she told me, now in control of her tears.

After a long, but very companionable, silence, I suggested we go and take a walk outside. She declined, but decided to go alone after a bit. “I may end up at the springs… Don’t wait for me, but if I’m not back before the sun sets, come and fish me out!” she said with a grin. If there’s something that has been constant in her life, it’s her passion for baths, jacuzzis and now hot springs. Just before she left, she kissed my cheek, then my lips for a much longer kiss and said, “My dear, don’t misunderstand me. I still wanna fuck you before the week-end is out.” Hearing her laughter as she walked down the corridor made me smile. Thinking about what she said made me laugh.

Two hours later I was making a sandwich when I heard noises outside the main door. As I was walking towards it I heard someone unlock it. I felt a sharp pulse in my belly. Hope must be back and feeling better. In a split second fantasies started erupting in my mind. But for the second time that day, those fantasies of Hope were frustrated. When the door opened, I saw Lincoln and Connor half-carrying Rinette inside. She was obviously in pain, crying and cursing as the two men carried her to her room.

When Connor came out, leaving Rinette with her husband, he was smiling. Surprised, I asked, “Why are you smiling? Isn’t she hurt?”

“Well, yes, she’s hurt alright. Her pride took a hit!” Connor laughed. “Actually, she’s mainly frustrated that she won’t be able to ski anymore… A sprained ankle is pendik escort not fun, but it’s not all that bad either, unless you’re planning on skiing!”

A few minutes later, alone with Connor, I told him what had happened with Hope.

“How is she?” he asked.

“Not so bad, considering…”

“Good… I’m hoping that this week-end will help her get some distance from it all… Shitty business.”

Soon after that Lincoln came out with a half-smile. Sighing, he wished me luck with Rinette and her temper then left with Connor.

I knocked on her door, “Are you alright in there?”

I heard her long moan, “NO!” As I entered her room, she was drying the tears on her face. She was wearing long woolen thermals, was sweaty and her normally flawless black hair were a tangled mess.

“Let me look at that ankle, Rinette.”

“No need, Will. It’s not that bad. It’s been an hour since my fall and it’s only slightly swollen.”

I hid my smile from her and said, “Well, hop in the shower, it’ll do wonders…”

“What? Now you’re saying that I’m an ugly mess?”

I started laughing but saw that she was just about to start crying again. “Oh come on, Rinette, get a hold of yourself! Yes it sucks for your skiing, but there’s plenty of things to do around here. Come on! Up!” I managed to pull her up and helped her undress to her underwear. With a small smile she said that she would be ok from here. I got out of the room and made sure the fire was still alive in the living room.

Half an hour or so later, Rinette came out of her room, wearing nothing but a towel, tightly wrapped around her torso. Her long, magnificent legs were completely exposed. It took me an extra second before I managed to tear my eyes away from her legs. Hobbling to the chair in front of mine, she grinned. She then paused as if remembering something.

“Will,” she said as she was sitting down, “you’re a great masseur… Would you mind massaging my ankle?”

“A great masseur? You’ve never had one of my massages!” I said, a smile on my face. “No need to make false compliments!”

“It’s not a false compliment!” she said, a different kind of smile on her face.

I didn’t understand, trying in vain to remember when I would have… until I saw her wink. Delicious memories suddenly came flooding back.

About three months ago, Nella, Rinette, Lincoln and I took a long weekend trip to the Appalachian range. We had long hours to kill in the car and all day long we would switch drivers and places. On the way back Sunday night, I ended up in the back seat next to Rinette. She was wearing, as she had all summer long, very short shorts. She had teased me with them, consciously or not, all weekend long. It was pretty dark outside and I couldn’t see much. Somehow, even if I had spent hours looking at them in the sun, I was still drawn to them in this darkness.

As Nella and Lincoln were chatting in front, we were quieter. She seemed to be fascinated by the moonlight in the clouds, so I could simply stare openly at her thighs. At one point she began caressing her left leg with her hand, the one closer to me. Her caresses became massages, and suddenly she slipped one of her finger under the tight hem of her shorts. Surprised, I looked up and she was looking at me with a huge grin on her face. I had been caught! I froze when she called Nella, “Nella, can you pass me my iPad please?” She laughed silently at my reaction. On her iPad she wrote, with her finger “Wanna touch?” When I looked back up, she was still smiling, and she winked.

That wink, the only time she had winked at me, was what I remembered now as she was asking me for a massage. I laughed out loud with her and took a deep breath. In the car, I had spent nearly an hour caressing and massaging her thighs, and as we were closing on our city, Rinette had slipped her hand down her shorts and panties and caressed herself until hitting a perfectly silent climax.

