Molly’s Conference Ch. 02

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After she quit her job because of the talk, and the veiled threats on the shop floor, Molly couldn’t just give up her love for Jimmy, her former boss. They had spent other nights together after their first time in the conference room and each time seemed to be better than the last. They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. She lay awake nights thinking of him, remembering his touch, reliving the feel of him buried in her demanding body. She wasn’t sure if it was a matter of wanting the hot, lusty sex they had shared or if it was true love. Frankly, she didn’t care. All she knew was that she wanted to be with him again. Needed to see his face, the love in his eyes, feel his touch on her body.

This was insane. She was still a married woman, he was a married man. It was true she had started divorce proceedings, but the final decree was a ways off. He had done nothing of the kind. She had become his mistress, plain and simple, and she didn’t mind that. She hadn’t yet met up with his wife, and frankly didn’t want to. From the way he had described her she could be a problem. Big problem, maybe. One she didn’t want to deal with just now. All she wanted was for him to make her climax again, and again, and again, just like he did before. It was something her drunken husband had been unable to do, despite being hung like a horse. The man was useless in bed. Jimmy could go at her for only a short time and make her climax until she ran out of breath, make her mind scream out in lust for him. God, she wanted him bad.

Desperate for him, she had called him at work and they talked on the phone for much too long. Molly tried to get Jimmy to let his assistant take over his duties long enough for him to come to her house. In her sexiest voice she had described the baby-doll nighties she wore, or that she was naked and thinking about him in the nastiest kind of way, letting him know in no uncertain terms what she wanted from him. He would have none of it. He couldn’t leave work. It was his job to run the place, not his assistant’s. He thought he was dedicated. It didn’t occur to him that while he was on the phone with her, the assistant was doing his job, and everyone knew it. The talk continued as though she were still there.

Molly put on a pair of jeans and a frilly blouse, not wanting to call attention to herself if a neighbor should be watching, left her car around the block, walked to his door, and casually rang his doorbell, her heart pounding in her chest. It was early morning and she knew his wife would be at work. They had all the time they needed. She could feel the wetness beginning between her legs even before he opened the door.

His dark hair was tousled, he wore a T-shirt and pair of jeans that looked like he had just thrown them on to answer the door. He looked like he had just gotten out of bed. He looked so sexy that way, Molly wanted to fuck him right there on the front step, screw what the neighbors thought.

Twenty minutes later Molly was sitting on his hips, his beautiful cock rammed to the hilt in her warm pussy while she moaned out the first of what she knew would be many orgasms. Jimmy’s hands cupped her breasts, feeling her hardened nipples throb in his palms while she rocked back and forth on his hard prick. He loved the look on her face when she climaxed, that look of exquisite lust. He felt like a man again when he was with her. She seemed to truly enjoy the way they made love, not like his wife who only seemed to endure the ordeal. Molly liked sex, and she made sure he knew it.

“Come here,” he ordered, pulling her hips toward his head, “I want to taste you.”

She crawled up his body, tucking her shapely legs under his shoulders and lowered her dripping cunt onto his mouth. Red faced, she smiled a weird kind of smile as his tongue flicked at her clit. Her body trembled at his gentle touch and she purred like a contented kitten.

“Mmmmmm!” he moaned as his tongue drove deep into her lucious mound, sucking the warm juices from her throbbing cunt. Her fingers gripped the rail of the bed’s headboard to keep herself steady while she ground her hips onto his face.

Molly grasped his head between her hands, pulling his mouth closer to her hungry nest. Again her body stiffened with another orgasm, and then another. She shuddered uncontrollably as the spasms of ecstasy tore through her. Again and again she climaxed, the waves of pleasure rolling from her overheated pussy to her brain and down to her curling toes while his tongue did its magic on her. Just when she thought she couldn’t climax any more, another wave tore through her pussy and she shrieked in ecstasy. Suddenly, he pushed at her hips. Molly rose off of him and struggled, weak legged, to turn around, again lowering her wet mound onto his tongue while she wrapped her arms around his legs and bent to engulf his throbbing cock in her warm mouth. With one hand she stroked his slippery cock while her tongue licked at the tiny opening. She could feel him fethiye escort moan at her ministrations, felt the vibrations on her clitoris. His mouth covered her slit as he sucked the sweet juices from her writhing body, his tongue dancing at her hardened pleasure bud. Molly rocked her hips back and forth, grinding herself onto the mouth that gave her such exquisite pleasure. Her breasts rubbed across his legs as she moved, the friction hardening her nipples. She felt his hips begin to rise, thrusting his throbbing member further into her sucking mouth, retreating, thrusting again, deeper, fucking her mouth, probing for her throat. Molly groaned as Jimmy’s smooth pole found its way into her tender throat. She followed his hips, holding his cock deep in her mouth, her tongue licking at his ball sack. She could feel his tongue buried deep in her vagina as though he were trying to lick at her womb. Once again the stars began to explode in her head while wave after wave of orgasms coursed through her pleasure wracked body.

