Mom’s Hot Friend – Aishwarya Aunty

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Mom’s Hot Friend – Aishwarya Aunty

My summer vacations had just ended and I was returning home from my granny’s place in Chikmagalur. Since I was already 19 years, my parents had no problem in allowing me to travel so far alone.

During my train travels, like always, I kept an eye out for sexy milfs and hot chicks on the train. I was a regular gym-goer and I also played for the college football team, hence I had a nice fit and athletic body.

I normally wear tight t-shirts which accentuated my muscly arms and chest. Most women responded positively to my conversations, but sometimes they shied away or didn’t speak to me because their family was around.

That day, not many good looking women were in the first class compartment and I busied myself by reading a book. My earphones were plugged into my phone as well and I was listening to some songs.

When we reached Tumkur station, a sexy looking lady got into our compartment. She was wearing a tight red kurti and skin-tight white leggings. She was fair and looked like she goes to the parlour regularly. I guessed her age to be around 32 but she could have been much older for all I knew.

“Umm.. excuse me, this is my seat”, the lady said, coming up to me.

I was sitting by the left window, resting my leg on the opposite seat since no one was there. She was pointing at my leg, claiming it to be her seat. I immediately took my leg out, mumbling a feeble sorry and sat up straight, making space for her.

I tried to make conversation with her but she didn’t seem interested and only gave single word answers. I thought she was too haughty and went back to reading my book.

I thievingly glanced at her every now and then. The movement of the train jiggled her boobs and I could see her melons gently swaying from side to side. She had put one leg over another and I had a good view of her thunder thigh all the way up to her buttocks.

I began ogling at her from the safe cover behind the book which I had grown least interested in. My junior was fully aroused as I began imagining her in bed with me. I had a small bag on my lap to cover the tent in my crotch. I decided she would be my cum-fantasy later that night.

Soon we reached Bangalore and she also got down with me. I tried to help her with her bag but she refused and gave me disgusting looks. I backed off immediately and gave her the same dirty looks she gave me.

On my way back home, I stopped at my favourite snacks shop to buy some food stuff. When I got home, I noticed a new pair of women’s chappals at the doorstep. I wondered who it was.

When I went inside, I saw the beauty from the train sitting on the sofa, sipping tea! She was shocked to see me as I was to internet casino see her. Both of us stood in our tracks till my mother came in holding a plate of snacks.

“Hey, Krishna! Come come. Did you enjoy your holiday?”, mom asked, taking my bag from me. “This is Aishwarya, my best friend during college”, she introduced me to the sexy goddess sitting on the sofa.

“Oh, hello aunty. Nice to meet you”, I said, shaking her soft hand. She smiled at me courteously.

“Will you have some tea?”, mom asked and without waiting for me to answer, she rushed into the kitchen.

“Sorry..” Aishwarya aunty said, looking at me sheepishly.

“Why?”, I asked her, confused.

“No, I acted so harshly with you in the train.. If I had known you were Sharada’s son..”

“No, it’s okay, aunty. Anyway, it’s nice to get rude treatment from a beautiful lady like you!” I praised her. Aishwarya blushed and her fair cheeks turned red.

“You know aunty, I didn’t even know you were as old as my mom. In fact, the moment I saw you, I thought you were just in your 30’s”, I praised her beauty.

“Oh, stop it you!”, she said, feeling shy.

Aishwarya had come to Bangalore to attend a friend’s wedding the next day and stayed with us that night. She was busy catching up with mom all day and evening, so I had little time alone with her.

That night, after dinner, I went up to the terrace to have my usual cigarette and found Aishwarya standing in my usual corner.

“Isn’t it too cold up here?”, I asked, hiding my cigarette behind my back.

“No, it’s just cool enough”, she said, smiling at me. “Go on, light it up, even I am dying for a smoke”, she said, pointing at my cigarette.

“You smoke too?”, I asked in surprise.

“Not always, just sometimes”, she said.

I lit up the cigarette and gave it to her. She took a couple of drags seductively and I kept staring at her.

“I wish I was that cigarette”, I said, taking the cigarette from her.

“Why?”, she asked, confused.

“Because I would get a nice kiss from you”, I winked at her.

“You naughty.” She slapped my chest lightly. I held her hand and held on to it longer than necessary. She didn’t mind me holding on to her and didn’t show me any discomfort.

“Really!”, I said, “Even from the first time I saw you, I have wanted to kiss you. Your seductive lips, sexy face, and your throat..” I kept looking down her body to her boobs and she shut my mouth with her hand in shyness.

“Now enough, enough. If I let you, you will keep going on..”

I kissed her hand which had shut my mouth and she instinctively pulled away like she had touched lightning. I gripped her hand and pulled her close to me suddenly with our lips almost touching.

“Hey! What are you doing?!”, she said, surprised.

“Don’t you canlı poker oyna know?”, I leaned forward and placed my lips on hers.

My mom’s hot friend resisted for a bit but didn’t try to pull back. When I started sucking her lower lip, she started moaning lightly. She moved close to me and opened up some more, letting her soft tongue slip into my mouth.