Now, I had no idea what was going to happen. Kneeling in front of her, it was obvious that my massage made her feel better, just as it was obvious this was not just a massage. From time to time, as she adjusted herself on the chair, I could see her pussy peeking from beneath her thighs and the towel. At one point, as she turned around to reach for her cup of mimosa, she deliberately opened her legs wide. I mean, completely wide. I stopped massaging her and simply stared at her wonderful pussy. Her lips were perfectly shaven, but above them Rinette kept a patch of dense, trimmed black hair. Her pussy, besides being beautiful, was also obviously wet. ?

As she turned back and closed her legs, I said, “You know, it’s kinda worse if you keep your towel… I get peaks at your, er… perfectly shaven, er…”

Rinette laughs at my comment and replies, “What? You’ve seen it before!”

“Well, yes, but not quite as clearly…”

“Ok then!”

And as simply as that, she grabbed her towel and threw it on the floor. For an instant I closed my eyes tuzla escort and laughed, “I was kidding!”

She laughed with me, then asked, “Well, is it easier?”

I took a deep breath, basking in her glory, and shook my head. She was as lean and tight as I remembered. Her breasts, while small, were still nicely formed, full despite her very low body fat. She probably could, if she wanted to, pose for fitness magazines. She was tall, beautiful, great long hair and a fantastic body. Kneeling there in front of her, I felt my blood heating up, and didn’t know how long I could “simply” massage her.

“Are you serious, Rin? You really want me to continue my massage while my face is inches away from your pussy?”

“Of course, Will! You have no idea how nice it feels to have your hands all over me — all over my ankle!”

“Right… Your ankle!”

We both laughed as I tried to resume the massage. The fireplace was very hot on my right side, but Rinette was glowing right in front of me. Soon enough, the entire room filled with silence as we shared only glances and smiles. I felt sweat on my brow.

“Will, you’re hot. And overdressed. Why don’t you join me?”

I looked up, unable to repress a grin, and said, “Because you’re way too hot yourself!” I took a deep breath, thought about what I was about to say for a second, and went ahead anyway. “Rinette, if I get naked right now I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to, well, to remain a perfect gentleman.”

“Who said I wanted a gentleman?” she said, taking another sip of her strong mimosa. “In any case, gentlemen don’t simply finger half-naked women in a plane packed with people!” We both laughed at that. How quickly things could change. Fantasies could turn into realities, “Also, I’ve been talking to Hope for the last few months, and, frankly, I’m jealous…”

The look we shared then lasted only two seconds. Three at most. Even though our last Midsummer had ignited something that had been steadily growing for the past few years, we were not quite at a point where we could just all fuck around. Not all of us anyway. Yet those few seconds changed that for us. And later for the others as they learned about it. The plane had been an incredible overture, but my Midwinter weekend was beginning right here and now.

In a very soft voice, Rinette said, “Let me get more comfortable on the floor.” Slowly, keeping a hand on my shoulder to prevent me from getting up, she rose from her chair and, very slowly, turned around. Rinette knows that she’s beautiful, knows that some men love her small breasts. She also knows that her lithe and lean silhouette attracts even more stares. But most of all, she knows that her ass is her main asset.

Right now that main asset was inches away from my own face. I could smell the soap she had used in the shower, a faint trace of the smell of her own skin and that elusive balsam fir scent I always associate with her. In the long seconds she took to move away, my face felt as if it was being pulled, as if by some strange gravity, towards those marvelous cheeks. Her golden skin, slightly dark even at Midwinter, was flawless. No pimple, no beauty or birth mark, no tan lines, no hairs, no stretch marks, nothing… Pure womanly flesh, firm, taut and mouth watering. Now I love breasts. I love big breasts. I’ve been a breast man most of my adult life. This morning was going to change that once and for all, although I was not going to emerge from the weekend as an ass-man. Rather, I became a breast or ass agnostic.

I watched, entranced, as Rinette managed to gracefully lay down on the thick carpet despite her ankle. Her feet were pointing towards me. I was given a gift that morning. While Rinette was as different a woman from Hope as one could imagine, she nevertheless gave me the impression that I was near something more than human. While Hope had looked like a succubus from myth this morning, Rinette looked like a nymph. From my vantage point I could see the triple curves of her calves, thighs and buttocks all in line. It was an amazing sight which would stay burned into my memory for the rest of my life.

I got up, my eyes never wandering, moved the chair away and undressed completely. To say I was erect was an understatement. I was painfully hard. Yet as I knelt above her calves, Rinette turned her head around, “Oh my… That’s a very nice cock… But, I really want you to keep going.”

Before she turned her head back, I saw her grin, and then saw and heard her laugh. “Oh… you’re going to get it Rin!”

