Mother Discovers Her Real Man

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Mother Discovers Her Real Man

TTAATT TTAAATT” the whole house reverberated with this noise. Kartik, who was studying in his room, covered his ears with his hands, tears rolling down his face. This was the familiar sound of his father’s belt lashing against the tender skin of his mother.

“Aaahh sorry sorry please DON’T” screamed Brunda as her husband, Rajiv pelted her with his leather belt. The reason? Brunda had mistakenly added more sugar to his coffee than Rajiv’s liking!

Rajiv gave 2-3 more lashes, then kicked his wife at her hips and dashed away inside his room, slamming the door. As soon as the door slammed shut, Kartik rushed out to help his mom. Both the mother and son were crying their eyes out.

Kartik hugged his mom. Brunda too hugged the only person for whom she felt worth living. Kartik applied some lotion on his mother’s wounds and with each cry of Brunda, he cursed his father under his breath!

Just as they were doing that, Rajiv came out of the bedroom. He grabbed Brunda by her hair and pinched the wounds he had just given her.

“Why is my bath water so cold?” Rajiv roared.

“Aaaahhh I am sorry I will re-fill it aaah ouuuhh” Brunda’s pain knew no limits.

Rajiv started slapping her for this “unforgivable crime” of hers. With each slap, Kartik’s blood boiled. He rushed into his room, took his Kookaburra bat and smashed it down on his father’s hands. Rajiv screamed in pain and fell down.

Brunda got in the way and controlled Kartik. By now, Rajiv was a bloody mess. He was still alive but didn’t move.

Kartik took his mother by her hand and rushed into her bedroom. He packed all her stuff in a bag and did the same with his stuff. Within 10 minutes, Kartik and Brunda were on their way to lead a new life; leaving Rajiv in an u*********s, bloody state.

They boarded a bus and got seated. Brunda drifted off to sleep. Kartik came to think of their life so far.

Rajiv and Brunda married against their parents’ wishes, relocating to USA after their marriage and thus, had no relatives. Rajiv soon turned violent and had had a couple of affairs too. Brunda put up with him just so that Rajiv continues to fund Kartik’s education who was obtaining a Masters in Engineering.

Kartik had always been a reserved, frightful guy, mostly due to the frequent v******e he observed at his home. He had never got the guts to confront his father. He always provided a shoulder to his mom for crying but never dared to save her from his moron father.

Brunda squirmed a little and leaned on Kartik’s shoulder in her sleep as their bus left the sparkling Boston city behind them. Kartik looked at his mother. For him, Brunda was the most beautiful woman in the world. Kartik’s love for his mother was endless and he just couldn’t see his mom suffering more.

They were travelling along the I-90 which was one of the biggest interstate Freeways. Brunda woke up as her hips and cheeks were much too painful for a sound sleep. Kartik looked out of the window and saw that they were passing through some motels and inns along the way.

Kartik and Brunda got down from the bus, hoping to get a doctor here who can see to Brunda’s wounds. But to their dismay, there were none around there!

They reached a motel and booked a room for the night. They could have a doctor to be called in to them from a nearby town which was some 120 miles away but Kartik didn’t have enough money for that.

Brunda smiled and said, “I don’t need a doctor. I just need my son to be by my side and I will feel no pain.”

Kartik hugged his mom and together they went into their room for that night. It was a small, warm room; comfortable enough to spend a night or two. Kartik helped his mother to the bathroom so she can have a shower. He gave her all her clothes, towel from her bag including his mom’s lingerie.

Brunda laughed and said that she doesn’t wear lingerie at night. Kartik stared at her awkwardly. Brunda laughed at her son’s expression ümraniye escort bayan and asked him to leave the bathroom. Kartik came out and kept his mother’s lingerie back in her bag.

He started thinking about what would they now do as they didn’t have more than $150 between them after paying for the bus fare and the motel rent. Kartik didn’t care about his father calling the cops on him as Rajiv had had a worse history of infidelity and domestic v******e which he wouldn’t want the cops to know.

Kartik went out of the room to a nearby store and got some food and medicines for his mom.

Brunda came out of the shower, wearing a blue nighty. Kartik again helped her to get to the bed and fed her some food. Brunda couldn’t thank God enough for blessing her with a son like Kartik. Next, Kartik switched on the TV for her and went to the bathroom to get fresh.

He took a shower and came into the room with just a towel around his hips. He started going through his bag for his track pants and tee. He wore his clothes and got into the bed beside his mom to watch TV.

Brunda pulled his cheeks and leaned on his shoulder. Both the mother and son watched the TV in silence. Soon Kartik felt his left sleeves getting wet. He sat up to see his mom crying on his shoulder.

“Hey mom, what’s wrong now? Please don’t cry, it’ll all be fine!” Kartik said softly in a soothing voice.