Our tongues wrestled in our mouths and our hands were exploring our backs. I put my hand down her back and gripped Aishwarya’s ass and pulled her close to me.

“Aahhh..” she moaned into my mouth. Not a millimeter of space was left between our bodies. Her gigantic boobs crushed against my chest and my dick stood in mast position.

Suddenly, I heard mom call out Aishwarya and we separated immediately. I could see a twinkle of lust in her eyes as we smiled at each other and she left.

The next morning, both mom and dad were getting ready to go to work by the time I woke up. Mom’s friend too had just gotten out of the bath and was looking like freshly bloomed flower drenched in the morning dew. I winked at her when no one was looking and she just turned away in shyness.

“I have put the breakfast in the hot case, please have it before you leave!”, mom said to Aishwarya. “I am sorry I can’t stay till you leave, I have an important meeting at the office today.”

“You don’t worry about it!”, Aishwarya caressed mom’s cheeks lovingly, “I will have it and I will make sure your son has his breakfast too!” she said.

Mom and dad both left home and Aishwarya shut the door behind them. As soon as she turned around, she was in my arms.

“Uffoooo.. what are you doing?!” she asked me surprised.

“Don’t you know?” I pushed my hard dick on her.

I kissed her lips suddenly and she immediately responded positively. Soon our bodies and our mouths were one and the otherwise quiet house was filled with sounds of our lustful kisses.

Aishwarya pulled down my pants and relieved my strained dick from the confines of my underwear. She pulled down the foreskin and started rubbing my dick.

I pulled down the zip of her nighty and pulled out her 36D sized breasts. Aishwarya aunty had huge areolas and erect nipples that stood like black g****s on her fair breasts. I put my mouth on her boobs and began licking her nipples, coating her boobs with my saliva.

My mom’s horny friend began kissing my forehead and caressing my hair, pushing me to her boobs furthermore. I kicked off my pants and underwear that was dangling at my ankles and pushed myself on to her even more.

“Come on baby, let’s fuck”, I said, kissing her lips.

I held her hand and pulled her into my parents’ bedroom. I pushed her on the bed and jumped on her. I started removing my t-shirt and Aishwarya pulled canlı bahis her nighty over her body.

“Ufff.. you didn’t wear any underwear?” I asked, admiring her mature body. She had completely shaved her pussy and I could see her pink pussy lips gleaming with her wetness. Her boobs were sagging a bit but still has some firmness to hold shape.

“I didn’t want anything to interfere between us baby.” she winked at me.

Aishwarya glanced at my athletic body and was really impressed. As her eyes reached my hard dick, her hand went to her pussy and she began fingering herself slowly.

“Hmmmmmm.. I have never seen a big dick like yours before”, she said. “I want it in my face”, she said and laid down on the bed, letting her head hang down from the side of the bed.

I went to her and positioned my dick near her lips. She opened her mouth and licked the entire shaft from the bottom to the top. Then she licked and sucked each of my balls.

“Aaaahhh Aishuuu babyyyy lick me aaahhh”, I moaned.

My mother’s friend enthusiastically started sucking me and deepthroating me. I could see her fingering her pussy furiously. I wanted to lick her pussy juices. I thrust my dick deep inside her and fell on top of her, placing my head right between her thighs. I started licking her pussy and rubbing her clitoris with my tongue.

“Aaaahhhhh babyyyyy.. You are so goodddd.. keep licking my pussy.. Aaahh drink my juices..” she gagged, taking my dick out of her mouth for a few seconds before putting it back in again.

“Aaaahhh I want your manly dick inside my pussyyy..” Aishwarya said after we sucked each other for a few minutes. I immediately got off her and she lay on the bed properly with her legs thrown apart.

Aishwarya gently tugged at my dick and positioned it at the entrance of her pussy. I gently pushed the tip inside her warm, soft, wet pussy.

“Aaaahhh.. slowly.. I haven’t had a cock inside me in a long time”, she cooed.

“Ufff.. Then you need a good fuck to correct that..” I started smooching her and pushed my dick deeper into her pussy.

Soon I was pumping deep into her pussy, my dick sliding in and out like a well-oiled machine, lubricated by her wetness.

“Aaahhh.. Aaahhh.. ufff maaaaaaa..” Aishwarya moaned loudly.

Soon, I found a tightness rise up from my balls and I was ready to blow into her pussy. Without warning, I started banging her harder. My mom’s friend realized I was about to cum and locked my waist with her legs. We kissed and licked like mad dogs.

“Aahhh I am about to cumm darlinggg..” I said and blow a thick load deep inside her pussy.

“Aaahhhhh.. come on darling cum inside meeee..” Aishwarya encouraged me.

Soon we were both exhausted and lay on the bed, sweating and breathing loudly.

“That was soo good.” Aishwarya smooched me.

“I loved it too babyy..” I kissed her back.

We both took a quick bath and got dressed. I dropped her at the bus stop. Since then we are having a secret affair, every time I visit her home once a month.

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