Jimmy’s thrusts began to increase, and Molly knew he was about to climax, wanted him to, wanted to feel him explode inside her. His cock swelled, throbbing harder now and he thrust deep into her sucking mouth, one hand pushing at her head, urging her to take him deeper while the other pulled at the small of her back, pulling her musky pussy ever tighter onto his mouth. His explosion began, the thick liquid spurting deep into her sucking throat. Molly backed away, despite his pressure on her head, wanting to taste his cum, to savor this offering to her body. His thrusting became more violent now as he emptied himself into her willing mouth, his fingers gripping her firm ass cheek, the other filled with her sweat-wetted hair. Molly’s legs splayed open further, her back arched, the full weight of her lower body resting on Jimmy’s face, his tongue licking at the walls of her vaginal cavity as she climaxed yet again, filling his mouth with her sweet essence.

The two lay together as they were for several minutes, Molly sucking happily on his slowly deflating cock, while Jimmy continued to lick at his lover’s thoroughly soaked vagina, touching her clit often, eliciting a squeal from her as a dozen mini-orgasms erupted from her pleasure soaked body.

“Damn, that was good,” he said quietly, as if her pussy would actually answer him back, thanking him for all of his work.

“Yes it was,” agreed Molly, “I’ve never climaxed so hard, or so often.” At least that’s what he thought she said. It was hard to tell with her mouth still filled with his cock. “How long do you think before we can do it again?”

“It depends on how long you want to keep doing that,” he replied stroking her head again while she continued to suck gently at the head of his pole.

“Mmmm,” she replied, sucking him fully into her mouth again with an exaggerated slurp.

“That’s nice,” he breathed, thrusting his hips gently toward her. “Only this time I want to put it here,” he said, flicking his tongue between the folds of her cunt.

“Mmmmm. Please do,” she replied, “I’d like that. A lot.” Her mouth engulfed him again, tongue running the length of his hardening member, her teeth just grazing the shaft, teasing the inflating thing in her warm oral cavity, her fingers teasing his sack. “Nice and hard,” she murmured, “Nice and hard for my pussy. That’s where you want to go, isn’t it? Deep inside my nice warm, wet, cunt,” she said, kissing the tip, stroking the smooth shaft with her fingers.

She could feel Jimmy’s stomach muscles flutter with desire as he began to thrust again in time with her strokes. Slowly she allowed him to once again penetrate her lips while she gently blew a jet of breath over the pink cock head. “Make me wet again, Jimmy,” she urged, lowering her hips back onto his accommodating mouth. Without hesitation, and with a moan of delight, his tongue returned to the succulent, naked pussy. Sucking once again on the sweet nectar of her pulsing body.

Within minutes his cock was once again the stiff rod of lust, ready to penetrate Molly’s canal. She lifted her head for a peek at her handiwork, his wet, stiff pole throbbing in anticipation of her. Blowing a jet of air on the head of it again, she opened her lips wide and slowly engulfed him into her throat, her nose crushed by his abdomen, holding him, licking at the shaft as he thrust upwards at her pleasure-giving mouth. He knew that if he let her go much further he would explode in her mouth again, robbing him of the pleasure of her beautiful pussy.

He gently pushed her away, moaning his pleasure as she released his cock, letting it slide from her mouth as she sucked hard on him. He wrapped his arms around her hips and rolled them both over on the big bed, moving to face her, taking her in his arms again as Molly spread her legs apart. Jimmy’s lips covered hers, his tongue driving deep into her mouth, hers into his while his cock eased slowly, deliciously into her quivering vagina. escort fethiye There was no fumbling of hands, no uneasy searching for the right spot. Their bodies met and melded naturally as though they had been meant for each other. He could feel the delicious, firm, warmth of her tight cunt. It seemed as though she were sucking his cock into her with that beautiful pussy. He never wanted to leave that place.