“I don’t know how can I ever thank you enough, my son! You saved me from that living hell!” Brunda tried to speak amidst her sobs.

“You never have to thank me, mom. I love you and I’d do anything for you!” Kartik replied reassuringly.

Brunda spoke: “I’ve been so ignorant of you, son! I really didn’t–”

“No mom, you have never been ignorant. What are you saying?” Kartik wondered!

Brunda hushed him mid-sentence: “Shh please me speak it all out today, Kartik. I always gave your education the highest priority. It was because I wanted you to be a successful person who doesn’t need to depend on his father at all. I always wanted you to get a good job and leave that hell house ASAP.”

“I’d have never left you alone there with that scum, mom”, Kartik corrected his mother.

“Hmmm what I want to say is I always pushed you for studying more and in that process, never gave a thought that you might be in need of a loving mother too who cares for you and loves you. I was selfish as I just cared about your academic success. Please forgive me for that”, Brunda said with guilt.

Kartik hugged his mom and kissed her forehead.

“You are the most beautiful woman I know, mom and you never have to apologize to me as you have given me more than I can ask for”, Rajiv said.

Brunda hugged her son tighter and wiped her tears off. She looked up at him and smiled. Kartik smiled back at her. In his eyes, Brunda could see nothing but true love for which she has yearned since years! She had made up her mind!

Brunda hugged her son again and started giving little kisses and bites on Kartik’s chest over his tee playfully. Kartik laughed and tried to stop his mom. Brunda laughed too and continued to kiss and bite her son on his chest.

Kartik knew his mom’s weakness is tickles so he started tickling Brunda at her hips. Brunda laughed but suddenly winced in pain. Kartik had totally forgotten about the belt wounds on his mother’s hips. At once he apologized and laid Brunda on her back to comfort her.

Brunda smiled and said it’s okay but it was paining a lot. Kartik got the lotion but now his mom was wearing an ankle-length nighty. How was he supposed to apply the lotion? He gave the tube to Brunda and asked her to apply it herself while he looked away.

Brunda laughed and within seconds, pulled up her nighty above her hips. Kartik was shocked to see his mom displaying her vagina in full view to him. He became motionless and just stared at his mom.

“Kartik! Kaaarrrtikkk!! It is paining a lot, son. Please apply the lotion quickly”, Brunda screamed at her statue-son. ataşehir escort Kartik got back to his senses and sat down besides his mom. He slowly applied the lotion around his mother’s hips, trying his best to not look at his birth-hole.

The touch of her son’s manly fingers on her smooth hips triggered a sleeping desire of lust in Brunda, which was buried somewhere deep inside her since so many years!

Unbeknownst to her, Brunda sat up on the bed and got rid of her nighty over her head. She was ready to give her everything to her son.

Kartik just stared at his mother’s fair skin around her neck, going just a little down where the line of her cleavage began. Two huge mounds separated a little below that line, each breast very fair with a brown areola at the centre and inch-long nipples. Brenda’s breasts, now saggy, sat a little over her fair smooth tummy.

Brunda looked extremely sexy and could easily give pornstars like Brandy Love and Julia Ann a run for their money. Kartik kept staring at his mother’s navel and a little below a small bush over his mom’s vagina and then those milky thick thighs!

Kartik just leaned forward and kissed Brunda’s nipples. He opened his mouth to take them in. Brunda stopped her son, pulled him up and put her lips on his. Very soon she was trying to insert her tongue inside her son’s mouth.

Kartik quickly removed his clothes, all the while sucking onto his mother’s lips. The mother and son kissed like they never wanted it to end. Kartik’s hands began moving over Brunda’s breasts.

Brunda experienced the excitement of her nipples getting erect as her own son’s hands crushed her 34D breasts. At that moment of time, the mother and son loved no one else more than each other!

Brunda broke the kiss and moved a bit away from her son to admire his body! Kartik didn’t have the muscle cuts like a Greek God, but he was fit; having enough muscle on his biceps, a broad chest and a flat stomach.

Brunda smiled as her hands roamed all over her son’s upper body. She finally set her eyes on her son’s endowment! Kartik didn’t have a huge cock but a decent one, standing erect at what Brunda guessed was 7¨ or so! He had abundant pubic hair and well hung testicles around his cock.

Brunda touched her son’s cock and a feeling of thrill and satisfaction ran through her body. All this while, Kartik was just staring at his mom, letting her soak in his body.

Brunda slowly started rubbing Kartik’s cock in her hands. Kartik fondled Brunda’s hair and jerked her head a bit forward. Brunda smiled and acknowledged his action by enveloping her hot mouth around her son’s cock.

Kartik felt blown away by the feeling! He felt every hair on his body stand in excitement. He felt a tingling in his tummy as if he had just experienced the best feeling ever known!