Moving back away from her mesmerizing ass, I resumed my massage, this time on both her ankles at the same time. I poured more oil on her calves, and started to move up. Slowly. Then again, my eyes were glued to her ass, so time had little meaning. Soon my hands were just below her knees as I kept moving up. The smoothness of her thighs was a very nice surprise. I knew Rinette was strong and in very good shape. Yet it didn’t diminish the softness of her thighs at rest. As I rotated kartal escort my hands from the inside to the outside of those thighs, I could see her ass cheeks were beginning to follow my motions.

As slowly as I was able to manage, I climbed up not expecting any objections. There were none. Finally, my fingertips were grazing the apple of her buttocks, the fine line between her thighs and ass. I was still doing my rotating motions and this time her cheeks were fully parting. Her pink lips, without a trace of hair from this angle, were literally glistening with her juices. I knew, without a doubt, I was going to bury my face between those cheeks with my tongue also buried into her pussy.

But not just now. I could have. Rinette was even starting to arch her ass upwards! But there remained one last step. I placed my hands right next to her cheeks, with my fingers on the inside of her thighs. Then, in one fluid motion, I moved my hands up and rotated them outwards. Slowly, wonderfully slowly, I felt my hands discover, then cover, then master both her cheeks. Rinette was completely relaxed and her flesh yielded to my hands. I could see it molding itself around and between my fingers, and the slow peak of a flesh wave in front of my hands as they moved. As my rotation was nearly finished and my fingers moved closer to her hips, my thumbs slipped from her thighs to her pussy. Shamelessly, without any hesitation, I placed each of my thumbs on either side of her long pussy, and kneaded it all the way up.

As soon as I started, her clit gently being squeezed, Rinette took a deep breath and arched her entire back upwards. Pushing back against her with my hands, I kept my thumbs moving, releasing her clit. Agonizingly slowly now, I let my thumbs slip up and up toward the base of her pussy. As her labia receded, I reached her hole and let one of my thumbs graze it. Rinette shuddered all over and once more arched herself upward. Yet I resisted. “Wait for it, my leggy nymph…” She half groaned, half laughed as my hands completed their rotation. When I fully grabbed her ass with both my hand, she slowly rotated it from side to side slowly. I was in heaven.

I slipped my hands back down to her thighs and began again. This time I let all my fingers touch her hole and pushed one of my thumbs inside her. As I did, Rinette took a sharp intake of breath while pushing her ass towards me. Somehow I managed to resist the impulse to finger her more deeply. I placed my hands on her thighs again and repeated the process. Yet this time, although she moaned softly, Rinette clearly didn’t react as much. When I did it the third time though, I saw goosebumps all over her skin as she pushed her ass against my hands.

And suddenly it clicked. Her trigger wasn’t exactly her pussy. As I pushed my thumb was partly inside her, my fingers were grazing against her anus. When I did it again, this time not even touching her pussy, but applying more pressure on her anus, Rinette reacted intensely. She moaned very loudly, then laughed nervously. Seconds later, when I deliberately placed my thumb on her asshole, she said, ” Oh Gods…” My eyes widened in surprise. The woman with the most wonderful ass in the world just told me she wants her anus caressed, teased and played with.

Suddenly I was looking at the divine offering in front of me very differently. Between those cheeks, nestled in the middle of that glorious ass were two jewels. The first, her pussy, I had already seen, felt and enjoyed. It was far from over, but still… The second one, her asshole, was now the object of my attention.

Breathlessly, I whispered, “Really?”

She replied in a little voice, “Gods yes… Well, I’m not sure I’m ready to go all the way this morning, but…”

It was obvious Rinette was nervous. She didn’t turn around to look at me and I could barely hear her murmurs. I said, just as softly, “Rin, you’re giving me an unimaginable gift. Just this massage, right here right now, even if nothing else happens. I’m profoundly in your debt, so don’t worry.”

“Well, honestly, I hope that you’re going to be profoundly into something else soon!” After we both laughed, she continued, “But you don’t understand… I’ve never, well Lincoln isn’t really into… not at all in fact…”


She didn’t need to say more. It was obvious Lincoln, the clean freak, wasn’t into anything like anal sex. I, on the other hand, have been fascinated by it ever since I saw Eleanor getting deeply ass-fucked by Timothy. Nella and I fooled around with the idea. She let me caress her asshole a few times as I just did with Rinette but nothing more.

Back to the present. My hands and fingers still reveled in the luscious, small but positively feminine flesh of Rinette’s ass. That my fingers now regularly grazed her asshole was now a given. I had been given a rare opportunity and I was not going to miss it. I slowly bent forward towards Rinette, until she opened her legs to give me some room. I was now down on the carpet, my torso between her knees and my hands still locked on her ass. I leaned forward and planted a kiss on the line between her thigh and right ass cheek. When my tongue parted my lips and tickled her skin, Rinette shook.

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