“Oh god, you feel so good, Molly. I could get lost inside of you!” he breathed.

“Stay inside of me forever. I love you so much.”

Molly’s hips began to thrust hard at his, as though she were trying to make him cum quickly, grinding at him, her legs wrapping around his thighs.

“Not so hard my love,” he chided, “Make it last. Feel it inside of you, concentrate on the feelings. I want you to climax.”

“I want you to,” she returned.

“You don’t need to worry about me. That’s going to happen no matter what. I want you to climax before I do.”

“Why should you care?”

“Because I love you, and that’s what I want for you.”

Molly could hardly believe her ears. A man who actually gave a crap about her feelings, who put her desires before his, who cared if she ever had an orgasm or not. Her soon to be ex-husband had never cared, hadn’t even asked if she had ever climaxed. Couldn’t have cared less for her satisfaction. He didn’t care on the last day of high school when he pushed her against the brick wall of the school, her skirt above her waist and jammed his big, hard cock into her until he got off inside her, and still didn’t care now that they were married.

Here was a man almost twenty years older than she was, slowly, exquisitely stroking her throbbing pussy, kissing her lips tenderly, telling her how beautiful she was, urging her to climax before he did. She wasn’t sure what she had done to deserve him, but she knew her life would never be the same. Knew that no matter what it took, she would have him for herself. She loved him that much, and she knew she always would. Every man she would ever be with would be compared to him, and many would fall short. All these thing raced through her mind while she concentrated on the feeling of his rock hard cock drilling deep into her willing body, until the first stirrings of climax began to race through her. Molly thrust her hips hard against him, her legs clutching his thighs, arms wrapped tightly around his naked back, her fingers raking his flesh. Her breath came in short, sharp gasps while the stars exploded behind tightly shut eyes. She could feel his cock swell inside her, knew he was about to cum too, wanted them to cum together, to share the bliss of pleasure.

“Oh god, yes! Oh godddd yessss! Ohhhhhh!” Molly grunted, feeling the first powerful spurts of his semen shooting deep into her womb. She grasped his head, her mouth finding his, their tongues wrestling while his hips ground savagely into her, the climax building in both of them, threatening to meld their bodies into one writhing mass of lust filled pleasure. The orgasms came one after another for Molly, piling on top of each other, each as powerful as the last until she knew she couldn’t take much more and remain sane. With one last powerful, grinding thrust, Jimmy was done. Drained, he could feel her vaginal walls still sucking at his slowly deflating cock, felt the last of his seed being pulled from his shaft into her sweating body. The feeling was glorious. For both of them.

He hauled himself onto his elbows, taking his weight off of her, their hips still locked together. Jimmy looked into her eyes and watched her smile.

“How old did you say you were?” she asked, breathlessly.

“Forty. Old enough to be your daddy, almost. Why?”

“I thought men were supposed to loose their sexuality as they aged. It seems to me that you just get better with age. That was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had.”

“I don’t think we’re done yet,” he said simply, feeling his cock begin to harden again inside her still throbbing pussy.

“You’re kidding,” she breathed, feeling him begin to swell.

“That never happens. It just proves how good you really are,” he said, his lips returning to hers. Her mouth tasted so good. His hands reached over her body, cupping her firm breasts and he fed the tip of one of them to his lips, suckling at her. There was no part of her beautiful body that he didn’t want to explore carefully. He rose to his knees, pulling his stiff shaft from her cum soaked vagina. Grasping her legs, he urged her onto all fours. Grasping her breasts from behind her, he slid his cock back into her slippery pussy and began gently stroking her again. His hands slid down her body, massaging her back as he fucked her, stroking her thighs, and legs, sliding around her hips to find her pulsing clit, touching it gently, flicking at it while she sighed low in her throat. Bending over her, he kissed her back and neck, smelling the sweet scent of her hair. Suddenly, Molly’s legs shot out from fethiye escort bayan under her and she fell to the bed, pulling away from him, climaxing yet again, groaning, shaking. Robbed of the sweet pussy, Jimmy spread her beautiful twin globes apart, admiring the dark hole that was revealed.