Brunda sucked on Kartik’s cock like a candy. She didn’t ignore the rest of his pubic area either. Brunda constantly squeezed her son’s testicles as if milking them. She would slide the foreskin back and play with the pink tip with her tongue.

Kartik was just close to an orgasm so he tried stopping his mother but Brunda didn’t want to stop and she sucked onto his meat until realms of her son’s cum splashed her mouth. Brunda momentarily took the cock out of her mouth to spit out a bit of the sperms but she again got back to sucking her son’s now-limp cock.

Kartik laid on the bed and pulled at Brunda. She turned her bottom towards him and lay on top of him, such that his cock was now at her mouth and her pussy was at her son’s mouth. Both the mother and son made most of the 69 position.

Kartik took a good look at his mom’s pussy. Brunda had brownish outer skin around her vagina, with little spikes of short hair – as if she had shaved her pussy just a few days back. Her vulva was pinkish-brown and her inner vaginal skin seemed rather tight!

Kartik landed his tongue onto his mother’s thighs first, going up slowly towards his birth-hole. Brunda bostancı escort was already sucking onto his cock vigorously, in an attempt to get it erect again.

Brunda suddenly stopped sucking and whimpered in pleasure as her son’s tongue made it’s way into her labia. She felt the ultimate pleasure of being licked by a man who loved her more than his life. Rajiv had never even touched her vagina with his hands, let alone sucking it! All he did was ram his cock into her and that was it.

But Brunda couldn’t stop blushing over the fact that her son was licking and playing with her pussy like a master! Kartik licked onto his mother’s clitoris and simultaneously entered a finger inside her pussy. Brunda was no longer able to suck Kartik’s cock as she was experiencing overwhelming ecstasy from her son’s actions.

Brunda left Kartik’s erect cock and sat down on her son’s mouth to give him better access to her pussy. Kartik obliged by licking harder; he not only licked with his tongue but occasionally cupped the whole of his mom’s vagina in his mouth and kissed it. These frequent episodes made Brunda moan like anything!

She was now moving up and down on her son’s mouth, not caring about the pain she felt because of her wounds on hips. Kartik took one hand up and squeezed Brunda’s breasts as he sucked onto his mother’s pussy.

Brunda soon clenched her teeth to avoid screaming out as her vagina started dispensing her juices directly into her son’s mouth. The intense orgasm almost doubled in pleasure as Kartik continued to suck his mom even after her juices filled his mouth.

Kartik sat up with a mouthful of his mom’s vaginal fluid and kissed his mom. Brunda tasted her own juices for the first time and honestly didn’t like it much! She kissed Kartik and with one hand started rubbing her son’s cock.

Brunda lay down again on the bed, a little exhausted. Kartik knew well to not insert his cock inside the pussy while his mom was tired, so he licked over his mom’s entire body.

Brunda could just utter “uuuhhh aaahh” and bite her lips as her son left his saliva on every inch of her body! “Kartik beta aaah please put it in now”, Brunda heard herself saying.

Kartik figured out that missionary position would be best as that would give the least pain to his injured mom. So he parted Brunda’s legs as much as she could without pain and slowly inserted his erect penis inside his mother’s vagina.

Kartik inserted as slowly as he could to avoid causing any pain to his mom. Brunda clutched her son’s hands tight as the inner walls of her pussy felt the touch of a cock after a long time! Kartik lay still for a minute to let his mom adjust her aching hips.

The son’s cock then started thrusting in and out, exploring the tight vagina of the mother. Brunda tried her best to move her hips in rhythm with her son’s thrusts. It seemed imaginary but Brunda really though she felt her vagina opening up more, as if welcoming her son’s penis.

Brunda pulled Kartik over her and wrapped her lips around her son’s lips as Kartik pushed his cock in and out of his mother. Brunda bit her son’s lips a couple of times as she tried her best to delay her 2nd orgasm.

Kartik senses this and all of a sudden, jammed 2 fingers inside his mother’s asshole. Brunda screamed out as she was totally unprepared for this double assault. She could no longer hold back and she jammed her fingers inside her son’s back, her other hand clutching the bedsheets tight as another wave of orgasm hit her.

Kartik now found it easier to fuck his mom’s tight pussy because Brunda’s juices provided the necessary lubrication. Kartik increased his speed of fucking his mom and within a minute or so, slumped down on his mom, his cock shooting thick jets of cum inside Brunda’s vagina.

Brunda felt a strong sense of happiness as she saw her son lie down next to her, tired from giving the best pleasures to his mother. Kartik looked over at Brunda and couldn’t believe how much he was in love with his angel mother. Truly, she was the most beautiful woman for him.

Brunda kissed her son and the two kept kissing for a long time before they slept off, naked and together hugging each other.

I hope you all enjoyed the narration.

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