“Do it!” she breathed, I want to feel you in my ass again.

With no further urging, Jimmy fitted his slippery cock to the puckered hole and carefully leaned forward. Her dark hole flowered open as the pressure increased, and with a contented sigh, Molly arched her ass up to meet him, engulfing his hardness while he leaned further, easing his pole deeper into her body, the incredible tightness of her ass raising his lust for her. When their bodies met, Molly squeezed her sphincter, clamping him tightly to her.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard!” she groaned through clenched teeth, her fingers clutching at the sheets.

Never willing to turn down the request of a beautiful woman, Jimmy grasped her hips as he leaned back and watched with some fascination as her anal flesh was pushed in and pulled out as he thrust in and out of her with tiny strokes, loosening her sweet ass.

“Pleeeease!” she begged.

Tightening his grip on her thighs, Jimmy began fucking her tight hole harder, working her ass with long sensuous out-strokes and hard thrusts as he re-entered her, their bodies slapping together as they met, her beautiful breasts swinging, just grazing the smooth sheets with every stroke. Sweat began to form on her smooth back and she began to moan loudly while he grunted with each stroke of his hardened cock. Her ass was so beautifully tight, engulfing him, drawing him into her once again. He could feel her membrane being pushed aside as he skewered that sweet hole, stimulating his lust engorged staff, each stroke more sensuous than the last. In his mind he could see his cock spurting cum deep into her bowels and that became the driving picture in his head. Filling this beautiful woman’s demanding body with his sticky cum.

Molly lowered her head onto her hands, her mind concentrating on the feelings in her clit. Each thrust in her ass seemed to trigger a jolt of electricity in her sensitive bud. If he kept this up, she would climax. Urgent moans escaped her throat as he thrust into her.

Deep throated animal sounds began from Jimmy’s very soul, his gentle out-thrusts giving way to a violent onslaught of her cock engulfing hole. With one last desperate thrust, his balls emptied their load of milky white semen into Molly’s throbbing ass while he ground his hips tightly into her firm buttocks, jamming into her as hard as he could, as though he could jam his very balls into her tight hole.

He stayed inside her for a long time, her ass milking his load of cum from him, squeezing him tightly, keeping him hard, her clit still throbbing while he continued to grind his hips into her. Just a little while longer, just a little more and she would…

“Oh god, yesssss! she groaned into the sheets, as the orgasm suddenly exploded through her. Her legs shot out behind her and she collapsed onto the bed, her hand between her thighs, a finger deep in her pulsing cunt, trembling like a frightened rabbit. Jimmy’s cock pulled out of her ravaged ass with a wet pop, a trail of his cum following, trickling between her legs.

Molly lay on the bed for some time, catching her breath, hearing Jimmy doing the same. She felt his hands on her ass, then his lips kissing her firm globes, tongue lapping at the small of her back.

“That was so fantastic, Molly,” he said, laying next to her, their faces close together.

“Yes it was,” she agreed, her lips in a very satisfied smile, her bright eyes shining. “We’ll have to do it again sometime. But unless I miss my guess, it’s time for me to get the hell out of here so you can get ready for work.”

“Oh crap!” he exclaimed, looking at the clock. “We’ve been at this for four hours!” He was going to have to hustle if he was going to get ready for work, and clean up the evidence before he left the house. Molly threw on her clothes, kissed him deeply and slid out door. He barely made it.

* * * * *

Those who read the first part of this story and hoped Jimmy and Molly would live happily ever after are to be disappointed. The affair had cost Jimmy his job. They continued to see each other for almost two years as often as possible, sometimes long into the night, for you see, his wife knew of the affair and fought hard to win Jimmy back. She caught the two in bed together, threatened to kill Molly, confronted the frightened woman in her own home and did what she could to force an end to their affair. Ultimately, it worked. Sort of. Molly found a substitute for Jimmy and married him after her divorce had become final. Jimmy promised to leave them alone. She was fine for a while, trying hard to forget him, until he sent them a Christmas card one year. Jimmy couldn’t keep his promise. He loved her too much. All the memories of their love came flooding back to her and it was the end of her marriage. They saw each other again and the flame rekindled until she decided that her only choice was to move away for good and go back to school.

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